09.08.08 Big Bang on KBS Super Junior: Kiss the Radio

09.08.08 KBS Super Junior: Kiss the Radio
Special Guest: Big Bang
135 MB

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thanks to 와쥐베베님

Bong came in bringing his own light saber… hahah I’m speechless, this boy amaze me with every little thing he does, he came in bowing down to Teukie in a 90 degree angle, how polite is he? awww…. then he start messing around with his headphone.. ADORABLE!!! Bong was having fun with his light saber the whole time haha, oh god i love him. Someone please put Baby next to Bong already, Baby and YB has been getting close, Baby come in closer and closer every second…. Baby even have his arm around YB…….. ahhh! GRi spirit!! keep on fighting! They were talking about something and Bong point the light saber at Baby, so freaking cute!

Dude!!! They perform Haru Haru live.. WITH YB ON THE PIANO!!! That was hot!!! Bong has some mic malfunction, you can only hear the back track but not his voice, finally get to hear Baby’s voice when he sing the chorus… just his voice…dang.. i love it. DAMN IT I WANNA HEAR BONG SING DAE’S PART!!! WHY WON’T THE MIC WORK RIGHT?????????!!! Let’s gang up our powerful fangirl powerful and protest against that stubborn mic hahaha

Though Bong and Baby sit far apart, their interactioin will always be around each other, which is LOVE. Oh jeez, did you see Bong doing that impersonation again?? that spreading the arm apart and say the sound of the korean alphabet?? hahaha They were looking at something and start cracking up nonstop… what could it be????? Bong was having too much fun with his light saber…… now I wanna go out and buy myself one too… I saw one when i went to Radio Shack once, I wanna buy it but can’t find the reason why… now I have one, hahah

They sing “3!4!” Bong’s voice was so adorable at the beginning, him cracking up hearing himself was just more cuteness, then the jumping up and down singing “lalalalalalaala” OH MY GOD I DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the part where someone went too high, that was hilarious, Who say “Kwon Ji Yong”?? doesn’t sound like Baby… Teukie or Hyukie?? Tabi just standing there like a stone haha The song have such nice beat to it, what with the sudden rapping?? aHAHAHAH hilarious, with the “KWON JI YONG GO KWON JI YONG” Bong just got overly excited, hahaha look at his dance, HOW CAN YOU NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM??????

At the end, where the show ended and they were taking pictures, look at my 2 Babies together, Baby and Huykie!!! look like they’re close with each other..aww.. that make me happy, I think TOP was cracking up jokes, they start laughing like crazy haha, the gag man.

I can’t wait for these pics to release, they were such dorks, look at those poses. Look at Teukie, he’s saying something the boys, haha wonder what…… haha they look like a bunch of ahjumma gossiping, haha I like Hyukie and Teukie too much. haha

Thanks GD&H님 for stalking Bong, I save the best for under the link, Bong cuteness explode, and it look like when he walk in, he hit his head on something, some of the pics his face look like he’s in pain… in a cute way. Poor little Bong hurt himself. awwww…..

Thanks GD&H님


~ by Vicky on September 8, 2008.

81 Responses to “09.08.08 Big Bang on KBS Super Junior: Kiss the Radio”

  1. ^_^ <333

  2. hot
    xD I guess?
    no no
    Ji yong ..
    looks PERFECT every angle XD

  3. aw, Mr. Bong overload. & my dong seng went crazy of it. she just write the longest essay of it. kekeke…
    hope u upload it on youtube. i can’t dl again coz my comp is lack of memory. kakaka…

