GDragon, “SeungRi was the most worried one when we were recording this new album”

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“When we were recording, SeungRi was the one who was most worried.”

GDragon of Big Bang revealed that SeungRi was the member who was most worried when they were recording on 3rd September during MayBee’s radio show on KBS Cool FM. This is their first appearance on radio show after their comeback.
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On that day, they talked about a variety of topics regarding the preparation of their new album.

DJ Maybee asked GDragon, “You were in charge of producing this time, of the vocals TaeYang, DaeSung and SeungRi, who was the most worried one?”

GDragon replied, “Even though everyone did well. There is one person who was worried that he would sing like how he did for his musical after his participation in a musical.”

“Especially when the concept of this new album was focus on maturity and masculinity. SeungRi was a little flustered and embarrassed as he has got used to singing as a young boy in his musical previously.”

SeungRi then responded with, “I was quite confused with what song that I am singing.” SeungRi has participated as one of the main casts in the musical ‘Sonagi’, and he revealed that, “I would want to do other type of things too.”

While DaeSung has to perform for his musical “Cats” couldn’t be present for the radio show that day but he did communicate with the members and Maybee over the telephone. SeungRi who had participated in musical before DaeSung’s this first musical, was encouraging Daesung together with the other members with, “Wherever you go, you are the best!”

On the other hand, with 2 weeks into Big Bang’s comeback with ‘Haru Haru’ continues to occupy many music charts.


awww… Baby was worry, in my eyes, he was a man looonnggg ago, everything he does is manly he have nothing to worry about.

~ by Vicky on September 4, 2008.

17 Responses to “GDragon, “SeungRi was the most worried one when we were recording this new album””

  1. awwww
    baby was worried too much 😦

  2. aww he didnt need to worry – his voice came off very mature on the new album – i didnt even know he could make his voice deep like he did on A Good Man – baby is growing up!

  3. aww…
    he was sad…:(

  4. medirin

    oh my god you noticed?
    i did too
    most ppl didn’t know who that was and i have to point it out
    i love that part that baby did in that song

  5. hahaha i love it when GD wears the glasses like that upside down i do that most of the time. Seungri might not be as good as the others but SEUNGRI baby you need not to worry your voice has a different appeal really.

  6. ahahahahh seungri is so cute 😛

  7. aaawww >w<


    and check more of his vids. so cute.

  9. baby worrying too much
    he did well
    maturity & masculinity? they have this feeling in the new album,
    when i first hear it, that concept already pop out in my head.
    baby have nothing to worry about.

  10. aw, is taeyang sick or somehting ? :[
    if he is i hope he gets well soooon, as in now?
    iuno but ilytaeyangg.

  11. Awww it’s okay Seungri
    so cute! G-Dragon always
    being the LEADAH!

  12. awww.. seung ri!! i believe in you!! HAVE PLENTY OF CONFIDENCE AND U CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!
    gooooooo SEUNG RI!

  13. ~aahh.. don’t feel that way SR baby!!
    i know you can do it!!

    yah, GD great leadah!!

  14. that´s normal….Don´t worry Seung-ri.You´ll do it very well!

  15. awww SeungRi you don’t have to worry T^T

  16. Seung Ri, you got nothing to worry about!!!
    Your’ HOt’ FAMUSE,TALENTED, YOUNG…you got nothing to worry about!!!
    No metter what you’ll do, you’ll do it the best!!!

  17. Aww Seung-Ri I love you.

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