09.04.08 Big Bang on SBS Power FM

**EDIT: OH MY GOD GUESS WHAT?????? For the 500 Inkigayo Special, SBS is having Uhm Jung Hwa and Big Bang perform JinuSean’s ‘말해줘’ [Tell Me] if you watch the REAL Concert, Big Bang performed that song with JinuSean, I love that song, I’m so excited!! AHHHH!!

09.04.08 KBS 2R So Yujin’s FM Inkigayo
Special Guest: Big Bang
210 MB

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Thanks to 와쥐베베님

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awwwwww… I was so happy when I saw Baby sat down next to Bong, cause everytime these two are together are together during a radio show, you can be sure there will be hilarious cute GRi moment… but no… the cordinator told Baby to move and let YB sit there…WHY RUIN A GRI FANGIRL’S HEART?? And look at this, what???? MR. GDRAGON repeat outfit??? hahaha, I love that red/black checkered shirt of his when he wear it t radio show last time, he wore it again today with the infamous star beanie, and a little secret, that is Baby’s shirt, he wore it first haha, Bong like it too much guess it’s his now… or they share clothes. :DDDD When Baby did a small part from Sonagi, he have a listener that’s listening with all his heart, Bong of course, who else? haha oh us? oh yea us too haha. Watch Baby’s version of “Look at me, GwiSoon” I just wanna bite him already.

They performed “With U” ahhh~~ i love this song live!!! Seeing Baby and Bong standing next Tabi, I was cracking up so hard, they look so funny hahahaha, the height thing. While Bong was rapping his part, Baby was in full ghetto mode, haha love it. They also perform “Haru Haru” Baby was just in his little maknae world, this dork… no words can describe him except L O V E did you catch Mr. Choi fixing his headphone? haha the headphone is fixing his ‘do man! haha not cool. though he look extrememly cute. The GRi bridge part was just love… that’s gonna be my ringtone 🙂 what was so funny at the end that GDYB was cracking up at each other??

The part where TOP rap…. w o w…….. i’m speechless. then Bong rapped “Come Back Home” his singing remind of the time when Tabi attempt to sing along with Big Bang, his voice went so high it was HILARIOUS.

ANOTHER ROUND OF GD&H’s pictures of Bong, I love this person for stalking him man

credit: ‘GD&H’님
taken from ChoCo님 post from BigRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on September 4, 2008.

60 Responses to “09.04.08 Big Bang on SBS Power FM”

  1. cuteeee!!!
    supeeeer cuteee
    and booyyyy bong just looking so adorable
    in his star beaniee ❤

  2. i think it’s so funny how TOP always wears his sunglasses indoors. i mean. they serve no purpose! but it is his trade mark.

  3. GASP~! too distracting….must focus on homework.

    too cute…to resist…GAHH~!
    FANGIRL MOMENT:: TOO ADORABLE FOR WORDS!! X] man, yonggie so yum.




  5. GD really looks cute. http://video.cyworld.com/clip/view?video_seq=202547259 daesung practicing CATS.

  6. XD OMg
    GD is so cuteee

  7. daesunie gone again? i want all of them together. i hope he gets lots of rest between the practices for the musicials and bb perfs.

  8. Hehe, the last picture is CUUUUUTE !!!!

  9. I know he’s worn that before, but where has he worn it TO?

  10. @ lola he wear that outfit to another radio show back during lies era 😀

  11. when bong looks directly at the cam, i died. LOL. wonder if he remembers the vips whos stalking him on the radio shows….if he remembers me, AHHHHHHH!!~

  12. i love those pictures SO MUCH
    picture of JY smiling so cutely~~
    and then another one of him pouting~~ aghh
    why can’t GD and SR sit together :(…..
    oh well
    it’s okay~~ hehe
    SR enjoys sitting next to TOP too ^^

    aww soo cute!

  14. Oh dayummm girll you are one lucky person :p whoever took these pictures. Half of these, it looked like GD was looking right at you LOL ❤

  15. aww! gd moments!! man, this camera person took every angle of gd. i’m surprise the photos turn out pretty good. must have a good camera.^^ otherwise love them all<3

  16. can u pls re upload the picx, cause it dosen’t work i am so sorry, i am always troubling you…

    sorry na

  17. GD sings Dae Sungs part so well in Haru Haru!

  18. aHHHHHH…i cant download anymore vid @ my laptop!!! 😦

  19. Are there any other ways to watch without using that software?

  20. o my goshhh!!!
    GD overload!!!!!!!!!

  21. vicky dear..
    i downloaded ur stuff here to see these loveble boys but seems that my comp cannot watch these vids..i feel like dyingggg..huaaaa..
    what program do i have to use??