  4. oh wow, your superb comment on the vid makes it really a must-download O.O

  5. nya

    if only i can use this power for good and write a essay half as long for school… but no can never do that hahaha

    youtube is being stupid right now
    when it’s back up I will upload the part where they sing “3!4!”
    cuz seriously, it’s just too cute NOT to be watched

    then after you see that
    we will carry on with our annual VVC meeting hahaha

  6. yea, I beg u a youtube link too O.O

  7. Liz

    at first when i download the video i was like “eh~”
    no need to upload it now, it can wait.
    but after i saw it.. I was like
    It really is a must see for Bong luvers

    he is such a dork

  8. vicky
    we’ll have VVC meeting after i watch it. hahaha…
    but, u already wrote a damn long essay like that which so descriptive & i think i don’t need to watch it again since u’ve told all the most funny part. kekeke….

    comp problem sure drive ppl crazy hahaha…
    damn, lack of memory.
    if i could, i’ll download it right now

  9. nya

    HAHA you know how i am when it comes to bong
    i can’t help it
    but i bet you’ll have “OTHER PERSPECTIVE” on the same thing for sure hahahah
    what kinda of other perspective.. i’m not sure hahahahahahahha

    i want you to see it so badly!

  10. Aww, I love GD in the first pic where he’s doing a pout.

  11. jess

    that pout sends me to GDheaven.
    I just wanna steal him already.

  12. CUTE *Q*
    I was wondering where the song 3!4! came from? if it is a real song & who’s the artist? thanks!

  13. kekeke

    i’m sure it’s a old classic song
    since Baby knew it right away
    i like the song
    I’m gonna have to do some reserch

  14. vicky
    i want to see it too…
    but my damn comp just won’t let me to.
    it just give me a big “BANG’ that i should send it to ‘hospital’
    & i know if i force it, i have to buy a new one.
    so, i’ll just wait for u to upload it on youtube ^^v

  15. gaah! luv the first pic!!! ^_^ so cute!

  16. lol, oh I see. yeah I really like it too~ it sounded catchy XD
    if you ever find it, please share with us? =)

  17. lightsaber?! oh gd, me and you could play all day. i have three ! and theyre legit fx!

    can’t wait for the YT!


  18. whoa must of hurt like hell! look at the bump bruise at bongs head :O feel better! lol x]
    wat is this tuykie and huykie o.O
    did i miss something?

  19. i dont get this file
    i also tried the whole HJsplit
    but its not working
    does anyone know how to work these type of files
    its different from the hong jin kyung thing

  20. um. hi vicky, how come i can’t downlod this??
    i really want to watch this..
    pls help..

  21. sorry but could someone tell me what im doing wrong when id/l this file, i d/led it and joined the file and tried to watch it on gom player and its only showing 22 min of it (a whole middle part of them on the show is missing) lol please help!

  22. I spot Top’s head hahaha
    GD so cute in the first pic…well it’s not only in the fist one
    I wish I could see it right now but I can’t 😦

    Gosh Big Bang, making my laptop
    memory disk thingy sooo FULL geesh
    but i love you guys =]
    Especially G-Dragon!. soo cute hehe

  24. I love GD’s beanie!!!!haha….so cute!!!

  25. “suicide for fun”
    Lols i love his shirts (:

  26. im having trouble downloading this too :X

  27. Vicky

    post it on youtube pls…my pc’s having trouble downloading stuff at the moment, hehe. Can’t wait to see the radio show. ^^
    I’m not against YBSri…in fact I can’t wait to see it…I think YB wants Sri to get close to him too, since your Bong always hogs the two dongsaengs. ^^
    Bong’s pout is just too cute!!!! Why did he pout?
    Can’t wait to see YB in the piano…^^

  28. Awhh..

  29. he is so…..i don´t know but he look like a child..very very cute!

  30. LOOOL1 Bongggg *o* hehehe so cute xD! im gonna download for sureeeee xDDDDDDDDDD!

  31. oh yes! the kko-ma roo’ra kwon jiyong was just oh so adorably cute!!!

