ANOTHER BBFANSITE BIRTHDAY PROJECT FOR ANOTHER BB MEMBER! this idea & project is created by bbfansite’s coolios aka TOMO. so here’s some details:

As we all know, TOP’s birthday is coming up soon… November 4.
TOMO will be sending it to YG Entertainment. The project is called VIP Rhymes For TOP.
If you would like to participate please let me know. I need your name and working e-mail.

VIP Rhymes For TOP:

WRITE YOUR OWN RAP for TOP and send it to TOMO via e-mail @

-It can say whatever you want. BE CREATIVE!
LENGTH DOES NOT MATTER! Just don’t make it too short.
SEND ALONG A PICTURE OF YOURSELF to let TOP know how pretty you are.
NO NEED TO DECORATE; TOMO will put all the RAPS together into a booklet & send it along.
-When all is sent I will make it into a book and send it.
-I will take picture of the finish book and share it.
-I will be sending it a week before, just to make sure he receives it before all other VIP birthday gifts come in.
DEADLINE: OCTOBER 1…… if need more time let me know.

~TOMO aka coolios

*will let you all know if more updates come along.



~ by gdluvzmc on September 11, 2008.


  1. ahh woowww!! Thats such a cool idea! I hope i can find some time to do it >.< so coooll XD

  2. YAY….
    another project ^______^
    i try to make one….

  3. Dis is goood gonna try fink of a song with my fren…”Happy Birthday 2 Top”…no…gonna fink real ^^~ I’m not a TOP lover myself but it be great 2 say happy b-day 2 him ^^

  4. Hm. Do we type it out or sing it?

  5. Oooo Toppie b-day already YIPEE!!!! Love Toppie na ja…^^

  6. Oooo Toppie b-day already YIPEE!!!! Love Toppie…^^

  7. FINALLY my toppie’s birthday!!
    and finally I have a chance to participate!
    Oh gosh oh gosh I’m starting to feel nervous right now
    OK OK! I’ll think about it!
    hopefully I’ll come up with something =\

  8. Toppie’s birthday! Must put my crappy song writing skills to use (if I can write a rap about the quadratic formula, I can write about anything).

  9. my cousin’s gonna go crazy with the rhymes
    ahe’s a hardcore teamtop

    i’ll participate too :))

  10. Rap lyric for TOP? This is a OH SO BRILLIANT IDEA O_O
    *runs off to compose some damn dynamic rappie*

    wait for me!!! O__O

    man, will my poetry days come into use or what.

    *madly jumps about*

  12. omo, TOMO, awesome idea!!!!
    =D I’m on it!!!!
    can we style the rap along to one of their songs?
    like write the rap to the tune of How Gee or something?
    cuz i’d totally do that =D

  13. fantastic idea!
    its finally topie oppa’s birthday
    lets make this work! : D

  14. Can I send a small fanfic featuring him and rap or only rap?

  15. COOL!
    YEAHH Okay ima send one. now i gotta get working
    Hrm can you attach the photo to your email and
    then send it to you?

  16. i’m TEAM TOP!! so COUNT me on!
    i never do rap lyrics..but i’ll try my best :]

  17. cool~
    i love the idea~
    i’ll try to make one too!!!

    yey!!let’s do this VIP’S for TOP!!!

  18. oh i also wanted to ask, are we allowed to add a short message for him too besides the rap?

  19. Omg, so gonna do it!

  20. TEAM TOP definitely in!!!!!!!!!
    rap eh?? il try!!^_^

  21. Gosh…
    I seriously hope dat i can come up with something!! =)

  22. HI This is Tomo here… haha…so happy many VIP participants. I read some here are the answer. The rap should be type out on paper. Yes send picture with your rap in e-mail. Yes you can write a birthday message along with the rap. ABout the fanfic thing how short is it? Hope this say it all any more question just e-mail me. THANKS GDLUVSMC…

  23. ohhhhh !!!
    im in ! =)=)
    time to test my rapping skills LOL

  24. time for me to learn how to rhyme. xD


    *starts thinking of rhyming words*

  25. oh yah im comin top lol haha
    so totally participating haha

  26. i am participating!!!!!!!
    haha but can we write it in korean?? or only english?

  27. definitely in!!
    it’s near my baby’s birthday


  29. i;ll tra ma best
    phung,, i’ll tell him

  30. Is it for anyone to take part in?
    Or do I have to like be a member of this site or something :/

  31. cassandra han

    I was sorta thinking that too ^^ But it seems that anyone can participate 😀 I wasnt really a member here but ive completed mine and sent it off XD

  32. ahh it’s been too long since I last posted here, T,T
    I blame my lame internet .. x( anyways, I AM ALWAYS PROUD to be a VIP, since the first time I became one x) yes! this time I can’t miss the project! I missed my baby’s birthday project just because of the lame connection I couldn’t send m e-mail x( well! better be making the music now xDxDxD

  33. Anyone can participate



  35. Spelled that word wrong..oh well… know what I

  36. I am so doing this! I’ll try my best! vip5 FIGHTING! TOP FIGHTING!

  37. Sorry for the double post, but how do I send my entry, should I email it? A little confused? But I’ll make an entry along with my friend.


