Big Bang on Kiss the Radio Pictures

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Picture from Suju’s Kiss the Radio, I told you I will be happy the day they release these pictures, and in fact I am, very happy, they never disappoint me, such dorks I love it!!! Bong and his continuing random poses infect everyone, even make the dorkiest Hyukie and Teukie from Suju stand still haha… wow… I’m getting jealous of a light saber..that’s not healthy is it?

This picture crack me up big time hahaha… what… are they doing? we will never know haha

Anybody jealous of that light saber?

I love this pictures so much, Bong’s face was just adorablem then the 2 SeungHyuns in the back looking like siblings

thanks to Bang’em님


~ by Vicky on September 10, 2008.

81 Responses to “Big Bang on Kiss the Radio Pictures”

  1. Ahahhaha..
    GD’s kissing the saber sure make the GD lovers goes crazyy.They’ll want to be the saber anyday.hehhe

    ahh, I’m so sad Dae2 is not there. He can’t take a pic with Teukie oppa…isk iskk..

    anywayy.. The 2nd picture is soo cute “Big Bang juniOORRR!!!”

  2. GD’s ever adorable. (: looooove the last picture!

  3. Ish I’m jealous!! and what a sexy expression!! hahaha~~
    i like the last pic too..bong is always good in showing adorable expression…the only thing is, dae is not here =(
    haha ty’s wearing a spiderman cap xD

  4. omg gds so cutee xDDD
    i love taeyangs hat xDD

  5. yeahh thats rigth i jealous 😥 whats thing that not with me and with that saber oww i wanna cry and scream like a crazy T.T and last pic killed me im in GDHeaven now ~~

    Yes, i am Jealous
    Hehe they’re so funny
    aww DaeSung wasn’t there

  7. awwww i miss DAE!!! but i gotta admit these pics are super cute lolz what is Tae doing in the last two pics! ahah and his hat is soo cutee..spiderman!!! i want a light saber!

  8. always funky lol

  9. OMG GD is so damn sexy.

  10. they r cute *__^

  11. aww..where’s dae dae?.. too would be more fun if they’re complete..big bang+2 suju dorks..hahaha i love them!

    dang..right now..everyone just wants to be born as that light saber!!..including me!!^^


  13. vicky

    I understand your jealousy towards the light saber…huhu.. just like how i am jealous of all YB’s hats. hehe.
    The two Seung hyuns looks so cute. They can be siblings here. heheh.
    Oh the things you can with a light saber…hehe…^^

  14. i’ve.. never wanted to be a light saber that much.
    is this normal? o_o

  15. why light saber??Of all the stuff why did he get a light saber??

  16. where does YB get all his hats from, i want the smiley face one!! Has anyone noticed everytime he takes off his hat, his hair is still always maggically perfect

  17. vicky
    have u ever tought in ur life want to be a light saber? before u see this picture? kekeke….

    that picture… Tabi…
    my man is doing an ‘ultraman pose’ hahahaha…
    maybe he loved ultraman deep down inside / even have its action figure ^^

    2 seung hyun… ahh…
    that kyun seung hyun sure drive me crazy

    such a good pic to see before went to sleep

  18. Kenley
    vicky probable die the moment she see that pic.
    i can tell she want to be that light saber so bad.
    just like i want to be one of Tabi’s shades.

    we’re all same ^^ hahahaaa…

  19. OMG!!! YB has a spiderman hat! hahhaha. so cute! i love spidYB! HEHHEHE.

    and TOP with his hair cut…makes him look so mature. ^^
    why do i feel like he’s so ready to film IRIS already?
    i guess TOP will be the next missing member once filming starts. ^~^

  20. vickyyy~~~
    OMG gurl! i just realize this.
    the one when they perform ‘Tell me’ with UJH
    when Baby’s part come.
    Tabi just spell it!
    V.I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (should check it. i don’t know if there’as something wrong with my ears)

    i’m so freaking jealous with ur name now.
    Tabi….. please spell my name too…

  21. nya2
    yeah, after posting this she really wanted to be that light saber. hihi. =)
    yeah…we’re all the same here.I guess that’s not healthy anymore?
    ah who cares.^^

  22. lol GD that dork ahhaha he is so random thats why i love him more and more now!!!

  23. these pictures are so cute! GD is such a kid with his light saber.

