here’s that nice writing again, with his silly questions. i guess he likes reading paragraphs, or his favorite word is EVERYDAY.

*taken from ygbigbang.com


pssh. let me give you another answer besides EVERYDAY. lol
when am i proud to be a BB fan?
-when i wake up staring at my VIP keychain. it’s beautiful.
-when i realize how far i went to buy my bb merchandise. i’m nuts.
when i see a bunch of random girls come together & have so many things in common. i know then.
-when i see a bunch of girls swoon over you guyz, i definitely know then.
when you make me become a super jealous female. it’s all your fault!
-when i think back at the times you got hurt, esp. SEUNGRI crying cuz he twisted his ankle, but still performed.
-when jiyong hurt his hand a few times cuz it got burnt or cut. =(
when i’m reminded of those times you were hospitalized due to exhaustion, dehydration, & lack of sleep.
whenever you come out for encores. that’s cuz you love us.
whenever i see you smile, you make me smile. i just know only you could do that. & that makes me cheeze.
when i see you all working hard, performing your butt off. you do it for us.
when i’m listening to UNTIL WHENEVER. then that’s it.



~ by gdluvzmc on September 10, 2008.

54 Responses to “DAESUNG ASKS #2”

  1. Omg, I’m always so proud.
    -When they when an award, I’m SO proud of them
    -When I see him do a fab performance
    Those are my top 2 moments, but pretty much, always.

    im proud 24/7, mostly when i hear seungri saying things like ‘VIPS saranghaeyo!!’ XD

  3. I am always proud
    -when you win an award
    -when I watch you during interviews
    -When you do a performance
    I am always proud because I know they worked so hard to get where they are and yet they continue to be so humble. They alway come fo’real with honesty , they are not fake in the least. Big bang Have their own style and stay true to it.
    I am proud of them all day er’day 😉 XD

  4. when should we never be proud of our boys =D
    I am most proud to be a fan when i bring their music and pictures from my school things to school and get all he other kids to start liking them to.
    i’m doing my job to spread the BIg Bang love. haha. Make them internationally known =D

  5. OMG…everyday, everytime, anywhere
    -I’m proud because of every award you
    guys get for having the greastest music
    -for every song that comes out is LOVE
    -your style
    -[AHEMS] you guys are hot [cough]
    -My Stand Up CD =]. [it’s AWESOME, I LOVE IT]
    -makes me wanna buy more stuff of yours
    -making me broke
    -looking at the picures of you guys
    -downloading, saving images of you guys
    -when i see you guys on stage
    -hehe yes i do get jealous of seeing ppls around you
    -when bad[you guys getting hurt], funny things are happening
    -those late nights just watching you guys and getting
    yelled at by my sisters to go to sleep cuz of school and stuff
    -OMG LISTENING TO UNTIL WHENEVER & Reading the Translation
    made me cry/teary.
    -making me always smile/laugh
    I’m a PROUD I-VIP (: and i will always will be!
    Haha yes, I’m Saying it LOUD & PROUD. I LOVE BIG BANG
    Btw i can go on rambling about this hehe it’s already long too
    “Always & Forever”

  6. everday&second i’m proud to be supporters of big bang. you guys are awesome.
    you guys set examples for us & we look up to you guys.
    no matter what you guys never let us down.
    we loveee you guys<3

  7. “All the time” may be a cop-out answer, but it’s true.

    If there was a single moment that I wasn’t proud to be a fan, I’d have to stop and ask myself “Why aren’t I proud? Am I really a fan?”

    I have not and will not experience this moment!

    So…All the time. XD

  8. Basically EVERYDAY xD!!!!!

  9. -when i wake up in the morning seeing my Special print out pic of big bang
    -when i take a shower while listing to big bang song and singing to their beautiful music.
    -when i go to school and start dreaming of my lovely hunnybunny boys(:

    basicly EVERYDAYYYYY i’m a Big Bang Fans<333333

    BIG BANG FTW love(;

  10. 24/7 i’m with you and i am proud.
    esp. when i have your new cd’s or i know something about you first. hahahaha!
    i’m most proud to be a fan when you receive awards and you say the magic words “THANK YOU VIP and I LOVE YOU VIP!”