  39. RAp..??? I will TRY my BEst !! ^^

  40. Excuse my stupidity, lol, I read it all properly, I was just too excited to post… I understand, ohoho!

  41. count me in! will send it soon! 🙂

  42. Oh gosh, sounds so cool.
    But, I can’t write poems/raps for my life.
    I will try though.

  43. I’ll probably do this since it doesn’t involve mailing! Except e-mailing which is fine =P FUN FUN FUN!

  44. This is a really cool idea! I’m gonna give it try!!

  45. Instead of rap song can you do anything else?

  46. Do we have to send pics of ourselves?

  47. TOP your the best rapper i know, put your talents together and put up a show,called ” T.O.P raps for the world” forsho,yo, (if you do better gimme a VIPz pass!) no one can beat ya becuz well you know all ready! (impossible) yo! bye homiez!!!!!

    thats it thats mine dont copy please please send it idk how to send

  48. LOL AWW I WANNA DO ITTTT :] hes my hunnn!

  49. I want to do it!!!!!

  50. can i write a rap for him? my email is
    im jenny thnx

  51. I’m in!! XD
    i’ll so do it~ =D
    this is gonna be fun~ XD

  52. aww man i wish i could join..but i’m not good in rap..totally disaster!!!
    it’s so fun!!!
    hehheeh the best part my burday in same month top burfday …mine 1st november….=P

  53. man i have 4 lines written already!
    🙂 i hope he loves it and looks through every page.

  54. i’m definitely going to try for this one!

  55. But…i’m a boy 😥

  56. aww I want to participate, but Im not good in rap, well I think that I will try my best because Mr. Choi Seung Hyun deserves it! ❤

  57. i’m in:)

  58. if only i didnt have writers block T~T o well

  59. I will try to make one–*

    for my love ^^

  60. OHH SHHHTTTT!!! hell ya im making one!!! xD
    i’ll see if i can rap it on youtube =]

    yay his birthdays in the same month as mine!!!

  61. I want to be a part of this. Where do we send our email adresses to?

  62. yea i definitely wanna help out

  63. Nice project! I’ll give one for tabi too. ^^

  64. I thought about the rap during class
    and besides yoyo wassup
    and big bang is the best or something like that
    I can’t think of anything else
    tell me why am I so uncreative T__T
    but I’ll see’s my top’s birthday
    i must participate. i must not give up!! =)

  65. awwww i’ve been waiting for TOP’s b-day so long U.U…. sadly i’m not an expert writing English =[

  66. Im joining man!
    ahhaha count me in! lolx…
    im soo excited! hahahaaa
    coz it bout rap! n im goin to write 1 ^-^
    thanks ya! i will spread this love to all my VIPz frens xD

    DAAANG this is gonna be FUN ^_^
    so do i leave my name & email address here? or do i send it to email it to Tomo instead?

    anyways, can’t wait =]

  68. MORE PARTICIPANT! YAY!!!! If anyone has any question e-mail me. It’s hard to reply here. So many VIP FANS. I want to make sure that I answer all your question. So it’s best to e-mail me.


  69. Yeah!!!i’ll try to make it…아자아자 화이팅!!!!

  70. hey anyone can join this right? count me in too (:

  71. omg!! i wanna join!!..i love Top!..^_^

  72. […] For more information go to […]

  73. Wah! it’s so challenging….

  74. TOP your the best rapper i know, put your talents together and put up a show,called ” T.O.P raps for the world” forsho,yo, (if you do better gimme a VIPz pass!) no one can beat ya becuz well you know all ready! (impossible) yo! bye homiez!!!!!

    thats it thats mine dont copy please please send it idk how to send

    my email is:

  75. I am sooooo joining.
    haha is giddy with excitement.

  76. sheivon: Send it to along with a picture.

  77. WOOOOOt!!! i’D LOVE TO TAKE PART!! >:] top is sooo hot!

  78. this is my first participation in a BB project! im so in!
    *gets pen and nearby tissue paper*
    uhm..guess i need more tym. ill send it before due date tho.
    go VIPs!

  79. i’m new…can i still join?

  80. OH MY JESUS–GREAT IDEA!! I screamed when I saw this! I’m so in for this–gotta dust off mah mad rappin skills, lol. Gotta give it my best for TOPPIE! * ^_^ *

  81. wowwww
    Great Idea..
    hopefully I can make a good word for rap
    coz I can’t doin the rap n has never made rap’s lyrics,hehehe
    can I join?

