boiii… if ur gonna ask DEEP questions, at least write it nicely! GAHHH.
jeska typed it out for me so fast lol : TOP은 VIP에게 있어 어떤 존재인가

*taken from


** in context. he used the word “existence” so in a sense, he means, “What is he to a VIP? What’s his existence?” doesn’t he break your heart already for asking sucha sweet question?! GAHHH

some of the kvipz answers are soo funny. some were like:
– your sunglasses. (ROFL)
– your name says it all – TOP!
– big bro of the group
– 누나 속도 썩이지만 가끔 이쁜 짓도 하는 남동생 같아~
^ my favorite one. a noona wrote to him: you make this noona lose her mind, but sometimes you’re a lil brother that does good things sometimes.
ROFL HOW CUTE! lol oh man… it’s hard to believe he really is a lil bro. we all see him as the oldest bro. SIIIGH.

OH MY GOD he is sooo cute. lol right when i called him out to ask more personal questions, there he goes! haha it’s sucha cute question…
yes my dude, you are like the 2nd love of my life. rofl. you are the 맏형 of the group, the big dog. you’re the bad boy, & if i needed some comfort, you’d give it to me (inside joke ROFL).

you are my one & only sexy beast. you exist for that purpose oppa. HAHA
you & your funny expressions & your hot, sexy deep voice is TO DIE FOR. i’m sorry TEAM TOP if i offend you lol but this dude is too cute to resist. RAWR!
does that answer your question? o.o



~ by gdluvzmc on September 5, 2008.

58 Responses to “TOP ASKS #3”

  1. my one and only love

  2. a hot dork.

  3. TOP is the TOP. He’s the true tempo of the group. he is the older seunghyun to the group. he is the soul in the raps and ryhmes. TOP is the big guy with the intimidating scary looks, but the heart an attitude of a sweetheart <333



  5. top is…

    a man of mystery. Its that look on his face. When he’s funny, he’s really funny. totally love the flying scene in japan fan cam.

  6. more faith in a future worth it marriage :P….
    Loves Yvonne!!!

  7. TOP is…a man with bad boy looks but deep inside is really caring/dorky and childish.

  8. TOP is…
    he looks mean at first, but he has a
    heart as soft as a teddy bear.
    He really does live up to his name “TOP”,
    He’s the voice in the group that you notice first because
    of how deep his voice is.
    He ALWAYS amazes me.
    whether it be his style, antics, or his rhymes.
    TOP moves me. 😀
    If you were his sister, you would be lucky.
    He would be the younger brother that protects his sister from
    all the problems in the world.
    TOP is just EVERYTHING. 🙂

  9. TOP is…….

    The big boy
    A man who actions always puts a smile on my face
    A man who sometimes acts childish and is proud of it
    A hyung who loves hid dongsaengs
    A great “power rapper”
    A man who has great style
    A man whose voice makes me melt
    A man with the sexiest eyes ever
    A great actor
    A man with so many talents
    A man with a great sense of humor

  10. i wanna answer the question
    but i dont know wer to star
    n if i do start it gonna keep goin n goin
    so imma try to say it in one work

  11. TOP is:
    a ‘good person’
    and the best rapper in da world!

  12. If TOP was not in Big Bang, there wouldn’t be any Bang in BIG BANG…

  13. top is my inspiration
    actually big bang is my inspiration ! =)

  14. if TOP’s not in BB,i wouldn’t like bigbang that much.You complete BB TOP hun.

  15. you are my love…i wish.^___^ i dnt even see u as a celebrity…i see a nice down to earth guy who loves doin wat he does n making my heart melt everytime !!

  16. ahah TOP that dork!!!
    lol well top to the vip is he is so damn top shoot
    he is top the game!!!
    he is so everything
    he is awesome
    he is amazing
    he is talented
    he makes the perf more interesting
    he is irresistible
    he is the best
    he is like his name TOP!!!!

