TOP is thinking BB & BB only. how cute. i wouldn’t mind him asking some like personal questions. so he can get to know me better. so i know what’s on his mind.. >=] oh man i’m bringing these faces onto the site! lol

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most memorable? toughie.
i have a lot of memories. but i think MKMF was definitely a great moment. damn. all emotional. i felt your happiness. i’m so proud of you guys for making it so far, for working hard & getting to this point. DAE crying, TAE tearing… GDYB hug. ❤
what else…

basically. all your interviews. just every cute moment. i loved it all. you guys are so down-to-earth & humble. i know it deep down. haters can die. uhmmm… i definitely enjoy seeing you all when a camera follows you around. i feel like i’m there with you, part of your groupie. lol. even when ur doing radio shows, during breaks, you’re still goofing off.
all in all, i love you boyz. you make me smile everyday. it’s priceless ❤


~ by gdluvzmc on September 4, 2008.

45 Responses to “TOP ASKS #2”

  1. I would say when they won the awards on MKMF 2007.
    Its most memorable cause I seriously stayed up the whole night watching it and I had work the next day. o_O
    And its something I experienced with Big Bang spiritually lol
    Watching it live, knowing that its happening at that moment.
    Its an awesome feeling.

    But anyway, TOP is so deep for asking deep questions lol.

  2. AHAHAH! TABI oppa, you never stop entertaining, do you?
    Err, I would have to say…

    The time where you socked SeungRi in the knee. that was hilarious.
    And the other time where You guys won an award I think it was err…humm…song of the year, Ji Yong slumped over and looked funny.

  3. omgah his question is hard cause there were so many moments of them
    if i was to answer him this i think i would reply by saying the best moments would be big bang coming into this world and making all this happening….

  4. yes i have to say the MKMF too
    i mean
    they were ALL speechless….
    DS couldn’t stop crying
    SR was in shocked
    TY praying to the God
    TOP was really happy
    and GD had lots of thoughts running through his mind and couldn’t believe that Big Bang got the award….
    and i love the moment of
    where SR waking up TOP and the other members too~~
    SO CUTE!!!

  5. my most memorable moment of BB will be MKMF 2007.
    although i don’t watch it live, & i’m really slow compared to the other fans.
    its November 2007 & i just watched it on April 2008!
    some Chinese Statuin TV air it on Apr
    but thas so memorable coz thats my first time see & know there’s awsome boy band from Korea.
    from then i just stuck in BB stuff &
    i think no other more memorable than MKMF.

  6. TOP, you know you can ask personal
    questions like G-Dragon did
    well kinda but yeah.
    Ahhh omg so hard..
    Actually Almost ALL of the moments
    i can remember it. well the fun &
    Cute parts. Lols which is ALWAYS =]
    It’s hard because every moment of
    Big Bang, i LOVE! that’s why i’m
    so additive to big bang! gosher…
    i’m GLAD Big Bang, Yes, came out into
    the world and became the New EVERYTHING!
    well it seems like it to me (:

  7. TOP insists on keeping the questions BB related….my man is so cool!!! XD
    I haven’t been a fan for long but I’ve seen many memorable moments like their CM’s and every award they’ve won
    and recently their new album performances are awesome!!!

  8. I think when they won the best artist for the song lies
    and for funny moments i either say the baskin robins CM
    or the radio show where taeyang hide from the camera and
    sing in the closet haha

    i remember all of their interviews n_n
    yeah, MFMK was pretty memorable, i think for everyone. big bang was emotional and so thankful. DAESUNG <3!

    hmmm, most memorable … i think performing onstage with wondergirls. music bank, i think. they were wearing pink.

    im so glad i found big bang, without them i wouldn;t be this happy and escited about anything!!!


  10. i’m not sure if mine counts because it’s not really a “moment”.
    it was when i saw their Coffee Prince parody.
    i know it’s random, but that was the first time i started to really like them all because they looked so huggable.

    another actual moment was an interview where TY sang “A Fool’s Only Tear” and i fell in love with their music.

    and also all the video’s where they’re just themselves; like regular not famous people.

