[BABY SLIPPED!] 091208 Big Bang on Music Bank

09.12.08 KBS Music Bank
Haru Haru Performance
504 MB

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Thanks to DCGD_Vocalise님 and 아련알섬님

Also download to the boys winning #1 and Encore under the cut.


thanks to S님

Tabi’s hair look different somehow.. can you tell? haha and Bong got highlights in his hair, dangg…. look at Bong’s gold watch… that is just plain dazzling…
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… OH MY GOD at 2:34 I think because the stage was slippery, Baby slipped!!!!! OH MY GOD… so glad he was okay, this boy have bad accidents with ankle before and I DO NOT want history to repeat itself. The performanc was awsome as usual, thumbs up for Baby for keep on going even though he had a little accident. Love Baby Ri to death

thanks to S님

Big Bang win #1 on KChart for the 2nd consecutive week, last week Big Bang’s Haru Haru won #1 follow by Heaven at #2, a song from their 3rd mini album, beating Hyori’s “Hey Mr.Big” at number 3. They were sure win, like 2000 more points, congrats boys!!!!

And to show how much Tabi really really really love being groped hahahaha. this is proof, how about another round of “CAPTION THIS?” I’m sure VVC members will surprise me with their answers hahahaha


thanks to Sunshine님

09.12.08 KBS Music Bank
Winning #1 and Encore Performance

238 MB

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Thanks to DCGD_Vocalise님 and 아련알섬님

The one and only reason to watch this video, this face when they found out they won.

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and of course for Ri lovers, him groping the trophy.


~ by Vicky on September 12, 2008.

85 Responses to “[BABY SLIPPED!] 091208 Big Bang on Music Bank”

  1. Aw Baby. D:

  2. haha tabi looks HOT, I will see the performance tomorrow. It is getting late

  3. gosh poor seungri i wish he’s ok and they need
    to like test the stage again

  4. poor baby.those maititence bastards.
    at least baby recovers! :]

  5. caption:
    man, new flavor from ji yong today.
    never fails.

  6. haha caption :
    “finally, GD is MINEE ;)”

    Baby slipped.
    least he recovered ! 😀

    Aww Seungri.Least it didn’t hurt him.
    Lmao OMG G-DRAGON Such a dork! hehe so cute.
    Lmao i agree with daerin
    Haha you can see TOP smirking
    the chick is going “Shh, don’t tell”

  8. aww, seungri.
    congrats to the boys for winning.

  9. top trim his hair. he trim his bangs. it reminds me of when sr got that wig from last farewell.

    finally i can see bb smile they havent smiled in a while T_T

  10. awww maknae baby,..:( ..buT a least Ur stiLL OK!!!

    new VVC member here,..

    TOP uR sOOO wicked, im startin’ 2 HATE U!!! haha..Y dO u have 2 b sOOO freakin’ HOT???..

    bUt stiLL loyaL 2 maknae me..:)

    n’ Great-Dragon, Ur makin’ me HATE myself cuz im nOt TOP!!!..

    daMn..jiyONG n’ TOP..i juz wanna oqxejhjsdhqidibd(censored, 4 25 n’ above ONLY) U guyz!!! pardOn me..:)


  11. my caption.. ‘u can stop hugging me now, hyung.’ ‘no, its free hug friday.’ hehehe ^_^

  12. ‘hyung u smell soo good’ ‘i know..heheheh’

  13. MAN I LOVE when TOP gets in contact with the camera!!!
    I JUST DIE!!!
    TOP I Love YOU!!!

    Seung Ri still looked cool when he slipped!!!

  14. top’s thinking of orororo. again.
    but he’s also thinking “jiyong will do for now.” 😀

  15. I thought my heart stop for moment i saw “baby slipped”caption.what a way to wake me. Baby for God’s sake be careful.

  16. vicky
    hubby hair already look different from Kiss the Radio.
    u just didn’t notice it. hahaha…

    aw, ur hubby better be careful. even a little slip, but he already injured his ankle, what should i say in english?
    old wound is easily umm… begin to hurt? hahaha…

    hahaha their face is priceless!
    Tabi look so happy.
    GRi make the same expression. what a ‘couple’ kekeke…

    Tabi? i think he want to take Bong ‘somewhere’.
    his face is really perverted that time. hahaha..
    BOng just like plyaing a girl role, ‘take me with u, i don’t wanna go home’

  17. BABY SLIPPED~! so adorable! *weit is seeing someone slip adorable?* well for ’em. everything seung ri does is adorable.^^ love GD’s aura. its soo hot!

  18. who is that with T.O.P?…. good thing Seung Ri didnt slip

  19. O SNAP THAT IS G-DRAGON! HAHAHAHA I thought it was a girl! hahaha so funny! LMAO!

  20. Babbyyy, be carefullll!!
    all your vips are worried about ya!

  21. Congrats to the boys!!!!

    The floor was slippery if you stare furiously at your screen @ around 2:15 when TOP was jumping up and down he almost tripped too but it wasn’t that noticeable

    TOP cut his hair and he looks pretty sexy in this performance!!!

