090908 Big Bang Showbiz Extra: Making of Haru Haru | So Yoo Jin’s FM inkigayo Pictures

You guys know the cute song Bong sing on “kiss the radio” yesterday? I really like the song, it has such cute beat to it, nice song to listen to, so I’ve been doing some searching around on Naver for it, it’s Roora’s song “3!4!” Bong use to be a mini-roora, haha, I finally found the song. Upload for those of you who want it. 🙂

DOWNLOAD: Roora [룰라]: 3! 4!

090908 KpopZone: Big Bang Showbiz Extra: Making of Haru Haru

thanks to 통키님
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Finally something we can understand,kekeke it’s that shirt again “OMC”!! haha there’s so many GRi moment, though they didn’t do much it’s so cute, Bong kept making Baby flustered… the part where Bong just randomly turn to Baby and start staring into his eyes with his dreamy eyes hahaha…Tabi standing there posing like a model then he just unzip his jacket a little bit and keep on posing haha that is so cute, Bong did a little bow when YB say Bong produced the song, that’s cute. When Baby started talking, Bong of course lean in…… ah~ they edit that part out… I WANNA SEEEE!!! At the end, Bong start randomly dancing, then he look at Baby and they both laugh ahha, at the end.. what do you think Bong was gonna do to Bae?? any guess?

Pictures from So Yoo Jin’s FM inkigayo…. don’t let these inncent pictures fool you… someone is getting grope in the next pics under the cut hahahah…… not fit for those who are 19 and under haha…. any guess who is the victim that’s getting groped??????? But he look like he likes it… A LOT.

Bong is ALLL OVER TABI!! YB want some too, and………………. can someone please explain to me what Baby is doing?…… him and his little maknae world…. no one can really understand him… BUT i do understand that Tabi is LOVING IT.


thanks to Bang ’em님

~ by Vicky on September 9, 2008.

102 Responses to “090908 Big Bang Showbiz Extra: Making of Haru Haru | So Yoo Jin’s FM inkigayo Pictures”

  1. Aww, love the pic where GD is all over Top.

  2. omg they are soo cute lol haha [:

  3. um…wow…

  4. i love TOP

  5. YB, get your finger outta TOP’s ear. LOL

  6. lol
    GD look lik he really feelin it i mean REALLY!!!
    n truely i realy want to know wt SR is doin….
    well w/e it is he look cuute doin it!!

  7. i want to do that to TOP

  8. Breaking news:

    theres a massive explosion on VIP fangirs due 2 TOP n’ GDs censored (4 under 19 yrs old) pictures!!!

    Also it reveals OUR OMLord baby Maknae his (again) own little world n’ VIP’s r lost 2 WTH hes doin’!!!

    n’ last is oUr #1 ear molester YB (haha).

    thats all 4 our breaking news 2daY!!!

    hOpe every1 didnt die yet..or if u did RIP..(haha)..

    OMLord..bring me 2 lyf!!!

  9. ^_^ is me J-G-RILEEN!!!

  10. J-G-RILEEN

    you win in life

    ever consider becoming a anchorwoman???

  11. LOL; look at baby!
    haha thats so cute!

  12. YEHEY GTOP! I had the hugest spazz ever; you don’t even know. XD

    LOL how in the last part of the GTOP strip it says “iyong, TOP…coming…out? ^^;;” HAHA.

  13. aww that is so cute lol i love them

    Taeyang’s arms are like crazy XD

  15. Sunny


    REALLY???????? COMING OUT??
    OF WHAT?? hahah

  16. AHAHAHAH! look at TOPs face!!!!!!

  17. vicky
    i thought it was baby!!
    but turn out to be my man????
    oh ma godddd…. roro must see this!
    where’s our leader in such an important time???
    VVC~~~~~ gather here now~~~~

    Tabi… if u really likes to be groped so much,
    i can do it for u…
    GDragon… don’t touch my man!
    that ‘touching’ stuff… its my part, u know?! hahaha…

  18. nya

    whenever “grope” is mentioned, they will always think it’s Baby hahaha
    roro will die, her other man, YB is doing something in Tabi’s ears…. not exactly sure what hahaha

    VVC CLUB UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bong love to touch… you know that hahaha

  19. vicky
    what does YB mean that ‘nice person’ is nice to listen on rainy days?
    hahaha i don’t get it?
    Bong at the end just start dancing. kekeke… cute!
    Tabi is hot enough by standing still. hahaha

    what’s bong doing? don’t have a clue

  20. My mouth just dropped.
    OMG! I’m jealous.
    GD hugging TOP. It’s so cute!

    And SR as usual in his own little
    world. I love it. ^__^

  21. vicky
    my man… i know he likes it.
    can’t say that he a innocent boys.
    i could do it for hin anytime, if he wants it.

