090608 MBC Music Core | DISCO Remix by Baek Kyoung | Cats Musical Interview

09.06.08 MBC Music Core
Haru Haru Performance
400 MB

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09.06.08 MBC Music Core
DISCO Part 2 ft. GDragon Performance
140 MB

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09.06.08 MBC Music Core
SeungRi & DaeSung MC Cuts
62 MB

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thanks to DCGD Vocalise님

Bacon did a DISCO Remix, it sound like something you hear from the Super Mario game, a fun tune to bob your head to haha, Bacon… i love you haha. Bacon aka Baek Kyoung from 1TYM. He uploaded it on his CYworld.

Download it here

The best Haru Haru performance by far.

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I like all the Haru Haru words that were hanging onstage, at first I thought it was the writing on those board thing, so I was like “whoa! that’s really 3D” haha but turn out it’s real. I love their color theme this time… black/gray, tottally their color. I love the neck part, I like how they were standing according to their height too, I just notice that a while back, did you? haha Their singing sounds so good, each and everyone of them..especially YB, great job Bae ah~. a korean friend of mine saw the show while I was still sleep at 2 AM, she told me that Baby was really good and told me to watch the performance, now I did, and idk why this gurl told me that, he always sound good to me so there’s really no point in telling me hahah, but he is. LOVE IT.


DISCO Part 2 ft. GD

thanks to S님

of course it’s SO not Bong for wearing normal color suit, he gotta go and find a green one, haha it’s a good green too, look good on him… but then again.. ANYTHING look good on this boy. but those are SOME tight pants haha. LOL at him doing the headphone thing at the end, Bong i lov eyou so much haha.

Cats Musical Interview

thanks to 디지뱅★님

Ok Joo Hyun will be Dae’s costar, I always like her, she’s cool, and a good singer too. They ask Dae who’s his fave in Fin.K.L and he say JooHyun, because she’s sitting there, but everyone knows he like Hyori haha, JooHyung say she like TOP the best, hehehe. pay back. haha. can’t wait to see Dae perform, his rehearsal make me excited already.

~ by Vicky on September 6, 2008.

25 Responses to “090608 MBC Music Core | DISCO Remix by Baek Kyoung | Cats Musical Interview”

  1. GD looks like a cute brocolli in that green suit~~
    i prefer the red suit with silver pant better~~
    but he looks HOT in green~~~~
    UJH is so cute too~~
    “Thank you~~ Sarang Hae~~ I Love Big Bang~~” ending with GD doing the dorky headphone move LOL
    so cute
    and DS haha~~
    such a cute liar~~ he goes “Hyori nuna sa rang hae” all the time and now he’s saying that he likes Joo Hyun the most haha~~~
    lol Joo Hyun unni and DS cracked up when she said she likes TOP the best haha~~~

  2. MBC perf stage is grand~~ i love it^^

    Baby is wearing his personal NII t-shirt o.o

    once again GD look super fly~~

    haha UJH “I Love Big Bang!” = love

  3. Ahaha omg Yes I Love Big Bang too UJH!
    God Ji Yong you look HOT in green
    even in those tight non matchy pants
    Lols Still Looking HOT..hehe he’s so cute
    when he did those headphones thingy at
    then end
    Yay DaeSung, makes me wanna see Cats now =]

  4. Whoa, the REMIX is kinda funky
    Aww it’s TOP’s rap not GD
    Oh well still good

  5. omg!
    they are super hottt!! ;D
    yesh,i ❤ their perf.
    GD super cool in that green suit~
    i love big bang too!~ X)

  6. omggg.. i loved the haru haru performance..
    it was so good =)
    and when UJH said i love big bang i was liek
    ME TOO :DD hehe =)
    too bad i dont understnad korean.. so i can’t
    figure out anything that daedae was saying tho xP

    BIG BANG <33

  7. I never get tired of the haru haru performances:) didn’t know ok joo hyun is part of cats. nice.

  8. i loved the remix!! for me sounds better than the original one =p
    n i think DISCO is better with top, maybe because im not listen sooo much this version =p
    love haru haru performance!!
    in the interview with dae dae, i think they did some kind of a game(like 5 words game =p) i want to know what they r saying =/ hahaha
    i wanna see cats! hahaha
    seems funny with dae dae ^^

  9. Oh my..I’m so happy right now..finally they’re back =)
    it was so good..i clapped softly (it’s 3am now) when ty did the bridge so well!!!

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! TY is back!! I guess he recovered from sick huh? I’m so happy so so happy! =)

    OHHHH and i love their outfits too..baby is always wearing vest..and i like it xD

    Vicky u just notice that? they always stand according to their height during that part xD

  10. the stage for a haru haru looks freakin tight! whoa…O_O so awesome!
    GD looks soo fly with the green suit dude ^^
    haha its so GD for wearing random colors~~

  11. I loved the performance ♥__♥ !!!
    LOL! GD in green suit xD! he looks cute :3

  12. ninalee
    i’m telling you
    this boy can make a garbage bag look good

  13. newvip
    I notice it a while ago
    just forgot to mention it until today

  14. kiim
    I KNOW! it’s like one of the best
    i love it!!
    with those floating HARU HARU words

  15. Daesungs just ROCKS in the Cats musical. Hope he does well!
    Hahah i have no idea what they are saying but when Dae does that 5 words thing that just made me laugh ^^

  16. Oh man. GD in a green suit. Totally fashion forward.
    I love it. It’s too cute.

    And yeah, the Haru Haru words floating were cool.

  17. Lovin’ the DISCO remix! That the same person who did the We Belong Together remix? Cuz they both are awesome. ^_^

  18. Haru Haru~~~~
    the best! ahh~~~ i have no words to describe…
    i love the Haru haru words that hanging on stage ^^
    so match. their performance the best in here.

    Hahaha… Bong with that green suit. look so cute.
    in Tabi’s part, he always wear normal suits & when Bong’s part,
    hahaha… his fashion is here now! kekeke…
    oh, that headphone thing, hahaha CUTE!
    UJH, everyone love BB. i love them too

    cat, can’t wait too see.
    OJH love Tabi. yay~~~ hahaha…
    Dae’s cute liar

  19. LOL in HaruHaru, during TOP’s first part
    he smiled for a second, and it went away so quickly (:

  20. Chrissy

    yea Bacon’s the one that did both

  21. Cathiee

    I noticed that too
    I think he was being excited and happy
    then he remembered that he was suppose to be mad to sing this song hahah

  22. cathiee

    haha yeah i noticed that too but i didn’t mention in my comment..
    he looks effing hot even it was just 2 seconds of smile..
    that smile is so evil and sexay!!!!!!!!
    toppie ah~!

  23. newvip

    you mean the way his lips curve up when he smile?
    hahaha SEXAY!

  24. lovely performance XDD the words hanging down from the ceiling adds a great touch ❤ I was wondering if someone could explain this to me, sorry if it’s a stupid question ^^; why doesn’t Top sing during the chorus? is it too high for him? Also, I saw that Daesung has started saying “don’t lie, lie’ at the end instead of just the fans, is there a particular reason for that? Thanks for your help and keep up the great work on the blog ^^

  25. Green looks great on Big Bang and it’s my favorite color too.
    Hahah at Dae Sung so sweet.

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