090708 Big Bang on SBS Inkigayo | Family Outing

Congrats to our boys!!!!!!!!!!!


09.07.08 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
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There’s even a VIP living in the farm. guess who??? haha

09.07.08 SBS Inkigayo
Haru Haru Performance
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09.07.08 SBS Inkigayo
DISCO Part 2 ft. GD and Tell Me Performance with Uhm Jung Hwa
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09.07.08 SBS Inkigayo
SeungRi: WonderBoys Performance
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09.07.08 SBS Inkigayo
Big Bang’s “Say NO NO NO” Song
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090708 SBS Inkigayo: Wonder Boys

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If it wasn’t for my dad that’s deep asleep at 3 AM right accross the hall, I would scream until I lose my voice, BABY WAS SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was SunMi for the So Hot dance, so he get to the “I’m so cute” move…. oh my god…. did you see him shaking that thing?????????? yea I AM DEAD…. officially…. oh my god, I just can’t take my eyes off of him. If only the camera capture Baby every second, cause this is not enough for my loving appetitite. I’m glad he got SunMi’s part, I love love love him doing the “I’m so pretty” Baby… you are so freaking pretty to such an immense level you don’t even know.

Big Bang – Say NO NO NO

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OH MY GOD!!!!! I just saw the hottest sexiest nurse in my life, and the most desirable doctor, doctor T.O.P…… I died… once again… you too right?? When Baby poke YB with that needle, oh my god I have to cover my face with a pillow… crazy fangirl dream come true… I still don’t know how this will convince people not to smoke, there were rumours that Bong smoke, it’s not a fact, just a rumour, but having Bong as the “patience” kinda give a message out that he use to smoke but now to quit. kinda a role model thing for ppl who already start smoking, don’t you think? Well, whatever the message is, I thankyou SBS for having the boys do this, though I’m a little worry about Baby……. his nuna fans will attack that butt of his nonstop now.

Haru Haru Performance

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I remember this morning when I was watching Bong perform DISCO on Music Core in that green suit, I was like “I want them to do a green theme costume for Haru Haru someday” and that someday was today, hey did, I was like “wow… I should’ve wish for something better, like Baby and Bong in a Box” HAHAHAH. Have you ever look at Tabi when he does the “ne e e e e”? he’s so cute, the way he move look like a penguin so freaking adorable

DISCO pt 2 and TELL ME Performance
thanks to S님

Kinda disappointed he didnt’ change into a tux, I was excited to see what color he would wear today hahha. And then there’s one of my favorite JinuSean song, Tell me!!! Bong hanging onto UJH’s shoulder at the beginning was so cute!! I love the “OH!” part, that was hot. YB the rapper appeared, and Dae rapped!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MA GOD. There’s BABAY!!! I died once again, crap the cementary will be fill with Big Bang fangirl today, it’s like Inkigayo is having a Big Bang special, do you spot Bong doing the limbo in front of UJH? that was cute, then their pose at the end = <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333



~ by Vicky on September 7, 2008.

253 Responses to “090708 Big Bang on SBS Inkigayo | Family Outing”

  1. =( i didn’t get tah see it
    but i can’t eait till ppl start posting vids on
    youtube =)

    I need HQ DOWNLOAD NAO!!!!

  3. dreamingwideawake

    I’m currently uploading it on youtube
    just wait a bit and you’ll see the oh amazing baby

  4. OMG! the No! NO NO! commecial is so HOT!!!
    TOP as doctor and seungri as nurse!!! I WANT TO BE SICK!!!

  5. keriannxb

    i was just numb okay
    all i can think of is stay as quiet as possible

  6. gelatin

    yea………… i died….
    how is that telling ppl not to smoke??

  7. vicky: now i want to smoke so they can tell me like that not to smoke 24/7!! LOL.

    DISCO time!! omona, what the hell is uhm jung hwa wearing! hHAHA

  8. OMG!!!!! JIYONG’S DANCE at the start of tell me made me faint!!!! I’m DEAD! that was just so adorable!!

  9. elatin

    i was thinking the same thing
    what is that on her head
    but being around YG people so much I get use to these style haha

  10. @vicky: i don’t even care if my parents hear, i was blasting that shit the whole way through LOL. i’m surprised they didn’t wake up yet

  11. keriann

    my dad is like an extremely light sleeper and it pissed him off BADLY if he can’t sleep
    i learn my lesson the HARD way
    so i gotta be smart this time haha

  12. OMG!! seungri was just total awesome in this show!!! from wonderboys, to the cute adorable nurse in the CF, and then his outstanding rap in “tell me”!!! awesomeness!!!!

  13. vicky: i guess i should start getting used to those clothes. those kind of stuff looks good only to YG people! hahaha

    CONGRATS TO OUR BOYS. can’t wait for the hq download of that perf. that was just sooo good! tell me perf was the best. it’s obvious they were having so much fun!






  15. such a good show today!!! so happy the boys won their third multizen song!! they had tough competition today…FT island, hyori & shinee’s songs are all good!
    so good how they showed all the big bang stuff all in a row too! 🙂 can’t wait for all the downloads!!! too bad they didn’t show much of the encore!

  16. gelatin

    i know
    i saw hongki from FTIsland wearing Bong’s pants today and i was like… wtf?????
    only Bong can work those

  17. OMG- that was soooooooooo hot! suengri was just awwww. i sooo cant wait for the hq download! and yeah, i screamed when the won again! is that their last time on there? cause i heard, if you win three times,you dont perform their anymore.

  18. Anna

    I KNOW!!
    they always cut off the encore
    and the encore is when they’re having most fun
    withtout having to do a perfect performance, they’re just enjoyhing themselves
    which is awsome to watch

  19. How did I miss DaeDae rapping, darnit I need to watch again. But I totally concur with Vicky Seungri was THE BEST of the wonderboys (and no I am not biased lol)

  20. asha

    yea that’s the Inkigayo limit… so from now on no more Inkigayo for them
    i wanna see them more often though!!!!!!!!!!

  21. congrats Big Bang!!!
    u made us, VIPs proud!!!
    but damn! they cut de encore performance!!!
    SR looks funny when he was rapping…lol

    i wanna dl de performance too!!!
    can u plz upload it in other files other than avi??
    cos i can’t view avi clips… 😦
    plz n tq in advance to whoever upload de performance later… 🙂

  22. i can’t wait for the download too
    especially the commercial ok!
    i died when i saw baby being so flirtatious in that commercial!!
    hahaha and there were all the love shapes coming out while he flirts xDDD
    wonder boys are so so cute..beyond cute..i don’t know how to describe..they’re all so cute
    but baby looked most manly among the others~love him >’3
    baby is awesome =)
    congrats to the boys! great performance!! i want HQ HQ!

