haha. i guess the #3 questions are the personal ones.
what a silly question, but let’s try & figure out which we like best…

*taken from ygbigbang.com


rofl. that silly goose.

i’ve been trying to think of who BIG BANG DS would be. & it’s like… the quiet one who doesn’t speak much.
so i choose… VARIETY DS. i love you in family outing being a silly dork.
& TROT DS, b/c ur free to be ur silly self doing what u do best, singing & dancing. haha. it’s ur style.


080912: DAESUNG IS IN THE HOSPITAL?!?! probably from all the work he’s been doing. WISH HIM WELL! hwaiting my dongseng. stay healthy you dork. =\


~ by gdluvzmc on September 12, 2008.

62 Responses to “DAESUNG ASKS #3”

  1. BBDS dude. always.

  2. I like all parts of Dae, everything from his quietness to his outrageousness because they are all a part of him.

    He’s in the hospital? Oh, no! Those boys work too hard. The others are getting sick as well. Get better!

  3. On second thought, if I had to choose one, I’d choose BB Dae because his voice is what attracts me to him the most.

  4. he’s in the hospital?!! oh no..the big bang curse is back..last year it was TOP n seung ri, now deasung got it too O.o
    i just hope it doesnt spread to the other members this year, they shouldn’t work too hard n kill themselves >.<

  5. *Gasp!* Daesung is in the hospital? OMG!! I hope he gets well soon…Hwaiting Dae Dae!! Aww…he’s got so much to do with the preview in 3 days time… I choose the Trot Daesung n Big Bang Daesung…

  6. Aww. GET WELL DAE!
    As sad as it is, I’m not surprised especially after
    reading that one thing where GD said he looks like
    a hardworking dad. Kid is working his butt off. =/

    As for his question, I’ll go with Trot Dae.
    He’s so silly and carefree as Trot Dae.

  7. aww..get well sOOOn daesungi!!!


  8. i like. HEALTHY DAESUNG the best!

  9. silly daesung why they are keep going hospital..just break my heart…
    i hope daesung will recover quickly…
    of course big bang daesung!!!

  10. can i be greedy and say all:D I hope he gets well soon!

  11. I just love Daesung the way he is,quiet & sweet as BB,funny as Trot & various,hardworking as MC & cats..
    But definitely love BB DaeSung the most coz that’s where I like him^_^
    Hope he’s fine,they’re very hardworking boys..make me love them more*sigh*wish I can tell them to keep watching their health,they’ve done so much already..

  12. All of daesung, no matter what. Because he puts his heart and soul into everything he does!!

  13. big bang daesung for sure.
    I love his voice the most in big bang >’333333333333
    i don’t know much about the variety daesung as i couldn’t understand!
    and cats daesung? Maybe, if i have the chance to watch him perform

    p/s : OMG please take care of yourself T____T get well soon dae >’3

  14. i like all of the dae’s put together, cause thats what makes him special. anyway, i hope you get better dae. don’t make us all too worried.

  15. Bigbang dae sung : D
    OMG he’s in the HOSPITAL!!?!? D: HELL NO
    T_T get well soon dae sung

  16. DS is in the hospital?
    Oh myyyy..
    DaeSUngg Hwaitinggggggggg..!!
    get well soon~.. *pray*

    i LOVE DS all the wayyyyy..
    he is my PERFECT one..^ ^

    BIGBANG hwaitinggg..!

  17. whom i love the most in those choices? Kang Daesung. ^^ hahaha. it’s all him. I love it that he can do musicals, variety shows, be an mc, trot his heart out and be a hot VIP ^^. So damn adorable..=)

    No wonder he’s in the hospital..omg…get well soon Dae!!! Big Bang and Korean artists shouldn’t work themselves so hard…huhu…they are always in the hospitals..Dae hwaiting!

  18. I love Dae Sung in everyway!
    He is very funny on family otgoing!

    Hospital and Dae Sung?! this words should be on the same line!!
    Poor thing, you work so hard!
    Hope you’ll get better soon!
    We all love you SO MUCH and wish you well!!!

  19. hmm
    i choose trot Dae and BB Dae
    please get well soon!


  21. NOO! T^T
    Dae, get well soon!
    this is what i hate about the music biz.
    our babys are getting so tired.
    working so hard for their fans!
    YB is pissing me off right now.

    silly Dae.
    i love you(:
    and all of your parts(x

  22. owwww oma im too sad now T.T i hope you will be better soon …plss be healthy for us dae oppa we love u too much with your everything 😥

  23. i love all of daesung..
    get well soon!


    i love all your dae sungs XD
    probably CATS dae sung the most, lol, HIP TRHUSTS
    but most of all
    HEALTHY DAE SUNG >< don’t work too hard~

  26. get well soon dae dae!!^_^ we all love your different sides..i like trot and variety dae more thou..i love him being such a dork in family outing! ^_^

  27. Get well Daedae 😀
    kisses&hugs ❤

  28. Oh godd
    get well soon
    my beloved

    ohh T.T

  29. I like Big Bang Daesung because I loveeee his voice.
    Aww, get better soon!!

  30. so hard to pick bc ur cute in everything u do. but personally i love the cats daesung. super funny 😀

    i like variety and big bang daesung XDD

  32. Omona~
    Dae Sung ssi. T_T

    Please get better soon!

