A Cat Like a Person… Arrogance is the Life


guess who this is?


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An hour and half for to give birth to a cat?

What am I talking about? It’s about a time to change a performer of ‘Cats’ from a regular person to a cat on a stage.

A makeup process for ‘Cats’ was finally released after it was thoroughly hidden in a veil. ‘Cats,’ one of 4 best musicals in the world that has over 20 years of history, has been avoiding exposing backstage because they wanted audiences to feel and recognize performers as cats. But after long persuasion, RUG (Really Useful Group, Original Production of ‘Cats’, United Kingdom) introduced a secretive process to Joong Ang Il Bo (The Korean Daily). To be honest, I thought myself ‘Why are they being so complicated? Isn’t it just putting make up and wear costumes?’ But they had their own know-how and experience, and a strict philosophy on participating in the performance.

#Understand cat’s habit.

Big Bang’s Daesung (19) made an appearance as a model. He, who is his first time being in a musical, will act as ‘Rum Tum Tugger’ the most charismatic character in ‘Cats’. I was curious that how he with soft and innocent look was going to change to a character with unpolished beauty.

On 9th, 11a.m, Daesung appeared at Charlotte Theatre makeup room. He was already wearing basic tight clothes that looked like a whole-body swimming suit. The start of ‘disguise’ was basic makeup. White toned foundation was painted all over his face; yellow, orange, brown, and etc colors went on top of it. Chae Song Hwa, makeup director, said “Daesung has a face that can be changed well depends on makeup; his face disappears and becomes that character.”

Daesung is currently appearing in SBS TV variety show ‘Family Outing’. Big Bang is planning on releasing new album next month. Why is he doing musical with this busy schedule? “Youngest member Seungri took a role in a musical called “Sonagi” After I saw him falling into a character and becoming an actor, I encouraged myself.” Weren’t there difficulties? “I thought I dance pretty well but I learned that basic form is very important in musical, especially in ‘Cats’. I had difficulties with standing up with toes and flexible turns. I also had to concentrate on delivering lyrics with correct pronunciation while I emphasize on feel in concert.”

‘Cats’ is very strict. Actors must turn themselves as a cat. One time, a performer saw a kid audience, thought a child was so cute, and patted child’s head. The director found out later and scolded that performer saying “how can a cat pat a person’s head?” Actors have to understand about cats obviously. “Cats can stand with their four feet lightly even if they fell from high place. That means they have very good balance. They enjoy being by itself rather than staying as a group. When they catch a rat or any other things, they don’t eat it instantly but play with it for a long time; they have a brutal nature,” he said thoroughly. He was like an expert in cats.

#Cats act like people

After a basic makeup, makeup artist put powder lightly to block oil spreading on the face, and started to draw black lines carefully. He slowly started to become ‘Rum Tum Tugger’ His cuteness disappeared and a strong character like a tiger started to show.

Cats are known as arrogant compared to dogs that follow people well. It’s because to get an attention from an owner with its arrogance than faithfulness. Then how is ‘Cats’ practice process like? Daesung said “I’ve been looking at mirror for two months.” It was because to find strictness that’s hidden inside of him by observing him carefully. It may be abstract, but it’s a prerequisite for a start point. After that, they learn cats unique movements like marking territories, showing wariness, etc. They also learn licking, touching, etc that cats use to express their emotion. He emphasized, “it’s important to look like a cat acting like a person, not a person acting like a cat.” He also said only way to get better is to repeat ‘impromptu exercise’ as if he’s hypnotized.

It was a hard process to five staffs had to come around him to put wireless microphone and put a wig after makeup was done. Daesung slowly started to talk less than beginning to interview. As he turned his eyes to me and said, “I didn’t mean to….” he looked like a real cat.

The last step were to wear boots,add fur around neck, and put a tail. Daesung’s walking changed soon he was done with everything. He made a sound like moaning as he was moving his tail slightly to the side. He raised his right hand as he came up to the stage for dressed rehearsal. It was a sharp, but sexy male cat’s movement; he was a cat himself.

‘Cats’ Korean performance will start on 16th staring with 3 days of preview performance.

Credits to: JO!NS // Joong Ang Il Bo
Original Article: Click Here
Translation Credit: Jeska


~ by jeska on September 11, 2008.

