090708 Big Bang perform Trot during Harvest Festival Fancam

**EDIT: Added Pictures of them during the NII Photoshoot!!!!! SO FREAKING CUTE!! a whole lot more under the cut.


thanks to Myst. 님
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They performed “Cha Cha Cha” during the Thanksgiving Festival. They all look like billionaires wearing those jackets hahaha, especially Bong, with sparkly jackets… TABI SINGS!!!!!! AHHH!!!!! All of them sing trot, it’s so freaking cute!!!!! at first i thought, aww…Dae aren’t here again? because of his musical?? Then OF COURSE NOT!!! IT’S TROT FOR GOD’S SAKE!! How can Dae NOT be there??? He come out and perform “Look at me, GwiSoon” in full trot gear. This will be air on September 15

thanks to Bang ’em님.BigRoom@VIPZ

~ by Vicky on September 8, 2008.

77 Responses to “090708 Big Bang perform Trot during Harvest Festival Fancam”

  1. AHHHH
    my bongie LOOK SOOOO HOT!!! n blingy in that jacket
    n man!! i was all excident wen DS come out but the fancame stop
    but still

  2. OMG! They all look soooooooo good.
    I love their sparkly coats too.
    Oh man. That brightened up my day.

  3. Omg, they all look so mighty fine in sparkling jackets ;DDD
    i too so hope this to broadcast ^^

  4. They make me smile!

  5. cuteness overload.


  7. Whoaaaa. that last pic of YB is sexy. 😯

  8. Total cuteness! Thanksgiving special already? Wow!

  9. AHHH OMG G-Dragon is HOTT
    Hehe DaeSung, i love his smile =]
    makes me wanna smile too
    YB, TOP HOT!
    AHH Seungri! SOO CUTE! (:
    YAY TROT! i can’t wait!

  10. I don’t know if anyone agree to this
    but doesn’t Bong look like a hotter younger version of Hugh Hefner in that suit?????


    FANCAM>>>> http://video.cyworld.com/202729367

  12. AAAAAAHW THE TROT VID !!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! jiyong can work any song (:

  13. Abbb..
    can’t wait to see the full vidd!!
    It looks so funny and happy^^

    btw, the nii photoshoot r always sooooo hot!

  14. WOW they are so cute!!(:
    GD hahahahah ohhhhmygoshhhh LOL<3
    and TOP is singing!! AHHH!!

  15. OH MYY. OH MY.
    they all looked so cute in the shoot!!!

  16. awww…i love the behind the scenes of photoshoots/MV makings, etc. they are just too cute.

  17. Aw, those pics are so dang cute. I can’t wait to see the trot festival.

  18. I mean thanksgiving. x_x

  19. *squeals like a fangirl

  20. they all killed it ❤
    haha, ooh pictures are cuteee!

  21. OMG!!!!
    Can’t wait to see the whole thing
    TOP singing trot sooo cool!!!
    their jackets are just awesome!!!!!
    They look pretty good in the pics
    TOP’s smile is killing!

  22. awwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. waah! so cute!
    god, i luv the smiley accessories in the first couple of pictures… ^_^

  24. lovee <33 what i see !!
    so lovely… go BIG BANG x3

  25. they really are composing themselves! lols

    i lab itt

  26. SHIT!! I’ve been waiting fucking long for this moment! Thank u Vicky! BIG BANG! T.R.O.T!! AH HAH!!!!!

    well I think Daesung performed the Moo jo gun song?

  27. Oh, my Kwon Jiyonggg.
    He looks so cute.

    Haha, I love Seungri’s closeup pic with those shades.

  28. those jackets totally caught my eye! haha and of course the dudes ^^
    the pics are freakin hawt! my computer is about to burn out from all this hotness xD

  29. Baby suddenly turned out to be a.. like… 50-year-old man with all of those hand gestures lol and oh GOSH! TOP! SINCE WHEN YOU CAN SING!?? HUH??

    Can you believe it? Big Bang appeared on stage, no rap, no hiphop, no catchy tune…

    BUT TROT!!!!!! AH HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!

  30. wooooow they lookin so good on these pics yo i love them!!!

  31. Favorite song of the month: CHA CHA CHA – Big Bang LOL

  32. they all look hot as always..
    i love GD’s pics!!!!!

