NII Fall E-Catalogue Pictures

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you know that feeling…. when you’re sitting alone by yourself in the night then someone just scare the crap out of you from behind then you can feel your heart stop beating for a good 3 seconds and your mind can’t think straight?? you can feel these cold chill running down your arm and spine? This is the feeling I have when I saw these pictures… I have no words to describe how perfect these boys are… seriously forreal man… I love NII so SO SO FREAKING MUCH!!!!

**EDIT: JUST ADDED!! MTV Making the Video, Haru Haru and Oh My Friend MV. Yay for getting to see scenes that were cut out.

09.07.08 MTV Making the Video
Haru Haru Music Video
350 MB

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Thanks to 마시멜로님

**Making of OH MY FRIEND Under the cut.

Posted by: Bang ’em님

09.07.08 MTV Making the Video
Haru Haru Music Video
350 MB

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks to 마시멜로님


~ by Vicky on September 11, 2008.

133 Responses to “NII Fall E-Catalogue Pictures”

  1. MY GOD.

    *jaw drop*


  2. Neeeeeaaat pictures!!

    This NII stuff is really nice. TOP is such a model- it´s not even funny anymore!

    GD is GD as always. TY has such cool poses and a really great presence. (he shares that quality with TOP)

    DS is getting better with the poses, but still nothing much.

    And Seungri——well…..he needs to work on his presence!!

    Damn it, he´s such a funny guy, but not very photogenetic.

  3. aww their blown up from last time.

    the bigger the better! =]

  4. Bongie LOOK SSSOO CUTE!!!!
    I lOVE NII!!

  5. OMG iwas just cehecking for any updates on my psp- then i saw the NII headin then i squealed and ran for my computer XD GOD I AM HAPPY!! XDD

  6. yay they are released!!!!!!
    omgah i love them all!!!!
    it was to much for me to intake but i still stood tall lol

  7. tae yang is so brown and gorgeous may i add XD *licks him*

  8. Pretty! *speechless*

  9. SweetSorrow, got here before you, lol. Nice pictures they got, lol.
    At, first I was like, didn’t I see these pictures already? Why are they posting them again? Lol. But, I see new pictures were added, lol. Thanks, for putting them up.

  10. sorry for spamming this page lol but are there bigger versions of them? I want to make them wallys ^^


  12. jennych
    NII is like a magic word
    I hope big bang will be their endorser forever

  13. jennych
    whoa there gurl… haha licking?
    have you ever heard of VVC here on bbfansite?
    you need to join with us hahaha

  14. jennych
    currently only this size is release
    hope they release huge ones in the future though

  15. yeah mann.. and whats ah.. VVC o.O is licking not allowed *worryworry* XD kk ill stick with ah.. smooching XDDDD oh my XDDD over excitement sorryyyy

    Yeah vicky! NII RULES!! I hope that too, they look sooo goodd!

  16. aawhhh..
    I miss GD’ Hairr…
    isk isk..

    anyway…HOT. VERY HOT!
    Well Done NII!

  17. jennych

    honey you have NOTHING to be worry about

    VVC is a underground club on here
    stand for “VICKY VIRUS CLUB”
    the members on here says that i’m too perverted for a 15 year old and always give them dirty thoughts, so they make us VVC and let pervy fangirls join and have our annual meeting daily hahaha


    tx for sharing!

  19. oh. my. gosh.
    i think i stopped breathing for about a minute there…
    theyre so hot they made me drool!
    ahh bong and baby..

  20. top smiled in one picture! its like very subtle. soo cue!

  21. TOP is looking fine!!!
    They look like good boys in the first pics
    want to take them to my house and give them cookies 😛

  22. gah im on ur side vicky! but i might get away with perving cos im 17 XD oh so lick= good 😀 hurrah XD mmmm

  23. OMFG why do dey have to look so hot for

  24. jennych

    still ILLEGAL!

  25. Vicky

    is there anyway i can watch d MTV d making w/out downloading it?, cuz my laptop cant download anymore videos!!!

  26. aw!
    i wanna watch the making of!
    bet its so crazyawesome!!

  27. gd so cute in that mv…seung ri the cutest!!!
    hot hot!!!! al of them hot!!! can’t take my eyes of them!!!
    thx for the pic….