  33. OMG Daesung’s in the hospital???!!
    They always crash towards the end of the year.
    Breaks my heart to know that they work so hard..
    DAESUNG GET WELL SOON!!!!! I’ll be watching over you from afar.

    Let me see..his question..hmmm
    I can’t choose. I like KANG DAESUNG, and that wasn’t an option..hehhe


  34. i like all sides of daesung!!!! if one’s missing then it’s not daesung anymore… even when he’s variety daesung or whatever i still see the other daesungs in him… i love daesung oppa so much he’s sooo cute and sexy at the same time.. that’s kinda hard to become like that!!

  35. OH NO daedae’s in the hospital, I had a feeling something like this would happen, They work too hard 😦 .

    Right now I prefer the healty not in the hospital Daesung. But usually I like the Variety Daesung most i guess. I really like all his sides, thry are all so COOL.

    Daesung Oppa FIGHTING!!!!!

  36. omo!
    dae sung oppa hwaiting!
    i wish you best luck oppa!
    saranghaeyo!i feel so bad:(
    i hope you get better dae sung oppa!

  37. what the pawk?
    sigh, i knew that was bound to happen *shakes head*
    but i love all of DS! BBDS and VSDS. family outing wooh!

  38. Get Well Dae Sung. =D

  39. daerin // YB is pissing you off right now? what did he do?

    aww Daedae.i hope he gets better…i guess the only one left to make a trip to the hospital is YB..gah i pray he doesnt make a trip there too he’s been sick for a while…

  40. mainly….big bang DaeSung and Variety Show DaeSung because that’s where he’s most funny, [but when is he never =D]
    always making me laugh and and and smile and and and he makes m happy =]

  41. aww; get well daedae! ❤
    uhmmm, i like them all. i dont have a favorite. i think they all rock! haha :]

  42. OMG awww, hope you get better Dae
    and Good Luck =]
    Idk, i can’t decide. all of them
    he’s funny in. Well he makes it look
    fun and he acts funny in. So i
    would say ALL of Them!

    But i do like the others. Meeh, BIG BANG DAESUNG for me, yo.

  44. hmmm…I like the…. mc daesung the most.

  45. …love love love big bang daesung ^_^

  46. I like variety Dae Sung!! >.< Your not scared to be yourself and you just go for whatever you’re gonna do!! x]

  47. OMG!!! NOOO!! MY BABY IS IN THE HOSPITAL!??!! aww, get tons of rest and get well veryyyyyy sooon dae, we all love you!!!!!!!

  48. variety daesung and trot daesung because you see him as an individual!
    omg daesung please get well! stop pushing yourself so hard, your going to make me have a heart attack! daesung hwaiting!

  49. its hard to choose.. bb daesung or variety daesung.
    id have to go with variety DS cuz he’s so damn dorky and funny..+ I see more of who he is as an indiviudal? ..

  50. are you sure that he is in the hospital?

  51. How about all of them, lol. Each one of those things he described, is what makes him him, when you put it all together, lol. Well, I hope he is alright. Get well, Daesung. Aja Aja, Fighting Daesung! Lol.

  52. poor Dae 😦 he needs to get some rest! Daesungie hwaiting!!! ><
    i like variety DaeSung LOOL1 hilarious! and BB DaeSung :3 so sweet! ^^

  53. eh? DaeDae in hospital? ouw..got fatigue i guess..hmm..hope he will be ok..

    i love DaeDae best in Family Outing!! i think that show is good for you since you got the chance to go to the countryside and out of the hustle bustle of the city, which is good, and i just love watching DaeDae having so much fun and being loved esp by Hyori!! haha..

  54. variety daesung<3
    dumb and dumber bro is always loved.
    anndddd Daedae in hospital? Awwww D:

  55. i love all types of daeaung so…yup yup its variety ^^

  56. I love all parts of Dae, but my favorite favorite would be Big Bang Dae and Variety

  57. ALL THE DAESUNG. Seriously, I can’t choose. Every Dae Dae is great!

  58. well.. to our beloved DAE!!!
    ~don’t you worry about this kind of stuffs..
    coz, whatever you do……….we’ll always LOVE you!!!
    no matter what or who you are.. or what you do!!
    ~ok?!! Fighting!!!
    we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. I love every part of you,my DaeSung baby~
    (lots and lots of love)

    *sigh*why do u have to work sooo hard??? T.T
    please,get well soon.We all need u.. ❤

  60. DaeDae’s great every single way !
    what kinda question is that? LOL
    i love my baby ❤

    omg, GET WELL SOON !
    we’ll be waiting for you to get better ! ):

  61. hmmm.. i love ALL of thmemm..
    i mean obviously BIG BANG is liek forever
    and you are in it.. but you are liek too
    quiet and you are sorta ALWAYS in the background..
    so idk.. i guess all of tham 😀

  62. Who do I like best…? HEALTHY Dae Sung ^_^! I wish you luck to get well soon! How can I really choose when they’re all DS?? I love you,DS. Love all faces of DS. I don’t wanna give a cop-out answer, but it’s true–I can choose a favorite, sorry… Anyway, get better soon and stay well so that we can keep seeing all those personalities of Dae Sung!

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