GD’s Birthday Project: Music and Lyrics…

Initially i wanted to call it as GD’s Music Notebook, but then i changed my mind. Instead i call it as Music and Lyrics, where his music matters and eventually thats what got BB together at the first place.

Music and Lyrics is all about art. With that, he can do that anything with the book. The reason why i enclosed all of your messages  is because i know that at times, he will need inspirations to write more songs..and by just reading your birthhday messages might just get him more inspired.

The book is simple coz  i know GD doesnt like birthday gifts. So i tried to keep it as simple as possible. i drew the drawings on certain pages and colour them accordingly. The rest i leave it as it is coz your designs speak for itself. No help needed.

I arranged all of the messages on random pages.

GD will be writing on pages that has music notes. I paste it on designated pages.

Again, sorry for the pic qualities. All was taken when i was in Korea. And most definitely i was still high on the Korea Trip back then.

Hope i didnt dissapoint any of you. And maybe this might be my last project for this site. Then again, too soon to tell 🙂

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~ by Momo on September 9, 2008.

85 Responses to “GD’s Birthday Project: Music and Lyrics…”

  1. wow these presents for big bang is freakin….wow O_O
    just too much for words..i think he’ll love these a alot ❤

  2. WOW!!!
    so many messages I wish I could have sent one but I forgot to:P

  3. wow .you did all that? i mean edited??
    such dedication!!!

  4. it looks great!

  5. I wish I knew something about this! T_T I want write something for him tooo !! T_T…

  6. LOl i see mine omg haha love it [:
    this is hot wow i love helpin out haha
    ur such a great artist n stuff haha u rock

  7. @ tinaxx: yup i edited all..and designed it.

  8. coolcool, now while he writes his lyrics, he can visually get inspired by vips!

    `thanks !

  9. AHHH ! MOMO I LOVE MY PAGE! i was frantically looking for mine & like i finally saw it.
    but anywayz. thanks for that.
    & the drawing couldn’t have been more perfect <333

    talk to me soon!

  10. Nice guys. NICE.

  11. hey momovip…great designed looks really nice n_n .
    could you show me where mine birthday greeting is??
    I want to see it..xP
    I hope JiYong use this music notebook =P

  12. oh just found it ahaha xP

    GREAT JOB!!!

  14. nice!!
    it turned out great!! ^^

    GOOD JOB!!! ^^

  15. Cool!!! love it!
    i hope GD will use that book to write his new song in future yeah!!!
    love da design momo….
    make me wanna hv 1 hahahaha
    some of vip drawing rock man! hahahaa

  16. aww, so sweet xDD
    but I’m curious– are you guys doing anything for TOP’s birthday?
    & if so, what’s it gonna be? O:

  17. momo, you’re an angel ><
    I’m really glad I participated in this
    cuz GD’s been making me happy this whole time
    so even just once, I’m glad I could be a part of something to make him smile ^^

  18. i wish one of them was mine 😦 but i didnt know must send to you…owww im so sad but you are awesome hard work and beautiful end ^.^ too sweet :3

  19. wow this is sooo sick…. i love it, you are sooo good, i’ve been waiting for this to come out for ages haha, wow i love it
    good work 😀

  20. GREAT JOB momo! TX…GD will love it!
    momo u rock!:]

  21. Momooo rulezzzz! >.< Thanx for doing the project it turn out so beautifull *o*

  22. Momo..i wished i like big bang earlier..
    cos if that is so i’d be able to write something on it too T___T
    and u’re in malaysia near to me T____T
    BTW the the notebook is really great =)
    well done momo!

  23. I LOVE IT!!!!
    thx SO MUCH for your effort!!
    you’re the best!!!

    Argh, i should’ve written mines better!
    oh well i mean as long as i wrote something
    to KWON,JIYONG! Ahhh but yeah LOVE IT!

  25. very great!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thazx so much momo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i luv it^__^!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Looks really nice. Initially I thought the music notebook was going to be a notebook for GD to actually write his music in. You know like a blank notebook but with maybe inspirational pictures and messages around the border of each page. I’m not making much sense. Good job!!!

  27. ^ LOL nvm. I just looked at the pictures again and it does have blank pages for GD to unleash his musical genius on. I think I need more sleep. T.T

  28. I can see my page 😡
    Oh my god so beautiful :*
    Thanks so so so so so much~~~

  29. Aww, looks gorgeous.
    I can’t wait for him to see this.

  30. woahh its so pretty!

  31. YAY I SEE MINES ^^

    omo it`s sooo gorgeous haha

  32. aha! I see my page!!!! ^^
    so much awesomeness love from our iVIPs~!
    haha. lotta love fo Kwon Leader <333
    geat job Momo. Keep i up!

