MOMO in Korea Part 2

Hey people

just a quick note to tell everyone that the presents from BBfansite have safely arrived at YG Entertainment. I went to YG Office this afternoon. And its My Birthday today…hahahah..(thanks vicky for the early Bday wish). Guess i picked the right time to deliver the present. Am like a lil’ santa claus..without the Christmas celebration.

I passed the presents to a lady there and she was really nice. She was shocked to see a lot of presents..Not only from BBfansite but also from BBMalaysia forum. And she was really amazed to see BB and Me photobook. I didnt wrap it so that BB will be able to see it.. i just put it in a transparent box. 

And i didnt get to meet the boys today but at least i get to see a lot of cute YG staff…YUP>>A LOT OF EM!

I manage to capture the pics of YG Hall of Fame where a lot of fans wrote love messages to BB. However fore me, i was too scared to write my name on the wall. There were too many things came up..with me thinking that i might go to jail if i were to write something on the a big fat CHICKEN. but again…i manage to take pic next to YGBB..hahahahha

I will post the pics soon when am back home.

Am sorry VIPs, about not be able to hand in the presents to the boys personally..but at least its there safe and sound. And i just know it the boys will see all of your messages soon..

Thats all for me. Will write soon.

~ by Momo on September 4, 2008.

44 Responses to “MOMO in Korea Part 2”

  1. That’s nice ^^
    One of my friend did it too .. but what we did after to be sure they saw it , we asked one of the members .
    So if u are able to see one of them , just ask . ^^
    Right now they are really busy and there are lot of fans so it’s harder to see them but try your best kk ^^

  2. MO MO

    you are so lucky to get to see the YG building!!
    and thanks alot for your effort of going there and delivering the presents there safely heeh~~

    hope you have fun htere~~
    again have a nice birthday there!!! ^^

  3. Awwwwww, what’s YG like? WOW, you’re so close to the boys, Momo!!!
    Hahahah, for some reason I feel really excited for you ^^
    If the lady was shocked by the presents it probably means they’re really special and she hasn’t seen something like it before =3

  4. awww my goddd. i’m so very jealous of youu.
    i want to go see the inside of the yg office/bulding ;DD
    andd sign the YG hall of fame! T___T”
    wellll. i’ll make sure i will sign it when i go to korea~ ^^

  5. Wow so cool you get to go to their building!

  6. awesome XD
    haha i would have been too scared to go to YG…lol

  7. happy birthday momo!!!!!!!!!

    OMG you are so lucky to get in into YG office
    i don’t know why, but i’m sure that you will meet the boys too
    hhaha 🙂 🙂

    ohhh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMO! 🙂
    I wish i can accompany you there and meet the boys hihihih

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMO!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~

  11. First of all happy b’day momo ^_^

    ah…i’m so happy to hear you went to the YG building n yah…i’m so jelous
    the present YAY hope our boys will see it,especially the gd’s present.hope love it.
    Hall of fame,ah…i wish i could yeah someday my name will be there.

  12. Happy Birthday, Momo!!
    I would be glad enuf to just enter the building but even happier if I get to meet them! Enjoy ur stay in Korea n have fun^.< I might be going end of this yr too I hope…I wanna have a look at the YG Hall of Fame!! They must have loadsa stuff there…

  13. Yay, so glad you devliered the gifts!
    And happy birthday!
    Can’t wait for the pics.

  14. Ohhhhh it´s really lovely from them…

  15. momo! happy birthday i was about to send you message in facebook but yesterday i don’t know what happened to my computer. hahaha! i wanted to greet you at 12 midnight!
    anyway happy birthday again. and wow! i am dying to see your
    pics already. wish you really had a lot of fun there.
    don’t forget to make a wish before you blow your candle.
    hahahaha! and enjoy your stay there.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! from your fan..hahahaha~

  16. haha lol oh my gosh MOMO ur so cool haha
    huge question did da women speak korean to u
    cuz dunt worry i be like u thinkin too much
    haha lol wtf is goin on haha


  18. happy birthday momo!!! i hope you had fun in Korea. and thank for delivering the presents! go back and write your name on the wall. HURRRY!!! RUN BACK AND DO IT! LOL

  19. aw~! Happy Birthday~! ^^
    it must b awesome spending ur b-day there. u should have seen the boys for a gift for all the hard work you’ve done on those projects =]

    can’t wait for the pictures =D

  20. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    You’re so fortunate to be able to go to Korea! xD And YG Entertainment!! 🙂 I wish I could be there! 😦 hahah, once again, happy birthday!!:)

  21. HBD MOMO! =) wow! on ur bday u went to YG Entertainment! that’s pretty cool..! that’s a great present!! hehe xD

    can’t wait for the pics!!

  22. awww!~ happy birthday momo!! wish u could see them while ure in korea!! thanks for delivering the gifts, im sure theyll see it and amaze tooo. good luck momo, happy bday agen!

  23. happy birthday ^_^!!!

  24. happy bd momo!
    ish what gifts did u guys give to the boys?
    well same as my nick, i’m a new fan..
    so i didn’t know what gift BBMalaysia forum prepared..
    ish ish how good if i was involved in preparing the gift..
    i’m from malaysia too =)
    i’m so jealous of you can? got to go to Korea..and YG some more..
    i wanna see pics xD

  25. happy birthday ms.momo! enjoy the rest of your trip.

    and Have fun !!
    omo i am dying to see all the pictures ;DD

  27. Happy Birthday MOMO~

  28. happy birthday! hope you have a good time in korea!

  29. hey!!happy birthday momo!!!hope that your day will be full of happiness!!
    have a great time in korea too!
    so nice that u went to YG office!! after show us your pics!! =D

  30. YAHH; you’re so luck MoMo, but Happy Birthday!
    i can’t believe you went to YG Ent place. i ENVY you! hahaha.
    i can’t wait to see all the pictures. =)

  31. OMG! u r so lucky! tht’s so cool u get to see YG Ent. place ON ur Birthday,
    By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  32. wow! thats so cool! to be in the same atmosphere as BB..
    musta been hella fun!

  33. YAY
    i cnttt waitt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Happy Birthday Momo.

  35. really truley are a BB fan ^^
    you went all the way to korea to do so? wow im suprise ^^
    thanks momo for the vips and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!<3

  36. HAPPY BDAY MOMO. haha i cant wait to see the pictures! :]

    Yay i can’t wait to see
    i’m so JEALOUS of you right now
    yes i envy you!

  38. happy birthday!!!! enjoy the rest of your stay!

  39. Momo Best B-Day ever! 😀 😀 😀 you meet YG staff ^^ that’s awesome!!! <<33 i can’t wait to see the pics ^^

  40. happy belated birthday ,momo!
    selamat hari jadi!

    thank u so much for delivering it =)
    i was so excited when my friend texted me yesterday bout this.
    i bet ur having the time of ur life in korea now. what a way to celebrate ur so jealous of u =(
    its k. ill wait for my day to come.
    just come back home safely,k ^-^

  41. ~whoa cool!!
    ~you were actually there?? at YG office!!!

    i really envy you..

    btw.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you..

    i wish i can go to korea too~ waahh^^

    have you ever met the boys personally?? as in???

  42. oww i didnt read that was your birthday sorry 😦 happy happy birthday i hope your wishes came true ^.^

  43. Hi Momo….thanks a lot ya and Happy Belated Birthday..wanted to wish you but then…ahh…sorry dear, glad that you finally went there, just hope the boys liked our gifts :p
    Thanks so much again Momo….

  44. I would like to join one of these projects.

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