  23. btw,maybe BB can start promoting other songs just like Hyori…
    then,they can perform at Inkigayo again..keke

  24. newvip

    he knows how to work his charms
    no wonder nuna alawys like to slap his butt..
    he’s asking for trouble.. acting like that

  25. crystal

    their activites don’t just base on Inkigayo
    there’s other music program too
    they only been promoting the song for 3 weeks
    i don’t think they’re stopping soon

  26. anyway,i guess Bong will be very tired after dis…
    he performed non-stop…
    after Haru Haru is DISCO with UJH…then,it’s Tell Me..
    after getting de award,he needs to perform Haru Haru again..
    i hope he’s not too exhausted..

  27. vicky

    hahaha yeah by acting like that he encouraged me to slap his butt too and hug him and kiss him hahahaha~
    sorry vicky i just couldn’t resist him..he’s so charming xD

  28. @vicky,
    oh yeah,i forgot dat…
    by de time they finished grabbing all de awards from other shows, they’ll have to head for Japan dy… 😦
    i hope they wun overworked themselves..

  29. crystal

    the performances wasn’t live
    so i think he did have lot of rest in between
    only the mutizen song part is live

  30. newvip

    hahahah you’re way bettter than i am
    i’m a dongsaeng to him by 2 years
    but i want to do SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT HAHA

  31. crystal

    i don’t wanna think about them going away
    i want them to stay here for the end of the year shows so badly

  32. oh nooo i can’t play the video!!!
    how could this happen?? someone help me please T_T

  33. awwww I lovedd it !!!

  34. im loving the wonder boys!! seungri is the best!!

  35. vicky: agree with you. the eyeliner looks good on him though it’s a bit too much. HAHAHA. everything he wore today will look good if it was on jiyong. LOL.

    newvip: i cracked up when the hearts showed. that was pure bigbang cuteness. and yeah, maknae looked the oldest there. LOL. he’s just so adorable beyond words. ( i love love sungmin too. he’s my fave super junior.)

    OH GOD. i hope bigbang will do something like wonderboys. that will be the biggest VIP killer ever. omona.

  36. sooo cutaaaaaa!!

  37. vicky

    HAHAHAHA u little evil dongsaeng!!!
    i’m a nuna to him by only 6 months
    so i don’t wanna call myself a nuna wth
    i’m not a nuna to baby!! I’m not!!
    wth wth


  39. Vicky, really? cuz I remember after Haru Haru, GD came runing to UHJ’s stage & did the rapping first cuz they cut like half of the song upto the rapping part…then Tell Me continues without changing stages or anything…Anyways, I’m so happy that they won today! But then sad too + hoping for them to promote newer songs otherwise rest more, since another busy schedule is about to come for Japan!

    SR was so adorable in WonderBoys eventhough there was chemistry lacks but I think he nails his performance hands down! Now, I want to see Big Bang do the So HOt dance..>LOL>

  40. @vicky,
    i dun wan them to go away too..but then DBSK is coming back…
    i dun wan BB to bang head to head with DBSK…
    as much as i luv BB,i have to admit dat it’s hard to compete against DBSK..i’m kinda worried if BB will be able to get any awards
    at de end of de year…

  41. WOW!! thank you so much for uploadint this!!!

    LOL!!!!!!!i watched this and i couldn’t keep a straight face, and then i laughed until i snorted. AAHAHAHAHAHAHA! it’s so funny!!!!

  42. AAAAAAHH..
    Thnk you sooo much!
    I jst finished downloading itt..so funy!
    CAn’t stop laughing..

    baby is sooo cute!

  43. @ crystal

    sigh yeah dbsk is a tough competitor..
    but competition can somehow make them improve right?
    awards aren’t that important afterall =)
    as long as they’ve tried their best, every vip would be so so proud of the boys =)

  44. gelatin

    it’s a fact
    NO ONE can work it like Bong can.
    N O O N E

  45. newvip

    haha older woman
    i’m jk
    but i’m a dongseng
    I’M ALLOW to have thoughts about him haha

  46. miss unknown

    the end part was live
    since it’s near the mutizen song part

  47. crystal

    i believe in them
    DBSK is a good competitor to have
    cuz the way i see it
    NO ONE in the kpop scene right now can be worhty enough to be call Big Bang’s rival
    with talent, Big Bang doesn’t lose to DBSK in any way
    it’s just that DBSK debut longer and their fanbase is huge

  48. lmao @ TOP’s dance in the commercial!

  49. @newvip,
    yeah,agree with u… 🙂
    i hope their 1st Japan album will be successful…
    btw,wat language will it be in???

  50. i agree with vicky. both DBSK and BB are talented but DBSK’s advantage is that they are their sunbaes and they have this HUUUGEEEE fanbase across asia. but for me, talentwise.. BB wins handsdown. ❤

    that campaign is freakin’ cute. i won’t mind if a syringe by that big size will be injected on me if the nurse is baby maknae! kyawaaa!

  51. @Vicky,
    yeah,i agree with u too!!keke…
    i’m always proud to be a VIP..

    btw,my sis hates de 2AM guy in Wonderboys…
    she’s says he looks gay…lol,pity him…

  52. Yeah, that Jo Kwon fellow, he’s TOO into character!

    Great day for SoshiBang and WonderBang fans!

    Seung Ri did Tiffany’s parts and SunMi’s!
    Perfect coupling!

  53. My ultimate wish would be Big Bang nicking an award from DBSK.

  54. vicky

    nah! hongki was wearing that ripped pants ever since their comeback. T.T it’s like they added BB fashion to their originally rockish outfits D: SPOT THE EYELINER! and hongki painted his nails black. gosh BB should paint too. lol.


    but why was TOP on crack at the end! did anyone spot the wacko dance. LOL that dork. i kept replaying and my stomach’s hurting. not to forget the WONDER BOYS performance is making it worse, geez.

