090508 Big Bang on YDH Love Letter


Seung Ri (Big Bang), Shin Dong and Sung Min (Super Junior), Tae Min (Shinee) and Jo Kwon (2AM) will team up and become Wonder Boys by performing “Girls Generation” and “So Hot” special stage.
thanks to Wondergirl Wonderland.

i’m excited,
1. cuz SO HOT is one of my favorite song, and
2. Baby always wanna be a member of SNSD hahahah, his “Son Seung Ni” hahaha

Big Bang perform Maroon 5’s “Make Me Wonder”

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I thought they were gonna perform the whole song, but kinda disappointed when they add korean rap to it, i don’t know, I just like it when they sing in english, something I can understand and sing along, since I love this song, but I’m happy when I heard them sing the chorus, I love the part where YB and Baby sing the bridge, love it!! The part where Bong run down to the crowd they went crazy, then the man that was sitting in front of him was “look i can touch him i want” hahaha lucky man.

Haru Haru Performance

They crowd went crazy when the first came out, you can see the guys in the audience looking around and was like “wth?” hahaha it’s Big Bang dude! Of course the females are going crazy. Everytime a member sing it’s more “whoooooo!!!!!” Their audio sounds awsome at this performance, especially YB’s part, I was clapping for him so hard, he did an awsome job when he hit that note, but the audience haha, everytime someone start singing they start screaming, can’t hear most of the singing haha. but i like it. love the yellow theme clothes too.

Last Farewell Performance

awww… this song bring back so many memory, as soon as you hear the song you have to stand up and do the “bang bang” haha, CLASSIC. LOL at the way Tabi walk to the crowd, the nuna went insane!! I love Baby’s little kiss then bow thing at the end, that was just too cute!!

Lies Performance

thanks to 디지뱅★님

I don’t think they were planning on performing “Lies” but the audience want an encore so that’s why they performed it, you can tell that they didn’t rehearsed it cuz when YB suppose to stand up, he didn’t, think he forget since they haven’t been practicing this song, he stay kneeled down and sing his part


~ by Vicky on September 5, 2008.

65 Responses to “090508 Big Bang on YDH Love Letter”

  1. I wonder if Seung Ri or Dae Sung actually completed the sentence, “And it really makes me wonder if I ever gave a F*** about you.”

  2. omgah omgah omgah thanks so much
    the boys were awesome!!!!

  3. I love how Seung Ri says Aleebye instead of Allabye (Don’t know the Spelling < =\)

  4. wow, seungri did really good on the maroon 5 song =)
    i love that song, they’re so cute with their english !

  5. feels nice when they
    perform lies I really miss it =)
    I love they’re performances
    ha ha I tottally got up and started
    dancing when i heard farewell lol

  6. 오마이갓!!!!!
    babys singing on makes me wonder’….HE SOUNDED SOO HOTTT!
    TY’S english accent is so much better! love it!
    jiyongie opa sure loves his maroon 5!

  7. aah i missed lies and last farewell !
    i love taeyang’s parts in makes me wonder ❤


  9. wow seung ri guna be doing so hot and girls generation with shin dong, sung min and the other two wow, tht is sooo cool i so cannot wait to watch it lol, omg wen seung ri sang he sounds so hwat, and i was sooooo impressed with daesung’s english, looks like he improved alot wow 😀 love the perf hehe ^^

  10. VICKY!!
    are you Korean?
    hahaha, just wondering.

  11. nice! Wonderboys huh? I can’t wait to watch. I like when they sing maroon 5 songs although its not too many.

    i miss hearing GD rap and TOP
    i LOVED it!!!!!!
    Maroon 5 fans eh?
    OMG I miss Last Farewell
    i miss LIES too! omg yeah, i guess
    they havent been praticing
    Lmao i would’ve wanted a encore too! =]

  13. Haha, Wonderboys? That sounds awesome! And yay for english!
    I really miss them performing old songs. =D
    I have a question!
    What’s TOP holding from 1:40-3:04 in the Haru Haru perf?
    Is that a telephone?

  14. I wanna see the Wonder Boys perf
    when can i see it?
    pleasee tell me Vicky

  15. Daesung is so sexy, I love his voice, it seems a lot more powerful now and he has loads of confidence. I freakin am in love with it, I’m in love with his English, and I’m in love with those two seconds at the end of his part in Makes Me Wonder where his bangs fell back into his face.

    Type sexy


    love him <33333333

  16. Mykaaa

    haha lot of ppl think that for some reason
    idk why
    but actually no, i’m vietnamese
    and i barely undertand korean haha

  17. Dee Dee

    i’m not too sure
    but i’m taking a guess that it’s this weekend on Inkigayo

  18. vicky and mykaa,
    i thought most of the fans here were korean! after awhile i found out, lol
    i wonder how many fans here are korean, i am~ lol but i only understand like 70% of what people say.