  11. errr…oppa, what kind of a Q is that?!

  12. I’m proud to be a big bang fan everday
    24/7 because there’s no day that i feel

  13. DAE DAE OPPA ! i love this question (: EVERY DAMN DAY would be perfect for this question but i want to point out some of the ones:

    im proud that im a bb fan when:
    -you boys release a new single that sweeps the whole world off their feeet.
    -when you guys do an AMAZING live that makes my heart go bbong bbong bbong.
    -when you take awesome pictures in photoshoots..
    -when gd makes a fashion statement (: loves it !
    -MOST ESPECIALLY: bigbang isnt like the other boy groups. 🙂 their style, music, attitude… its all so different. 😀

  14. I’m proud when you guys work SO hard to make us HAPPY!
    When you guys are all I think/listen/talk about.
    When you make us ViPs go crazy for your merchandise!
    When I know you guys aren’t a boy band, that you make and decide on your own life/career to make everyone love YOU!
    I’m proud to be a ViP EVERYDAY! =]
    You guys make me smile and giggling inside! >.< x]

  15. -when you guys receive an award
    -whenever there’s BB on mtv or everywhere i scream like some crazy girl and told my friens “it’s BIG BANG!!”
    -when my friends told me “haru-haru keeps repeating over my head now” :p because i make her listen to that song over and over again
    -when i see you guys are enjoying your performance
    -when i watched that documentary again and saw that you guys really work your ass off

    nothing to be ashame for being a VIP boys

  16. always, point blank. i’m proud to be a VIP every waking moment of the day, sometimes even when i’m not awake lol. i’m proud of big bang for making such an impact on my life and thousands of others. it touches my heart the most when you guys perform so whole-heartedly, giving the fans your all. i’m proud of being a big bang fan when i witness you guys do wrong and you don’t deny it. you admit to your wrong doings and apologize, but that is on rare occasions =]

  17. I’M PROUD EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY!!!! lol I’m proud of BB when I wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night. These guys are so awesome (too awesome for the word AWESOME) when could I not be proud of them? I’m so proud whenever I see them on tv, when they make a new video, when they come out with a new album (bc they do all these amazing things so fast)with all these great songs, when they’re on a radio show being EXTRA cute and cool… um, I think I’ll stop now so that other VIPz will have space… even tho the page will keep growing anyway (semantics-semantics)… but, anyway–I’m repping the Big Bang-ness everywhere I go! Thas all I gotta say!…^.^

  18. I am proud to be a big bang fan…
    -when I realized how amazing you guys are.
    -when I realized that BIG BANG is a MUST LISTEN.
    -whenever I am thinking about BIG BANG.
    -whenever I wish that Big Bang was here in america.
    -whenever I dream about BIG BANG.
    -whenever I start to think about BIG BANG!
    my loveeeee<3

  19. I am PROUD 2 b a BIG BANG fan…

    Whenever, wherever, I think about BIG BANG (which is EVERYDAY)!!!

  20. I am ALWAYS proud, through thick and thin, good times and bad times, no matter what.

  21. when foreign people like them too

  22. these questions are going to take me forever to answer! T_T
    basically it all adds up to EVERY SINGLE DAY! YEA! :]

  23. whenever i see my daesungs face, here him sing etc etc 🙂
    and when ever big bang mentions there vips im proud to be part of that!