    GDYB, oh my god… i do think they want to molest my man coz of his sexiness.

    Global warming is no important compare to this.
    the most important thing is to prevent my husband being grope by ur husband

  22. nya

    OH GOD… mental image… here it comes………

    my husband keep doing it because ur husband is loving it too much
    did u see his face??????????/
    he’s enjoying every second

  23. vicky
    he enjoy it so bad!
    his face! oh my god……
    lorddd… let me touch this man….
    want to touch him so bad…
    (well, not only touch maybe,)

    he make a completely elated perverted face!

  24. HOT! You guys should look at my huge smile right now! =D

  25. nyha


    you begin to scare me now

  26. vicky
    don’t u ever think want to touch ur man?

    Bang tease me so much with this ‘touching’ stuff.
    my man…

    this remembered me about coffee prince parody. kekeke…

  27. nya

    MORE than you know…
    but do’nt wann admit it

  28. vicky
    i know u WANT it!
    just admit it. lord…
    this girl is like my other half brain

  29. nya


    i think deep down somwhere we’re related hahaha

    i want it…. maybe i don’t…..hhhhhmm..
    AW. who the hell am i kidding?
    hell yea i want it hahaha

  30. So much love in the room ❤

  31. yayyyy!!

  32. vicky
    my long lost sister… kekeke…
    that do sound good. hahaha…

  33. nya

    we should just get our DNA tested already haha

  34. vicky
    hahaha.. too over…
    but sounds good enough

  35. nya

    or we just skip that and accept that we’re related already
    save a trip for me to go to indonesia

  36. yeah yb, no wetwillies, thats nasty!

  37. OMG!!
    my baby what are they doing to you???!!!
    looks like he’s happy…..
    and GD looks like he’s enjoying the hug too much
    hahhahaha they are so adorkable!!!!
    too bad DS wasn’t there to joing in the fun XD

  38. my friend sent this picture to me last night and my reaction was like WTF i want to be jiyong or TOP.
    LOL! soo yoo jin’s reaction is like..OMO! BIG BANG are you coming out?
    my friend said GD really is showing us a lot of EMOTIONS. Makes me
    wonder how it is wrapped around TOP’s arms.
    and YB what are you doing be sure to wash your hands before eating.LOL! he looks like a kid in the last picture.
    so cute.

  39. ohhh maaa gaaad!
    i want to be top at that moment sooo freakin bad! T__T

  40. OMG O.o *spazzz*
    that is so effin hot XD
    i never thought that TOP would join in the GD affair..
    but whatev, it came out hella sexy so who am i to complain ;p

  41. woah..woah…WHAT!
    i am speechless…. LOL

  42. haha, TaeYang’s standing in the back like “OHHH, Top has sexxxxy ears” HEHEHE<3

  43. Top looks like he’s enjoying himself, very much, he’s all like “look at my sexy tongue, look I’ll stick it out for you” hehe

  44. vicky and nya

    I just logged in and saw those pics…
    OMG…Why is Tabi sticking his tongue out as if enjoying EVERY SECOND of it???
    and Bong was like…”yeah..i’ll stay here”…
    GDYB power in groping TABI. hehehe.
    I think Baby Sri wants to either a) also hug/grope Tabi; or b) be groped by GDYB. hehehe. ^^ he and little maknae world. ^^
    YB if you really wanna grope someone I’m just right here.. 😉
    Vicky those pix really gave a lot of good stimulation for my imagination. ^^
    Nya yeah I remember the coffee prince parody…that made me laugh from the first sec to the last! haha.
    Bong: “Come on come on!”

    I almost died. again. ^^

  45. Kenley
    thats why i said “he make a completely elated perverted face!”
    kekeke… good in noticing it ^^

    if YB want to grope, he got u
    but if tabi want to be groped, he got me.