    SR and GD’s faces are just priceless!!!

    “Yeah he’s mine today….wait nuna is staring at us don’t be too obvious TOP”

  22. lala
    hehehehe new flavor
    haha XD!!

  23. daerin
    Tabi can have anyone he want with his sexiness

  24. ninalee
    Bong will grope any sexy man out there
    leaving nothing for us

  25. Daisy
    actually that wasn’t a wig
    it was his real hair
    but after a while he decide he didn’t like it and gel it up haha
    that’s all
    but ur right. it does look similar

  26. J-G-RILEEN
    you know about VVC?? hahah
    we were suppose to keep it on the down low hahaha

  27. ♥DoT Ri!♥
    kekekeke I can imagine that
    though Tabi is the hyung here, not Bong,
    Bong is younger

  28. roranges
    amen to that
    he still look sexy as heck

  29. roro

    HHHHHHAHAHAH XD!!!!!!!!1
    your own dirty mind hahah

  30. sexYBeast
    Baby is so into it when he’s performing, clumsy sometimes
    he hurt his ankle badly last year and the whole consequences follow behind it.. i just really really hope something like that will never happen again

  31. nya

    take Bong somwhere????
    I REFUSED!!!!

    exactly, if it’s the same ankle again… I’m gonna have a heart attack

  32. bronxbaby101
    It’s Bong aka GDragon haha

  33. taeyang_love
    we are, he’s a dork for not noticing it

  34. dreamandlove
    KBS people need to straighten up
    these artist are performing their hearts out
    at least assure them that they won’t slip and die

    kkkekekekeke don’t be obvious..
    IT’S PRETTY DANG OBVIOUS alright hhahaha

  35. @vicky
    I know I mean that slip looked pretty dangerous
    I knew he was going to slip and still I jumped when I saw him because I thought he was going to fall

    yeah kinda hahah
    but I’m sure he would mind sharing after all they’re not illegal are they?

  36. vicky
    but don’t u agree?
    Bong face just like submit to his fate!
    hahahaha… at least thats what it looks like.

    lets separate those two.^^

  37. BIG BANG!

  38. omg!
    congrats to them!~
    kwon leadah so cute n howtt..
    <3333 him forever 😉

  39. dreamandlove

    when i saw it for the first time
    I saw Baby and i was focusing on him the whole thing and I feel like something’s gonna happen
    and appreantly it did
    I was in shocked

  40. nya

    those two needs to STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER
    and turn to our side

  41. I was in shock for a second thinking what could’ve happen if he really did fall
    they need to do something aboit that

    anyways I have a question
    what is VVC ?

  42. Vicky

    hehe, right… i forgot about that…^_^’ so guess it could be,
    tabi: ‘u can let go of me now, kwon leedah…’
    bong: ‘no, its free hug friday.’
    whoops ^_^

  43. vicky
    definitely agree.
    my man like to be groped, while ur man likes to grope.
    that’s such a dangerous couple.
    they 2 should be seperated.
    & we’re the one who must do this mission

  44. dreamandlove

    i would fly to Korea and set KBS studio on fire if something bad happen to baby
    forreal i would

    VVC stands for “VICKY VIRUS CLUB”
    the members on here made that up for perverted fangirls to join and uh… have “FUN” meeting converation hahahah

  45. ♥DoT Ri!♥

    WHERE THE HECK WAS I ON THIS FREE HUG FRIDAY???????????????????????/

  46. vicky
    hahaha.. u starting to scare me.
    hehehe, but i think i’ll do the same if it was tabi.

  47. nya

    you forgot that little part kekek
    she was kinda awkward lookin anyway
    she look so prematured for a 20+ gurl haha

    i feel bad for YB
    he was so freaking nervous
    poor him
    this is not a good experience for a guy who never date before

    Tabi’s face when he saw that money kekekek
    he only choose her for the show i think, since we know too well they probably will never meet after that haha

  48. newvip

    actually i’m good in writing
    i like to write
    but it’s just that when ppl ask me to write essay in school i just loose interest right away
    i don’t have as much fun as i have doing this

  49. nya


  50. opps i meant to reply back to dreamandlove but wrote nya instead hahahaha


    i scared you???
    after what i went through last year
    i would fucking do it if something as stupid as slippery stage hurt my man okay

  51. vicky
    hello??? something is wrong with ur head?
    hahahah.. slow down..

    hope they will never meet again after that show.
    stop talking bout this.

    how about starting our KM IDOL WORLD meeting without Queenka??