    TOP is sings trot…lol
    their costumes are from dirty cash days…

  33. Liz
    my man can sing from the beginning & he acctually good in it.
    he just don’t sing too often.
    u will know his charming & sexy voice if u hear ‘she can’t get enough’ also others like his manwon. he sang SHY song there that make me scream like a crazy

  34. Okay. I was already gushing over that video
    earlier. Now there’s pictures? Awwwww.
    Why are they so adorable? ^__^

  35. vicky
    its about 5am here & i just woke up still skleepy but TABI SINGS~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    my eyes went O.O!! acctually my mouth too. kekeke…
    oh my god… lord… that green jacket he wear.
    couldn’t say any other words than ‘cacthing eyes’

    ur Bong, in that photoshot. hahaha… so cute…
    that remembered me of his lost left side hair. kekeke….
    Tabi…. he look jot enough with just standing still
    Dae look really good in suits huh? he should wear it more often
    YB in my head now is Baby poking his butt.
    Baby… poor little butt. u should learn not to tease nuna fanfirl too much included bong. hahahaa

  36. nya

    yea, your man can sing and he was the best one in S.O.S who performed Norul saranghae so gorgeously 🙂

  37. haahh TOp always looks lost for some reason!!! hahhaha i freaken love them!!

  38. xD
    top can sing =D
    ji yong doesn’t sound like ji yong there -. –
    ahh the photos are so cutee and.. cool? hot?
    nah i can’t find a word to describe. let’s say

  39. Liz
    yup. he did sang there but i should say
    i don’t really pay attention to his voice since he looks so scary there & i almost die coz lack of breath
    i always thanks god for making him as a man ever since then

  40. Liz

    me too gurl!!1
    TROT is love

    he perform look at me gwisoon
    not sure about other songs

  41. Liz

    Tabi can sing okay
    did u hear the beginning of “She can’t get enough”
    where he sing the first line?
    fucking sexy

  42. nya

    fight to protect our husband

  43. nya

    when big bang was singing “comeback home”
    and tabi was ‘co-duet’ with baby.. i was laughing my butt off
    his voice went so high, everyone start cracking like idiots

  44. nya

    green is like my fave color
    and it look good on tabi too. damn i love sparkly stuff

    it doesn’t seem right to see bong with hair on both of his side anymore ahahahaha
    it just doesn’t

  45. hey vicky heyyyy. thanks for the uploads button!!
    now im not really on team TOP
    but that picture with him looking candid and looking like he caught the camera on accident makes me wanna join :]

    GO DAE!

  46. lol vicky spam XD
    aigoooooo adorable pics

  47. vicky
    anything to protect my hubby.
    its NOT FOR SALE kekeke…

    ‘comeback home’? ahh.. haven’t heard that.
    where can i hear that?
    want to see so bad. must be freaking funny

    i don’t really like green but Tabi looks good in every color he wears.
    i love them in MBC teleconcert when they all wearing pink. they all so cute… even YB look cute in my eyes then.

    hahaha… we already adapted to his mohican hair.
    now that he have hair on both side, it does seems weird

  48. nya

    OH MY GOD!!!
    you have to watch it

    around 8:30 when Baby start singing, Tabi was follow along, andyou see YB start cracking up like crazy and then the rest realize Tabi was singing and they can’t stop laughing
    it was hilarious

  49. YAY~~~
    Big bang looks HOT!!
    i saw these pictures yesterday in BBVIPz and wah~~
    i saved them and made them as my desktop picture…haha

  50. ~OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!


    damn, GD & YB!! were oh so hot~
    SR.. soo cute as always!!
    DAE, that smile.. oh.. it makes me melt… aaaaww!!
    and TOP..ur eyes!! whoa~
    i really love his expressive eyes!!

    i love thier performance~ COOL!! and soo HOT~

  51. vicky
    OH MY GOD!!
    at first i forgot what my purpose to watch that vid when i hear Tabi beat box.
    but then…
    Tabi’s voice went so high!!! oh ma god~~~~~~
    freaking funny.
    other members expression was priceless!!
    Bong & Dae! they even lean on the wall coz its so funny!
    YB is good to notice that at first!
    oh ma god… ur Baby, i can’t sing along again after i realize that, my laugh will just brust off.
    Baby surely did a very good job!

