Big Bang’s 1st Japan album “Number 1” Track List

☞ Title: Number 1 
☞ Release Date : October 22, 2008.

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So there are 2 versions, the CD + DVD version and the CD version.

★Track List (CD + DVD)
    ※ Purchase Benefit: Special Postcards

Number 1 (ALBUM+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
International Pre-order | Canada & US Pre-order

DISC [1]
☞  CD
01. Intro 
02. Number 1 
03. Make Love 
04. Remember 
05. All about the G’s 
06. Everyone
07. Heaven 
08. Haru Haru
10. With You

DISC [2]
☞  DVD
01. DaishiDance&G-DRAGON 공동작곡「Haru Haru」PV Japanese Subtitled
02.「With U」PV+Making Film

★Track List (CD)
    ※ Purchase Benefit : Special Items

Number 1 (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)
International Pre-order | Canada & US Pre-order

01. Intro 
02. Number 1 
03. Make Love 
04. Remember 
05. All about the G’s 
06. Everyone 
07. Heaven 
08. Haru Haru 
10. With You 
13. Candle – Together Forever(Japanese Ver.)

thanks to 길밖 님 for the info
thanks to omgfangirl@LJ for the YA links.


~ by Vicky on September 4, 2008.

70 Responses to “Big Bang’s 1st Japan album “Number 1” Track List”

  1. cool…

  2. yaaaaaaay

  3. Yayyy!!!! I’m soo hapyy!!

  4. Love the picture. :]

  5. can’t wait!

  6. sweet 😀

  7. are the songs going to be sung in japanese or in english? (if in english, wouldnt the songs be a repeat from old cds?) or idk. i guess they could just put the songs back on the cd, and advertise their new songs….

    but does anyone know if theyre going to re-do the songs in japanese (japansese chorus perhaps?) or that the songs will remain in korean/english ?

  8. awesome ❤

  9. Cool

  10. if it says JAP VERSION, it’s entirely jap.
    some songs might have jap bits in them, but it’s most likely in ENGLISH

    the one i’m worried about is ALL ABOUT THE G’s
    ROFL that sounds so funny.
    & uh… i don’t want remakes again. that’ll give me a headache.
    unless they stick the K versions for the heck of it. we’ll see.

  11. are all the song sing in japanese?

  12. Gah! I hope there’s still some english.

    ….I’ll probably buy it anyway though, lol!

  13. Remakes huh???….
    I personally would love to hear new songs but I’m sure the different version of the songs will be good too….
    Now I must start saving money for this….

  14. A must have this year…

    ah i found this video it’s daesung practicing in CATS.

    i like his sexy dancing.

  15. so number 1 is their new track yeah?..
    which is in japanese or english?..
    they are filming MV for it too rite?…it was in their coming up schedule hehe

  16. yay! but i was really hoping for a second korean album first…
    does anyone know if the tracks are in english or japanese – both?

  17. I reckon in English, then the ones with Jap version next to it, obviously jap.

    HOnestly i think their jap albums suck, ok thats OTT.
    not suck just not very good compared to K albums

  18. i cannnot believe it. JUST when i bought the mini-album. out comes a FULL album. GAAAAAHHHH!!!!

    and i kinda like the songs in korean. when they sing english. eh i don’t know, it doesn’t have that SPARK for me. :]

  19. OMG!!!!
    but i wish the DVD part had english subs
    i really want to watch it 😦

  20. seeing all the songs’ titles…What exactly is “make love”???I’ve never heard of it before??hahaha!Look how HOT GD is back in that photo!!And what is DS doing wearing a scarf over his head,haha,so cute!

  21. I’m waiting for it!^^

  22. make love as in taeyang’s solo song..i think..

  23. OMG i’m going to go broke damn u big bang n YG haha

  24. i wanna buy it but im not sure that im gna l;ike the songs cuz most of tehm are remakes and remakes give me headaches
    i prefer they just stick to the korean version but i guess this is an important step for their career so GO BIG BANG!!!

  25. aigoo wat to do man
    i wan them both
    why do the secong one with out the vid has to have a bonus song
    cant the first one have a bonus song too
    arghhh….this is getting me to frustrated
    i think i just might order both!!!!!!!!
    why do they do this darn BB why…………….

  26. OH MEE GEED 😀

  27. OHH!! Haha I get why one of their songs is called All About the G’s!! Isn’t it cos in all of their real names there’s a G?? 😀 mwahah sorry lol randomely noticed it

  28. yay!!! 🙂 ..i LOVE d picture vicky..where did u get it?

  29. cool~
    i want it to.. waahh!!