  46. vicky
    believe me, u won’t want to go to indonesia.
    pollution, freaking hot, reterded… all
    kekeke… can’t mention again

    i make my own country sound so bad, but its the truth! hahaha…

  47. omg..TOP’S tongue!!!!


    but i like it! ^___^

  48. owww when i saw last pic i started laughing crazily and still laughing xD oww they are too crazy but too cute at the sametime x3

    -oww and i watched that idol world and then i learned TOP watched a po*n when hes in 5th grade xD this is true or subbed wrong ?

  49. oma they are make me laugh again i watched video and oww kwon leader is too cute ^.^ hes fooling around everytime but for g-ri moments gd is so cute but baby is so serious i think and i wonder what gd will do yb end of the video x3

  50. Hehehehehe——the last pictures are gold!!!

    Really funny. I bet they´ve finally watched some of those “Haru Haru” fansubbed videos.

  51. this is definitely a VVC club moment. OMG.
    i didn’t go online for a day and this is what i already missed.
    gawd, i’m having unclean thoughts again. why oh why.

    i’d love to be tabi’s jacket or yong’s shirt. heck, even the dust in between those two. oohhhh. gaaaaaaa.
    my imagination’s running wild as of the moment.

    LOL @ yb for poking tabi’s ear and maknae for doing his own cute little thing at the side.

    looks like i’m going to have some nice dreams tonight. LOL.

  52. omggg! i’m jealous xDD! i wanna be Bong xDDD! hahaha
    awwwww U.U

  53. ARGH ARGH i wanna be bong wth wth!!
    Ishhhhh…my top ah~~~~~
    hahaha..and what the hell was baby doing hahahaha~~

  54. hahahaha i spot the Gri moments when bong kept looking at baby while baby was talking~~~omg that sounds so…loving :p
    I guess he wanna hit him in his chest? hahah i dunno..bong is plain cute xD
    omg look at ty’s arms…they are HUGE!! HOTTT
    and top is as hot as usual..standing there like a stick as usual xD

  55. omg i was i was top in those phottos (:
    and gd will be all over me 😀 lols
    soo cute xDD

  56. oww i wanna learn that whats writing in pics 😥

  57. ha ha ha GD so cute^__^

  58. AWHH>> TOP HOT

  59. nya

    he should have removed those glasses…or not…no. I think the pic is perfect…hehe…I can’t make up my mind…
    Dae missed such a *eherm* photo shoot. =)
    If i was the girl standing beside them I obviously wouldn’t just stand there. Lucky her. she got the live show. ^^

  60. gelatin
    well girl, for once again i’ll say our club description

    VVC club is for girls who want to do ‘this’ and ‘that’ with BB members.
    got it?
    if u’re a VVC club member, ‘some tought’ will never leave u.
    believe me. i’ve experienced it
    kakaka… *pervy laugh*

  61. Kenley
    i think if Dae was there he’ll be the one hugging Tabi.
    not Bong. remember ToDae from HYD parody?

    oh my goddd…. i die the moment Tabi kiss Dae.

    what i’m typing???? its suppose to be me who do this ‘touching’ thing!
    leave my man alone, members… please…

  62. OMG.
    TOP soooo damn SEXIIII<3

  63. aw, i wish our KWONJIYONG held onto me like that!
    AAAHHH! i just noticed that GD is wearing shorts!
    & what is little SR doing there, haha YB trying to get some action but cant, and TOP just standing there with his tongue stickin’ out x] wonder what DS would be doing if he were there —– hmm.

  64. Kenley

    kekeke Baby is underated so he’s not allow to touch Baby hahahah

  65. nya

    and if baby wanna grope me
    he better hurry cuz soon he’ll be legal and it’s ilegal for him to grope me hahaha

  66. nya

    sound like florida to me
    it’s not any better trust me

  67. gelatin

    if we have a VVC MOMENT OF FAME
    this will be in it HAHAHAH

  68. nya

    ur the one creating all of those thoughts hahaha

  69. lol YB looks like a kid

  70. vicky
    its them who make us tough like this.
    & don’t copy my line from above. hehehe…

    damn, type so many ‘hahaha’ all comment just have ‘hahaha’

  71. nya

    i just can’t help it
    every thing i post just have to “hahahaha”
    add more “love” to the post hahaha


  73. nya + vicky
    my goodness these boys. they’re seriously korean to the maximum. 🙂