    (wonder boys should be official! that’ll be like multi-fandom fangirling for me)

  55. dis is wat my sis says…
    “de other guys looks a bit girly,so it’s ok for them to dance like dat…but then de Jo Kwon fellow have muscles,so it’s reali disgusting to see him dancing like dat..”
    i laughed non-stop after wat she says…lol

  56. @iqwoo


  57. gelatin
    even though it’s kinda pity they can’t battle face to face base on just talent
    I really would want to see that

  58. crystal

    at first I would agree with ur sis
    but not so much anymore after I know about his story
    he work hard to pursue his dream as a singer and i respect him as an artist
    beside this boy can sing.
    and I like 2AM’s song.

  59. iqwoo
    I’m against SoShi and WonderBang
    but i still enjoy it so much
    because I love So Hot so much. and i love WG so hehehe

    Jo Kwon was so cute he did that butt thing “oh oh”
    Baby was standing behind him so I noticed him too hahaha

  60. iqwoo
    put me on that wish list with you

  61. and to anyone who’s subscribing to 5646868 on youtube
    if you haven’t figure it out already that’s me
    haha i make that account to upload SBS videos

    so i won’t be uploading on there often

  62. oh my god! oh my god! oh my god!
    that wonder boys!!! buhahaha…
    hah… take a deep breath first..
    Seung Ri~~~~~~~~~~~ u’re so cute~~~~~~
    he want to tease a nuna so bad huh? kekeke…
    now i want to pinch his cheek & (sorry vi) feel his butt after that ‘so hot’ kekeke…

    that CF! that CF! oh my god… lord… jesus…
    they want us all their fans to go smoking!
    how can this CF prevent ppl to not smoking?! tell me!

    ohh… dr.TOP… awwwnn~~~~
    the hottest doctor ever seen.
    nurse Seung Ri… u’re too cute. ur patient will end up attacking u! be carefull!

  63. LOOOL! TOP so cute ><

  64. nya

    i knew this day would come
    the day nya want to grope my husband hahah
    but “WANT” hahaha
    not “DID” then i’m happy

    you just focus on dr. top
    leave the nurse to me hahah

  65. @vicky,
    haha..yeah,i respect dat guy..
    my sis dun reali care about all dis kpop stuff…
    i’m de onli crazy one..keke

    put me into dat wish list too!! keke

  66. awww the wonder boys were so adorable. i was excited to see that performance.

    and that commercial.. hmmm.. funny lol. LOL @ Daesung’s facial expression when he saw SR as a nurse.. and lol @ SR & YB.

  67. vicky
    oh girl, ur hubby just tease me so bad with that ‘so hot’ dance!
    oh my god… i can’t say another words than ‘oh my god’ now!

    i’ll always with my dr.top. don’t worry.
    just take ur nurse far from me so i won’t feel his butt

  68. crystal

    he really work hard to be an singer
    he deserve it more than anybody
    supporting him from the heart. ❤

  69. green green green ♥.♥

  70. Aww. How cute were those Wonder Boys?
    Way too cute for their own good. I’m
    a Super Junior fan too and seeing Shindong
    and Sungmin with SR. I just want to
    pinch their cheeks. xD

    And then the commercial. That was cute too.
    Ahhhh. Can’t wait to download these.

  71. vicky
    i replay & replay that CF again.
    again & again.
    remember that i told u i could sneak into nurse changing room & steal the uniform?
    now i think i can’t. can’t wait! hahaha…
    really want to take off Tabi’s glasses, rip that white coat & lay him down. fufufu…

  72. i love jo kwon too. i’m so loving “this song”

    gawd. wonder boys is every fangirls dream group.
    how i wish bigbang would do stuff like that.

    and can’t get over jiyong’s dance during tell. CUTEEEE!!!!!
    wah, i love this day. full of bigbang love.


  73. omona! it’s for download already!

    thanks vicky!

  74. nya

    OH MY GOD!!
    MENTAL IMAGE AT 4:43 AM !!!
    RORO PLEASE SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Wow Vicky you’re fast with the download ^^ THANXXXX!


  76. nya2: i was just dreaming of doing that too! raping top on the patient’s bed?!? puhahaha (wah, dirty thoughts.. LOL)

  77. thank you so much vicky!!!

  78. vicky
    hahaha… girl, now i have such a terrible stomachache & don’t tease me to laugh anymore~~~~
    that HQ dfownload is enough to tease me girl
    don’t make my stomachache go worse~~~

    roro~~~ want to share this pervy thought with u kekeke…
    i will lay him down on that table, can’t wait to drag him into bed. fufufu….

  79. gelatin
    i can’t wait to drag him into patient bed.
    i’ll do it with him on that table.
    that’ll be hotter

  80. gelatin

    oh my god….
    you should join our club then
    nya is the leader
    poor my 15 year old soul

  81. nya

    you gotta wait until u get to the bed??????????

    do it fast and quick already

    you can enjoy that video in… anyway you like….ehhhmmm… yea hahah

  82. vicky
    i mean that patient’s bed. can’t wait
    i’ll just do it on the dr.top table.

    btw, our leader is roro. i make her leader. forgot?

  83. gelatin
    welcome to our club.
    no need to fiil in the registeration form.
    u just need to have ‘a little’ thought woth BB
    its also free. so u can do anything u like in this club

  84. lol there are some naughty VIPs here! XP

    …Though I’m not exactly innocent myself ^_^

  85. nya
    i’ll gladly join the club.
    besides i always have dirty thoughts.
    OMG. i’d love to have doctor TOP and nurse SEUNGRI with me on the patient’es bed or table. heck. even on the floor. LOL.

    you shouldn’t be on the club yet. hahaha
    are minors allowed?


  86. gelatin
    the name’s VICKY VIRUS club
    how come she’s not in the club?
    she just pretending to be pure & innocent
    but she the dark boss all the time teasing us with all the HQ
    (wow, i make vicky sound so bad, sorry)

  87. nya

    well… since i have been left alone with you these days
    i decide you should be
    roro isn’t extreme enough to ur level… lord

  88. Chrissy

    haha this is the first time someone notice
    we hope to have more ppl in our club
    please don’t leave me alone with nya
    she’s dangerous to a 15 year old like me hahah

  89. nya
    yeah. the vicky virus club. or the vicky downloads virus club.
    cause evrytime she releases new HQ downloads our minds get filled with dirty thoughts. LOL.
    (vicky we love you! <3)

  90. gelatin

    minor shouldn’t be allow
    but since my name’s on the club then i guess i’ll sneak around hahahahahaha

  91. nya

    haha we should call it the VVC club for short
    or.. doubleVC hahahah
    just so you won’t get arrested for putting minor through these mental images hahahaha

    and i am the evil on ehere, I’ll admit that

  92. gelatin

    i luv you guys too.
    but this is the thing
    i didn’t bring up those bad and dirty thoughts
    i’ll say something like..uh.. a table
    then you guys will automacally think of dirty stuff hahah

    so i’m very innocent thankyou

  93. vicky. i changed my mind, you should be on the club. an honorary member. ❤

    btw. i have uploaded by recording of BB’s guerilla date w/ eng subs. 🙂

  94. gelatin

    i’ll gladly accept
    the one with KBS World?
    i saw it a while ago
    haha i love JQ

    i love baby.