  24. every single day baby(;
    everytime i hear your voices (especially yours)
    everytime i see you i melt.
    always and forever my kang dae sung<3

  25. Every dayy I’m proud to say
    I’m a big bang fan !!!

  26. i am proud everyday actually, but im am even prouder when BIG BANG gets an award and yet is so humble and thanks everyone from the bottom of their hearts

  27. When I listen to your songs
    when I see you guys in shows/photoshoots/random pictures taken by fans
    When I hear/read/say good thing about you
    when I see how hard you guys work….

    Pretty much every second of my life

    proud to be a VIP 😛

  28. Everday, Every Minute, Every Second… You are my favorite group…fighting!

  29. I’m always proud! Today and everyday

  30. every second of my life, big bang is the star that makes me happy!^_^

  31. I’m proud to be a VIP…
    whenever I see you guys perform…
    whenever I hear your songs…
    whenever I remember the awards you received…
    whenever I buy all those BB stuff…
    whenever I hear the kVIPs cheer you guys on stage…it makes me cheer along…

  32. When D-lite knows the answer of Qs in FO :p

  33. i think the better question would be

    when am i NOT proud to be a VIP?

    Which is never of course. every living moment i am proud and so fortunate to hear their music and know about them. They make me smile if im having a bad day just by hearing their voices. You guys are awesome and there is no way i could ever be ashamed to call myself a VIP

  34. There are lots of times when I am proud to be a VIP!

    – when I see other artists sing/dance to Big Bang songs (it proves your popularity)
    – when I see Big Bang members smile means that you rested & take good care of yourselves
    – when I see the fans cheering for Big Bang cuz it proves that VIPs love you and will always gives you love
    – when I see your comeback! Many fans were especially worried about Big Bang breaking up, each members are going into their own directions, but on August 8, 2008, all 5 members stand on stage again after a year, I feel proud!

  35. proud to be a VIP?! EVERYDAY!!!!!

  36. My twin & I are so proud of our oppas every second of our lives!there’s not a single moment we’re not proud of u,esp after seeing poor oppa in concerts doing very hard 4 us VIP’s and smiled to comfort us that it’s nothing..~Being a VIP is proud enough,bigbanG fightin’!!!^^

  37. My twin & I are so proud of our oppas every second of our lives!there’s not a single moment we’re not proud of u,esp after seeing poor oppa in concerts doing very hard 4 us VIP’s and smiled to tell us that it’s nothing..~Being a VIP and knowing bigbang make us proud enough,bigbanG fightin’!!!^^

  38. My twin & I are so proud of our oppas every second of our lives!there’s not a single moment we’re not proud of u,esp after seeing poor oppa in concerts doing very hard 4 us VIP’s and smiled to tell us that it’s nothing..we are so proud when people know we adore bigbang so much~Being a VIP and knowing bigbang make us proud enough,bigbanG fightin’!!!^^

  39. Ugh, honestly, could he have asked an anymore difficult question? When am I PROUD to be a Big Bang fan? All the freaking time. I mean, whenever people tell me my desktop is awesome (the GIF of the Baskin Robbins commercial when TOP knocks Seung Ri down). When my non-KPop loving friends tell me how hot they think “those Asian guys you love” are. When people start dancing to my ringtone (Gotta Be With You). The list is ongoing.

  40. OH! I forgot to add, I’m proud to be a fan whenever I look at my new Doraemon doll. Literally, the second I saw it, I instantly thought of Daesung. Of course, I absolutely had to buy it, and I now take it everywhere with me. Good luck charm. =D

  41. always everytime when i wacth u i love u all too much and proud of u all forever ^.^

    @@@@when i think back at the times you got hurt, esp. SEUNGRI crying cuz he twisted his ankle, but still performed.—–>>>>>>>>WHEN WAS THAT PLSS CAN ANYBODY SAY ME ??

  42. when the song “lies” came out

  43. hey, how to be a vip?

