09.05.08 Big Bang on Hong Jin Kyung’s FM Gayo | Always MV Parody by POOPiNESS



Always MV Parody by POOPiNESS

haha. DaeSung’s abs is so amazing it can cure cancer.. that is true haha. and SeungRi can’t drive yet so he have to ride a scooter. LOL!!!!!! POOPiNESS is PURE GENIUS. keep it up dude. and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE GD’s rap. YEA! and the thing is.. those are probably all true, except Bong is straight now!!! hahahaha and please be mature and happy VIPs, this is just for fun, enjoy it because you know those things aren’t true, don’t go beserk, and if you don’t think it’s funny, then just let it go, don’t be a party pooper. πŸ˜€ ENJOY! and also thanks POOPiNESS for our daily dose of hilariousness. U DA MAN.

09.05.08 Hong Jin Kyung’s FM Gayo
Special Guest: Big Bang
65 MB

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Thanks to μ™€μ§€μš©@DCGD and bigbangpop
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They start the show singing “How Gee” Bong with the hat and the headphone looking like one of those lego dude haha, Baby is in his maknae world again, fixing his jacket getting in the song haha. During the break, watch BaeRi, I think YB is talking about Baby’s clothes haha, YB is still wearing that mask, still sick? aww… and Bong is folding a piece of paper… hhhmmm… wonder what it is.. then stuff it in his pocket… make me wonder… in one of the question, the DJ ask something and Baby answer “TaeYang” and suddenly everyone cracked up, even the cool Mr. Choi can’t help but LOL. wonder what it is. During Haru Haru performance, when Bong want to sing Dae’s part, the sound is so low… wanna hear his sexy voice!!!!!

at 38:31!!! WATCH BONG FIX HIS HAIR!! It’s the PSYCHO HAIR!!! hahah, so that’s what his hair look like without gel, he hasn’t wore those hats in like FOREVER, i miss him wearing it, looking yummy as always

I think there was a Tabi fanboy in the staff, he came in during the break and massage Tabi’s back.. but not other member? haha

At the end, Bong dancing to Heaven, hahahhaa, that is too cute!!! ahhhh!! Then he put on my faovrite glasses on him.


09.05.08 KBS YDH Love Letter
Haru Haru Performance
144 MB

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09.05.08 KBS YDH Love Letter
Last Farewell Performance
141 MB

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09.05.08 KBS YDH Love Letter
Make Me Wonder Performance
140 MB

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~ by Vicky on September 5, 2008.

49 Responses to “09.05.08 Big Bang on Hong Jin Kyung’s FM Gayo | Always MV Parody by POOPiNESS”

  1. OOooooOO i wanna know what they said about taeyang!!!! he’s so cueeee!!! just the sound of their laughter :]

    like they say…



  2. lol, the guy didnt massage anyones back but tabi’s? XD

  3. omg. GD hair is so cute(;

  4. Aww! I miss Bongie wearing a hat and talking it off…
    *SIGHS* reminds me of those Bun day!!! <333
    SR!! DORKyNESS!!
    Poor YB hunny!! Get well!! <33

  5. Hi vicky!!

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m back with another Big Bang parody πŸ˜€
    There aren’t any big bang – always parody that I know of so I made one πŸ˜€

    Please help spread the love! :]

  6. i am listening now to get what that question was. lol.
    i will get back soon!

  7. Poopiness

    that is HILARIOUS
    gotta post it right away

  8. OMG!!!
    the parody was soooo funny!!!
    Too bad I can’t see the other video but at least the parody was fun πŸ˜›

  9. okay i got it. question was “이성 μ•žμ—μ„œ ν‰μ†Œμ™€ κ°€μž₯ λ‹¬λΌμ§€λŠ” λ©€λ²„λŠ”?” (Which member acts most different in front of opposite sex?” LOL. and this was SR’s reason. “μ €ν¬λž‘ μžˆμ„λ•Œλž‘ 뭐…μ—¬μžλΆ„λ“€κ³Ό μžˆμ„λ•Œ κ·Έ λˆˆμ›ƒμŒμ΄ μžˆμ–΄μš”…애ꡐλ₯Ό μ§μ ‘ν•˜μ‹œλŠ”κ±΄ μ•„λ‹Œλ°…κ·Έ ν‘œμ •μ—μ„œ κ·Έ λˆˆμ›ƒμŒμ΄…” (When he’s with us..or..with women, he has this his significant eye smile – is that how you say it? we all know what it is πŸ˜› – he doesn’t show his charm directly..but his face expression especially his smile with his eyes..” and HJK added that “end of his eyes go down more huh” something like that. LOL.

    aww. YB. i want to see that smile in person. will you smile for me like that? LOL.