  22. woahh..nice pics!! are those fancams?? there are lots of pics where Ji Yong looked at the camera directly!! huaaa..if i were there, i think i would be all giddy and panicky..haha..=D

  23. ahhhhh cuteness!!!! Time to download:D

  24. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh

    so cuteeeeeee

    im died
    oh godddddddd

  25. i’m gonna download on my fast comp xDD! i wanna see G-Ri moments :DDDD

  26. hahaha stalker pics again xDDDD
    i’m downloading now..plz be fast T___T
    i wanna see i wanna see~

  27. gosh… I just miss that star beanie so bad. It makes me feel like I’m seeing a yesterday-once-more G Dragon…Man, you’re still a kid

  28. I always love seeing him with a beanie on, not to worry about what kind of out of hell hairstyle he has. Dont bother to buy any more beanie, just wear that one, for me T_T

  29. omg soooo cutee xD
    i love his beanie .
    sigh.. i love you jiyongie oppa ~
    saranghye yongwonhi (:

  30. OHHH!!! SOOO CCCUTE!!!!
    He got the ADORABLE face in THE WORLD!!!
    Wanna marry him!!!!

  31. GD’s so cute!!..omg..thank you stalker!!..who ever you are..hahaha you made my day!!^_^

  32. it seems like he often has pimple on some definite area on his face *points at his left cheek* weird lol


    It’s Maknae!

  34. ah, this boy’s smile cheers me up ><

  35. i love gd’s beanie..like how i like it in haru haru mv behind part..he looks really good in beanie ^^
    hahaha yea seung ri is just too cute with all the little actions in his own little maknae world..
    it was so contradicting when seung ri is moving left and right while top stood there like a stick..
    hmmm, too bad dae wasn’t there…

  36. “Seung Ri (Big Bang), Shin Dong and Sung Min (Super Junior), Tae Min (Shinee) and Jo Kwon (2AM) will team up and become Wonder Boys by performing “Girls Generation” and “So Hot” special stage”

    did you guys know that?!
    OMGGG. i just saw that on the wondergirls wordpress.
    is it true?!! sounds soooo fun!!

  37. asha
    yea me too
    hopefully this cat is getting tons of rest

  38. lala
    well at first Baby wore it to SS501’s YoungStreet Radio show back in 2006 then Bong wear it Choi Hwa Jung’s Power FM and Go to the REAL Radio show in 2007

  39. mahirah
    kinda hard not to remember when there’s at least 30 vips outside the window haha
    they’re always there to support the boys

  40. ncly
    can’t they at least grand every GRi fangirl a small wish?

  41. shay
    it work fine for me

  42. Mykaaa
    oh my god i know
    he should totally sing more
    his voice is so sexy

  43. zu ai
    well first you have to use the HJSplit to join the file together
    then you can play it with the GOM Player

  44. arij
    oh my god i know
    i would freaking die

  45. Liz
    the oh so infamous beanie
    his new hairstyle make his beanie wearing head look so freaking cute!!!!

  46. procrastinationcentered

    yea that’s what I said
    I think it’s originally Baby, but Bong stole it and wear it before haha this is the 2nd time he wore it,
    guess he stole it from Baby pernamently haha

  47. Lita
    he does that to all of us 🙂

  48. BBFTW.
    if it’s from Alvin, I’m sure it’s true
    i’m gonna go insane now.. i realy don’t like TaeMin…
    now he’s gonna be next to Baby….
    but i’m excited, 1. cuz SO HOT is one of my favorite song, and 2. Baby always wanna be a member of SNSD hahahah, his “Son Seung Ni” hahaha

  49. vicky
    i know right! seungri and sungmin are such cuties!
    i bet since shindongs there itsgonna be the funniest thing ever!
    when is the episode airing anyway?

  50. BBFTW.

    i think it’s this weekend
    i’m not sure

  51. aaaahhhh~!
    so cute ><

  52. the files are wrong. part one is for another radio show and its wma and the second part is for this radio show but it doesnt have the first part.

  53. Pongie

    i put right under the link on my page that the file was named inccorrectly
    but it is the right link and the 2 do joined together

  54. I know I read that…but..when I download them it didnt fit. One was wma and was for Maybee’s Radio, and the other was for this.

  55. okay ignored my comments. somehow its working now. Anywho, thanks for the clips!!! ^___^

  56. awwww he smiles so much it makes me all happy inside. o.o
    LOLz so cute!!!

  57. Aww, GD’s smile is contagious, I swear.

  58. Is it me or is there a fight over the seats in the beginning? That’s so cute though…it looks like YB wanted GD’s seat but GD pointed the one next to TOp, so SR just stand up to leave for the seat next to TOp…LOL…GD > SR < YB fight …that’s so cute!

  59. hahaha the gd was like smiling then frowning the smiling xD
    i spy TOP >.<

  60. So many pictures of G-Dragon. Thanks you stalking dude.

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