  28. SOOO HOT!!

  29. J-G-RILEEN

    i can’t upload it on youtube because i did it before and my account got suspended
    MTV is hard on these thing

  30. OMG!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you for making my day…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
    they’re too too too cute…
    TOP is super HOT and GD..aahhhhh…i just want to hug him so much..he’s so i don’t know..loveable…^^

    hey mr.NII owner..can i order a KWON JIYONG!!! and please deliver to vesna in sacramento, california.

  31. omg i love these guys!!!!

  32. Coco // damn u beat me to it lol…i guess im 30 responses late

    ~ ahh awesome pics…i can’t get over how YB looks in that pic where he’s wearing the “with u friends” shirt…gah definately oozing charishma…all the boys look great ; definately need to consider modelling lolz…

  33. oh man.
    they all look so hot x3
    i love it 😀

    and the first solo Jiyongie
    pic is LOVE!


  35. F***ING HOT!!!!!! i love them

  36. Ahhhhhh.
    I’ve been wanting that one of GD
    on the chair and there it is. YAY!
    These boys can never go wrong.
    NEVER! ^__^

  37. NII is awesome!!!

  38. omg! these dudes are killing me here!!!!!!! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  39. jennych
    oh my god… i see someone with licking things ~.~
    kyahahaha… slow down…

    VVC welcomes u anytime. hahaha….

  40. HOT.

  41. vicky
    hehehe gurl, i’m agree with u
    i love NII!
    aahh… these pics… my man look so cute but mysterious & mature
    ahh… drooling..

    ur Bong look so skinny in his individual pics T.T

    350MB?? my god..
    this computer will explode for sure if i download it. hahaha…

    my jaw just dropped open.
    i’m kind of sick and i should be in bed but… dude. these boys are seriously asking for molestation.

  43. roro
    hahahaa… gurl! asking for molestation…
    don’t put my man in that list! hahaha…
    just go & stick with ur YB.
    leave my man to me.

    sick? poor u, hope u’ll get healthy soon ^^

  44. whoa.
    omg !
    ahaha the single big bang piccas ,
    TOP looks the skinniest o_____o

    too hott for words.
    Baby and Bong look so freaking adorablee.
    TOP, hot as always(:

  45. nya

    when i saw that lick thing all i can thin of is


  46. does anybody know wat brand this jacket is? i saw a girl at my skool wearing this jacket i was lik ahhh omo!! GS and SR hav that!! ahhhh!! if u know can u tell me? im dyin here!!

  47. nya

    Bong is fucking god himself.

  48. roro

    awww… u were sick
    i’m sorry hon
    get well soon

    u were sick and me and nya were accuse you of plotting soemthing wonderful haha
    shame on us

  49. jenny

    it’s a famous korean clothing brand called “BANC”
    I have like 2 BANC hoodies
    they’re kinda like authentic in Korea

  50. love! love!

  51. vicky
    my level??? whooaa.. surprise me. hahaha…
    my god, i’m not until licking, just want others, fufufu…

    well, first i am, but when she said that she’s busy, i came out with she’s working. ^^

  52. vicky
    btw roro is sick but still can come out with this molestation thing.
    she’s our leader for sure. no one could fit this position better then her. hahaha…

  53. everyone’s pictures are hot but again T.O.P is sexy cute and manly all in one! DAMN he is HOT!

  54. so hot!!!
    Big Bang Fighting ~~~~!!!!

  55. AHHHH , thank NII for chosing Big Bang
    as your models =]
    Big Bang is HOT! i keep on saying they
    are but it’s SOO TRUE!
    GD is HOT!
    Seungri looks cute =]

  56. nya

    probably not til licking…. but pretty close
    somwhere in the middle haha

  57. roro

    she better not thinking about molesting baby..
    or we will have some REAL problem haha

    I think I’m going to die on the spot…
    They’re so HOT~~ and seriuosly, I can’t stop to smile (and drool) looking those adorable pics!

  59. Oh wow, love!

  60. i just luv that… and seung ri…^_^

  61. OMG!!!

    I so love love this cataloge every boy look cute!! ^^

  62. heyy i was wondering does anyone happened to have 1280×1024 version of the group photos?

  63. nya + vicky
    kekeke. top is my mannn but i will molest whoever i want. 😀 😀 😀

  64. nya + vicky
    btw thanks. i’ll probably feel better by tomorrow. :]

  65. roro


  66. C0o0KiEx3

    the big version of these photos hasn’t been release yet

  67. roro

    eat some chicken soup
    take ur medicine
    go to sleep and dream about tabi
    you’ll be good as new tomorrow

  68. roro
    don’t ever think of tabi!
    think about ur YB, then tomorrow u’ll feel refreshed & healthy.
    tabi is not good for u.
    YB better. ok???