  95. hahaha just recorded it using my cam. it’s on my multiply site.

    i love JERK QUOTIENT! and LOL @ how he would describe bigbang… A HEART. ahh, so adorable.

  96. LOL wonderboys were really cute
    my fav is definately UJH’s perf…she looks like she’s totally enjoying the perf having a great time on stage…like she putting on a great perf and at the same time she’s enjoying herself..thats what i like about this “Disco” and “Tell me” perf

  97. gelatin

    baby is amazing in everyway possible
    i can’t do anything but agree with everything he say

  98. anecia: i totally agree with you. it’s just a happy performance. looks like she was having the time of her life. (in the 1st place, who would not when you’re performing with BB. :p)
    can’t wait for the HQ vids. ahh.

  99. vicky
    ur like the dark leader in this club.
    how come u just sneak around?
    i’ll give u a special room.

  100. Chrissy
    we don’t really want members to get too much kekeke..
    but we welcome everyone who have ‘thought’ with BB
    & u don’t have to admit it. just like vicky

  101. gelatin
    we love her. kekeke…
    she give us many download fufufu
    some thought just flies by

  102. nya

    make sure that room has a bed and “YOU KNOW WHO” is in it

    “Baby and Bong in a Box”

    omg…. i went crazy for Seung Ri in Wonder Boys!!!!
    OMG I love the Wonder Boys..so hilarious!!
    The commercial is so freakin funny…
    Dae Sung’s surprised look and TOP’s dance moves..HAHAHA! Omgosh!!
    I love these vids like MASSIVE!!!

  104. hahah there goes our dirty minds again.

    whenever vicky says baby and bong in a box, my mind just goes somewhere else. LOL.

    i sound like a perv today. gaahh, i’m just so pysched about the perfs today. waah~~

  105. HAHAHA you guys are hilarious… -_- i have the same thoughts too HAHA
    BEE EYE GEE OH EM GEE EEE EEE that WAS SO HOT i died when taeyang rapped and when UJH held daesungs hands. too cute. UJH IS A SMART OLD LADY.. milking them boys like that.. shes my idol.

  106. oh yeah THANKS VICKY YOURE AWESOME!! i come to this blog EVERYDAY.. FEW TIMES A DAY 🙂

  107. i died -dead-
    TOP is the HOTTEST doctor alive X]
    Baby IS the HOTTEST nurse alive .
    omg Dae had the CUTESTTT expression when
    he saw Baby, i love you Dae ! X]
    ahahahha YB and the poking with the needle
    in the butt this was funny ! X]

  108. gelatin

    no need to feel bad haha
    we’re fangirls
    it’s in our blood
    can’t help it

  109. Why does everyone freak out like its pervy to wanna grope or kiss any of the dudes in big bang?

    I mean yall make me feel like a ho cause I wanna straight full out sex Daesung, and I don’t feel ” pervy ” I feel like a normal 16 Year Old….

    Even when Seungri was my favorite, I wanted to sex him too, that’s why I wrote like what? Two or three fanfics with him and sex scenes in them.

    Its normal yall….

    Now if you’re 12 and under…there’s a problem….

  110. rahquhxie

    can i ask where i can read those fanfics??
    i’m over 12 so i think i’m good hahah


  112. rahquhxie: wow. i’m amused on how you’re being straight at saying you wanna sex dae dae. HAHAHA
    you’re younger than me and you think that way.. hmm.. i feel normal now. LOL.

    yeah, can we read you’re fanfics? 🙂

  113. did Big Bang composed the song No No No?..wah~~
    it is such a good song haha~~
    i think Seung RI looked the cutest in wonder boys~~ not that i’m biased..but he really does..dunno~~ he just shines the most out of 5~~
    and Haru Haru!! HOT HOT HOT!!
    congratz to big bang again!!!
    4th award of the week hehe~~

  114. OH. MY. JESUS.

  115. rahquhxie
    yeah, vicky should admit it.
    we just a normal girls who love boys.
    its not a sin anyway,
    i’m totally agree with u

  116. THOSE

  117. vicky
    i won’t give u a ‘double bed’ i’ll make it ‘triple bed’
    kekeke… feel statisfied now?
    u want them in a box? want me to wrap them with cute present wrapper & beautiful ribbons so they won’t flee? fufufu…

    i admit i’m being too ‘over’ today
    i just come back from church & have all my pervy sins cleaned
    but seeing that Tabi’s face in my comp just make me pervy again
    guess this ‘thought’ will never leave me. hahaha…

  118. why can’t I go in to the pages Download?
    I must have a password?:/

  119. vicky
    guess couple think alike huh?
    we should call today as ‘green day’ kekeke…
    lucky girl who have heer wish come true. i do happy for u ^^v

    for addition, u should pay more attantion on my man. he’s cuter that u thought. penguin hehehe…
    he just a cute, adorable, handsome dork which mixed into one vessel called TOP.
    hahaha… weird explanation

    now i feel unique when i saw UJH costum. hahaha
    Dae rapping! whoaa… Dae fans will melt away like ice on hot days. kekeke

  120. nya2
    yeah. “green day” is very appropriate for today. LOL.

  121. gelatin
    hahaha… ‘green day’ sounds good right?

    i just rewatch the CF kekeke..
    the part when dr.TOP spread his hand, just like an invitation for me to jump to his lap.
    oh my god…. i can’t guarantee what i’ll do if that really happend.

  122. nya2
    haha if you end up jumping in his lap,
    mr TOP wont be so innocent anymore.. hehe

  123. vicky & nya & gelatin

    you guys’ comments really help to have goosebumps happened all over my body :S control yourself gurls :S

    that Wonderboy performance is hella gay lol

  124. BBFTW.
    u don’t really know he’s innocent or not. we just don’t know him personally.

    if i really end up jump into his lap,
    i’ll make every seconds from then on elated him.
    i’ll make him completely elated.