  11. time when SR say in a veryyy cute way “nuna~~~”
    and during a happy marron (w/e u spell it) wer BONGIE eat the chick because SR was tempting him

  12. BIG BANG is my MOST MEMORABLE!!! <3<3<3 🙂

  13. haha yep i agree with the ppl before
    just being big bang is most memorable =D
    everything about them deserves to be memorable =D

  14. MKMF! DaeSung AW he was SO cute.

  15. DITTO! MKMF brought us really lots of tears and one more would be the time when so1 and seungri got eliminated for the first time and you were all tearing. i was tearing with you. i knew from that on that you guys really treat each other as family.

  16. omg !~
    how cute he is!~ not like a kid (lol) which he said about himself!~
    anyway, the most memorable moment of BB i think is the debut party which Yang appa and YG stuff did for theme :”) It really was moved to tears or simply every time i watch docs and watch theme theme practice !~
    Anyway, know BB and be VIP is my memory that is impossible to forget!~

  17. definitely a hard question.
    I love all of their every moments!!

    but mostly when they first debuted and I fell in love
    with them. I just love the early moments of Big Bang it makes
    me happy when I look back to when I firs loved them and look
    at them now…it’s amazing. I love it.
    And I must also agree with many of you.. when they won best
    song of the year for Lies at MKMF 07 that moment to claim
    their award was awesome.

    I love Big Bang<3

  18. Besides the MKMF, it has to be the MV “Always”…mostly b/c it was filmed in my home state Hawaii!!! I was so shocked that it was filmed here (I didn’t run into them though!). The whole MV I was like, “Hey, I know where that is!” Hahaha ^^;

    BTW, is TOP left-handed? This is kinda slanted like how a left-handed person writes. Leftys are hottt ^_~

  19. hum…………

  20. Well every BB moment is memorable ♥_♥ especially when they won MFMK and the documentary moments T.T

  21. being honest… i can’t pick one. It’s just… Every single moment, every single thing which is connected with BB is the most memorable for me.
    Just… i love Big Bang and… that’s it ❤
    kocham was moje sreberka :*

  22. I’m really a late late fan..after seeing all the comments…i watched MKMF 2007 just now..gosh I clapped so loudly when their names were announced T____T I’m so proud of the boys! Seriously, it would be memorable too if I was a fan of them at that time..
    so can I say MKMF is my most memorable moment with BB? xD

    Actually my answer is their inkigayo comeback performance this was the 1st time when i actually acted like a real VIP..
    i waited and waited for their performance and ended up did not study much for the test next day xD (bad influence do not learn). And that kind of feeling when i watched them on stage, performing so great..the feeling was really hard to describe T__T

    I’ll keep all these memorable moments in my heart forever. in fact every performance n shows of them are memorable. i just wanna see the real and true big bang =)

  23. the moment they stepped into YG Entertainment as the official group: Big Bang cuz they enter the world as one of the best entertainers yet of the new generation in YG =D
    [BB Documentary] =D

  24. best moment for me would be when YG chose who he wanted to be in the group.i really wanna hug sr to comfort him but yb did that for,there was baeri before g-ri.actually the whole BB doc. was the best moment for me and after that when they debut as a group then when they won in mkmf.

  25. Another Toppie question ^^~
    Well there’s so many…hehe~

    Ok well there’s not many korean programes with Big Bang on my TV >O///< Ok ok I got it now….^^…..There was once where they went out to a fun fair really REALLY long ago when there was still 6 of em’ yeah just whenever I see them happy it makes me happy too……..I wish Big Bang could read this….^^ I’m sure for everyone else too ^^

  26. I agree with everyone who says “MKMF 2207”.
    it was amazing.
    I cried along with Dae Sung. I couldn’t help it. I was more than happy.
    I don’t think taht anyone, including our beloved Big Bang members will forget that amazing emotinal “MKMF 2007 Awards”.