  24. i think it’s funny how they edited the words on jiyong’s shirt out.

  25. AHHH~~GD and YB looks super adorable in the last pic<3<3
    and I love baby’s red belt~~*pushes dirty thoughts away*
    I miss Dae already;_; He must be practicing very hard.

  26. Aww, GD looks so cute!
    I love Kiss the Radio…Eunhyuk & Leeteuk are the best.

  27. love tops glasses

  28. It is so true that TOP + Seungri looks like brothers in da last picture! They’re so adorable! I should turned into a that little light that GD is hiding so he can hold me too..>LORD…

  29. Yeah. I couldn’t wait to see these pictures
    either. BB with Leeteuk and Eunhyuk. Yay.
    Darn that light saber though. xD
    I like the angle of that last pic as well.


    i wanna be the light saber too!

  31. MoRT2512

    I know it make me go crazy.. he’s groping the dang light saber…

  32. newvip
    it’s so quiet when Dae is missing

  33. BBismyLife
    I love it when he curve his lips like that…
    oh my damn…

  34. sweetsorrow
    Bong will turn us into Star Wars nerd hahah

  35. hee-jin
    Dae is busy with his musical
    idk about born to be a light saber.. being human is better… you can “do” stuff haha

  36. Kenley
    haha ur jealous of his hat?
    that’s funny hahaha
    those 2 really look alike
    same profile

  37. MINisVIP

    this is what they do to us

  38. anecia
    well it’s Bong.. no one can ever understand him anyway

  39. hoichu
    he barely have hair
    only a mohawk anyway haha

  40. nya

    I never thought one day I’ll be this crazy…
    I can never guess the future man

    ur man is so hilarious
    see I told you! he probably own tons of action figures

  41. nya

    what did i say about you and i sharing the same brain?

  42. janie
    oh that remind me!!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HIM AS A COLD BLOODED KILLER.

  43. nya


  44. Kenley
    none of us are healthy haha

  45. Melly

    yea probaby because of his shirt controversy lately
    “Suicide for fun?”
    hope he’ll never do that

  46. widchii
    dirty thoughts about Baby and his belt!!!!
    *HIGH FIVE!!*

  47. LOOOL! YB Spiderman hat :DDD!

    and the two SeungHyuns >___< cuteeee!!!!!!♥♥

  48. I MISS DAE2

  49. OMFG~! That was a nice one of youngbae in the last one.

    and oh man. ji yong, you sexy dork. let me be your little light saber thingy. please. ^.^

  50. i absolutely love how suju and bb’s sorta connected now xD lol ! i love theeeeeem xD lol, in that one pic, teukie’s like “wtf?” xD hahaa! soo cuuuuute :3

  51. ahh i want YB’s hat! and GD’s black white star beanie 🙂

  52. vicky
    we DEFINITELY share same brain
    ohhh action fogure, the next thing i want to be besides Tabi’s shades it u! kaakakka…

    that sure is a lucky light saber. hehehe…

    oh gurl, go check it now~~~
    i’m dyhing coz of jealous here.
    i really hope i hear it wrong >,<

  53. nya

    probably mostly the perverted part haha

    i’m so busy with other stuff
    i’m watching something right now
    will watch it later

    and i hope you hear it right hahaha

  54. Kenley
    healthy? am i?
    when i look at BB?
    well, i’m 100% healthy, i mean, they’re boys & i’m girl.
    not that i love girl while myself is a girl.

    we have tose tough & its healthy.
    but when u have tese tough against ur ‘own’ better go to check up

  55. vicky
    i hope i hear it wrong or it was other members voice.
    no Tabi…. don’t say other girl name when i’m here

    hehehe… the pervy part will 100% same

  56. cuteee.

  57. vicky
    btw, if u want to go to check, better check this one too.
    tabi manwon ep.1, when he do his mission to Se7en.
    Joy to the world, No Hongchul’s version.
    when Bong get up, i think i spot his undies. (umm… maybe)
    the one with star design in the circles and (red/ purple) colored.
    coz his jeans is lower until half of his butt, we can see it.

    but i don’t sure its his undies or not

  58. nya

    don’t worry~
    even if he did
    i only have eyes for baby and bong haha

  59. nya

    gah~ i wanan see it but my GOM Player is in use right now
    I’ll make sure i check it tonight
    school doesn’t start utnil 12:30 PM tomorrow so i don’t have to go to sleep early tonight!!