52 Responses to “A Cat Like a Person… Arrogance is the Life”

  1. yay! jeska’s first post! *applause*

  2. Dae u worked hard for Cats huh? T____T
    keep it on!!
    I totally can’t recognize him..he looks like a fierce fierce cat
    but all the makeup and costume are interesting though
    hope Cats would be successful!!
    all the best to dae~~take care of yourself please

  3. OMONA. he really does get completely transformed by the makeup.
    and i can see his muscles through the tights.

  4. You said guess so I figured it
    had to be DS because we all know
    he’s working with Cats, but I really
    had to second guess myself because
    it didn’t look at him. Oh the power
    of makeup. DS has a great set of
    legs too. Whew. GO DS!! ^__^

  5. XD I wonder why they picked dae sung =))
    I can really see that it’s dae sung O_O

  6. it fits him. ^^ he really is a cat. One hella sexy cat…*rawr*
    Go Dae =)

  7. Dae totally turn out to be a different person.
    the atmosphere around him changed

  8. @eun mi: really? i wasn’t able to tell it was him when i first saw the picture lol. i had to stare at that picture for a while XD

  9. OMG. he is one blazing kitty! *rawr*

  10. WOW..
    Now, he finally can communicate with Doraemon with no problem, since he’s a cat now..
    Hot cat right there!

  11. oh my daesung!!!! totally different image!!!! huhuh
    so cute and cool!!! go daesung!

  12. I still would, even if he is dressed like that.

  13. oh my god
    it is really daesung ????

  14. He’s so diffrent with that makeup..he’s so working hard for this*tears*
    Hope DaeSung is okay,f he finds this a good thing for him then hwaiting!!^^

  15. far more than his make up,
    what took my attention is his THIGH!!
    OMG!!!!!!!!! SMEXY THIGH!!

  16. Woaah!
    Really cool
    I think that not’s DS

  17. oh my…. XD

  18. DS looks so hot dressed up as a cat.
    LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!^__^

  19. OMG! That is so cool! I love DS, he is so random and can do everything!

  20. seems like a lot of people are staring at his thigh…LOL


  22. oao XD the things make up can do, lmao, i can’t even recognise him XD

  23. omg!! i didnt recognize him!..haha good job dae dae!..^_^

  24. 2 Jeska: can I translate it into Vietnamese and post in my 4rum! Thanks in advance. Such a great information. DS looks so different and I hope he’ll bring a new Rum Rum Tiger – made by Dae Sung!!!

  25. OMO Daesung got musical, family outing, haru haru performances and new album. I feel so sorry for him. Like TOP said its heartbreaking seeing him work so hard. Daesung hwaiting!!

  26. omgg. that looks soo real.
    had no clue that was daedae opa.. XD
    i bet hes an awesome rum rum whatever. lol

  27. @Ha Ji: sure. don’t forget to take everything with you including original post and credit. thanks 🙂

  28. OMG that is fricken crazy! =]

  29. WOW I could not tell that was Daesung at all. He is one sexy cat.
    Those make up artist are really talented.
    He is working so hard I am so proud.


  31. oh my freaking goodzilla…
    that looks nothing like him but after u see da pallet changes….wow. what make-up can realy do to a person XD
    das so cool! can’t wait until da musical is finally out!
    DaeSung hyung Hwiating~! ^^
    cats is like my fav musical n rum tum tugger is my fav character. big bang daesung+rum tum tugger=WHOA BABY!


  33. omg! DAEDAE<3
    this just made my day ! LOL ;D

  34. OMFG!!!!!

  35. this just made my LIFE

  36. omfg, that pic, just pure beauty.

  37. OMG!!!
    I didn’t recognize him at first
    now I know we are all thinking alike here so I won’t get into details… XD
    he looks good!!!

  38. wow. dang DAE SUNG IS SMEXY. *drools* that nice BODY lol.
    he will do an awesome portraying rum tum tugger!

  39. wow Dae sung looks so different in that outfit hehehe..

  40. wow……

  41. i say that pic, im like ohhh gawd..

  42. WOWWWW! i didn’t recognize him =O!!! He’s working so hard for this play =) i really wanna see his performance as Rum Tum Tugger :3

  43. i was like was yea thats nice but wheres daesung? all i see is this person being a cat….then i read the freakishly long article and yea…im still in shock xDDD

  44. i’m speechless..and well, ehem..it seems to me that this is the first time i’ve seen DaeDae in tights!! haha..that’s one hella body he got there..sorry Ji Yong..i’m just praising DaeDae but still, i adore you more..don’ get mad..=D

  45. a new member of wondergirls..so HOT..LOL! CAN I PET HIM?

  46. WOW i didnt even know that was him. I’m so proud of him, he has such a busy schdule and everything

  47. ~whoa i’ts so amazing!!!
    ~his make up was fantactic!!!
    ~goodluck DAE!! keep it up~

  48. OMG HE’S THE RUM TUM TUMBLER IN CATS!!!!! He freaked me out when I saw the picture. I watched the US Version of Cats… It was actually really good lol =]

  49. I’m not even eating or drinking anything and I choked when I saw the picture. Can’t be Dae Sung…

  50. no way … ITS DAESUNG!!!
    wow .. that is so weird and REAL!!!!!!



  52. […] eyes, look like Daesung (from Big Bang) when he’s in his “Cats” make up. HA! See here. Filed under Uncategorized […]

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