Backstage of Inkigayo

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The boys backstage of Inkigayo, Mr. Bong is drawing something, wonder what he’s drawing, a master piece perhaps????? hahahaha. you’ll be surprise how dorky Kwon Leadah can get when he’s bored, i love this dork so much, there’s another dork that’s not doing anything dorking around because he’s too busy sleeeping, guess whooooooooooooooo???????? The boy can sleep for 40 hours and still got dark circle.

SEE? Told ya you’re gonna be amazed haha. love him.

awww… Look at Baby, his neck’s gonna hurt like crazy when he woke up for sure. YB wearing a BamBi shirt holding a Stitch fan, haha, so Disney.

Let’s have a fun contest,

thanks to Bang ’em님


~ by Vicky on September 4, 2008.

101 Responses to “Backstage of Inkigayo”

  1. top is thinking that….yummmm those glazed donuts would be good right about now!! hahahah DUNNO!!!

  2. haha! i got one!
    ‘if i go to the korean crispy cremes right now, i could probably make it back in time for the perf…’

  3. i have no idea what he was thinking… but if i were him, i would be saying my line, ‘i’m bored.’

  4. uhm…he’s thinking about bothering ji yong. LOL. IDK, I don’t think like TOP 24/7.
    I only think like him once in a while, when I have sugar and ate it with Daesung.

  5. TOP…mmmmm i wonder if I can go play with my toys after this 😛

  6. WAIT A MINUTE! is that seungri knocked out behind youngbae?

  7. he’s probably thinking about finding me and marrying me and living with me forever and ever….. I WISH!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  8. ahh… YB reminds me of Ne-Yo now…
    which is not a bad thing. 😀

    as for GD, looking good even with a piece of paper blockin’ half his face.

  9. Whoo…GD looks hot as usual.
    Aww, Seungri. SO CUTE.

  10. lala

    yes that’s him
    that’s why i say his neck’s gonna hurt really bad when he wake up

  11. LOL! simple TOP is thinking about me. “I wonder what is my honey doing now.” LOL! YB stop staring. too many pictures of him i can drown.

  12. they all look dead o__o


  14. TOP is probably thinking about food. “But…why are they taking the donuts away?”

  15. awwww they all look so tired X(
    but they’re stil cute(:
    hrmmm what it top thinking?? hrmm iono, “Darnit, I want that glazed donut, but I’m still working on my abs. DARNIT DAE JUST ATE ONE! Keep your cool Seunghyun, keep it cool.”

  16. Vicky

    wait… howd he get knocked out?

  17. TOP : “that guy has donuts again…”
    GO SR!!!!
    ahahaha thanks for the upload, vicky.
    wait how come they did so many inkigayo performances?
    what is it equivalent to in the US?

  18. check this out!
    love yb’s dance..

  19. YB looks pissed off.

    and i like it. ahahaha.
    aww, TOP. ❤
    all of them. ❤

  20. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    haha idk
    i’ll take a guess that he was tire?

  21. top: umm… cream. I want all of it.

    they all look so tired!

  22. vicky
    Tabi’s tought:
    “no yang gaeng again, i’m bored with it. many fans give me that. i already have a box full of it. i can have a yang gaeng party whenever i want.
    ice cream is no good too. maybe it’ll give bad effect for my teeth again. especially when i’ve to perform later.
    so its settled, glazed donut would be fine. how much time again until perform? if its possible, i want a take out. if i can’t, i’ll have it when i go back home.”

    freaking long… wonder if it match with Tabi real tought?
    baby, he should sleep with a better position. his neck will really hurt.
    it won’t be hurt if its just a while. but if he sleep like that for a long time, thats it. hella hurt.

  23. nya

    who know ur hubby better then his wife?
    you tell me

  24. yb looks mighty fine in disney stuff!
    ❤ it! and him more than evrrr<3 i’m prolly gonna fail a bunch of algebra stuff now.. haha. i like think of him 24/7 ❤ oh wells.
    tops thinking : ehh?! WHY DID THEY TAKE AWAY THE FOOD?! hm.. maybe after this they’ll let me play with my toys and eat too..”

  25. vicky
    does that mean my tought is the most near tabi’s tought?
    wow, its my honour.

  26. nya

    do you think it’s near enough?
    haha cuz it’s good enough for me

  27. how adorable . they all look so bored, but still cute lol
    and as for top …
    “Thats right buddy. Back away from the donuts slowly and no-one gets hurt!”

  28. first of all, yb looks kinda emo in this, but i love him regardless<3 i laughed at that picture & called him a creep to melinda & choked. lmao oh how quickly karma works.

    secondly, TOP’s probably thinking … if i make this face for long, would it stay like this? lol

  29. vicky
    yup. i think its near enough
    but the answer is still secret. we don’t know Tabi’s tought.

    vi, i just read the old archive of this site,
    the one with GRi moment.
    Bong little secret is Baby???
    wow, what have they done inside that room?????
    why Bong looks so satisfied when he’s out & Babi make a ‘i too embarassed, but i want’ face?!
    whats happening inside?

