For Sale: Big Bang History Photobook

BBFansite’s GD`S_WiFEYY is selling her Photobook for $35 bux. mint condition. check it out!

Big Bang History Photobook


Comes with all you see in the picture.
PERFECT condition. Only flipped through a max. of 5x. It`s just been sitting there in my room ever since I got it, cuz I didn`t wanna ruin it, which explains the dust that you may see xD

You have to be a soompi member, make a soompi account, or have a friend order it for you I guess?




~ by gdluvzmc on September 7, 2008.

37 Responses to “For Sale: Big Bang History Photobook”

  1. oh well… i’m too lazy to create an account soo i’ll past my turn ladies =]

  2. can i just send my money to your address?
    then you send it to my place? how about that? i will even pay for the delivery fee. bout that?
    it’s all pictures right?
    anyway check this out!
    all dae dae look at me gwisoon with parody of look at only me! freakin funny


    damn i fell in love!

  3. umm..if its been sitting there in your room and you dont want to ruin it. why do you want to sell it? o.O sounds like you liked it a lot for not touching it..but ill pass ^^ im broke T__T

  4. Y do U want 2 seLL it???..i gOt my Own sO i’ll pass..

  5. CCOL <333

  6. i have one, but it’s in the box still. i don’t blame her. that thing is like… a collectible. you dont want to like take it out so much or else it’ll be ruined…
    & plus she’s probably broke. true life huh?

  7. WOW. just WOW.
    i’d buy it but i wanna go buy it from the boy’s home country =3

  8. i really want to buy who can help me?

  9. woooaw shes selling it??????
    for me its like my #3 treasure of bigbang stuff…

    thats so sad.:(

  10. Why are you selling it?, It totally want it hehe

  11. I got it xD

  12. T^T

    what a fckn disgrace. get at me, quick! so we can resolve your hate problems.

  14. i myself flipped through the book like probably 3 times, my biffle&cousin flipped through it once and i think that was it lmao . mine is pretty new too =] but i’m not selling it although my mom thinks i should lol

  15. im tempted but i can’t now…college = money right now lolz so i’ll pass but its a good offer, i’d love to get my hands on it one day…

  16. Melly! such language!
    lol. i want it, but i’m saving up for other stuff right now =P
    maybe when i get a job and if it’s still available.

  17. lol sorry saem. someone totally spammed a comment using my name. so of course i’m upset 🙂

  18. OMG!!! I would really want to buy this, but I’m saving my money..wahhhhhh!!!Why can’t everything be free in this world!!!!

  19. hahah

    TOP&YB’sGiRL – email me@
    so that if u wanna buy it, i`ll help u get throyugh this transaction.
    u won`t need an account.

  20. ooh BTW
    1ST ONE TO CONFIRM [exchanging addresses] GETS IT.

  21. OMG REALLY? No Way!
    why would you wanna sell it?!
    Well OMG ARGG i just spent
    my money on new chucks/converse
    sniff so sad 😦

  22. ninalee & everyone else who`s so ‘OMG!’ about why i`m selling it – I HAVE NO USE FOR IT! haha i THOUGHT i did when i was pre-ordering it, but then, i faced reality, there ain`t no way in hell i`d actually rip out those pics of the boys xD

    someone already confirmed w/ me, but if i don`t get her money within 10 days, someone else`ll be able to get it ^^

  24. GD`S_WiFEYY, my gosh am i too late? your time and my time here are totally different. huhuhuuhu! so i wasn’t able to read your reply until now

  25. TOP&YB’sGiRL; i`m sorry ><
    but if that other person`s money doesn`t come, or if she backs out, then i`ll def. tell u!


  27. hellos. is there anyhow getting the book?

  28. lol Melly.
    so sorry to hear that.
    find out who it was yet?

  29. of course i know. he/she is still doing it. but it’s not getting through & it must piss him/her off.

    for that idiot: it must pain you to know that you can’t post here anymore huh?

    keep trying, you won’t get far. you must really love big bang/koreans to come here everyday to try & piss people off.

    & the next time you try to pretend to be other people, you can at least try harder, cuz it’s so obvious how fake you are.

    but i’m glad that you envy me that much to try & be me, that’s really nice of you 🙂

  30. nis & lynn – sorry, but for now, the item is already confirmed. but once she backs out or the payment doesn`t get to me on time, i`ll be sure to ask melly to update this post [[:

  31. ohokays. is there others ways to get the photobook somewhere else?

  32. ^ buy it on yesasia. it’s $65USD though 😦

  33. It’s nice. I don’t have money though.

  34. are u still selling it? cuz i want to buy it

  35. do u still have it?

  36. contact me at my email

  37. ?!?!?!? still selling?

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