  27. I meant “MKMF 2007” bad…

  28. MKMF2007 is THE award.
    And the Stand Up comeback, because I was a TRUE VIP

  29. everytime they show up on tv..on magazines..all those are memorable..but my best moment is also MKMF2007..dae couldnt hold back his tears..that moment was precious..everything they worked for finally got was a huge moment for BB and for VIPs..another one is their comeback performance..i was so happy to see them perform together on stage!..^_^

  30. other than the global warning concert, my most memorable moment would be watching big bang for the first time on MTV, i watched dae sung keep on working despite his father’s lack of support and i was really touched. that’s when i knew the boys were special. ^^

  31. TOP’s 3rd question is out if anyone would be so kind to translate that one.

  32. ^ i know its out. but i wanted to leave this out for a while lol

  33. ooo for sure the mkmf. The tears of joy makes anyone tear with them. My dae was hella crying. its just a lovely scene.

  34. I agree also that the MKMF 2007 was the most memorable Big Bang moment! When I visited Korea for the first time, they kept telecasting[replay] the MKMF 2007 and I would always watch it because there was nothing else to watch…after watching Big Bang perform for the first time, I LOVEDDDDDD the song ‘Lies’, which caused my deep admiration for Big Bang.Watching them getting emotional shows their hardwork,love, & passion for music..that is why Big Bang is doing so well…I LOVE BIG BANG!!!GO TOP!!!

  35. Tempo!Top!Choi Seung Hyun!Top shiii…Choi Top…gosh wat do i call u baby? u really are a deep guy aren’t u?? cos i dnt know how to answer u…its a difficult question and i need a flashback to remember everytime i’ve watched u guys perform…sing,dance,goofed around,acted like dorks…they are all memorable for me n cant forget all of ur faces.esp. urs!!wen u cried i cried wen ur acting silly u make my day!!all the joys ive got frm watchin u amazing guys have been memorable!!

  36. hmm… SUCH A HARD QUESTION!!!!
    i would say the MKMF… i mean, do you remember Baby’s face? so cute, ^_^

  37. Memorable? Oh man, way too many. When they won that awards & DS started crying like crazy. I was so proud of them. Umm, everytime they win an award…I feel SO proud of them. All of cute g-ri moments. Pretty much everything.

  38. aaaaaaaah this is a tough one. well one of them would have to be their mkmf performance. that was seriously too good for words… but i guess that one that i remember the most would beeeeee when maknae was injured and WAS STILL DANCING INKIGAYO. aaaah seeing his face and seeing him hold on to his knees in pain always makes my heart feel… asdfghjkl T___T aaand i love him soo much for pushing through !! YAAAAH MAKNAE !! saranghae xD

  39. haiish~
    it’s hard boo
    i think it’s when they haven’t debut yet
    seeing them work really hard to improve
    TOP with the dancing, SR almost didn’t make it,
    Dae’s father didn’t approve, BaeBae’s grandpa,
    and GD’s being a good leader
    BB saranghae~!

  40. i think thats a hard question ..
    maybe when they work SO hard
    and their songs made NUMBA ONE 😀
    and all their like interviews that i’ve watched
    cuz you guys are jsut so amazingly cute
    and EVERYTHING. i mean i just can’t write it all out
    and i rmbr this one time.. i saw this really old vic
    where you guys were like giving a fan some SPECIAL
    treatment on stage.. and i was always WISHING it would
    oh well
    wishes =)

    BIG BANG <33

  41. Definitely the ’07 GDA Bonsang and ’07 MKMF awards. BB so deserved all the awards given to them and even more. This is when they realized hey we’re better than good! Very emotional, very humble, and very touching. That’s so BB!

  42. I love every moment I’m able to see you guys. I love seeing you guys acts like little dorks.

  43. There isn’t a specific moment, but the backstage stuff is memorable.

  44. I love all backstage moments and of course MKMF seeing their facial expression made me cry of joy.

  45. to think it would b all da moments actuali bt if its for a specific 1 dn it is wen they get awards! m always truly happy for them 4 dos moments n i feel proud! wish u guys 2 get more awards in future! all the very best!!

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