  32. i guess i’m not the only one having problem with their comp memory. mine’s gonna die on me real soon. gah. BIGBANG galore. :))
    i need to buy a new usb flash drive again. X_x

    WAH. my 2 fave kpop groups. love it when they work together. it’s just pure fun. teukkie + hyukkie + bong’s dorkines. i’m in heaven. HAHAHA

    i love how his beanie’s are having a comeback.
    BEANIES + POUTING = instant jiyong fanatic killer.

  33. gelatin
    u too? hahaha…
    comp memory stuff sure give ppl trouble sometimes ^^

  34. =[ =[ =[ i cant download it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    where else can i watch it?!! PLEASE SOMEONE TELL MEE

  35. WAHAHAHAH he knocked on his head..
    Bong is simply CUTE and adorable >’33
    Yes beanie again!! love it >’33333333333333

  36. omg so cute !
    JIYONGIEE OPPA why are you so cute ><‘
    i love his beanies xDD
    his smile and expressions (:
    *faints SO CUTE XD
    i have over 2000 photos of bigbang ! TOO MCUH GAAH ! lols

  37. kekeke – It’s a old school Roora song. Mr. GD was a mini-roora when he was a little lad. Mad adorable.

    Kyahhhh I’ve been waiting for someone to upload the bora version. I was listening to just the radio version this morning. OMG I was busting out laughing with every word that came out of their pretty little mouths. SR and Hyuk are pretty close cause they text each other often. Must be nice for SR since we all know he is a Xiah-Junsu fanboy. LOL!!! I love how my babee YB is talking more and coming out of his shell. Could it be that his young rebel side is finally being unleashed. Eh…it could just be his AB personality.

    Well, they seemed more relaxed on Sukira as compared to when they were guesting on So Yujin’s radion show.

  38. aaarrrgh, jiyong is just too cute for his own good. he is going to kill me with cuteness someday….im older than him so I count as a noona, but I dont give a damn, theres NOBODY in the whole world quite like Mr. G-dragon,…you’re killing me Jiyongie

  39. hey vicky for some reason the avi 002 file works when i download it, but the avi 001 file says its no longer there on media fire?

  40. WoW!G_D So CuTe

  41. GD is so freakin’ SEXY! Why god?! WHY?! why to create something so perfect that will make people die?!!! WHY?!!!!

  42. aigooH Hubby is such a DORK ;D


    but Vicky i just have a question
    do you know where i can go to dl some of the other radios bb recently came out on? like lee juk and ydh this week
    i really want to see those but i don’t know where to find them

  44. hi hi… urm, this doesnt have subs? or does it?

  45. nya

    hope it’s not too late
    uploading it now
    will give u the link when it’s done

  46. kekeke
    I’ll ask my korean friends if they know the song
    I’ll definately share it 🙂

  47. dubseeXvip
    HAHA I can tell u and bong will get along fine

  48. kiim
    Teukie and Hyukie is Eeteuk and Eunhyuk from Super Junior
    they’re the DJ of the radio show
    that’s what i call them

  49. Lynn
    it’s exactly the same thing
    just join and watch

  50. meriezu
    what seem to be the problem?
    did it say it’s not available right now?
    you should try again later

  51. jek967

    did you download both parts and save it in the same folder with the same name? then join?

  52. Any Phan
    he’s a little kid inside
    love him for that

  53. circustricks03

    Hyukie is my fave in suju so i’m excited!!
    gonna go search for Roora’s song now
    thanks so much!!