  125. Liz
    usually there’s no one reacted to what i & vicky said in comment.
    but why today there’s so much ppl read our comment?
    that CF must really do impact for fangirl.
    a ‘little negative’ impact

  126. hahaha xD
    “all the boys be loving me,
    girl’s be hating me.” xD

  127. hahah!!! they should have change it to “..all the girls be loving me, boys be hating me…”

  128. nya

    Why? Becoz you two have managed to make a longest dialogue dragging from the beginning of the post ’till now lol It’s noticeable isn’t it? Anyway, yeah, it’s definitely fine to have some uncontrollably mad moments happen in life, to go crazy for the one you love, that is… I would say, enthusiasm of youth 🙂

  129. wonderboysss!!! seungri was sooo cute ,ohhhh my goshhh!
    dude, the 2pm guy was just…not right. he didnt fit it -_-
    hahahahh the sj boys were so into it loll
    but i say SR was by far the CUTEST EVERRRR X]

    haru haru perf hot as always,, wahhhh im guna miss them when they go to japan 😦 i hope they’ll still stay on the top!!

    disco&tell me. i LOVE how gd is always hyper during that perf(: AWWWWWW DAE AND SR RAPPED. SO CUTEE(: and rapper YB returnss! lol

  130. Liz
    oh my god…
    this is not the first time we make the longest dialouge.
    if it make u feel uncomfortable, i’m sorry.
    we just messing around & we don’t really can do it.
    so just take it as a kidding, ok?

    enthusiasm of youth? don’t make urself sound so old.
    & i’m a lot older than Vicky ^^

  131. LOL!!!!!!!!!!
    i have a commentary and a test to study for and this was my energy booster XXXXD
    the NO NO NO song was so cool, make me wanna go to team maknae XD
    ‘na nomu yeppoyo’ *DIES* CUTENESS OVERLOAD.
    and i think it’s HILARIOUS how they kept it ‘all the boys be loving me’ XXXXD

  132. nya

    nah nah nah… what are you sorry for? No..I didn’t mean to cut off you guys’ emotions towards the boys..I mean.. no.. don’t worry about me. Yeah, I also feel like I’m playing the role of old annoying boring auntie here somehow. I’m sorry I may sound like that sometimes.. but don’t mistake me. I’m a fangirl who being secretly insane inside LOL

  133. how old are u, nya?

  134. omg!! i loved that performance..baby was the best!! even thou the suju boys and the maknae from shinee looked good..baby still rocked it!..haha..he looked soooo cute!! but that 2AM guy..wth..sorry but he looked so gay..hahaha ^_^

    congrats boys!!..once again you made everyfan girl scream your names..^^
    i love TOppie being the doctor..i’d totally be sick everyday..^^

  135. OMG, how adorable was our Seungri in the Wonderboys performance!
    Definitely the cutest one there!

    Whoo…GD looked SO hot in the No No No Campaign!

    And the rest of the performances were hot as usual.

  136. ahhhh!!! seungri can be my nurse anytime, anyplace! omg so cute!! the haru haru perf..omg it was sooo good! can’t wait for the d/l link. thank you always!!! the boys looked like they had fun performing tell me 🙂

  137. ncly

    i’m bias so i must say
    no one can compare to Baby
    but it look like they give him the most singing part too
    did ya notice?

  138. nya

    hahaha what?
    hey that’s my line
    i always use that “we’re fangirls so it’s okay” line
    don’t use it against me now hahahah

  139. nya

    haha i don’t need 2 bed.
    one is enough *wink*
    you will never get rid of all ur thoughts gurl haha
    stop trying haha

  140. nya

    i do pay attention to ur man
    how do you think i notice the penuign part?
    but i don’t wanna pay too much attention
    baby and bong needs it more haha

    they should totaly like witch role for performance once, have baby and dae rap and have tabi song, that would be totally priceless

  141. Damn it I couldn’t stay to watch >.<
    they look soooo good!!!!
    TOP as the doctor???!!!
    I think I feel sick already need to go see him 😛

  142. Liz

    OH YOU YOU DIDDDN”T {with a ghetto accent}

    Baby is so not gay
    others… idk but definately not Baby

    and nya seee… i told you, we should have a warning up there somewhere telling ppl to not read what we write hahahahah

  143. HAHAHA
    all the perviness just naturally came out with the No no no campaign. ahh, the wonders a doctor’s clothes can do.

    vicky and nya2, we should open up a naughty vip club.
    oh wait, there’s already a VVC.

  144. nya

    hhaha isn’t it weird???
    our club is getting out more and more everyday hahah

  145. Liz

    hahahaha our diaglouge are long from before too
    but pppl didn’t seem to notice
    until today

    me, nya and roro <- whos’ currently in a cave
    is like parter in crime.
    blame us for spamming these days haha
    but look like gelatin have joined us. :DDD

  146. ibabyx3

    actually Jo Kwon from 2AM was my fave next to Baby
    he did the most enthusiastic
    he was so into the song it was funny to watch him

  147. nya

    now nya unnie is making me sound young.
    … i like it hahaha

  148. Liz

    it’s not good to keep things bottled up inside
    let it out
    us fangirls have to stick together and understand each other. 🙂

  149. gelatin

    it starts from A LOT of thing shahahahah
    not just the CF
    … trust me

  150. This had totally had the opposite effect on me. It’s strong temptation..

  151. SR in thw onder is sooooo cute
    i sooo agree with everyone that he is THE BEST in wonder boysss
    n gosh.. they know he’s cute that’s hwy they give him the “im so cute” part
    n about the haru haru performance
    i try soo hard learnin their choreography. n when i finaly got it..
    i guess i have to learn this one tooo
    n about the UHJ performance
    no lie but.. TY look super HOT wen he raps
    o yea.. did u catch TY push SR at the end wen they wer dancin around UJJH!!!
    sooo funny
    BEST POST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sry for talkin too much

  152. that was awesomeee!
    taeyang looked so cute in the “no no no” commnercial!

  153. Christy

    it happens to many of us too gurl

  154. Queenie

    i did see that
    baby was gonna bust a move then YB just push him forward and YB did that get low move thingy haha
    i was like aww.. Bae ah~ why?

