Big Bang Update

hah. so aimee emailed me a few days ago about some stuff. (aimee was YB’s dance partner in his solo concert, & shaun’s loveydovey<3)

but basically, she tells me:

  • SHAUN will be RETURNING to KOREA for a few days to work with BIG BANG on their JAPAN TOUR.
  • they need some girl dancers & asked AIMEE to come back… awww they’re already missed ❤
  • SHAUN’s also working with BB on a NEW MV which will be shot soon… o.O

AIMEE isn’t sure she’s gonna go yet, but she’ll let me know if she can. but i wonder which song the NEW MV is for???

hmmm… well that’s just to share with OUR FANSITE. but then again, this always leaks out to others. please do not take this out.
P.S.: i hope you like the new banner. sorry it took a while. these things do take a while, & i have things to do =P

whoever is fixing BB’s page, REVEAL YOURSELF! hahaha that’s soo funny
see for yourself HERE

something new. CLICK ME.
lol i told you i’d do it momo.



i remember seeing it a while back, but it hadn’t sunk in til now lol.


~ by gdluvzmc on September 4, 2008.

46 Responses to “Big Bang Update”

  1. :O
    workin on a new MV already
    hey since we know shaun
    cn she let us listen part of the new song

  2. oooo! cant wait!
    whos AIMEE? she knows BB??!
    new banners so cute!

  3. Aimee is the dancer who helped out during taeyangs solo concert. she was taeyangs dance partner in the sinners and ma girl perf.

  4. aimee is so awesome. i wish i can meet her as a person.. 😀

  5. haha
    i wanna be pt. of their girl dancers!!!
    i can kindda sorta maybe dance!! haha

  6. thanks awesome how she keeps the fans in the loop:)

  7. i love how aimee keeps in
    contact with this site.

  8. thanks aimee 🙂
    i’m looking forward to the new MV!

  9. omg thanks AIMEE i am gonna have high expectations for the japan ordeal and the new mv. i absolutely loved Taeyang’s solo months[the dances and concert]

  10. woow can i take part as the girl dancer??
    but they need to buy me some tiket from indonesia to korea hohoho
    aah~ hope Aimee can join them, it’ll be such a good concert!!
    aah~ i wanna seee their concert but i cant

  11. hahaha! MELLY you are so funny in a cute way.*confidential*
    what i really like about this fansite is the trust that the administrators are giving their supporters. hahahha!
    we can really use this piece of information to get our system excited again. i hope this mv would be 24/7 or A good man since this is TOP’s first contribution.
    ah melly can you please ask her if they need a props woman?
    hahaha! i can give some help if they’d allow me.

    BB fighting.

  12. ^ rofl… i hope it’s A GOOD MAN too.
    it’s my new fave song right now, & i give TOP props for sucha BAMF song.

  13. whats bamf mean? lol

  14. ^ lol. something TOP would know. cuz he’s BAMF!
    it’s my very own idiom. but it’s an acronym that consists of 4 words. you don’t wanna know 🙂

  15. A new MV please let it be good man please!!!!
    I’m so obsessed with that song 😛
    anyways…. LOVE THE NEW BANNER!!!

  16. haha lol aww BIG BANG rocks haha SHAUN ROCKS TOO and so does
    AMIEE lol

  17. are you going to upload the radio show BB participated on Sep.4th (korean time)? It’s hosted by so-yoo-jin or someone like that…

  18. wow, u guys so cool man, have conection with people in YG…hahah

  19. well…i guess we have lots of professional and relevant info on this site. kekeke. that we’re pretty much OFFICIAL! hahahaha.

