09.09.08 Big Bang on KBS 2FM YDH’s Music Show and Lee Juk’s Ten Ten Club

***EDIT: NII just added a updated profile on the boys, I translate it, under the cut.

****JUST ADDED: Pictures from YDH Music Show Radio, question of the day, can he or can’t he see??? Bong with his classic beanie over half of his face is jut too cute for words. Lot more under the cut.

09.09.08 Lee Juk’s Ten Ten Club
Special Guest: Big Bang
135 MB

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Thanks to 와쥐베베님

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Since this is the same day as YDH Music Show, I’m guesing Bong have on the same outfit but NO! Mr. Bong refuse to appear on 2 radio shows with the same outfit so he throw on a huge oversize jacket haha. They start the show by singing Haru Haru, and again.. Bong singing Dae’s part, i love it!! I can’t get enough of hearing it. I don’t know about you, but the part where Bong and Baby both sing the bridge… I was in Nong-Tori Heaven… Nong-tori is the korean term for GRi hahaha, isn’t that cute?

I just notice… finally Bong and Baby sat next to each other… YAY!!!! They of course, start talking about stuff I have no idea what they’re saying, but they were talking about Baby for sure, then Baby say something that just crack them up so hard and make Bong speechless..

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O K A Y!!!!!!!! at 13:08!!! EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION!! WHAT DID BONG DO????? lightly and playfully hit Baby’s face, then when Tabi try to copy Baby and do the cute baby voice, GRi start cracking up like crazy, they even laugh like each other, how adorable is that?? Then Baby say to Bong “hyung please show us” so Bong did, the DJ ask Baby to try it and he did the laughing thing, WHICH IS SO INCREDIBLY CUTE… but yet creepy hahaha, Bong start laughing and he was like “are you crazy?” hahah You can see a line forming between YB and Bong, Baby and Bong are closer to each other….. i love it!!! my fangirl request is fulfilled.

One of the request send to the radio station is for Baby sing WonderGirls’ ‘SO HOT’ since he did SunMi’s part during the WonderBoys performace, haha… what a cold response.. all they say was “you did well” hahah. poor Baby, he should’ve do the “I’M SO PRETTY” they would go insane for sure haha.

During the break, after Baby got back, he lean over to see what Bong’s reading…. aww.. I wanna see some GRi moment.. but Baby sit back and CONSTANTLY fixing his sideburn…what is with that?? seriously.. I don’t get that… hahahah he just keep fixing it

THEY PERFORM “A GOOD MAN”…….. This is one of my fave.. I got so excited listening to this, Baby took over Dae’s part, YB was awsome man, he did this part flawlessly, so was Tabi’s rap, he got so into it, like you can tell. man i love this song.

09.09.08 KBS 2FM YDH’s Music Show
Special Guest: Big Bang
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Thanks to 와쥐베베님

You think I didn’t go crazy and spazz about this one right?? YOU ARE WRONG. i did spazz, care to read it? under the cut. See if it’s worth download, but Baby LUVERS… HAVE TO DOWNLOAD OKAY…  

Bong with the same beanie again… this beanie will now be as famous as its red beanie cousin and black and white star half brother haha. They perform haru Haru again, Bong rapping with the hoodie cover half his face, I found that incredibly adorable in some way haha… but then again… even when he sneeze I’ll find it hot… haha THANKYOU MIC!!!! YOU WORK!!! Finally get to hear Bong sing Dae’s part… I DIED……

OH MY GAD!! THEY PERFORM LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!!! For the first time!! LIVE!! ah~ they sound so awsome, Bong took over Dae’s part, it was so awsome, but there’s one part where he sing it on the wrong note, he was struggling with it but it was cute, at the end Bong miss a line, can you hear it?? then the laugh he did at the end too, “hehehehe” perverted laugh haha i love it!!

They were talking about something, then Baby mention Kara, and he did the part from the song Rock U “Shake It Shake It” haha crack Bong up, and they talk about Baby some more…. oh how I wanna know… so badly….

Then Baby sing SE7EN’s “Mine”… his voice send me straight to Baby Ri Heaven, he sing with his whole face and body hahah, I love that, Baby please be mine…. that was all I can think of while listening to this song, this little maknae…… no words can describe how random he is, he was singing to the part where he can’t go to a higher note then he just stop and say “sorry” hahahahah…. maknae!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO HEAR THE WHOLE SONG!!! NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!