  54. hoichu
    you should try again later
    it does that a lot

  55. ktyum
    I’m not sure either
    you should try cashewmania clubbox
    maybe they have it since they upload a lot of stuff

  56. nya

    i uploaded it on youtube

  57. God. GD is really cute.


  59. vicky
    now i know why u want me to see it so bad
    HAHAHA… Bong is really dork!
    at first his voice is so high, but give a romantic atmosphere,
    but! but! at 0:30 kekekeka
    they became dork when the mucsic change. hahaha
    YB’s voice went to high & it broke. hahaha..
    (but why YB is went to the front?)
    then his mic’s cable detatched kekeke… ur Bong can’t really see front coz YB there block his way.
    i think its Tabi’s part to sing but Bong just sing again? hahaha
    i look at tabi, want to strat singing & surprised at the man beside him, singing his part. kakaka…
    Leader Kwon…. hahaha dork! his voice went do deep.
    & began dancing! hahaha…

    the ahjumma gossip began. eh, no, its ahjussi! ahahha
    the 2nd song, they began serious again. hahaha….
    oh ma god.. these dork, i love them so much!

    i said u make a hella long descriptive essay, but mine too!
    omg, i descript every little parf of it.
    Bong lover is a must watch ^^

  60. I think YB is near sighted and forgot to put on his contact that day or something, that’s why he have to go all the way up to read what was on the karaoke screen.

    My Bong is just simply amazing in so many ways possible hahaha
    We just can’t help it right?
    we just have to list out every little single details that’s important…. which all of them are hahah

  61. eh? YB use contact?
    aww, same as me. hahaha…
    (i’ll be happier if its tabi tough)

    ur Bong is amazed me in so many way. hahaha….

  62. nya

    I think so
    I’ve seen him wear glasses during the the documentary before debut
    so there’a a good chance, baby and bong also wear contact, not sure about ur man though…..

    I refuse to wear contact, I have it but never touch it, I don’t like it.
    and everyone say i look better with glasses so i’m like… okay hahaha

  63. vicky
    in my case i look dumber if i use glasses.
    my mom always told me to use contact,
    coz she’s too fussy, so i use it.
    either one is okay, don’t really care about it.
    always use glasses if i’m home. since i find it troublesome to use it everyday

    but if my man use it~~~ yaawwwnnnn kyaaaa
    i’ll never let go this contact hahaha

  64. nya

    I don’t think Tabi need glasses
    he only wear them sometime for fun

  65. vicky
    yeah, i know it.
    he just love glasses & shades.

    btw, yesterday i go to youtube to find that idol world.
    but they only have ep.1, there’s no ep.2
    u know where i can watch it?
    i want to see Bong cutting baby’s clocth ^^

  66. nya

    go to http://therealivipsubs.com/index/
    and you can go to the pre-release section and watch it with english sub

  67. vicky
    an i have to be a member to watch it?

  68. nya

    yea just register
    it’s really fast

  69. the sub version is HILARIOUS
    it’s worth it

  70. vicky..
    i don’t know what’s the prob..
    it just says, that the one i’m downloding is not supoorted..
    can i downlod this somewhere else…
    maybe,, it works..

    thank you..

  71. meriezu

    who say that? mediafire?

  72. vicky
    trying it.
    will have meeting again tomorrow after i watch it. hahaha

  73. nya

    we should set up a date where we both watch it at the same time and start spazzing about it with each other hhaha
    that’ll be so fun

  74. vicky
    oh my god!
    its okay gurl!
    lets do it! hehehe…
    well i can see it ummm…
    (maybe i should say in my time now.)
    every morning maybe 7am or every night since 9pm. (indonesian time. i don’t know what time is it in ur time)
    i always online that time ^^

  75. vicky
    oh my god1 forgot my time!
    should go to teach now. kekeke..
    see u tomorrow

  76. nya

    well what’s the time different between ur city and florida?
    as long as it’s on weekend, I can be on anytime
    preferably night time
    that’s when i’m most hyper hahaha

  77. nya

    OOOH! you late for school better hurry up!!
    I gotta go to bed
    already 10 PM

  78. nope,the media player said that..
    says: it’s not supported..
    is there other way i can download it somewhere??

  79. Vicky.

    about that site, ‘I can’t find kiss the radio :/

    whould u plz link me the adress, or tell me witch forum 🙂


  80. flowercow

    you can’t find it because they haven’t sub this video yet

  81. Oh oky ^^

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