  82. i wrote….n sent
    i’m happy……too happy

  83. yee , great idea .
    i’ll try to come up with something , (:

  84. yay! I wanna do one.

  85. yeah finally something for top!eheh

  86. u m… does it matter if its not so good.. my writing skills arent good but.. i still want to try

  87. I’m sending my lyrics soon. Hahaha…..

  88. This would be cool to do, if I only new how to write a rap!

  89. OMG!!!This is gona be hard!!!! This is like VIP hw,hahaha!!!I’ll try my best…hehhe….AJA AJA!!!Goodluck TEAM TOP VIPs!!!!

  90. i want to make one…
    but i’ve never tried writing a rap…
    whatever as long as i can say happy birthday ^^

  91. cool idea^__^

  92. YAY My TOPiee!! wait for my rap!! MAN i just love him xD

  93. at times like this..i really wish i was more creative ㅠㅠ
    can it be in korean or something?

  94. im excited!

  95. wud u like the picture with the poem if i am to email it to you?? details pls…
    looking forward to it.

  96. haah. omg hes thee first person ive ever seen with my birthday.
    xD. imma try this.

  97. i had a question. . basically, we’re just going to write a rap for TOP and email it (along with a picture) to Tomo? that’s all to it? what if there is a specific font “i” want to use? sorry for the questions. . :]

  98. ~gdluvzmc i try to made it but it hard to me to do bcoz my Eng is not strong enough
    who can help me please?

  99. LOLitsNIKITA: what kind of font are you talking about?
    Eden loves Top & GD : Yeah send the rap and picture together.
    jenygd: I can help you if you need it.

  100. ……………xin loi…………..

  101. aww this sounds like an awesome idea ! : )

  102. sorry i have a question , is it alright if at the end of the rap we write like a lil msg ? like just two sentences 😛
    just wondering if that’s a problem then no prob (;

  103. may i know what are VIPs? can normal fans participate too? thanks 😀

  104. OMGEE me and my friend are sooo going 2 join!!!!

    PS: TOP your sooo Adorable!!!

  105. Oh, great to hear that! Finaly, my yeobo’s b’day is coming!!!
    by the way, i wanna join this project too!!
    TOP, i love u soooo muchh!!

  106. how many verses did u guys write? i only have like three little ones =( is that enough?

  107. Hi , I wanna join
    The raps can I write in English ?

  108. OMG awsoooooooome
    i wanna be part of this
    team top chea :]

  109. i gonna be apart of dhis.its really kool wat yuhh guys do

  110. If i particapte in wht ihave to do write lyrics?
    and wht else………….!!!

  111. Can I only give message to him??!!!

  112. I wan’t to particapte in!!!!!!!!how can i apply !!

  113. >< haha. I just finished writing mines ^^
    man it was fun, but it was kinda hard, since I dun do raps much
    Ima send it now =]
    GO TOP~!

  114. i’ll try to write one!
    wish me luck.
    i luv TOP!!

  115. How is the project coming along??? a lot of people partipating?

    melly, can you update me on this?

  116. My Raps dumb LMAO XD

  117. ohh, i want to do this, keke. omgsh, it’s so close to deadline though x_x
    oh well, i’ll try to send it in asap. :3

  118. Done :0)

  119. i sent mine too^^

  120. i want to also do this, but i only have 4 days to actually prepare my rap and send it to you. But i love this man so im going to do my best and send it in. i’m going to start right now.

    OMG!!!~~~ i can’t wait to see the finish project.
    Count me in!


  121. Ah I’ve sent mine too. I hope it’s not bad. hahaha….^_^

  122. So many question… so it’ sbest if you send me a e-mail and ask. That’ll make it a lot easier for me to answer.

    TOMO ❤

  123. haha i sent mine ;D
    i added some korean as well (:
    i hope its good ><‘
    i hope top likes it 😀

  124. hi, i just wanted to let you know that i might need more time on this thing. just email me back if you can. thanks.

  125. hey.
    just wanna ask you if it possible
    to give me one more day? ._.
    tommorrow i will be ready!>.<

    thanks. Li

  126. Hi!
    can i join in? if so can i have one more day cuz i just find this project of yours and i’m a T.O.P. fan.


  128. Can I have a day or two to do mine? I really didn’t see this and would really like to do this for Top? Let me know! Thanks!

  129. can i have some more time to do mine please ;__;
    i just heard about this project and i would love to contribute!