I just got excited after reading this since I surprise myself and can actually understand everything on here, so I decide to tranlsate everything haha, and also another thing make me happy, thank god none of the boys weight less than me, Bong just constantly make fangirls have low self asteem it’s amazing, now I know this, make this fangirl happy


Birthday: November 4, 1987 [2 days before mine ^_^]
Real Name: Choi Seung Hyun
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Bloodtype: B
Debut: 2006 with Big Bang
Talent: Write Song Lyrics, Rap, BeatBox
Fan Cafe: BIGBANG is TOP Choi Seung Hyun


Birthday: May 18, 1988 [still amaze how he was born exactly 3 months before Bong]
Real Name: Dong Young Bae
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Bloodtype: AB
Debut: 2006 with Big Bang
Hobbies: BasketBall, Music, Watching TV
Talents: Rap, Dance, BeatBox, Sing, Speaking English and Japanese.


Birthday: August 18, 1988 [speciall day isn’t it? 880818]
Real Name: Kwon Ji Yong
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Bloodtype: A
Debut: 2006 with Big Bang
Hobbies: Painting, Music [who new Bong likes to paint, another thing we have in common ^O^ I’ve been studying art for 4 years now]
Talents: Rap, Dance, BeatBox, Writting Song Lyrics, Sing, Speaking English and Chinese


Birthday: April 26, 1989
Real Name: Kang Dae Sung
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Bloodtype: O [same as me ^_^]
Debut: 2006 with Big Bang
Talents: Sing, Speaking Japanese
Fan Cafe: Big Bang DaeSung Kang DaeSung FanCafe


Birthday: December 12, 1990
Real Name: Lee Seung Hyun
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Bloodtype: A [same as Bong]
Debut: 2006 with Big Bang
Talents: Sing, Dance, Speaking Japanese
Fan Cafe: Big Bang SeungRi Lee Seung Hyun Sweet Job


thanks to S님


~ by Vicky on September 9, 2008.

67 Responses to “09.09.08 Big Bang on KBS 2FM YDH’s Music Show and Lee Juk’s Ten Ten Club”

  1. Isn’t it NYONGTORY?

    G-Ri is so cute and definitely my favourite pairing, but what did you mean by a line forming between GDYB? As adorable as G-Ri is, GDYB probably have the tightest friendship — being best friends for so long…

  2. uhh

    probably is NyongTori
    I only saw the korean word for it
    it has the same pronoucination

    GDYB probably is closest,
    but I just feel Baby and Bong….. ehh~…. more LOVE haahha

  3. DS is missing out, man

  4. vicky
    “hehehehe” perverted laugh haha i love it!!
    i know u love it.
    don’t say that u’re pure anymore

  5. nya

    WHAT? just because i say i love his laugh i’m not pure anymore?????

  6. vicky
    hahahaha… i just like u’re admitting u love pervy things.

  7. nya

    THERE IS NOTHING WRONG.. with lovin’ pervy stuff
    i did no wrong

  8. vicky
    u’re wrong when u want to admit it.
    i know u love it till crazy inside

    (oh my god! i sound so perverted. kakaka…)

  9. omg, how is yb weigh the least?

  10. vicky
    wow, most of them can speak japanese!
    i’m so happy! i think its only YB who can speak japanese.

    speak of that, i’m listening to Utada Hikaru ‘prisoner of love’ song.
    i found that this song really descibe my feeling now. hahaha

    i’m just a prisoner of love~~~~ hahaha…

  11. nya

    u didn’t know all along? wow surrpised me

  12. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    probably because he’s the shortest one in the group..
    that’s the only explanation i can come up with

  13. nya

    u are a prisoner of perverted thoughts
    and i am ur prisioner for being here and getting mental images haha

    I think Baby is getting good with his japanese, since he’s been performing SONAGI in japan for a while

  14. vicky
    yup. i just notice it. oh my god…
    hahaha… love them…..
    since when they’re in japan YB do most of the japanese talk.

  15. vicky
    prisoner of perverted thoughts
    am i????
    (acting cute)

  16. nya

    his japanese voice sound funny to me
    whenever any of them talk in japanese just sound funny to me
    maybe cuz i’m not use to it

  17. nya


    ur playing the deny and act innnocent card now??
    OH LORD =.=

  18. YBTOP’s “A Good Man” perf is so awesome. what a collabo!

  19. vicky
    yup. not only u. i think i found them funny talking in japanese too.
    in KBSR maybee’s volume up i spot them saying japanese.
    yb, baby & tabi.
    each of it doesn’t make sense.

    well, i am innocent, if its not related to my man ^^

  20. nya

    kekeke… ur in denial

    have u or have u not think of that to anyone other than tabi?

  21. vicky
    serious. no one than tabi
    NO ONE.
    not ever ane man i tought of pervy thing EXCEPT tabi.