  30. YAYYY!!!! japanese album!!! >.< ♥

  31. cool~~
    japanese album!
    big bang fighting!!
    i suppose number 1 would be a brand new song?

  32. ohh my gahh they’ve already done the japanese album, their 3rd mini album wasnt released that long ago, damm they must be working hard
    big bang hwaiting!

  33. i wonder how ‘haru haru’ will sound in english XD and how HEAVEN! I wrote my own lyrics in english to Cheonguk so haha it will be a cute contrest xD
    Can;’t wait for new album to come out!:D

  34. awesome =D 5 days before my birthday!
    is ‘number one’ gonna be in japanese? ICHIBAN!!! hahahaha

    damn, i’ve been unbelievably depressed in the last hour (my perfect guitar has been scratched to death by my cousin’s long fingernails and then my laptop swallowed my camera’s memory card) but this defintaely made me happier ^^ can’t wait~

  35. DAMN ;D ;O ❤

  36. OMGGD!
    cannot wait to hear it.
    ahhh! wish i could own at least ONE of their many many cds… :[[
    baby looks absolutly wonderful standing to right, all by himselff~

  37. dubseeXvip
    there haven’t been confirmation yet, but if it’s japanese then it’ll state it as japanese, though i hope it’s in english, cuz i wanna be able to understand them 🙂

  38. nya
    i hope not, seriously, i wanna sing along in english

  39. dreamandlove
    i like old song being remake too
    i have no problem with it, but there’s some ppl that does

  40. ncly
    probably…. i don’t wanna think about the boys leaving korea for japan….. it’s sad somehow.

  41. medirin
    there haven’t been confirmation yet, but i bet there’s some tracks that’s in full japanese.

  42. Momoshiro
    well of course, korean is their mother tounge so it’s better in korean.

  43. jenso
    i doubt it, it only state it only japanese sub will available

  44. ilene
    it was in YB’s solo album

  45. DeDe(MS.DONG)
    tell me about it hahah
    but i can’t help it

  46. im_their_roni
    since the first one cost more, shouldn’t it have everything the 2nd one have?? not fair.

  47. im_their_roni
    since the first one cost more, shouldn’t it have everything the 2nd one have?? not fair.

  48. Nina R
    I think that one’s gonna be GD’s solo

  49. J-G-RILEEN
    It came along with the website that was posting info about the album

  50. newvip
    look like it

  51. hoichu

    they are.kinda scare me a bit
    they’re overworking themselves

  52. gdkei

  53. Lita
    Nina has been showing me her lyrics, and I’m excited to compare them to see what’s up haha.

  54. BBFTW.
    I LOVE IT!!
    BABY STAND OUT. with the colorful jacket = LOVE

  55. vicky

    “Seung Ri (Big Bang), Shin Dong and Sung Min (Super Junior), Tae Min (Shinee) and Jo Kwon (2AM) will team up and become Wonder Boys by performing “Girls Generation” and “So Hot” special stage”

    have you heard that? i saw it posted on the wondergirls wordpress.

  56. BBFTW.

    thanks to you i know it haha
    i posted it so other know too

  57. vicky
    hahaha… either is OK
    as long as i have the lyric.
    i can sing along ^^v

  58. nya

    well i never litsen to japanese music before
    so my skill of sining along is = 0

  59. hey, i was just wondering, will the dvd only have japanese subtitles, or will there also be english to choose from? i really need to know before pre-ordering. Thanks =] 😀

  60. vicky
    hahaha… u can learn girl,
    nothing stop me to express my love to BB.
    language? hahaha… i just neeed to learn.
    that just a matter of time

  61. cant wait until this album comes out.

  62. OMG im ttly buying it *0*

  63. Im happy yet disappointed at the same time because most of these tracks I already bought. But ill probably end up re-buying these songs again.

  64. oohhh,i didn’t see this im sooo excited again. I hope the new songs are in english and then the old eng songs in jap…but even if its not, cant wait, so happy,,more music:)
    go multi language big bang:):)

  65. Hey everybody if you plan on buying the album with the dvd make sure if you are in the US not to buy that one because the dvd isnt compatible with dvd players in the states. I just checked. If you dont believe me check the region on it on

  66. All About The G’s..I hope the song has a more hip-hop vibe as when they first came out. Can’t wait until these songs come out.

  67. oh lord i am soooo excited! these boys are simply SEX ON LEGS, they are HOTNESS PERSONIFIED.

  68. did you hear NUMBER 1 & the mv preview? the song and videos bomb, search it up on youtube 🙂 you’ll be glad you did =] YB does the unpredictable!

    i love bigbang (:

  70. Nice picture. Dae Sung looks funny.

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