090408 M Coutndown!: Big Bang Winning #1

**EDIT:  JUST ADDED! HQ DOWNLOAD OF M Countdown! and Haru Haru Performance during Korean Broadcasting Award. UNDER THE CUT 🙂

thanks to S님
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Congrats to the boys!! 2nd week being #1 on M Countdown! They even beat Seo Taeji… which is amazing. Congrat to you guys. And Baby, I think you were very very manly during the performance, you indeed have nothing to worry about. I love how the camera keep having close up shots of the boys… it is freaking hot, at the end, when Bong did that kiss thing, i like this version better, it’s lightly yet still hot, the other time he did it he pull his lips all the way to the side, look rough haha. Bong’s new hair is like a confetti magnet, it keep getting caught in his hair, haha so freaking cute!! It’s been a LOOONNGG time since Dae say a thankyou speech, Yeonie unnie ask him how he feel about being #1, all he say was “Thankyou V.I.P” then play around with the confetti haha. classic Dae. Look at the audience, a SEA of VIPs. also would like to thanks our K-VIPs, thank them for being there in person to support the boys when most of us couldn’t.

09.04.08 M Countdown!
Haru Haru Performance | Winning #1 and Encore
249 MB

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Thanks to YG공습경보


09.03.08 Korean Broadcast Award
Haru Haru Performance
180 MB

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Haru Haru Performance


~ by Vicky on September 4, 2008.

41 Responses to “090408 M Coutndown!: Big Bang Winning #1”

  1. OMO! ENCORE..!

  2. yay!! they won by like 50 points!! chuka~~
    i love daedaes simple speech!

  3. *gasp*
    they won!!!! ^_^


  5. Oh haha, GD LOOKS SO HOT!
    Especially when the confetti thing fell onto his head and got stuck.
    He’s like “ohh…what’s that on my head?” LOL.

  6. yayy congrats to the boys !!

  7. yehey they won…hahahaha! but i can’t see it! anyway i know they deserve it…hahahaha!

  8. haha. yeah. i love GD’s reaction
    to the confetti in his hair. xD

  9. congrats to our boys<3
    ily yb<3

  10. ah i love watching the lives
    because i don’t know if anyone else is like LOVING IT
    but the bass part with the piano when it’s TOPs part to rap more in the beginning is like LOVE
    it sounds amazing
    i wish in the original song it sounded more like that
    i love it so much
    congrats to the boys ! ❤

  11. vicy dont forget your credits.

  12. bet their closet is full of tropies by now xD

  13. THANKS!!~ hahahaa DAE is soo cute! repeat thank you vip after GD and the confetti thing, awwwww!

  14. http://video.cyworld.com/202669765

    check this out!!! i love YBYBYB

  15. did they switch up the coreography a little bit in the chorus again?? :O?
    wowwww the performance was hott, and the “sea of kvips” hahahahah(:
    ohhhhhhhhhhh my gosh, it was SOOOOO cute when the confetti was on GD’s head and some of it got in his face. he was liek “huhhh?? ehh?? ohhh. hehehehe.” 😛
    and dae’s short thank you speech and playing with the confetti(:
    hahahahahahhaha i love BB and confetti!!(: LOL

  16. omgaddd….gd…SOO HOTT~!

  17. hella vips! woo!

  18. hahaha
    i love dae, he look so cute in his winning speech.
    Thank you VIP.
    short but to the point.

    Tabi… Tabi… Tabi…
    u knock me out here when ur close up

    Bong’s hair hahaha… vicky already say that, no need for me to replay it again

  19. nya

    Bong’s hair fucking rule my world!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    i LOVE them!
    Lmao gosh, GD’s hair IS!

  21. vicky
    hehehe… keep calm girl.
    i know what ur expression now.

    wtf… how could i told other to calm while i’m now all hyper out.

  22. top looks so happy holding it 😀 yay yay !

    btw, why tabi? ive missed something around him … thanks


  24. it is sooo hard to learn the choreography of this song
    because they keep on switchin it
    anyway, bak to the main point

  25. When are they going to perform another song?

    This “Haru Haru” crap is getting on my nerves——-it honestly is.


  27. Congratulationssss BB!!! ♥♥♥ lol! i love GD expression with the confetti xD!

  28. yey!! they won!!..im so proud..they totally deserve it!..^_^

  29. i love when top took the award thingy and gestured to the camera in their encore!!! ♥

  30. nya

    how gurl?????

    you control ur hormone first then i’ll try hahaha

  31. and btw. NYA
    hahahaha. his hair really does turn me on

  32. ibabyx3
    yea… they always do after 2 or 3 performances
    but i like this one too
    i like the mime mirror part

  33. ninalee
    i hate being right all the time haha

  34. TOPLova
    why what? wat did u miss?

  35. Queenie
    i just kinda stop and just look at it and learn along
    never really “learn learn” since they switch it so often haha

  36. spinx
    they only start promoting it for 3 weeks
    they only been to music shows 3 or 4 times
    normally korean artist promote their song for a longer period than this.

  37. vicky
    sorry i can’t
    so just let it all out!

  38. vicky, i mean why are you girls calling him tabi? it’s such a cute name 😀

  39. TOPLova

    well in korean, they spell TOP with a b at the end instead of P
    so a lot of ppl call him TABI
    i don’t come up with it
    i just think it’s cute and start calling him that

  40. ah, that’s interesting 😀 tabi .. tabi ..

    thanks for making things clear

  41. K-VIP will do anything for our boys and for that I thank them. I would do the same but it’s hard supporting them not living there.

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