  19. ooo ok thankssss Vickyyyy

    but now that i watch this
    it looks like the Phone is attached on TOP…?
    o.O hahahah wat the heckkk

  20. hey, im viet too~

    oh mah gah.
    i luved the ‘makes me wonder’ concert, and it sounded so cool when it was big bang! ^_^

  21. Vicky

    that’s cool!!
    i’m Filipino.
    it sucks when we can’t understand them, but their sexy voices just make it better.

    it’s amazing how dedicated international fans are. ❤

  22. im so excited for the wonderboys!!!

  23. Oh gosh, I LOVE Maroon 5’s Makes Me Wonder. Taeyang sounded so good. Seungri’s English was so cute.

    Wow, Lies AND Last Farewell? Classics.

  24. hahaha.. not only the audience went crazy!
    fans who watch this vid are going carzy too!
    remember to type this vicky. kekeke…

    maroon 5’s hahaha… really give me a big ‘BANG’.
    don’t know how to describe the feeling.

    “haru haru… awww…. kyaaa…”
    from the whole 4:06 minutes performance, i only scream like that.
    always love to see audience go crazy, that prove our boys strengh!
    & Tabi, right decision, u better pull it off rather it annoy ur perf.

    last farewell, kekeke…. not only the ‘Bang Bang’.
    hahaha… it make me want to sing along especially the ‘Baby Baby’ part.
    Tabi!! my hubby!! don’t go walk too close to those insane noona!
    u don’t know what they’ll do to u!

    for lies, its okay YB.
    everyone can make mistake. that’s make us ppl.
    if u do no mistake, that give me ‘????’ hahaha…
    u look cute like that.
    the only one that don’t make mistake is robot. kekeke…

  25. BBFTW.

    well it’s better than us knwoning nothing at all

  26. Dee Dee

    haha you didn’t notice until now?
    he sport those long ago

  27. actually ive seen YB stay kneeled down before in other lies perf, so i dont think it was a mistake. whos cares anyways its all about his voice and dancing xD

  28. Mykaaa

    kekek ahahah
    that’s kinda true
    we can sit through hours of watching something without understanding a thing just cuz the boys are there haha

  29. nya

    the audience was like OH MY GOD. i know they’re excited and everything but I seriously really want them to be quiet, i can’t hear anything, the crowd was insane

    especially when the boys start walking toward them, whenever they do that I just know to cover up my ears

    I’ve seen this show many time and this is the first time the audience is this loud

  30. AAAAAAAAAAH NO WAAAY??! ah special stage with yg, sm, an jyp boys? AWWWESOME ! lol xD aaah im so excited! i love so hot xD teeheee….(; not much of an snsd faan, buuut i guess that’ll be great too (: aaah! maknae and sungmin would be sooo adorable :3

  31. vicky
    of course they’ll go crazy! it’s big bang!
    have seen the louder one. maybe the loudest. but not BB fans.
    another singer. u have to cover ur ear.
    for our boys, i think its ok.

    hahaha… but vi, can u guarantee if BB is in front of u & u won’t go insane 7 make a loud noise???
    if u can, i’ll give u a ‘standing applause’

  32. anyone know what shoes they’ve been wearing recently? the white/silver high tops? i kinda miss the days of the high top nike dunks. so yeah what are these new shoes they’ve been wearing??

  33. the crowd went crazyyyyyy, it got me thinking. OH GOSH if they came here to the states the whole room would be filled with INSANE screaming. hahaha 😛
    ahhh the lies and last farewell really gave back old memories(:
    haru haru was hot as always, and yay YB loll
    and the makes me wonder was something new and cool, i liked it (:
    yeahhh go big banggg. dannggggg i REALLY wish they would just stay in korea and not go to Japan…. 😦

  34. how exciting!!! wonderboys.. when will this be on??

    last farewell. :] sweet sweet memories

  35. i just realized that they soounded happy and healthy when performing these songs/ :]

  36. nya

    pfft! then gurl, you just sit down and chill
    cuz i know i’ll be screaming my head off

  37. Are you going to have the HG version of this?

  38. jinmii

    i’m currently uploading it

  39. ohh the haru haru performance made me smile..it was better than others that they performed lately..their haru haru performance often disappoint me when the chorus starts or during ty’s part =(
    this time ty did it quite well, bravo =)

    and i wonder y their last farewell performance could be so good compared to haru haru? u can see that they’re all hyper..i don’t know..i just feel that its different..maybe they feel good performing an old song which everyone loves >’33 last farewell is so great..top looked effing hot and sexy when he rapped..ARGH hotness hotness T_____T

    and the crowd was really crazy! haha..its good that they like them…but can they not start screaming when one of them start singing? oh gosh..hahaha~~but seriously i don’t think i could resist myself from screaming if i was there xD

  40. yah…looks like Jiyong really like Maroon 5’s song^^

    haha once again i’m dead in breathless for singing along last farewell >.<

    aww…the classic lies dance & “baby baby” nvr gets old 🙂

    anyway i’m wondering, y seem like all the audience r kinda adults?
    i mean there’re lesser of those school-girl-yelling-fans xD

  41. yea i was wondering why the audience is mostly adults..i guess cuz its “love letter” ..and intervewing adult kinda of a show? i guess.. idk yay wonderboys!!! go seungri!