  69. vicky
    u can say to her to go away from ur husband, but u can’t tell her to go close to my man.
    she got YB already!!!

  70. nya

    i gotta save my first because mine is illegal
    you have to save ur own husband hahahah

  71. nya

    tomorrow is friday
    i have PLENTY of time during weekends

  72. =[ TOP plz uncross those legs…. plz?!
    but the rest is still hot =]

  73. vicky
    LOL no don’t worry i was just kidding. he’s off limits. :] he looks cute and very sweet in the pictures though.
    topp ❤ ❤ ❤

  74. nya
    LOLLL no way woman!! didn’t you know? top was my first love. :] i guess we will have to share kekekeke

  75. vicky
    yup. we should protect our husband fram ‘anything’
    hahaha… don’t know what will roro ‘do’ with them.

    hahaha… i’ll watch it now^^

  76. roro
    hahaha share?
    if u’re not that dangerous i will, but u’re more dangerous than me. how can i?
    ahhh, so many tought flying by, about things u’ll do to my husband… nooo…
    hahaha. Tabi ur first love???
    why? isn’t YB good enough for u??

  77. vicky + roro
    put ur faith only to one man.
    vi with baby, & roro with YB

  78. Ahhh….TOP’s poses are to die for!!

  79. roro

    You’ll molest whoever you want ee? hehe…
    …Actually me too. ^^
    Tabi is such a model in here, it’s like he was born to be a model hottie. ^^
    I think Dae is just so adorable. And GD with his hands on his hips…how cute!!! ^^ So Bong. =)
    Baby Sri will always be a baby…til he turns legal. ^^
    YB is so hot. hot. HOT.

  80. Vicky

    Thanks again for making my day so right….^^ now if only I can get a life-size poster…or better yet real life BB in my room.
    haha. ^^

  81. Nya2

    yeah you should protect your husband…from more fangirls affected by VV. hihi. ^^ you know you can’t stop them for thinking pervy thoughts…
    Thanks again NII for showing BB their oh so hot sides in still pictures. ^^

  82. nya
    nooo i love taeyang too, but he came after. :] top is my number one man fufufu.
    and YOU are WAYYY more dangerous than me girl!! i should actually protect top from you hahahha. i still don’t understand why i am the leader when you and vicky are such dirty children!

  83. vicky

    while waiting for my other pc for me to dowload ur vids you think you can upload them on a more exclusive vidstreaming site? aside from youtube? =)

  84. hi roro

    i finally meet the leader of VVC. =) well, vicky and nya said that. ^^

  85. kenley
    HAHAHA omg. sorry, i was going to reply to your comment right after nya’s, but my internet got disconnected.
    hello :] oh gosh, i read through your crazy conversation with vicky and nya and gelatin and i was really disturbed. hahahahha crazy fangirls. ^^
    and all i can say is top is HAWTTTT

  86. nya + vicky + kenley + gelatin
    um. i saw your guys’ conversation on the 090708 Big Bang on SBS Inkigayo comment page and….
    all i can say is i’ve taught you well. HAHA just kidding, i mean you guys are NUTS. 😀

  87. I LOVE NII too!!
    they’re all so HOT
    i miss bong’s hair T__T hahaha~
    and i like seung ri solo picture wearing the white good looking can T___T
    and bong looks so skinny, dae looks so charming smiling like an angel to me =)
    and don’t know why top’s legs seemes skinny too

  88. owww plss someone can kill me?? i cant take it anymore thats too much for me..i cant stop…owww thats too much for me lil sis thats too much x3

  89. Vicky

    Alrite, how do i join the underworld? heheheh

  90. I love NII! xDDD!

    i have no words to say *_______________*

    TOPPPP! ♥♥♥♥

  91. Kenley
    yup. cheer for me… yay…
    fight to protect hubby!!
    leader just won’t let my man alone, all i can do is share tabi with her. hahaha

  92. roro
    well, since i’m a fangirl, no way i don’t have that kind of tought. kekeke…
    i admit i have, but not too dangerous i think… hahaha…

    me dangerous? dirty? am i?? (acting cute) hahaha…
    Tabi is my hubby, so no one can protect him from me. fufufu…

  93. vicky
    watched all of it in one day ^^
    coz of ur words, i put aside all the school stuff & watched like an idiot. kekeke…

    meeting will began tomorrow at the usual time. hohoho…

  94. roro
    no fangirl that acctually sane.
    well, it’s u who start this tought & awaken this part of me inside. hahaha…

  95. roro

    yeah you taught us well…such a very good mentor. ^^
    BB can always inspire an innocent mind to be dangerous…hehe. but that doesn’t mean i’m that innocent. nor the others. nor our leader. =)

  96. nya2

    when i saw that pic of tabi sticking his tongue out, well dear, you gotta protect your men from a lot of fangirls who just saw that. that was too sexy. and then this NII pix came. hehe.