    & what with Bong cutting baby’s slocth like that in a variety show, i think…
    tell me…

  30. SO CUTE!<3

  31. nya

    well what happen was they went inside the little changing room and came out like 2 minutes later
    the PD ask them what did they do and Bong say “we bbo bbo” which is a light kiss
    and Baby come out wiping his lips, they were just messing around, it was too cute

    and idk what ur taling about
    what cutting baby’s slocth? haha

  32. Vicky

    most likely…

  33. Awww soo cute!
    Lmao G-Dragon so dorky
    i lovers him! =]

  34. vicky
    aw.. my bad. type too quick.
    the one that Bong using siccors scissors, cut half of baby clocth.
    it look like they in a variety show.
    they run around the stage
    while baby running away & Bong keep insisting

    oh my god.. their act was really good
    when i first saw it, i scream like idiot.
    how could i put it?
    their face look so ‘natural’ not an act.

  35. DAESUNG<3
    loving them close ups xDD
    hes so beautiful *-* X]]
    TOP is soo fxckin hot ! :]
    awwsss Baby.. rest your head on GD ;D
    i miss the GRi lovee ..
    idk what would top think.. maybee
    “is that a donut?” xDD
    awws bby TOP daydreaming of donuts :3

  36. GD is so cute!!!!!!He ALWAYS,I mean ALWAYS makes me laugh out loud while being captured by photos or camera. He looks cute every time he makes strange faces, posing akward body languages or using funny tools to enhance his cuteness!!!geeeeee,I hope oneday I can actually see our leadah doing that, 4 LIVE!!!!!

    Of course. [:

  38. haha omg lol i think taeyang should be the model for disney

  39. Hey, I was wondering… where did the whole TOP + glazed donut thing come from anyways? LOL did I miss something? ^^;;

  40. SO TRUEEEE> estafinista

    YB DOES look like NE-Yo!!

  41. aww…Jiyongie~ always b creative

    TY wearing that…what that deer call aldy? >.<

    n holding a lilo n stich fan? o.o

  42. lmaoooo…..YB makes Bambi look gangster…and GD said he was a bully…pshh lolz the guy wears disney…i bet my baby even cried in that movie LOL

  43. TY with his serious and emo face….
    so scary
    i like it better when he smiles hehe..
    and GD is SO CUTE and handsome!!!!
    SR …he looks cute when he sleeps~~

  44. sooo obvious hes thinking ABOUT MEE~!! ^-^ LOL hmmm maybe something like
    ‘some candy sound so god right now’ LOL i dunno somehting childish hehe

  45. i wonder if i look as hot as people say…

  46. omg yb with his freakin sexiness
    he is smokin’ hot
    disney just got one hell of an endorsement

  47. i say TOP is thinking of DONUT
    hey he cn draw
    even i cant draw a mouth lik that

  48. TOP: “Hmmm…I wonder why my icecream hasn’t arrived yet..I hope i

    get the right flavour~!..>o<“

  49. TOP is thinking, “Damn, all those girls are right; GD IS hella hottttttt!”

  50. TOP: ‘Now if i keep this face up, no one will judge the fact that i have pucca undies on”

    YB- love the angry serious look. It does remind me of NeYo and his previous song “when you’re mad” haha….love it!!

  51. top..”hmm..after the performance i can attack the buffet table!!!! hmm..which should i eat first? the donuts? the cake? the ice cream..maybe if i stare at it long might actually float and fly to me..that’s right top..keep staring…come to papa donuts!!!” ok that was random…
    or maybe he was thinking this..”what is that I see? seung ri’s drool? O.O”
    or…”shut up! im doing my famous statue pose.”

  52. TOP’s thinking about.. nothing. He’s just stoning! xD

  53. I think He was thinking abou their albums in the future…Am I right, older brother????

  54. Awwwww TOPPP!!!! <<<333

  55. lol i have no idea what he is thinking..hahaha~
    don’t wanna copy the answers above
    btw omg bong is so so cute…things he did when he’s bored is dorky xD
    and y was baby sleeping in this way! just lean on ty’s shoulder lah..

  56. OMG!!! T.O.P IS SOOO CUTEE!!!!
    Bong is so dorky [HOT] and YB…well…the hotness is leaking!!!
    and Baby…sleep tight….

  57. YB looked pissed.that’s a sure sign that he’s dead tired.and TOP probably done some meditation?not.hehe.just stoning.that’s his favorite thing to do.

  58. ngaaw gds so cute xDD

  59. CAPTION:

  60. i would think he saying.
    god gd, yur such a dork. why do yuu love seung ri and not me?