  44. I like what Dae asked! =)
    I guess I’m not ‘PROUD’ yet when I first liked them
    then the feeling of ‘proud’ slowly came after
    – I knew that all of them worked hard to achieve what they have now
    – I knew that they all have different talents which amaze me so much
    – they win awards and I seriously think that they deserved it
    – I watched some of their concert videos and they performed so great and what they told VIPs in the great concert seriously touched me T____T~

    and I’m proud of them when my friends keep bashing them. I would tell all the talents of Big Bang and leave my friends speechless.

    I’m really proud of our boys! 24/7 =)

  45. whenever i hear a song, especially UNTIL WHENEVER.

    I don’t know what you’re talking about?
    Silly I’m proud of you guys 24/7!
    -Seeing you guys being happy
    -All you guys are doing =D
    -I don’t know i guess that explains all.
    24/7 I’M PROUD OF YOU GUYS. =D *wow did i sounded like a mom?*

  47. when im i proud to be a BIG BANG fan???
    ~like everyday of my life!!!!!
    ~every hour…every minute…every second…
    ~everything counts..

    i’m so soo proud of you guys!!
    coz you guys are the best!!!!

  48. All the time!
    Every second,every minutes, every hour,every day, every week, every month, every year.

  49. I Love you Always!
    -When you preforme! you give all you got and it makes me SO HAPPY and pround being you iVIP!!
    -When you sing! your voices are amazing and pure and they make me feel happy at all times!
    -When you make a new MV! Your MV’s are the cooles, the hottest, the sexiest! basicelly, THE BEST THERE IS IN THE WORLD!!!
    -When you smile! whenever one of you or all of you toghtehr smiling, I’m melting inside! you got the sexiest smiles EVER!
    -When you make me love you SO MUCH while I can’t touch you! WHY ARE YOU DOING IT?!

    I love everything about you! from head to toe! no metter what you do, you will always be thw best!
    And allways know this: Big Bang is V.I.P!
    [I’m hearing “Big Bang – V.I.P right now ^_^]

  50. Whenever I listen to your music & I think ” … Damn. Here they go again.”
    When I see you guys being yourselves, all happy and silly and dorky. Then I know I’m in love with normal, regular people who have extraordinary talents. Fosho yo ;]

  51. I’m always proud to be a fan.

    Listening to your music makes me feel happy.
    I’m always having a conversation about Big Bang at least once a day.
    When I’m randomly in class and a song pops in my head.
    When I see BB joking around and just being them, it makes me smile.
    I feel so proud to be a fan when I see all the effort you guys put into your work, and when I speak to other fans and we just talk for ages about BB.
    I feel fulfilled to be a fan to people who are great and just love what they do. I’m always proud to be a fan.

    Anytime and everytime~~

  52. I’m proud to be a Big Bang fan every single day of my life.
    -Your music makes me happy when I’m pissed
    -When I’m bored and I start thinking about Big Bang
    -When antis talk shyt, I’ll make a HUGE commotion & argue back, anywhere & anytime, cause NO ONE can talk shyt about my boys
    -When I’m swimming & I’m ready to give up cause I think practice is too hard, I’ll think of all the hard work you guys put in to be where you are today. You guys are my motivation to keep me going
    -I’ll smile everytime I think about Big Bang
    -When I’m having Big Bang conversations with Keriann(;
    -When I’m bored, I make believe you guys are actually here with me [yes, I fantasize a lot ! LOL]
    -Everyone knows when I’m upset or mad, to talk to me about Big Bang & I’ll be cheered up
    -Everyone knows me as the girl who loves Big Bang
    -When you guys get hurt, I cry for you. You boys seriously need rest ><;;
    -I’m a fan from the beginning & I’ll be with you guys till forever

    I’m proud to be a VIP <3(:

  53. yes. of course i am proud.
    BB was the ONLY band to make me pull out my
    inner fangirl.
    i LOVE your songs. i LOVE all of you. even though
    some friends make fun of me, i am DEFINETLY
    PROUD to be a BB FAN.

  54. when? i’ve been always been proud! i never was ashamed of them or something! THEY’RE THE BEST!!!

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