Park Hyun Bin to attempt trot version of TaeYang’s “Look Only At Me”

Trot singer Park Hyun Bin will be attempting the trot version to popular group Big Bang TaeYang’s solo hit ‘Look Only at Me’.

Park Hyun Bin was at the telerecording of MBC’s havest festival special of ‘New Generation Star Trot Challenge’ on 7th September, where he did the trot version of the song.

On the show, Park Hyun Bin was dressed like TaeYang from head to toes, and he even did a little of the dance which he learnt directly from TaeYang’s dance team.

Not only did Park Hyun Bin performed the trot version of ‘Look Only At Me’ on the show, he also did ‘All together Cha Cha Cha’ and ‘Look at my, GwiSoon’.

This harvest festival special episode which sees the participation of other stars like Big Bang, SS501, Jewelry, Kim Gun Mo etc will be aired on 15th September at 6.30pm.

credit: sookyeong@wp & newsen
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~ by Keriann on September 8, 2008.

25 Responses to “Park Hyun Bin to attempt trot version of TaeYang’s “Look Only At Me””

  1. Wow… a Trot version… Interesting…
    TY looks good in that photo! Well, as usual!

  2. i wonder if they performed together. cuz i saw a fancam of bb singing all together cha cha cha

  3. YB is more HoTT then himm,,

  4. oh goodness, ive seen park hyun bin and star golden bell, hes odd…
    lol well i hope he does the song justice!

  5. eww .. 😆 😯

  6. nonono! hahaha! i wonder how it will sound like

  7. Err, it better be good? LOL.

  8. lol ; should be interesting.
    hope he made it good.

  9. wow
    i see soo many verson of Taeyang song
    they all hilarious
    cnt wait to see this verson too

  10. Oh Cool, wow
    i wanna hear

  11. ….this is should be interesting…
    cuz no one can do taeyang like THE taeyang.

  12. haha park hyun bin!
    I sorta had a crush on him… hahaha

    well though I always think trot is a bit outdated,
    I’m sure park hyun bin will definitely not disappoint trot fans.
    he has a good voice for trot (obviously).

  13. bwahahahahh, this’ll be funny.

    oooh. he looks like an acne-free version of this guy at my school. O___o

  14. I wonder if he’ll do the ABS flash. That’s the hottest part of the dance.

  15. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    agreed ^^

  16. lol

  17. Trot Version!!! xD! can’t wait ô___ò

  18. i wonder why tae yang got no butt O_O XD

  19. i wanna see what he looks like in full tae yang gear.

  20. this is going to be really funny/interesting…can’t wait!!

  21. “WHAT””OMG” GOSH What A D***
    He Was To Be Tae Yang So Much….
    GOSH I hate Guys In Korean Who Was To Be Tae YAng
    Gosh What The F***….
    THey Jux Haters!!!!

  22. GOSH Why Would He Jux Get A LIFE!!!!!

  23. For Your InFor Im Korean And I Know Big Bang/Ji Yong Too!
    If You Wann To Say Hi….
    Go To (
    On there!

  24. HOLLA To YOu BIG BANG AND Unique Girls!

  25. I like Park Hyun Bin..already = ]

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