  17. TOP means practically the world to me. He & the rest of big bang do. A handsome, young, talented rapper who drives me NUTS. lol. & yes, as he comforts melinda, he comforts i as well. lmaooo that totally is an insider huh melinda? lmao without TOP, big bang wouldnt be big bang hell without any member, big bang wouldn’t be big bang anymore. lol okay done with my rant. & i totally got your insider mel, i can dig it! lmao. now to wait upon roxy’s comment. hahah

  18. the one who melts my heart with ur dorkiness but still so HOT!!

    Lmao he is
    Good at rapping!
    [AHEMS] HOT!
    Beautiful eyes!
    acts like a kid, i like
    Yes i can go ON But ima make it
    short and say HE IS ALWAYS ON TOP!
    i LOVE HIM! but i love Ji Yong more
    hehe sorry

  20. TOP is my oppa.
    He’s the biggest little kid I’ve ever met.

  21. Well for me I think you are someone who’s not just sexy but
    deeper. SOme people say you don’t talk a lot but when you do
    you’re so sweet and cute. I don’t know why people think you’re mean
    because you’re the sweetest heart I have ever seen. No Top No
    Power RAPPER no BIG BANG today You are their hyung and our OPPA
    lol haha If I can have someone as my OLDER BROTHER it would be
    YOU! But consider me as your sister in law since I’m marry to my
    hubby TAEYANG haha lol

  22. ” if i needed some comfort, you’d give it to me ”


    I bet he’d give a lot to you and I’m sure jiyongie wouldn’t mind that either oh oops unless you’re kind of like THREATENING TO SLEEP IN HIS ROOM.

    You are way too attached

    I bet this question gave you an orgasm

    Admit it


  23. MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. How can I even begin to explain TOP….
    Sexiest thing!!!!
    His hair,his eyes everything is just too much….
    He is the oldest of the group but has a mind of a child 😛
    he is my role model and my idol
    but most importantly he is my future husband!!! ;P

  25. ok, well….
    lol, he is just someone I really admire
    and love…
    to me, TOP is someone a really care about
    his existence means the world to me!

  26. I really care about*

  27. TOP is
    a serious & shy boy outside but if u know him he seriously is dorky boy, same as the group.
    although ur the oldest in group but i can say ur the younger. hahaha, u have the lowest mental age, u love toys, sweets, like to make a joke & comfort ppl around u
    u have the most sexy voice & sexy eyes ever seen & ur fans won’t be able to resist u.
    & the most important thing, ur the hardest worker.
    all fans can see ur effort all this time,
    well not only u, also all members.

    i wonder why Tabi ask deep question?
    its like he want to know our fans opinion about him

  28. He was my first Big Bang love.
    I saw him rapping in Last Farewell and fell in love with BB.
    He’s the best rapper.
    He’s sexy, hot, gorgeous, etc.
    He’s just TOP…and amazing as hell.

  29. T.O.P is the best Rapper I have ever listened to and the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE! He has so much talent in rapping, singing, and acting and will continue to knock em dead in the future! Though you are shy you have so much talent and personality which is why you are my idol!

  30. top… top is a man, kid, and a dork all combined into one thing that can sing. and i mean dork as a compliment, i myself am i also. ^_^

  31. you have that mysterious sexy deep voice some guys would kill to have ❤

  32. TOP represents….the masculine and mystery behind big bang.
    he is the perfect juxaposition (contrast) of cute and dorky yet also tough and cool.

    GO TOP!
    big bang would be blah without T.O.P.!!!

  33. Top is the sunshine in my life that cheers me up no matter what brings me down. He is that little thing I need to think about everyday to make the day complete.
    Top is my miracle.

