GDragon, “DaeSung’s backview leaving for work in the morning looks like a father”

GDragon, “DaeSung’s backview leaving for work in the morning looks like a father”

Big Bang was on SBS PowerFM “Lee Jeok’s Ten Ten Club” on 9th September, and because DaeSung was busy preparing for his musical ‘Cats’, he was absence during the radio show.

During the corner to the radio show “You can say it now”, a listener asked the Big Bang members to reveal any dissatisfaction towards DaeSung, who was not able to be present during the show. And leader GDragon replied, “Recently DaeSung looked like he has a lot of hardship. When he goes out for work in the early mornings, his backview looked like a hardworked father who have to head and lead the family.”

After that TOP also revealed about his little brother DaeSung, “It is quite heartbreaking to see DaeSung working so hard and being so busy with work lately. We want to give you encouragement and help you keep your spirit up, but you may not know. We believe in you.” He relayed the encouragement to DaeSung.

On the radio show, Big Bang performed ‘Haru Haru’ which has been going strong on music charts, and also ‘Good Person’ for the first time on any broadcast program. Big Bang’s live performance on the radio show received a lot of good responses like, “Did you guys put honey on your tongues? The live (performance) was sweet. Looks like we can have a good sleep tonight.”


Awwwwww :’]


~ by Keriann on September 11, 2008.

23 Responses to “GDragon, “DaeSung’s backview leaving for work in the morning looks like a father””

  1. lol
    so cute n sweeet
    i love a nice person more than haru haru

  2. lol dae sung look like a father XD
    Aww I wonder why they don’t perform
    heaven? XD

  3. ouwww..poor wonder he looks really worn out nowadays..yeah,with the musical, their performances non-stop and family outing..i hope he won’t stress himself too much..DaeDae ar..keep healthy and do take care of can do it!! fighting!!

  4. aigoooooo
    such caring boys
    this is insane
    they’re too perfect ><

  5. aww
    poor Dae Sung~~
    please get some rest Dae Dae~~
    i don’t wanna see you not smiling
    that’s very heart broken
    it’s cute how GD described DS like that.

  6. Awhhm,><

  7. that is very sweet of them

  8. awww they take care of each other very well.

  9. poor Dae sung..working so hard…I hope you will secceed in everything you’ll do and I’m sure that “CATS” will come out great because of your SUPER-HUGH efforts!
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  10. Finally they are performing “A Good Person”!!

    I am really sick of this “Haru Haru” crap. Seriously—how much cheesier can a song get?

    Sorry to be so blunt about it, but I really, truly dislike that song.

  11. Aww, so cute!
    Look at GD’s smile…so cute.

  12. poor daedae.*sigh*.wish i could kidnap BB and force them to rest for a week.

  13. Lmao, awww G-Dragon is soo cute!
    usually Seungri would say that but aww
    DaeSung, don’t work too much and get tired
    Don’t want anything bad to happen to you
    Good Luck! =]

  14. aww poor baby):
    rest up!
    i wish YB would stop making them work soo much.
    baby Dae, just come here to Cali and i’ll take care of you xD

    OMG! X]
    that picture makes so melt and be soo jealous at the same time!

    good person(:
    love that song. but i wish they would perform heaven.
    and make a MV also .
    wonder how that will look? ;D

  15. How old are these guys???
    I think they’ll prolly be one of the richest ppl in Korea by now…
    Do they take energy drinks or what?!
    SO freaking hardworking…
    Rest is still good for your body.. they’re working hard to pay their hospital bills…
    Chill up guys!

  16. aww how sweet of this hyuns ^____^ gdae and topdae love 🙂 awww, dae get some rest, my husband works too hard!

  17. poor baby. 😦

  18. keriann, i’ve edited your post. it’s best to have the credit as the link out, instead of making a separate line. 2 birds with one stone.
    sorry for the confusion. i edited my comment too xD

  19. haha, gd’s description of dae’s backview is sweet
    hmm dae better be getting more rest..i don’t want him to fall sick T___T
    I miss him so badly..big bang isn’t complete without anyone of them
    and i wanted to listen dae sings ‘a good man’ so badly T____T
    i love this song the most in this album =)
    Dae fighting!!!!

  20. Daeeee O.O take care, don’t overwork please U.U
    I like Good Person ^^ is a great song

  21. aww..they’re sweet with each other..but dont work too much!..dae got sick already..

  22. @melly: ahaha okay. i tried putting the actual link in but i’m html-retarded and messed it up somehow… so i put it as “source” instead. >____>

    ima just copy&paste what you edited from now on lol

  23. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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