    Bless the NII. they can make YB looked rugged and classy all at the same shot…yeah…haha…

    no evil thoughts again!must contain myself. =)

  97. kenley
    NII rules. i can only say this.
    Tabi, sticking his tounge like thats is asked to be molested.
    first time seeing his face become so perverted. hahaha…

    but the first YB’s personal pic, i think he looks a bit scary, afterall, he smiles a lot.
    when seeing him like that, i have a different feeling. hahaha…

  98. Seung Ri…
    i want to know what you feel like..

    *amazed by your handsomeness*

  99. the pictures are AMAZING!!

  100. Vicky

    WOO I LUV BANC TOO O_O How did u get them? Is that true Banc only exists in Korea?

  101. talk about hotness, these guys are all so fantastic at it
    LOVE NII : ) they make them all look so amazing
    LOVE TOP ❤ heheheh

  102. OMFG soooooooooooooo HOT xDD KYAAAAAAAH !
    omg saranghyeeeeeee ♥

    I’m breathless right now…
    Please leave a comment after the beep!

    and dang~
    look at TOP’s sexy long skinny legs
    they’re HOT in every way

  105. SO HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE TOP


  107. OMG.
    taeyang looks so hot.
    i love my husband.

    vicky, yuu named the cap and upload for oh my friend, Haru Haru.
    just thought i should point it out.

  108. OEHH>><TOP REALLY HOOT <3333

  109. SERIOUSLY!!!
    somebody HAS to teach me how to use that HJSplit!!!!!
    I haven’t seen any of those videos i’d like to !!! 8<<<< i don’t even know how i can download HJSplit on my computer !!
    this is torture !!!!
    GOSH i wanna see GD on those, he looks so freakin’ good ;__;

  110. …… i’d prefer if someone would upload those videos in one piece 8<

  111. woow . yong yong . SoL . doraemon . tempo . victory . you all loook .. amazing *drool* 🙂

  112. nya

    yes indeed we do
    happy that she say my husband is off limit… urs however.. hahaha

  113. nya

    i can’t promise that
    since i know i will loose to bong…

  114. Kenley
    MANY MANY things to do in the room then… haha

  115. roro

    keke i personally think nya should be … since she’s too dangerous haha

  116. Kenley
    youtube alone is already too much hassle
    i do’nt wanna learn how to use other sites

  117. roro

    HAHAHAH you read them????
    of course it’s disturbing haha

  118. roro

    those have NOTHING to do with me kay
    it’s all gelatin and nya’s work of art

  119. jennych
    you’re already IN gurl

  120. nya

    meeting TONIGHT babe
    i’ll be up all night

  121. roranges
    i do too gurl……. feel……………..

  122. Liz
    yea BANC don’t ship internationally i think
    and i got them from like people who do survey and stuff on soompi

  123. vicky
    see?? am i right? i think nya should take over for sure. she is the most perverted puahahahha

  124. vicky + roro
    W H Y ? ?
    now u all start attacking me??

  125. roro

    kekeke yup yup yup
    and she refuse
    she say it’s me
    and i’m still illegal

  126. omg HOTnesssss!! @__@

  127. i’m loving these pics!!!! and i have to say, my tummy got churned looking at Seung Hyun’s first individual pic,whoaaa..that kind of stares might melt any girl dude!! and i love ji Yong pics too, only that i hope he looked at the camera so that i could stare at his beady eyes all day long!!

  128. These pics are sizzling HOT!!!![I think Big Bang just caused Global Warming!hahaha]

  129. ~OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~i so love the pics!!
    ~omo GD!!!

  130. The first Gd pic, i DIED. ITS SO HOT 😀
    and the second GD pic, he looks lyk agirl ^ ^

  131. oh boy! they’re so freakin’ hot!! i love every bit of them! i am melting here!!

  132. ah they look so hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!
    luv bb

  133. his smile, his eyes…..are important for me….
    1677 him

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