  34. he makes galzed donuts sound oh so yummy and not so arterty clogging….

    by the way, how did we associate glazed donuts with T.O.P? such a funny inside joke n_n

  35. *glazed

  36. The finger pointing in L!ES

  37. Everything that is amazing in this world and other worlds out there

  38. my lovely hubby of course~
    i sure hope so
    you’re my #1 oppa!
    you’re the one that took my breath away
    and you’re the one who make me squeal and scream like crazy
    your deep sexy voice and your eyes, they make me melts
    that’s enough to answer that question i think

  39. oh toppie..deep inside r u worrying that what vip think about you?
    well, you’re the love of my life >’3
    u’re the 1st member in big bang that i ever like..
    i just couldn’t resist your deep, low, manly and sexay voice
    u’re so talented in rapping and hip hop..
    i love it..
    and your physical appearance..make me fall for u more and more..
    your eyes electrify me to death..your shades electrify me to death too xD
    and your cute expression is so precious to me. though u’re the eldest..i know u’re only a small little boy with lowest mental age xDDDD
    i love you top =)
    and of course others as well =)

  40. T.O.P. \Tee’Oh’Pee\ (other forms: Tabi, Choi Seung Hyun, Sexy Hyung) n.
    1. The oldest and coolest-looking member of Big Bang. He has a very low voice which differentiates him from the group and is the rapper/beatboxer of the group. His dark eyes make girls fansqueal over him whenever they see him yet he has a playful nature and the heart of a little kid.
    – Commonly used in phrases such as ‘OHMYGAK, TOP IS SO HOT’, ‘TOP IS MINE!’ and ‘TOP, WILL YOU MARRY ME?’

  41. omg. i think you are just SO cool. i mean
    TOP says it all
    and he is oh so hot
    and his EYES.
    and everything. and ur so cute and HOT at the same time
    and of course. being part of the only one amazing BIG BANG
    and i love all ur songs
    and wow. i cant even write it all. its just everything =)

    BIG BANG <33

  42. FOR ME? MY VITAMINS…hahaha! MY LIFE!

  43. i don’t have words to explain T^T but basically TOP means everything for me U///U like an important reason to make my life more happy =] that’s TOP for me ♥.♥ sighs*


  45. Lol… My happy pills?
    There just arent any words to describe u oppa..
    Most definitely the reason why i got into bb… =)

  46. TOP is TOP! That’s it. His name says it all, on TOP of the world, the music business, on top of his game, etc. And they darn smirk of his drives me nuts!

  47. He is a glazed donut to meeee~~

  48. For me, T.O.P is the ideal type of guy for me and my one and ONLY LOVE!!!

  49. he’s a guy that outshines everybody that he passes~~

  50. You’re one of a kind. OPPA! Hahaha. My friend shivered when she heard TOP’s voice, cause it’s too darn sexyy.

  51. actually, the first time i saw Big Bang performing was during YDH Love Letter..and the first person that caught my eyes was Choi Seung Hyun..yap yap yap..he got that such killer eyes yet bit flirty too..haha..yeah, he is the first BB member that i like…unfortunately, i slowly fall for Kwon Ji Yong..why slowly?coz my sis warned me right on the moment when she introduced me to BB, “i like that guy (Ji Yong), don’t you dare,”…..=P

    still, i like Ji Yong the most and Big Bang as the whole them..=)

    and Seung Hyun, keep up the good work, fighting!!

  52. If BB didm’t have U, I wouldn’t like BB !!!

    BB can’t complete without U.

    and I love U in sunglasses ^_^

    I’m wating BB in Thailand. //

  53. you are my Pikachu Pokemon~~~~[:X]
    my love
    and my Choi Seung Hyun :’3

  54. Everything. You all are.

  55. TOP ur the SOUL that makes BB more alive!
    You’re everything…my all. >_<

  56. TOP your like my superman. I love those cute dance you break into ahah just to die for. The deep voice ..I know I will be able to recognize that voice once I get into my 50’s or even 80’s …if I make it lol.

  57. Well, wat 2 say bout top!
    i first saw im in we belong togethr n now he’s da luv at first sight for me! i luv im very mch hahaha not jokin! i will luv im even if he were not a rapper or famous! i just luv im n he’s evrythng! he is vry talntd n I jus luv watevr he dus! wish him happiness forever n 2 live a successfull life!
    luv u choi ur da best n u cn do it! muahhh 2 im! 😉 GO TOP N STOP NOT!

  58. T.O.P puts smiles on my face! :] I’m a V.I.P forever because, not only is Big Bang tremendously talented, but the members are genuinely GOOD PEOPLE. Their hard work inspires all! ❤

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