  52. nya

    you should’ve seen me when i first saw it
    i choke on my cranberries and was couhing my butt of
    tears start coming out because i laugh too much, i was having problem breathing too
    my voice was like wicked witch of the west
    i kept on laughing and unable to stop

  53. vicky
    oh my god… poor u.
    i just had stomachache from watching this.
    i woke up my sister coz of that.
    she threw a pillow to me but i keep laughting & care less about her.

  54. nya

    family don’t matter no more where it’s the boys we’re talking about hahaha

    you just woke up right?
    i’m about to go to sleep
    it’s almost 11 PM

    i’m a good girl these days
    i went to sleep before midnight.
    school tomorrow, test stuff… i hate school so much.

    you just keep on having VVC meeting with anybody
    I’ll be back tomorrow to answer every “VICKY VIRUS” need hahahahahaha

  55. vicky
    hahaha…. thats true, when its our boys that we deal at, family just line in the second.

    no, i woke up about 5 a.m & its already 7 a.m now.
    i just shut myself in my room coz its already freaking hot in the morning & here is my only one source of AC. kekeke…

    my sister always wake up late & she hate me when i do this BB check up routine stuff.
    she said i’m too noisy & always wakes her up while she wants to sleep more. kaakaka…
    like i care.

    u better not to sleep too late or u want a darkcircles like ur husband. hahahaha…

  56. Those GD pics killed me!
    Love the first 2!!

  57. OMG!!! Trot!!! =) They sang a trot song!!! can’t wait to see the performance! And Dae was going to sing “Look at Me Gwisoon”…waaaaa….thanks for the fancam vid post vicky.
    YB was dancing the cha cha cha trot while GD and TOP is singing! Singing TOP! TOP singing Trot!
    awwwwwwwww…..can’t wait for the perf! =)
    I can’t say anything about those suits…hehehe…
    I love the NII pix…I love it! I like GDs cap in that shoot, and Dae’s suit, and TOP’s jacket, and Sri’s scarf, and YB’s everything..hehe. ^^
    Thanks vicky for the post!

  58. rofl
    so hilarious

    that pics so hot
    yb look very serious…

  59. nya

    Tabi really wants to sing!Haha! I saw the vid on Youtube. hehe. They were so adorable and cool singing “Come Back Home”. =) YB, Bong ang Dae laughed so hard that Bong ang Dae has to lean! hehehe! The tone was so high…hehehe…and Tabi and Baby Sri were enjoying it. hihi. =)



  61. TOP sang… i am breahtless

  62. ❤ dae till the end of time =D

  63. AWH>.. CUteee

  64. cute

  65. i love TOP singing!!! >___< ~~~<<3

  66. Kenley
    thats’s right gurl!
    i laugh so hard…. but i think the most over one is vicky
    she’s too into ‘fangirl role’

    hahaha… i’m not suposed to talk about others while i’m in the same condition ^^

  67. I love that trot by them! Ah, i don’t mind TOP singing trot to me everyday~ Love the pictures too! thanks^^

  68. OMG SO HOT T.T
    they look ALL so hot xDD
    especially my baby gd ;D
    seungri looks cute ;D
    top looks hot xD

  69. i love third pic ^^
    ahhh~ *_______*
    Gyong so cuteee more more
    he looks like kid !! xD

    Daesung’s smile freakin shining :))))
    and YB hotness ;p

    oh~OUR BOYZ ❤

    How r u ? sis,
    begin the term passed
    hope u enjoy more than first day,
    he he

  70. oma this is too awesome they all look too hawtie ^.^ i love BB ♥♥ thnx for sharing lil sis ♥♥♥

  71. They all look so HOT & CUTE & SEXY!!!
    It’s too much!!!

  72. lol TOP looked wicked hot in that one picture with people blurred in the bg. & YBoob<3

  73. paradizekids

    haha sophomore year has going by surprisingly well
    i like it actually

  74. i liked the trot song , it was funny ^^

    they all looks hot as usual xD
    thanks ^^

  75. ah!!!!!!!! i luv big bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. ahh! so hottt!!!! hahaha

    i love you BIG BANG!!!!

  77. G-Dragon 2nd picture of him smiling wow.. it’s killing me. Dae Sung & YB look like ninjas to me..idk why.

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