  42. I miss the last farewell and lies perf!!! It’s been so long since they did it! hehehe. =)

    Hey, i’m Filipino too, so I really don’t understand what they say…but who cares, they’re just too hot! =)

    Thanks for the post vicky! Can’t wait for the “Wonder Boys!” I’m so excited for Baby Seungri! =) wonder what they are going to wear…maybe in “So hot” some animal prints? ^^ Getting more excited! =)

  43. WOWWW! That was AWESOME!!! *___* i love that they sing “Makes me Wonder” i like that song >.<

    LOL! can’t wait to see ‘Wonder Boys’ special stage xDDD!

  44. vicky
    i know u will! kekeke…
    me? sit down & chill? how come???
    i could be the loudest one. hehehe…

  45. hehe~~~seung ri oppa makes me w0nder h0ws hawt its him o0…^^
    n cant wait 4 d w0nderb0ys~~~~~~~~~~yay!!!!

  46. i love it when they guest on YDH love letter.
    it’s just a happy happy show.

    LIES and majimak insa! these 2 have really become classics.
    i listen to them basically everyday but i still love. love. love. the songs.

    when are they going to show WONDER BOYS?!
    omg. my fave boys from my fave groups! sungmin and maknae!
    that’s so exciting. i might die with that perf.

  47. i think SR scream Young Bae’s name in last farewell.

  48. i love that BB is one of the few idol groups out there that gets invited to a show like Loveletter.
    not once…..but like 4/5 times already!

    it shows the vast age range of BB fans,
    cos loveletter is primary a show targetted at older/mature viewers

  49. WONDERBOYS!?!? AHAHAHAHA! OMG! I really can’t wait! Seung Ri and Taemin, the youngest of two of my all time favourite groups. I’m so proud.

  50. kiim
    I think this show is more appeal to adult and stuff

  51. Kenley
    I already know the SO HOT dance hahaha
    so I’ll be excited to see Baby doing it too hahahaha

  52. nya
    you know maybe I will…. I’ll probably die somewhere already if they were in front of me haha

  53. gelatin
    I KNOW! it’s a classic in korea too
    when you hear “baby baby” you do the baby baby dance
    when you hear “i’m so sorry but i love you” you automacilly bob your head to the right hahah

  54. naturalhonee
    really? i didn’t know that
    there was like a 40 years old ahjumma in the audience
    and when they ask her what’s her fave member, she say DaeSung
    and DaeSung was like “OHMONI HWAITING!” and give her a air high five haha

  55. When TY raised his hand and nearly hit GD, it was funny, GD was like what the-?

  56. vicky
    die? no, u mustn’t kekeke…
    must treasure that change if u got to meet BB
    don’t make them send u to hospital coz u’re faint

  57. hahahaha i was like cracking up for ‘makes me wonder’ their sexy accents xD and the crowd was ‘like wat??’ in the beginning.
    in haru haru all i heard during the chourus was dae sung =P and tops voice was like raspy on his second verse (sexy >.<) TOPs sexy walk~~~

  58. hey vicky, .002 of last farewell perf is not allowing me to download. i dont know why. but can you try it and i’ll know if its cause of me or doesnt allow anyone to do it. thanks, plus i loved make me wonder version and i can barely hear haru haru, cause the audience were so loud. i love that older people love and support them as well.

  59. asha

    you should try again later
    MF does that a lot sometimes

  60. flowtracey

    i love the part where bong goes “LIKE THIS LIKE THIS”
    idk why
    the beat was just awsome

  61. nya

    i PROBABLY will hahah
    but then i’m sure the screaming fangirl next to me will bring me back to life

  62. vicky
    hahaha… vicky! revival! kekeke…

  63. omgg those perfs. were soo awesomee
    i miss them performing lies and last farewell
    and makes me wonder was soo good..i fangirled like craaazy when seungri sang

  64. Maroon 5’s Makes Me Wonder sounds great when Big Bang sings it. Tae Yang and Seung-ri…<3

    Lies and Last Farewell are truly a classics.

  65. i like taeyang’s dance!

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