  155. CUTEE! <3333


  157. I wish all of the big bang did the wonder boys special stage! hehe. yeah I’m a wonderbang fan too =). Seung ri did give his love to Sun Mi by doing well. hehe ❤

    That Say No No No vid is so adorable!!! I would smoke just to be Dr. TOP’s patient and Nurse Seungri’s patient!!! hahaha!!! Yeah I know they did that vid to advocate no smoking but exactly how does that vid tell people to stop smoking? haha.

    I love their Haru Haru performance! heheh and yeah Vicky I also saw YB push Sri out…huhu…he was gonna bust a move..huhu…

    I died when I saw all of them rapped…yeah there will be a lot of fangirls dying….hehehe…so love the Tell Me performance. ❤

    Thanks Vicky for the post! =)

  158. VICKY
    haha yeah
    i noticed he sang the most too~~
    and he’s the one that has the best outfit~~
    looks the best~~
    his his outfit wasn’t too childish or too girly
    and yeah~~
    and the way he dances is just so Seung Ri haha~~
    i wonder did he chose Sun Mi part himself~~

  159. OMG even after hundreds time watching the booys perform I still have to keep my heart from EXPLODINg!!!!! and HELL that NO NO NO song is TOO HOT!! AND ARGH!! THE MOST WANTED DOCTOR TOP1!! I’D DIE TO HAVE HIM CREMATE ME!!!!!!!! MUAKKHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I love the wonderboys!! too cute, kept me smiling throughout the night!! XD THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE AMAZING VIDEOS!! I love SBS!! hahaa

  160. ncly

    YG men always go out in style
    it’s cute enough for him to be hot
    but just enough so he does’t look gay
    he work pink like a MAN haha

  161. Vicky and ncly

    I do agree with you. ^^ Seungri defined the meaning of being a Wonder BOY. not too girly, not too gay…just like a Man. ❤ so hot Baby Seungri. ^^

  162. Vicky and Kenley

    Being the YG man of the group~~
    he does define the meaning of being a Wonder Boy haah~~~
    but OMG..
    he looked SO EFFIN HANDSOME as always haha~~

  163. HAHAHA.. omgg the no no no songg.. SO HOTT..
    hehe.. omg. now that just makes me want to GET
    sick so that i getta be treated by SEUNGRI<3 hehe

    big bang <33

  164. I read all of the comments for the first time.

    Was so curious as why so many VIPs talking about this post…hehehe…

    Can I join the VVC? hehe.

    Yeah that CF triggered a lot of naughty thoughts in a fangirl’s mind…I’m no exception…hehehe. ^^

    I’m not a minor anymore so I can join I guess? hehehe. ^^ Bad noona. =p

  165. Kenley

    it’s pretty much the same in every post
    me and nya always have our club meeting this way haha
    but for some reason a lot of ppl been noticing our meeting this time
    that’s why tons of ppl are joining the meeting haha

    if this minor right here have her name on the club
    then i don’t see why you can’t join.

    of course we have to wait for the president of the VVC club to make it official
    nya… where are you gurl?

  166. thank you so much for the videos!!!!! i was so bummed that i couldn’t watch it yesterday. but this makes me feel better!

  167. the wonderboys are so much cuter than the wondergirls. the commercial will definitely make anyone stop smoking. ha! two super cute videos! Thanks! I had to watch the wonderboys a couple times:D

  168. dae and YB rapping!… all of BB rapping!! ahhhh! so ggoood!

  169. OMG!! i love all their performances. especially the disco and tell me perf. big bang can make an awesome rapping group. my YB is sooooo SEXY!!!

    Ooh i like the song! hehe So Hot. Aww they look hot doing it
    Ahaha seungri is sunmi. Lmao omg i wonder what Wonder Girls are gonna think. Ahaha Seungri must’ve had fun
    SEUNGRI AHHHHHHHHHH. If i did smoke i would’ve quit just
    because this video BUTT i don’t so ima say “Big Bang says No to smoking so you shouldn’t smoke” IMA say that now! =]
    hehe i actually liked the song! G-Dragon’s HAIR IS GROWING!
    hehe just had to say that
    I LOVE WATCHING GD’S RAP!! =] Aww no tux
    Whoa, what is UJH wearing? weird kinda, no wig though
    AHHH G-Dragon is soo cute/HOT!
    HOT!!!!!! damn must download!
    Say Uhm Jung Hwa. Say Big Bang! uh huh. uh huh

  171. Ahh! WonderBoys! That was so cute, Seungri and Tae Min did the best dancing in my opinion.

    Seungri was so cute as the nurse!! WHY DOES BIG BANG HAVE TO KILL ALL THE FAN GIRLS??

  172. i hate so much..yesterday i try and try to stream it live, but i couldnt…something was wrong with my tvants…it couldnt open media..drove me crazy…i went to channelchooser, but it keeps saying is channel is offline..goddang it..went to tvsbox and it was like tvants..opening media, but nothing appear..so i went to friall and cant view it also..i try every posible way..lord, i hate it..

    after seiing this made me very hapy in the morning..

    i gotta say the WONDERBOYS’ performances was umm…lets just say some are so into the dancing makes me wonder…
    and bb’s commercial was cute..i love it and HARU HARU was great as always…OH MY BUDDHA!!!! i get to see my H0N YB rap…he is so cute and good..

  173. 1st video) Awww Seung Ri was adorable as a WonderBoy! 😀
    2nd video) I wouldnt mind having TOP as my doctor 😛
    3rd video) Tae Yang owned his solo in Haru Haru ^-^ Yay!
    4th video) All the boys looked gorgeous and sounded very well! What more is there to say?

  174. Dat was the BOMB!!!hahahha…Go Wonderboys!No to Smoking!Day by Day, I’ll Love Big Bang even More!Big Bang, TELL ME when we can go D.I.S.C.O!!!!

  175. OMG!!!!!!! the Wonder Boys performance was so freaking cute and how they’re all wearing pink is even cuter….Seungri so good wearing the pink vest and Sungmin he so freaking adorable….and Big Bang So No No video was super cute…i wouldn’t mind going to the doctor everyday if my doctor were TOP and nurse were Seungri lol….

  176. vicky, it’s best if you put credit tags under each DL & youtube so there’s no confusion.

  177. Here are the lyrics for the
    “No No No” song..ENJOY!!

    Hey man bad for your health
    everybody sing a song geumyeonsong

    han mogeum du mogeum kkwakjan yeongi
    Yes smoking dangsinui yunyeongi
    gajok, chingu da geumyeonol sijak
    heubyeoneun no no da gachi no no

    meotjyeo boineun ge aniya
    ne momeul haechil ppuniya
    ganjeopjeogeuro nal apeuge mandeulgo inneunde

    ganjeopheubyeon no no no no
    modu hamkke no no no no
    ganjeopheubyeon no no no no

    Everybody say no no no no!

