Taeyang: “TVXQ are our sunbaes who motivate us”

Taeyang: “TVXQ are our sunbaes who motivate us”

Big Bang’s Taeyang, who has released his own solo single “Hot,” has expressed respect for TVXQ. During his interview with JOYNEWS24, Taeyang said, “TVXQ’s comeback in the later half of the year, coincides with Big Bang’s activitiy period, and so our activities will overlap.” Taeyang also stated that TVXQ and Big Bang have different music styles, but TVXQ is still a group with tremendous talent. ” After watching TVXQ’s performances and hearing their songs, I was very touched.”

“Just like we are beginning in Japan now, TVXQ had the same determination when they began to venture into Japan. Seeing their activities in Japan makes me believe that they have real talent.” All of Big Bang’s members really like TVXQ, and Taeyang also said, “This time, our activities and promotions will give us Big Bang and TVXQ a chance to get close with each other.”

credit: omE! @ Shinki!Forums + minsarang@wp


woo~ there’s been some talk about Big Bang vs. DBSK/TVXQ ever since news of the latter’s comeback was released. Both groups are very talented and really friendly with each other. So let us VIPs and Cassiopeians/Bigeast fans put our differences aside and live in harmony~ XD

and of course there’s the fact that they listen to each other’s songs. and seungri admires junsu/ is in his fanclub ^^


~ by Keriann on September 6, 2008.

29 Responses to “Taeyang: “TVXQ are our sunbaes who motivate us””

  1. yeah, i hate it that people compare them. i already knew they respected dbsk. i also want them to do something together like a special stage. that’ll be awesome!

  2. aww taeyang oppa is soo humble and cute lol haha

  3. YB is so sweet and humble!<3
    if BB has respect for DBSK, then VIPs should be the same way *no fan wars plz!* ^_^

  4. taeyangg :]
    its so cute when he;s humble.

  5. awww…love YB for keeping the peace lolz…i hope all those people comparing the two learn from this…its the fans who create the hate not the stars themselves…

  6. they can’t compare them…their music styles r so different…let’s keep it clean ^^’

  7. Keriann, tks 4 sharing this! Can I have the permission to translate this into Vietnamese for the 4r bigbangvn.com as a news? Plz leave a reply under to let me know if u r ok w/ this. Thanks.

  8. really? haven’t heard anything about TVXQ vs. BIG BANG at all yet.
    but i just hope things will be handled peacefully and nothing will occur.

  9. Big Bang is lovee <333
    I like some songs of Dbsk I dont love them but I respect them =)..
    Taeyang is so sweet!! ^^

  10. @Ves90: no problem =] and yeah of course, go ahead! I’m okay with it 😀

    @janie: yeah the TVXQ vs. Big Bang thing hasn’t been that extreme. I’ve seen a few nasty remarks about it though. I hope those comments stay to a minimum ^^

  11. AAA!!
    I’m so happy!
    I’m both VIP and Cassiopeia (not official tho, but WTH)
    and I hope I can see them perform together.. AA!! I’ll die all over agen and agenn…

    Kyaaa kyaa~


  12. BB is the only ONLY group that i extremely love to death but i do respect other groups.BB and DBSK fighting!!!

  13. Aww, I love DBSK. I think it’s so cute TY looks up to them. And we all know Seungri is like Junsu’s biggest fan, LOL.

  14. a special stage would be great..!

  15. this comparison got real nasty in some of those kpop blogs.
    ive got nothing against dbsk, and they’ve worked hard to deserve all the success that they have.

    ..but i LOVE bigbang. they dont deserve any of the hate thats been thrown at them! they’re extremely talented, hardworking, and successful boys =)

  16. Tae-Yang so sweet ^^
    TVXQ is ok I respect them but Big Bang always no.1 ^^

  17. wow~ seung ri is junsu’s fans!! i didn know tt…
    i love both groups too >.<
    hope they beceome good frens ans perform together someday ^^

  18. Omg oh yea
    aww TaeYang, you are so nice
    always talking about your Sunbaes
    or hyungs. but it’s BIG BANG
    And yeah i’ve heard the ‘talk’ about
    Big bang & DBSK.

    “This time, our activities and promotions will give us Big Bang and TVXQ a chance to get close with each other.”
    Aww TaeYang.. Yes i wannaa see the get close
    to each other too. i’ve NEVER seen the Big Bang in
    pictures with SM Peoples


    oh oh oh and!! i bet Seungri would be extremely happy if Big Bang and Dongbang get close! HAHA XD.

    “This time, our activities and promotions will give us Big Bang and TVXQ a chance to get close with each other.”
    okay my dream is slowly becoming true. whee ❤

  20. oh oh and another wish of mine is for them to hold a special stage. OMG! i know which songs they should perform already 8D lol if only i was the coordinator.

  21. it’s good that they respect each other =)
    i like tvxq too..i actually like many songs of tvxq =)
    i don’t think they can be compared as they are of different genre
    but still, i like bb the most =)

  22. WEEEEEE I’m so happy to hear that!! ….Because I’m a dbsk fan too!!!! <3333 DONGBANGBIGBANG FOREVER!!!!!! ❤ 😀

  23. i love how bigbang respects their sunbaes. ❤

    i really don’t get how people compare BB and DBSK. they’re from diff. genres and both groups are equally talented.

    kpop sites are sooo brutal when comparing the two.errrr.

    A SPECIAL STAGE WILL BE VERY EXCITING! i hope YG and SM will talk about that.

  24. everyone’s right..they’re totally different..BB is unique and will forever be unique..and i love how taeyang is soo sweet talking bout his sunbaes..^^

  25. i agree with everyone that we need to put the difference aside
    but no offince to DBSK fan but im more of a HIP-POP girl
    so i lik BIgbang better
    but i do like DBSK too their song (purple Line) is really good!!!!!!!


  27. two of the best bands =]


  29. Both groups are my favorite..I love and adore.

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