  52. nya

    alright we won’t talk about queenka hahah
    i’m kinda tire now
    school have effect my stay up hours
    i do’nt know if i can stay up long tonight
    we’ll see haha

  53. aww i thought it was cute when he slipped, but thank goodness he’s okayla. hmm, OH!! the expression on their faces. i loved jiyong’s!! he’s all “O.O!!”xD so awesome

  54. Would do the same even if TOP wasn’t the one slipping
    oh I see haha Vicky Virus Club nice
    and wait what?!

    didn’t get the rest what was supposed to be for me that you wrote to nya?

  55. vicky
    hahaha.. don’t push urself.
    we can do it in our another meeting. kekeke…
    watching dirty cash real concert to fix my feeling.

  56. Vicky

    actually, i got the idea from some of my dorko classmates in p.e., randomly hugging people in ultimate frisbee saying its free hug friday ^_^’

  57. i love the stage! with all the flames..
    ohh i saw baby slipped..pls becareful..i really do not want any accident to happen~
    and bong sounded tire when he rapped..i wondered why…
    I MISS DAE!!!!
    and i love him to the max!!
    hope everyone is doing fine, take care my boys~~

  58. ish i can’t stand the pic bong leaned on my top!!
    jealousy kills!!
    caption that picture?
    well..mm…’yummy I sae donuts over there..don’t lean on me you dorky’ xD

  59. i sound like a mean person but i actually laughed out loud when seung ri slipped! AHAHAHAAHAHHAHA!

    ahh don’t kill me vickyyyyy!

  60. If they do this as friends, I wonder what they’ll do as lovers? -dies- idk..xD haha all I can come up with..

    “Mmm Top you smell like triple bacon cheezburger.”

  61. brit

    smell damn good to me

  62. congrats boys!..^_^

    whoa..i was so worried when he slipped..baby you gotta be careful!!..

  63. yay! Congratz BB! and SeungRi be carefull O.O!!!

    LOL! TOP!!! …..*saving pic* xP!

  64. nuna was thinking off into space…picturing herself in place of GD. =) heheh.
    Tabi: No one makes me feel like this except for leadah. =)
    Let’s just think he’s spreading leadah love. hehehe.
    I can see Baby Ri’s hand on Bong’s shoulder. He wants leadah love too. hehe.
    Vicky you should say something to your husband. hahaha. Too bad we can’t see any part of YB.
    …maybe because he’s groping someone else ?*me!lol*

  65. Saw the vids. Baby Ri was so cute. hehe. The slip was a bit scary, don’t want him to be in pain again. I just saw the video last night when he was gritting in pain while performing Last Farewell…huhu…

  66. Aww. Poor SR. Good save though.
    It looked like TOP was wearing goggles
    for science class. Anyone agree? xD
    He trimmed his hair. Yay. It was
    getting a little long on top.

  67. congrats to the boys again.
    the glasses TOP was wear…i have it at my house >.<
    my sis used it for her chem class. 😛
    i was just trying them on today :]

  68. VVC club unite.
    that’s another reason to sleep late tonight. LOL.

    GD: hyung, have you eaten glazed doughnuts again? the smell’s still on your neck.
    TOP: hell yeah. YUM!


  69. YAY! for the boys. i’m very proud of them

  70. it’s actually their 3rd time winning in Music Bank hehe~~
    last time they won but they couldn’t perform in Music Bank so yeah…
    congratz to BIG BANG~~
    i saw GD’s face when they won too~~

  71. vicky
    LOL WHAT!!! i didn’t say anything dirty you perverted girl!! ^^;;

  72. CONGRATS> BIG BANG <33333

  73. i love that suprised face xDD
    지용이오빠 ! ㅋ 사랑해요 ♥

  74. Kenley
    i refuse to watch that video ever ever ever again
    NO NO NO NO NO!!

  75. gelatin

  76. ncly
    yea last time was the first time since the first time they were competing they lost to Seo Tajii

  77. roro
    will ‘DO’ for now..
    uh… huh…

  78. vicky
    ohhh myyyyy goodness. i was thinking of flowers and hugs and unicorns and happy things. DOing never entered my mind!!

  79. roro

    !HUH!! yeaaaaa right…..
    that’s your definition of “do”??

  80. aww.. poor baby =(..
    dont scare me like thatt… we love you too muchh
    i was like GASP D:.. SEUNGRI!!! good thing he
    didnt get hurt or anything..

    CAPTION: GD IS ALL MINE so STOP looking at him liek that =)

    big bang <33

  81. lol

  82. CAPTION: stay away from my boo!

  83. GD: Mmm, you smell good.
    TOP: Oh, I know…

  84. i just watched this today on KBS World!!

    i went craaazy! lolz

  85. They’re so great…..
    They made a big bang for their comeback.
    There’s always a big bang at where they are.
    I’m so excited!!!!^_^
    One more thing: T.O.P’s always looked so handsome for me…..

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