  130. me too,, i need more time too,,

  131. how do i become a vip o.O… I have something I could submit >.<

  132. can i have more time please? i have exams in a week so i don’t really have time but if you can’t wait that long, maybe another 3 or 4 days? email me back please, thnks. ((:

  133. untill when can we submitt? i would REALY REALLY like to join 😀

  134. yoo i just read this today styll…i wish i could still be able to send in my rhymes…but yo to much school work and my birthday is coming up on the 12th…=[…maybe next year?…

  135. This is such a creative idea!!Ok well,off to my room. No wait,I think I’ll need to head to the nearest bookstore to buy myself a couple of lecture pads first >.<

  136. i already sent you TOMO and what do u think??.DID u get it yet?
    plis answer me^_^

  137. can we still send in raps??? cause its after oct first.. but i really want to do something for my tops b-day!!

  138. yeah.. can we still send in raps?

  139. hey, could we still send raps? i wanted to contribute too, only…i got so caught up in school, but I’m free now. =]
    Is it still posiible?? =]

  140. heyheys is the project closed yets ?=D

  141. okay, im sending mine in today!

  142. heyhey deadline was october 1st right????
    let us know what you’re doing!!!!

  143. i just realise that top’s brithday same with me…i’m so happy…
    i love you t.o.p…..

  144. wait, i would like to do it too, can you please extend the date?

  145. HAHHH… i was to late… TT-TT
    i want to sent a rap for top-oppa too…
    top-oppaaaaaaa TT-TT

  146. hey i think that the project’s closed now…
    i think she said that there were a TON of raps submitted

  147. Happy Birthday TO T.O.P

  148. hey T.O.P just in case I’m not online HAPPY BIRTH DAY Tempo aka T.o.P on November the 4th!!! ^_^

    Have a nice weekend too. T_T I’m gonna miss u but not to worry I’ll soon stop crying lol ya I’m gonna go now i bet I’m being annoying to you guys piece out i love you your biggest fan kiki aka ……

  149. i like the big bang, my name is NATTHAWUT WANNACHAT i come from thailand but i life in Norway now 😉 i wont to see all of you, big bang i love korea.

  150. i love your all music of big bang 😛 0ne dag i wont to see you in korea wiht my best friends, i love u t.o.p and ji yong. i wont at you are my brother <3<3


  152. Aw. This makes me sort of sad. :X
    I’m a new fan of Big Bang but I would have loved to help contribute to this project. But I can see that the deadline for it is already way past. :/

    Oh well, next project, I’ll try to contribute…if possible

  153. OMG!! his birthdays in 3 DAYS!!!!!!!! 8D

  154. happy birthday top ❤

  155. his birthdays on election day! ROFLS iloveTOP <3(:

  156. I find it so cool that me and top share the same birthday. im not even kidding guys Nov. 4th 1992 is my B-day!

  157. LMAO, chrissy.. we have the same birthday as TOP too and almost the same name 🙂

    ANYWAYS; TOMO: i can’t wait for the finish results, are you going to post the pictures online?

  158. You can make its. You will be the best. You can do.
    Wish u happy and success. Yr dreamw into yr hands.

  159. Thank you for make me happy ^o^

  160. happy birthday my love 🙂 love you forever xoxo.
    and keep rocking my little world


  162. Chris: lol thats so cool! i’m turning sixteen in a few hours! lol top already turned 21!!!! Happy b-day Top hyung!

  163. Aww man
    I want to do it also!
    Whens the next time?
    Well, I actually do have something right now

  164. CHRISSY: lmao, i turned 15 🙂

  165. hi t.o.p i love you and i like you happy birthday you are crazy guy so you know this


  167. so where is the book now?

  168. this awesome!!
    but im not good for this
    i guess

    i will try to make a beat with my guitar
    and i will see


  169. wow i wish i did this too but i had school ….

    i just realized my birthday is a day before tops XD

  170. I cant believe TOP’s b-day is the day right after mine…

  171. I luv TOP……
    I wish i could attend the next big bang concert…..

  172. T.O.P -big boy 😡
    love u:X

  173. waaaaaaaaaah! i already have a rap but i couldn’t send it. it’s alway having errors. 😦 huhu, is there any other way to send it …

  174. omg ,
    you can get in touch with bigbang ?
    if you can
    make them come to America NY
    to perform their concert !!!!!!
    please e mailllllll

  175. i love T.O.P 😡 love you so much :X
    hope you always happy 🙂
    never sad and cry :* i always by your side 🙂

  176. I love U T.O.P

    I love U T.O.P
    I like you so much
    I love BIGBANG
    Forever with U
    Bigbang Fighting!!

  177. great idea.. 😀 love to join…

  178. can i join??
    hehe v^^v

  179. great idea….i’ll post one…huhu…

  180. top oppa…kiiukiukiu

  181. does top actually read them? once the rap is sent in i mean..

  182. i might try..

  183. May I participate?
    i’ve no idea how to do a rap xD but how ever…. for seunghyun everybody may try right?

  184. uhm…is it ok if i wrote it in english?

  185. is it too late .. ANYWAYS HAPPY B-DAY TOP ❤

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