  20. Aimee is so pretty and such a good dancer, I hope she is able to go~ and I am soooo excited to see more of Shaun’s work <333 if the MV is gonna shoot in a couple days, that means it will be released soon enough right? LOLOL -IhopeitsAGOODMAN-

  21. omg im so excited…shaun’s back and maybe even amiee….and a new MV!?!?! ahh awesomeee…i really wish they’d make an MV for “LADY” – because i can imagine the guys on the beach singing and dancing..gosh it would be such a fun song =)

  22. Melly if you love GD better tell me what BAMF means. *glares*
    hahaha! respect the wife of your husband’s friend please.
    hahahaha! (that’s long). but i’m trying to guess but it’s kind of dirty word. is it a little dirty word?
    and melly guess what i heard TOP is going to guest in Family outing soon after hongki of F.T island. damn this boys are just too cute too.
    i love
    1. Choi seung hyun
    2. Choi joong hun
    3. Choi minho
    and a lot more choi.

    anyway have a nice day everybody!

  23. yaay new mv! :] i love the new banner! haha its so cute!

  24. wowwww really???!
    im def excited!!! shaun and aimee(even tho she said maybe) hwaiting!!!(:
    ok, im soooo excited for the mv 😛

  25. muahaha i did it! lol jk jk~~
    yay cant wait till the mv comes out ^^

  26. happy birthday momo

  27. I hope the MV’s for Heaven!

  28. OH & loving the GD Dictionary! lol ^_^

  29. wow how did you get in contact with aimee??

  30. ^ we keep in touch.

  31. lol confidential~ and she let you share it with us!! awww~~
    new mv.. i think it’s from number 1 (japan promotion).. just guessing though since their helping with japan activities 😀

  32. u finally made it..the GD

    its raining here again..yesterday was hot and sunny..i think am getting myself a free sun tan…hahahaha

    how’s everything melly? i saw ur comment at Yg world..about the unkind ppl..settled?? what about..? sorry i want to write an email but am too lazy to open my email…hahaha…

  33. whoa~ i knew this fansite gonna popular someday at the 1st time =)

    keep on the good job!

  34. they are filming for their new track called Number 1 yeah?
    you are lucky to keep contact with Aimee..
    so jealous of you
    so now she’s gonna tell you about big bang’s update and news yeah??

  35. OOOOO a new MV OMG i sooooo hope it my TOPiee’s composed A Good Man song!! coz i luv it =)!!!! YAY but then again it cod be excuse me miss coz its upbeat and easy to dance to =)

  36. well, i know this site from wiki actually. lol.
    im waiting for the new mv.

    bigbang hwaitting!

  37. haha as in, how did you get in contact with her in the first place? thats really cool

  38. that’s great news ^^

    LOL! we’re in Wikipedia xDDD!

  39. aimee???~~~
    then their new dance must be hot
    i like aimee!
    hahahah reveal yourself wikipedia people!!
    u know what? when i was crazy over this unknown korean band about months ago..i actually searched for big bang in wikipedia to view their autobiography and their names and thx to wikipedia haha~xD
    what did u add in gdictionary? I just browsed through it is funny xD

  40. A NEW MV???!!!
    If have news…Please…Tell the ASAP!!!!
    Now I’m going to die of waiting!!!

    P.S: The new banner is VERRY COOLL!!!!!

  41. weee..thanks for the update! I love the banner and that particular CF! hahaha! I saw a pic in which Seungri was knocked down by TOP while doing their twist thing….poor Baby…Tabi was like “Are you ok?” and reaches for him. hihi.

  42. o my goshhhhh
    SOOO COOL!!!!!
    we on WIKIPEDIA!!!!!!!!!

  43. Wow wikipedia haha that awesome.

  44. hi hello i’m a big fan of bigbang.just a suggestion if dauseng will be given a chance,his voice i think is suitable for rock music coz his voice is kind like of bono am i right and his voice is also suitable for ballads, love songs just like george michael. i just hope if they make another album i hope they could add some pop rock,slow rock,ballads or love songs for a change,right coz they’re versatile artists, hope mr. yg reach this suggestions of mine. coz bigbang is simple but they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Wht? Already wanna come out a new MV song.

  46. I just wanna said: if they really come out a new MV, i wan to have the lyrics. And i will give u guys a very biggest support then anyone else. So dun worry! Just keep on goin’. Big Bang Rock!!! ❤

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