  22. nya

    wish you can see my face right now
    the face that says “i don’t believe you” hahah

  23. vicky
    really, no one than Tabi.
    since i don’t have boyfriend / boys i like except tabi ^^

  24. nya

    wow faithful
    i can’t say the same though
    i’m a typical female teenager is boy-crazed hahah

  25. ahaha vicky, i think you mean “thank god none of the boys weigh LESS than me’ ? not more…

  26. so awesome how Bongs bday is 2 days after mine(x
    its like soo cool X]
    but i wish Dae & i had the same bday 🙂
    that WOULD be fate X)

    playing it KOBE HAHA, Music no duh i listen to that non stop
    haha everday, Watching TV watch it too much my dad disconnect
    my tv once before haha
    Talents: Rap( I can’t do that lol, Dance(Break dance and hiphop), BeatBox(Can’t do that), Sing(yeah in my shower haha and i took
    choir in like 6th grade), Speaking English(duh i speak it) and Japanese(haha learning it)

  28. vicky are you korean?

  29. Awww g-dragon hobby is to speak chinese?
    Bong you can come speak to me in chinese! <33

  30. Haha TOP looks so sweet w/o spiky hair^^ ❤

  31. vicky
    i’m a faithful type. kekeke..
    the first time i saw Tabi, i know that he’s my prince.

  32. I so would like to see them speak english…….the nice and proper way—–I really would like to hear that.

  33. ♥.♥ Good person ♥.♥

  34. i died everytime i see bong wearing BEANIE
    i love the red and the half star beanie..
    and now they have new brother blue beanie..
    I’m loving his BEANIE man~
    after reading what u’ve said and they sang A GOOD MAN
    OMG i can’t wait to download it..
    a good man is one of my favs!

  35. kyaaaah i love it when jiyongie oppa smiles xDD
    귀엽당ㅇ ~ 꺄아악 ~ 오빠 사랑해용 ♥

  36. KARA’s hara was mentioned cos the boys were talking about their celeb friends..

    SR’s celeb friends include her
    hehe look at the other guys when he’s speaking abt it. they’re like “ohh there he goes again..”

  37. Yayyayay I love watching the boys appear on radio shows cause you get to see random and personable sides to them. I only watched the YDH music show one and let me tell you I was LMAO. SR was being silly AGAIN. When YDH asked if anyone was dating, SR was like well to tell you the truth I am seeing someone. GD, YB, and TOP knew he was going to say something only SR would say. GD was like stop and YB…lol…said something I totally expected him to say.

    YB: “You know what, I’m gonna just close my ears.” That’s typical YB. I love this boy.
    TOP: “I’m gonna close my nose.”
    GD: “I’ll just leave the room.”

    Mad hilarious. Makes me love you guys even more.

  38. @ circustricks03

    hahaha really?
    gosh i love them >’333
    I can’t understand a word..sometimes it gets very frustrating when i can’t understand what they’re talking..
    this language barrier is like preventing me from understand the boys more T____T

  39. i watched the Lee Juk’s ten ten club thing..
    ok fine i don’t understand a word..
    but at 13:08..bong hit baby’s face..hahahaha that was so so GRI!!!
    ARGHH~~and ‘a good man’ was so great T____T
    I wanna hear more live performance of this song please..
    it’s great T___T

  40. i watched the Lee Juk’s ten ten club thing..
    ok fine i don’t understand a word..
    but at 13:08..bong hit baby’s face..hahahaha that was so so GRI!!!
    and the way baby fix his sideburn..hahaha..what’s wrong with his sideburn..
    and ‘a good man’ was so great T____T
    I wanna hear more live performance of this song please..
    it’s great T___T

  41. Baby Bong and Me share same Blood Group ;DDD

  42. haha.. maybe the ‘line’ forming between yb and gd is due to their competition in vying for sr’s attention.. lolz.. nahh, seriously, they all love each other.. heee..

  43. awww i love themmm :] love toppp

  44. dubseeXvip

    thanks for catching that use of word mistake haha

  45. tinaxxe

    i’m vietnamese

  46. nya

    a little extreme??

  47. vicky
    well, umm, have i ever told u the first time i know Tabi?