  178. Rest in peace, Ivy.

    SeungRi is an assasin.
    So’s doctor TOP and nurse Seung Ri.

    I’m just so speechless.


  179. god, everyone is so frickin hot. the haru haru concert wasnt the clearest… ^_^’ it was kinda hard to watch it…


  181. omg i loved all the performances 🙂 everyone was so hot!



    AND JO KWON IS FUNNY his expressiooon ;p

    this is soome hot shitt!!

  183. wow! 182 comments..LOL! TAEMIN was so cute..LOL! my gosh shinee always put my loyalty to test. hahaha!

  184. ahah so much to comment on…
    WONDERBOYS = LOVE …seriously i hope this is a routine thing noww….i’d love to see the wonderboys perform again…SR was awesome and i was totally living the WonderBang moment there! ahhh YB rapped!!!!! omg that was really exciting, gosh he was really goodd and so was DS! i think they should rap in more songs…aha the no smoking campaign was awesomeeee lolz…love the song and nurse lee! ahah cuteness

  185. dirty thoughts. dirty thoughts. dirty thoughts! >.<

  186. Liz
    hahaha… i just don’t ant others to feel uncomfortable coz of my comment.
    i’m 18 ^^

  187. vicky
    i think u only need ‘box’ kekeke…
    ow, i just want to borrow that line from u. kekeke…
    yup, u better do like u usual do.
    my man onl;y needs my attantion & u with ur 2 hubby ^^

  188. if u watch closely at the tell me perf and when the boys walk about UJH
    YB kinda Push Baby outta way….
    gosh y is he so rough with Baby

  189. gelatin
    we already have VVC. don’t need another naughty club *wink* ^.~

  190. vicky
    now i think that u do promotion of our club. kekeke..
    idk why? hahaha… we don’t need promotion
    VIP that want to join will join *wink*

    & u seem young, i seem old. hahh….
    when i talking to u i do feel
    ‘where’s my youth go???’

  191. oOOh nvm he didn’t actually push Baby it jsut a touch =]

  192. Kenley
    i don not own the club.
    it’s everyone.
    kekeke… welcome to join.
    but don’t give me leader position. there’s some one better for that position who currently in a cave plotting to kidnap our boys.

  193. vicky
    where the hell i go?
    i went to dr.TOP room in my dream.

  194. NYA

    ur 18 and u talk like ur 29 haha
    gurl ur still young

  195. nya

    i am very mature for my age haha
    so u don’t need to feel old around me

    any VIPs who are curious about why fangirls can talk so much will read out meeting conversation
    and it’s up to them if they wanna join or not haha

  196. kenley

    she is in a cave somewhere
    planning to kidnap them and give bong and baby to me as a birthdya present hahahah

  197. nya

    do i wanna know WHAT’S GOING ON IN THAT DR.TOP ROOM?????

    lord.. do I??

  198. vicky
    gyahahaha…. what happend? u want to know?
    u won’t coz ure still illegal.

    me? old? oh my god… i fear that ‘old’ word the most.
    29? dam, it’ll be too old for my hubby.
    i don’t want to seem older then my nubby.

    yup. its up to them.
    wew. this is the longest club meeting so far. hahaha…
    if roro here, it’l be longer kekeke…
    more ppl to share ‘tought’

  199. vicky
    oh wonderboys~~~
    i could say i everytime i look at that vid, i only look at ur hubby.
    & u better not to worry about ur hubby nuna fans.
    u should worry about other thing.
    ur other hubby, Mr.Kwon will attack that butt of Baby nonstop from now on. i guess…

    & to answer ur question about that no no no CF,
    for all fans or nonfans as long as they’re girl & straight, they will have ‘impact’ from looking at that CF.
    coz we all will die & sent to cemetery before we can smoke.
    this CF DO prevent ppl from smoking.
    does this answer good enough for u? hahahaha…

  200. gah; can someone send me daesung on family outing?
    when i download it i cant watch it .
    my emails tickleemybum@yahoo.com

  201. i find it actually helpful in releasing stress reading some gri stuff with nc-17 rating or higher. Yeah, that’s truth LOL as I’m living under big fat pressure these days.. oh excuse me i’m gonna LOL once again

  202. that Wonderboy thing is still gay no matter what lmao

  203. im really to lazy to read all the comments to know my answer since there’s 200 of them ..

    daedae said something about TOP.. didnt he? when they were about to sleep? if there’s nothing, leave this question 😀

    and thanks for all !

  204. Liz
    u better release ur stress here.
    i mean, look at me.
    i’m a healthy girl who love boy especially Tabi
    & i’m just be honest to myself typing whatever that comes out from my head. hahaha….
    no one will blame u from typing 17+ converstation kekeke…
    all kind of girls are welcome to our club meeting.
    its up to u want to read our meeting or not. kekeke…

    (damn, i sound like promoting our club. hahaha…)

  205. You are amazing with the videos.. Oh my.. WonderGirls was just pure love. SeungRi was tooo cute for words. :]

  206. U DO SOUND SO girl :))

  207. nya

    okay let me borrow Tabi for one night and I think I’ll be able to get rid of all stress

    okay i’m kidding lol

  208. lmao everyone can feel free to read them, they’re complete.



    there is profanity though, and I portray Seungri as a badass type in both, you’ll probably grow to hate him in Classifieds. Hah.

    @ gelatin;

    Yeah I’m like super comfortable with it I mean he’s sexy what can I say lmao.


  209. nya2

    Thaks for welcoming me!Where is our leader then?haha!
    So can she give me YB in a big cake?haha.
    When I see that patient’s bed…oh damn! ^^

  210. Vicky

    the CF really did something bad to all fangirls…first they either start to smoke…or they die before even smoking.
    This is a hot post all right! ^^

  211. I just need to say that
    the wonderboys performance was the most ridiculous thing I have ever laid my eyes on.
    HAHHAHAHAHA BUT IT WAS SO CUTE! ESPECIALLY TAEMIN AND SEUNGRI! At around 3:15 when they’re running back and forth and they have to like, fling their hair. LOLLLL awwwwww seungri you touch that hair, babay ❤
    My mouth just wouldn’t close.