  60. vicky
    uumm… u have watch it a long time before me but why u don’t realize?
    hahaha… go check it out gurl
    if i’m right, u’ll be crazy.
    i know it.
    but for tabi’s case, still don’t want me to be right. kekeke

  61. nya

    maybe it’s because i only pay attention to husbands??

  62. vicky
    then how about ur husband undies?
    guilty, of course u are! hahaaha

  63. i love all the pictures
    so cute ~ !

  64. why is teuk so far away?!
    I love teuki! xD lol.
    Super Bang is love 😀 lol.
    Deng, Jiyongie sure
    knows how to make the
    fangirls go crazy [;

  65. nya

    baby is diffeent
    he doesn’t like have his boxer hanging out
    trust me i know
    i’ve never seen it before
    if he have i would’ve noticed hahaha

  66. ok damn that light saber to hell. (I cant believe im damning an object) and in the fist and second pictures TOP reminded me of the Great saiyanman from Dragonball GT XD lol just his pose makes me giggle

  67. my favourite is the last picture.
    look at youngbae he’s adorable as always
    i swear i cud look at him and not blink at all.
    i might even forget to breath ehheh

  68. vicky
    hahahha…thats Baby, but have u checked Bong?
    so, does that mean i’m true?
    well thats still accepable, but my man.
    i can’t accept it!
    even at beach he won’t let me see!

  69. all of them is sooo cute…weird pose by them in the first pict,but still cute..I like the third pict,they look so adorable

  70. Vicky

    I also heard *was it tabi?* them spell ur name when Baby Sri came out to rap. ^^ I really love that perf. =)

    It’s one frustrating thing for Tabi not to show his body, or anything! Haha! I’ve watched the KM Idol world episodes and YB wants to give Tabi the shower scene role so that all can see him. But he refused. hehe. He said he has a lot of hair and he’s too shy to show the world his body.
    “My mother hasn’t seen me shower!” -Tabi
    But I think I saw his abs during the La La La MV…or wasn’t it him?not sure.
    Ah I wish they do a La La la live perf sometime…I love their choreo there….=)

  71. ~OMG,
    yeah i agree~ they’re the cutest!!
    love them..
    lolz.. cute poses!!!

    wish i can watch this~ i havent seen this yet.. huhuhu

  72. OMGGGG…the second pix!! never in my life i would want to be a thing!! but looking at that pix!! i would love to be magically transfigured into that light saber even for a minute!!! muahahaha..Ji Yong!! that beady eyes of yours is more than enough making me all giddy..=D

  73. Kenley

    when he first start performing LA LA LA he did lift up his shirt for real
    but then stupid anti netizen dig up his high school picture and call him fat
    then he come self consious
    causing him not showing anything until today

  74. kenley
    yeah, that abs in la la la is real. i also spot his undies said ‘calvin klein’.
    but abs? i don’t see my man has one! hahaha…
    he’s so skinny at that time, he looks fitter these days.
    awwwnnn i have a little tought everytime i speak la la la. hahahaa…

    “My mother hasn’t seen me shower!” -Tabi
    really??? he did say that??? oh my god!!
    wait, what i’m hyper up about?? he refuse to do that!
    (but shower role… awww… that’ll be the day u VVC members vixit me in cemetery. i’ll die for sure. i’m dying while i’m imagining it. fufufu…)
    but he’ll lifft it up someday. when he have that ‘abs’ so the fool anti will have no words for him again & i’m happily waiting for that day to come true.
    tabi….. i’ll always be by ur side…

    but, he’ll lift it up when our first night.
    he IS my husband! kekeke…

  75. OMG! SO CUTE!
    And T.O.P and Seung Ri really does look like brothers!

  76. big bang so cute!!! aww so sweet…seung ri like dancing as wonder boys…so hot…cute!

    T.o.p always the best ever!!!
    ee teuk and eunhyuk so cute!!! haa…luv them all

  77. Vicky

    yeahh me too that kills me everytime when i see oww i wanna … that lipss >:D that boy make us perve always x3

  78. hello do you know where i can watch this with subtitles? thanks!

  79. anyone know wher ei cna get that 1tym song they sang? or maybe their ripped version of it??

  80. Wow You Gusys ARe Yummy<3

  81. You Guys Are Cute<3 Yummy

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