  74. roro

    why the sudden evei llaugh?
    reading our meeting?
    ur missing out a lot

  75. vicky
    well first i was laughing because the last picture is so cute. i love korean boys – they’re so cuddly and funny together. :] and taeyang is an ear molester!! HAHA.
    and then i read your guys’ conversation. and then i had to laugh a lot lot more. ^^;; you PERVERTSSSS

  76. roro

    withtout you i’m in danger
    nya have no one to share her thoughts to so i’m a victim hahaha

  77. roro + vicky
    hey? what up with that pervy thing?
    we’re VVC members, of course we’re pervy. just admit it

    u’re missing so much fun these days. kakaka…

  78. nya

    hahaah of course it’s fun for you hahahaha

  79. AMG Bong looks into Ri’s eyes LOL and then does that dramtic bow xD hahahah so funny and at the end his random sway dancing xDDDDDD man i really do wonder what he was gonna do with YB???

    NOOOOO G-D!!!! .>..<!!!!!

  80. vicky
    everyday is fun with BB around. ^^
    they just lightened my boring days.
    love them so much^^

    wait, why i be so poetic out of blue, kaakaka…

  81. nya2

    Makes me wonder what are the things they do inside their house. hehehe. ^^
    OMG I remember the HYD parody… if Dae was there he would be in GD’s place. ^^
    Being a VVC member means you are thinking about pervy things to BB…whether you say it or you don’t is up to you.^^
    These set of pics really killed me.

  82. Vicky

    Just because Baby Sri is not yet legal doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to join…or maybe they can’t show the pix when he joins. Well he’ll be legal soon, don’t worry. ^^

  83. i die whenever TOP sticks his tongue out, how can he be so fierce looking and sexy??? what is it with these korean men? why are they so DAMN SEXY???

  84. nya

    hahah first a perverted fangirl
    now a poetic fangirl..
    what’s next?

    they make C R A Z Y

  85. Kenley

    but the problem is when he turn legal it’ll be 2 more years until i am
    and anything we do, he will get in trouble haha

  86. kenley
    hahaha… if dae was around, i think Tabi’s face will be more umm… perverted kakaka…

    that’s what i mean by being a VVC member. hahaha…
    maybe we should make a guilty ppl list.
    ppl who think alike us, but not joining our club
    hahaha… that list will be a freakingg long one! hahaha….

  87. vicky
    hahaha… next is no fangirl anymore.
    i’ll have *choi* added in my name.
    u’ll call me Mrs.Choi. kekeke….

  88. vicky
    u won’t get into trouble if none of u speak about it.
    just let it be ur & ur hubby secret!
    fufufu… ‘dirty little secret’

  89. OMG!!! Big Bang are so SEXY!!!it’s UNNATURAL!!!!

  90. Sexy ppl!!!
    Why are you so damn HOT & SEXY?!

  91. nya

    mrs. choi

    i’ll wait for that day

  92. nya

    he is my dirty little secret…
    DIRTY DIRTY little secret -O-

  93. vicky
    hahahah… i love that.
    Mrs. Choi, kekeke…

    ur dirty little secret but u speak out loud about it. hahaha..

  94. nya

    i have absolutely NO PROBLEM speaking it out loud
    hehe.. while he’s still illegal

  95. vicky
    hahaha… u have less time now.
    he’s turning to be legal soon.
    at that time, don’t forget to lock ur mouth.
    make it a real secret. kekeke…

  96. nya

    only a couple of month……
    it’ll be OUR little secret

  97. omfg..gd and top..><;; all over each other. HAPPINESS.

    lol do you think they were reenacting the fight scene in haru haru?

  98. i cant stop looking at top & GD’s pic!! its way too freakin hot <333333

  99. hahaa… i hafta say GD and TOP look SO cute ahHAHHA
    but TY on TOPs back trying to molest TOPs ear is prettyy
    funni hahah =)
    what are you doing SR? u are too cute for words 😀

    big bang <33

  100. omg omg omg my fandom has come true, gd and top <3333 haha and ty and sr just in the background looking cuteeee

    omg love TOP my little tabiii

    bigbang <333

  101. I luv this pics.
    Actually Bong & Tempo are lovers, I think there is nothing to be surprised.
    That is GTOP love! so beatiful love! I want them to kiss each other, waiting, waiting, waiting, that’ll be great!..>333

  102. -SIGHS- T.O.P in the shades is sooo dreamy!who’s the girl?T.O.P<333 omfg sooo hot!GD all over him pshh.I wish I was GD hugging T.O.P<333

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