  33. yay! i see my name! thanks so much for making this!!

  34. WOW!

  35. i don’t see mine on there .

  36. :] This is awesome, dont let it be the last one!!!!!!! WE MUST CONTINUE TO SHOW THEM OUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!

  37. this is so exciting i love it!!

  38. MOMO~~~~~
    that’s awesome…thank you so much ^_____^
    U must be work hard for it,,its really GREAT…
    wow….our b’day messages already there n hope GD oppa will love it (yeah…he must,LOL).
    i see my message there you make it in blue paper YAY….love it, i love blue….
    thank you…thank you so much..MOMO…

  39. omg it came out great. saw mine there and it made me happy. thank you so much for your hard work.

  40. circustricks03// yes i have thought about that..but then it would defeat the purpose of not be able to read the messages clearly later on..but thanks anyway

  41. beautiful work, momo. ^_^

  42. I see my message there !! yiipeeyy !!
    but i forgot add my name in the pic.. T_T

    thanx 4 your great job momo !!
    I’m waiting 4 the next project !!

  43. wow
    alot of stuff in that booklet
    i saw my design on there
    sooo excident!!
    hope GD see it

  44. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!Go VIPz!!!!

  45. OOOOO i can read mine!! .>.<. LOL its the 3rd picture on the red paper LOL i cant beleive i can actually read it LOL

  46. AWESOME!!! thanks momo!
    i saw my name!!! i was like gyaaaaaaaaaaa my name.. my full name!
    thanks momo luv ya! keep up d good work! 😀

  47. kkk

  48. Looks awesome! GD will definetely love it!

  49. awesome!!!I saw mine and was so happy…I hope GD feels the same way upon receiving “OUR” gifts.

    thanks for the wonderful work momo!!!

  50. omg this looks soo awesome!!
    i saw mine!!!
    i hope GD likes it !

  51. OM-“GD” i see minez, that is freakin’ awesome!!! XD
    wow i love everyone’s letters, lotsa color and messages ^_^
    GREAT job everyone! keep it up! 😀

  52. mmmm, i don’t see mine T____T

  53. i wish i kenw this and i did ha…
    well i wann to write him something too;
    i love you g-dragon always in my heart together foevea!
    no more lies!
    -kim sung jun

  54. Yup~!! I see mine ^^ momo.
    Thanks for awesome project! & thanks for you work hard
    for every V.I.P !!

    GD will love it.

  55. COOL <333
    I have make for TOP <333

  56. lov it.
    i wish i can make one for top or ds.

  57. ohmygod I’m late for few weeks to see the pictures, and now the server is gone so images are gone. -.-

  58. aaaaaaaa no pictures ;_;

  59. aww you think you can fix the pictures ?
    they arent showing 😦

  60. aaa i cant see

  61. done

  62. awww omg
    it came out wonderful !
    thanks momo ^^

  63. wow… superb gift… TT

  64. momo.. when will u make a gift again for the other group member ? if u gonna make it , can tell me ma?

  65. i want to make for TAE YANG!!! love him sooo much….

  66. hi I ´ love you big bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  67. sugoi ne sugoiiii…

    love it…

  68. hope he like it n feel happy..^0^

  69. woahh…dts alotta work yu put in der…wel gd job..
    ddnt kno dt u were duing ds..if i knew i wd hv wntd tu
    write sumthng too….well nwyz…dts reli nyc of yu tu du
    su,tin lyk dt…i kno he’ll luv it…^^ lub yu jiyong oppa!!

  70. Wow !! I Like it ^o^

  71. i can’t see the pictures.

  72. WOW!!!!!! I think thats an awsome present………

  73. wow amazing

  74. hay is this all of it?
    i dont see mine :{{ even though i turned mine in to you :{

  75. soooooooooo pretttttttayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  76. me too..i wish i met big bang earlier…i just met them just hm…october 2008??? so sadT_T….but i’m happy for my fellow ivips!!^_^….and for gd too^^….

  77. wait !
    you met GDragon ??????!!?!?!!?!?!!!?!
    are you serious ?
    did u get an autograph ?

  78. Jijong so kul !!! But I love Top ! Top is the best .love Top 4ever “n” sm

  79. i love kwon jiyong forever…………………….

  80. happy bday gd ^^ sarangheooo .

  81. How do you send this birthday present to him?
    I mean the address……
    I want to know the address in your BIGBANG fansite is real?
    I really really really wanna send a letter to BIGBANG!
    Hope they can receive it.

  82. woooow…your projectz is awesome ^^
    when you start a new one pleaseee tell mee… i want to make one too for GD ^^
    could you tell me the address, PLEASEEEE, i want to sent them something too ^^
    i want it so badly, please ^^

  83. wowwwwww..w

  84. Man! Wish I was there~

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