  10. omfg this is so freakin funny the first few lines i cracked up so bad so i kinda figure since im like rofl so hard i might as well watch it through and yes im so glad i watched it cause it was so how to say it i loved it lol by far one of my fav parody hahah omgah this is too hilarious i love all the lines that he put in ahahha ‘I……………….BANG HIM’ lol omgah there is too many lines to put down lol oh yeah ‘i didnt stain the sheets’ OMGAH hahahah XD ok ok i stop!!!

  11. jeska

    HAHAH “end of his eyes go down more huh” hahaha
    this DJ GOT IT GOING ON!!

  12. HAHAHAHAHA the parody is hilarious!!!
    dae’s abs can cure cancer, and even world hunger!!!
    hahaha..i agree..his body is sexay~~~~~
    i love this song to death..don’t u think it’s very sweet?
    but the parody is damn funny ok!!
    poppiness is really a genius..
    *salute salute*

  13. Is Jiyong sick? He was coughing a lot and his voice sounded a little bit raspy. Poor guy. 😦

  14. Ahhhhh my babies YB and GD seem ill. Please take care of yourselves. *hugs*

  15. Lmao OMG
    Hella Yeah DaeSung’s Abs can
    cure cancer! Lols
    i LOVE IT! it is funny =]
    Haha i love it when GD & Top rap
    in here. but their rap was funny

  16. am i doing something wrong? all the videos worked fine before, but now when i join them i only get the audio? can someone please help me?

  17. kaikai

    try play it with GOM Player

  18. LOOOL! Thanx 4 sharing Vicky ^^ i love “Makes me wonder” β™₯

  19. hahaha
    the parody is too hilarious!
    love it!
    so thats what our boys usually do when they all alone. kekeke…
    ‘GD don’t want to give it back’ OH MY GOD!
    laugh so hard. (standing applause)
    Dae’s abs… hahaha… OMG!
    laughting like crazy now

  20. where is Daesung ? XD
    he’s always not on the radio studio QΒ°Q

  21. lol towards the end of the radio show, seungri taps yb’s butt on their way out

  22. i actually couldn’t concentrate on the parody sub line cuz i just love watching their Mv TOO much haha
    i hope somebody upload clip of the interview in YDH love letter too~~
    and also~~
    hope to see the radio clips on YT soon~~
    looks like Seung Ri is starting to like TY more haha~~
    Ty wish that someday SR will give his attention to TY and now his wish came true haha~~

  23. thank you!

  24. i can’t watch part 2 from Haru Haru and Make me wonder in Gom player 😦
    i can see part 1 but not part 2 damn someone help me plz?

  25. Lolllll
    Can you see the telephone hanging on top at 1:39? XDD

  26. VICKEY,
    I can’t download “09.05.08 KBS YDH Love Letter
    Last Farewell Performance” even when I’m loggeg in to wordpress.com
    Can You Please Help Me?

  27. LOL poopines, you gotta a twisted imagination, girl XD but we likes it

  28. nya

    i just LOVE the GD rap
    he is so right
    i know all those are true *wink

  29. kokeshi
    he’s busy with his “Cats” musical rehearsal

  30. dubseeXvip
    gotta see that!!!

  31. ncly
    Baby always have a thing for Bae haha
    you should rewatch “TAEYANG DAY” on GREAT concert to see it haha

  32. miroo4ka
    the link up there lead to my LiveJournal
    where I keep all my files so I don’t have to hotlink my link everywhere

  33. Lita

    Poopiness is a dude hahah
    and he’s awsome like that

  34. vicky
    what can i say again since its ur hubby there?
    u know him well than onyone else.
    just let it be ur & ur hubby little secret ^^

  35. aha SR’s cutee…SR and YB have always been close…if u watch the making or even in some interviews and backstage..they’re always playing around or hugging or something

  36. ahahah

  37. LMAO! I loved that parody!! hilarious! XD

  38. LMFAO
    that parody’s honestly really good
    i think one of poopiness’ best
    jokes when its the I I I I I I.. I… BANGED HIM

  39. awwww i can’t watch or download 09.05.08 KBS YDH Love Letter
    Last Farewell Performance
    141 MB

    video…my acess is denied…help pleeaseee~

  40. stella

    you should try again later
    MF does that a lot

  41. iheartbb

    oh my god i know
    i was sitting still and waiting for what happen after I I I
    then BANGED HIM
    i laughed so hard

  42. sweetsorrow

    they’re such dorks
    in one of the interview before, YB say he wish Baby would be more close to him in the future
    and they start cracking up

  43. nya

    OF COURSE I DO!!!!!

  44. oh my goodness!! daesung’s abs!! th’ats seom crazy stuff!!! that video is soo funny!!

  45. oooh kk, thxz vicky~ =]

  46. well that was my laugh for the morning ^^

  47. Can I listen to that radio live somewhere?
    plz help me if u know =)

  48. i seriously have missed them singing last farewell!!! yay thank you SOOO much i’ve been anticipating this!!

  49. Yeah I haven’t heard Last Farewell in forever.

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