  212. Liz
    hahaha… u want me to borrow u Tabi? kekeke…
    no girl, u must fighting over Tabi with me.

  213. Kenley
    where’s our leader? hahaha…
    she’s in a cave plotting to kidnap our boys so she could achieve her goals. kakaka…

    YB? ooww… ur favourite is the same as our leader.
    i’ll let u 2 fight over YB.
    i know it!
    YB on that patient bed just like giving all crazy girls ‘invitation’. girls are scary…. he still don’t have a clue of that. kekeke…

  214. vicky
    we just get 2 new members.
    gelatin & kenley
    kekeke… looks like ur promotion is a success.
    now u don’t have to be afraid when u’re left alone with me. hahaha…

    vi~~~~~ i really want to jump into Tabi’s lap when he spread his arm to me like that in the CF! aawwnnn~~~~

  215. oww that videos killed me 😀 all are too awesome for me i love you too much BB ^.^ you all are my life and my everything ♥♥♥

  216. lol
    that tell me is super cool
    they all raps

    but wonder boys….. i’m disappointed in baby…i dont’t like suju (cuz they’re like girl) and seeing baby performing snsd’s song (i hate snsd but i like wondergirls) made me wanna cry..

    congrats i think it’s not their last award of haruharu

  217. How do i play the video?
    I mean the haru haru performance T_T
    It’s on .ts

  218. ~omona~ WONDER BOYS!!!!
    they’re so cute!!!
    BABY SR aaww!!

    whoa~ having a doctor as HOT as that,, damn i’d stay in the hospital forever!! lolz!!
    and the NURSE,,, ssooo CUTE!!! SR!!!
    baby SR.. im a nurse too,, ^^

  219. trust me…I DIED. ahhhhh seung ri was too cute for words!!! but why must they sing snsd song??????? that just broke my heart. but baby did cheer me up by doing SO HOT!! hehe. and oh my gahhh. my darling young bae rappppppp. woooohhhhh!!! *runs around like a maddd cow* *dies* *wakes up* *sees baby dance SO HOT and YB rap..DIES YET ONCE AGAIN.*

  220. yeah vicky..
    i think i kinda betrayed my hubby toppie too
    coz your hubby too adorable..i couldn’t take my eyes off him in the wonder boys performance..seriously…
    and i kinda get excited too when baby is performing in haru haru..i never knew that i would like him that much..
    sigh he killed me T___T
    someone save me from him please T____T

  221. Seriously I’m asking O_O can someone help me?

  222. nvm

  223. nya2

    Our leader likes YB too? Yeah, he can’t help but being sexy, and letting Baby poke his butt with a very big syringe…woohoo…

    That scene and that CF stimulates the naughtiest imaginations…and it’s supposed to be a No-Smoking Campaign CF. ^^

    Yay I’m in the club! Hi vicky, gelatin! =)

  224. Kenley
    yup. so u must fight over YB with her. kekeke….
    oohhh… thats too sexy…

    well, that does a no smoking campaign,
    since we all fangirl will die at the second we see that CF.
    so, we won’t smoke. more accurately, we CAN’T smoke. hahaha…

  225. nya

    this is very long
    you and me got ppl notice…. because of our pervertedness…

  226. nya

    my husband’s poor little butt….
    Bong will rape him for sure hahahah
    or nuna fans…
    baby is in danger

  227. Liz

    me too

  228. TOPLova

    I think he say something about Tabi’s sleeping habit that scares him
    i’m not sure
    gotta wait for the subs

  229. Liz

    nya’s right
    no one should take what we say seriously
    but as a way to laugh and make fun of each other hahah

  230. Liz

    HHAHAHAHA you wanna borrow Tabi??????????
    gotta ask roro too hahaha

  231. rahquhxie


  232. Kenley

    I think nya and roro should co-lead
    since they’re just as bad hahah
    but nya refused

    and since roro left me alone with nya

    i’m…… haha

  233. nya

    i’m saying this NOW
    anyone who wanna steal Baby from me will suffer hahahahaha

  234. now we have…. 5 members

  235. hellocdw

    i’m not a big fan of SNSD either
    but i think since SBS is close with SM so that’s why they ask them to perform SNSD’s song, just for their sake
    they perform mostly WG though, which i’m happy cuz i like WG too

  236. Eun mi

    play it with GOM Player

  237. newvip

    i don’t blame you
    my husband is just wayy too tempting

  238. can i please buy that nurse ?? prettyy pleeaaase xD

  239. vicky
    no, the most dangerous one will be Bong since he’s the closest one to Baby
    i still remember their manwon song,
    oh my god… that poor little butt…
    the way they hit it. kekeke…

  240. vicky
    no one borrow tabi from me.
    he’s my the one & only possesion kekeke…

  241. thanks vicky 😀

  242. The performances was OMG!! Loved the Wonder Boys!! <333 Tell Me was awesome!! I believe there’s a mandarin version of that song by WIlber Pan too! =]

  243. nya

    i was drooling like crazy when i saw that scene
    ….. i wanna join

  244. vicky
    kekeke… i know u will
    but in my case, if its tabi’s butt, i’m the one who want to join

  245. nya

    why am i not surprise???
    but out of all of them.. Dae has the best butt

    no doubt haha

  246. vicky
    i must admit that i love Dae’s body most
    i mean he got my favourite man’s body.
    but tabi’s sexy eyes & voice make me crazy enough
    tabi will obtain that body if he keep exercising ^^v
    & i’m happily waiting for that moment.

  247. nya

    Dae’s body is.. OH MY GOD!!!
    if you watch this week’s family outing
    the part where he woke up and he stretch, you can see his abs [look at screen cap 3]
    i was drooling

    ur man needs to show us some skin already

  248. vicky
    he’s too stubborn
    the most stubborm man ever seen.
    my hope over that is only 1% sob…sob…

    family outing? can’t dl again. my comp lack of memory
    its filled with BB vid & stuff
    & the most hated stuff of my college. want to delete it but i can’t do it.
    if i could delete it, my comp will have more space

  249. nya

    you can go here and watch it online


  250. vicky
    watching it.
    will have another meeting tomorrow ^^

  251. nya

    i never get dark circle before
    and hopefully i won’t anytime soon
    only husband can look cute with those dark circle
    no one else can haha

  252. vicky + nya + gelatin + kenley
    i don’t know if any of you will see this, but ……… oh my lord.

  253. Dae Sung looks funny in the second clip. Shake it Seung-ri. TOP & G-Dragon look hot!

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