  61. top’s thinking “woo..i think i want me a piece of seungri”

    wait…that’s me haha.

  62. haha i’d say top’s having a staring contest with daesung x3

  63. nya

    ohh!! that was from IDOL WORLD
    what happen was, they were playing the game, and it was the last round, baby lost so he have to get his shirt cut
    bong was insisting on cutting the bottom half of his shirt off but baby refuse so they wind up playing that running game haha

  64. ilene

    sometime i wonder how he can always manage to do that

  65. tiff
    it’s just in one of the manwon episode
    where he have to live a week with only 10 dollars for food
    he went and ask for a free donut
    the expression on his face when he eat it is just heaven
    and he also admit he love eating sweet stuff
    so that’s where this glazed donut thing came from

  66. jill
    hhahahahaha where have he been that he hasn’t noticed it

  67. Sarah
    XD. i’m dead

  68. Nina
    always about food haha XD
    so Tabi

  69. Lita


  70. &SheLovesYoungBae
    I’ll answer that
    because Baby and Bong are meant to be haha

  71. jen

    hahhaha i think that’s what I’M thinking

  72. vicky
    hahaha… that look like so fun!
    i only watch it from the vid and laughting so hard!
    but, wow, Baby’s back. hahaha….
    bet ur reaction is like this o.0!!
    kekeke… they such a dork

  73. I LUV T.O.P so sexy!

  74. kwon ji yong, why are you so yummy? xD lol !

  75. nya

    baby was only 16 back then
    so he was all shy.
    and i was dead haha

  76. vicky
    hahahaha… don’t say u’r dead.
    if u already dead, who i talked to now? zombie? kekeke…
    if i was u back then, i won’t dead, i’ll scan through his back.
    anything can’t escape from my eyes.
    that’s what they called ‘fanservice’ fufufufu…

  77. top’s thinking of orororo. :]

  78. nya

    our 3 perverted member of our own club is united hahahaha

  79. roro
    hahaha… leader! welcome home!
    hahaha… where the hell u’ve gone these days?
    plotting of kidnaping our boys?

  80. vicky
    say, i just wonder if her kidnaping mission is a failure & in jail now coz there’s no news about her.
    now she’s back! kekeke…

  81. nya2+vicky

  82. roro

    hahahah you probably did
    what have been these days gurl?
    nya have no on e to share her itimate thoughts about tabi to
    so i was the target…. my poor illegal heart hahah

  83. vicky
    eh??? u said u’re pure?? hahaha…

  84. roro
    horrible? sure? don’t u love it?
    what r u doing these days?
    lonely that no one to share pervy conversation T.T
    vicky just won’t admit she does.


  86. nya

    i am so pure IT IS AMAZING hahah

  87. hahaha.. love them pics =)
    woww.. GD u ARE such a dorrkk.. but we still love youu
    and daedae looks so good there hehe
    hmm.. what is top thinking? LOL.
    “i should just do this pose so that my fans
    will say that i’m thinking about donuts” xD hahaha

  88. nya2 + vicky
    LOL poor illegal heart my butt. i agree with nya, i think vicky’s just not admitting the truth. 😀 kekeke.
    i’m busy busy busy and i don’t have much time to just sit and go through all the conversations. but i’m still keeping up with the posts and that’s enough to keep me happy. fufu.

  89. roro

    all work and no play make roro a very innocent fangirl haha
    you need to come back once in a while and chat with us
    u left me with nya… sorta dangerous hahahahahahahahah

  90. roro
    hahaha… right? vicky just won’t admit
    heheh keeping with the post. yup! thats right!
    eventhough busy we still meed BB. once a day/ twice a day
    damn, sound like eating medicine

  91. vicky
    just admit u are. kekeke…
    don’t say ure pure / me is dangerous coz u’re illegal.

  92. nya

    haha it’s way better than medicine
    i may not be pure
    but u are dangerous haha

  93. vicky
    hahah i’ll take that as a compliment. kekeke…

    if BB is medicine, i’ll gladly die coz of overdosis.
    no… wait, take back my words.
    i won’t die that easily,
    i still want to do ‘this’ & ‘that’ with Tabi. no way i’ll die.

  94. nya

    this and that.. jeez

    this is what i mean by u being dangerous T.T

  95. vicky
    u’ll follow my step in no time.
    when u’re legal! kekeke…

  96. so cute, i ❤ them!
    top is prob thinking about food :]

  97. TOP: why does young bae get to keep the stich fan? how about me?

  98. TOP: ‘How long will it take for me to get from this seat, to the backdoor and back without being seen, and getting a lollipop in the process?’

  99. if anyone is interested i found the store of the gallen t-shirts tae yang is wearing.

  100. baby33

    omg, that is just the creepiest shirt ever. i mean, a two headed bambi? bambi is cool…just not two headed, dude.

  101. They look tired. G-Dragon and his imagination.

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