  48. nya

    i don’t believe i heard that first love story
    tell me
    this is a need-to-know VVC member basic

  49. gd looks really cute.
    and im really jealous of the girls that got to take pictures with them.

    but… i cant help but wonder whats on taeyangs hat. XD

  50. vicky
    kakakaka… need-to-know? of what??? hahaha…
    first love story??? what kind??? hahaha…
    i’m just amazed of them. believe me, but i’m drawn to Tabi as soon i realize there’s BB

    well, theres a Chinese station TV that aired MKMF on April.
    damn, April 2008!
    first i look at Bong & my first impression was like o.0!!
    then members appear, just as hot as Bong. kekeke…
    then the dancing scene, and kyaaaaa
    my man appear.
    OH MA GOD!!
    that finger pointing thing… i like being hypnotis.
    my price is here! that’s what i tought. kekeke…

    that time i was teaching my brother his school stuff & when he ask me something
    i was like “QUIET! WAIT A MINUTE!”
    then these crazy things begins

  51. nya

    kekkekeek first momemnt
    and you know he’s the one
    awww…………. isn’t that just too sweet!!!
    MKMF… that was one crazy morning,
    i wass watching it live too
    were you?

    your prince kekekekkekekke
    it was the same for me
    Baby was all i can focus on when i first saw big bang hahahaha

  52. vicky
    sweet right? i can’t believe i’m so innocent that time.

    wwhen the first part, i can concentrate on the song, listening to it, enjoying it, BUT!!
    after that ‘finger pointing thing’ fufufu…
    my eyes just focus on him. can’t really enjoy the song again
    i mean, tabi is really my type.
    well, my type of prince is so hard to find.
    can’t express the feeling. no words to describe. hahaha…

    i admit the first time i look at Tabi coz of his outside appearance but after i know them from the news, just can’t get out from BB world. kekeke…

    i’m not watching it live, MKMF aired on November in Korea.
    but i watched it on April!
    i watched it on TV, one Chinese Statiun TV air it (maybe they re-air it) huaaa… i’m so slow. but better than not.

    watching it live??? wow… that must be freaking noisy. i can imagine u scream like idiot. hahaha…

    eh? i tought it was Bong who drawn u into BB stuff.
    eh wait, u’r first is Baby manwon huh?
    that makes sense

  53. nya

    awwwwwwwww… it’s like your writig snow white’s love story haha
    you’re so cute!!! AH~~

    i saw it live at 7 AM when everyone in the house is asleep… yea it was painful not to scream

    Baby was the reason, Boong only got my love because he was such a dork with Baby, i love GRi so much that I love Bong too

  54. vicky
    hahaha… after all this time u just realize how cute i am?
    buhahaha… (i know i’m not supposed to say this)
    i just say my feeling to Tabi. not that i’m writing a story. kekeke…
    than tabi should be the prince who wake me up with a kiss.
    (kyahaha… oh! i love it!)
    but who’ll be the witch who give me that poisonus apple? hehehe…

    yeah, baby is a gentleman. when i say idol world ep1, i know he’s a gentleman type, i mean, when he give that jacket to the Queen Card. any girls will choose him for sure.

    so u mean Bong in ur heart just an addition????
    wow, that surprised me!

  55. The new profile are SO HOT!!! [and I can speak japanese too ^_^]
    T.O.P with the glasses is killing me! SO SEXY!!!
    [Envy so much the girl at the radio station!!!]

  56. nya

    keke an amazing person
    cuz whoever give you that apple wants tabi to come and save you haha

    i think the queenka likes Tabi from the beginning already
    she doesn’t care about the others
    just so sad for my baby… he was so ma dhahaha
    yet so cute

    yup… surrpsingingly hahaha
    kwon leadah is not first prioty
    Baby is

  57. vicky
    whoever that person is, i’ll be really thankfull for her.

    eh????? so the Quenka choose Tabi????
    haven’t watch it!!! Tabi…….

  58. nya

    you didn’t?
    i ruin it for you?
    she have her eyes on him the whole time
    you can tell

  59. vicky
    ahhhh~~~ i just watch ep.1…
    don’t have time for watching the others.
    oh my god… i’ll watch it this weekend.
    or i’ll spare my time to watch it!
    gaahhh… i know my man sexyness can’t let girls go away from him

  60. nya

    OH MY GAD!!
    watch it already and spazz about it with me
    can’t believe you haven’t seen it yet

    idol world always make me happy when i’m down

  61. vicky
    oh man, we’ll have a meeting about it tomorrow. kekeke…
    i’ll arrange some time to watch it.
    i promise ^^

  62. thx for the picture…

  63. Vicky can I translate it into Viet ^^ and post in bbvn ^^

  64. Ha Ji

    you wanna translate the profile info to viet?

    it looked like… ****** LOL xD

  66. Tabi’s bday is 4 days before mine haha!

  67. to all the filipino fans of big bang….pls support them on myx….plssss type, myx(space)vote(space) and the title of the song and send to 2366 (ex. myx vote gara gara go)…the more you vote the bigger there chances of reaching number 1..they’re currently on number 13 on myx international countdown… they haven’t entered yet the myx daily top ten, and the myx hit chart…(i’m sorry for advertising here)

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