[MUST WATCH] 09.12.08 Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night & Jung Sun Hee’s Radio Show


09.12.08 Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night
Special Guest: Big Bang
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thanks to 와쥐베베님

Ever wonder who they like best? Dongsaeng or Nuna fans??? Well…. they reveal their answer here
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There’s audience this time now… Baby going all excited when PKL introduced them, when he blew that kiss.. I died, when SeungRi make his greetings, the fans went screaming and he point that peace sign……. I come up from the death just to die again, then of course they start talking about DaeSung and how they miss his “Anhohaseyo DaeSung imida~” Tabi got all cute and excited when he’s talking about Dae… ah~ just like a little kid They were talking about musicals, and I think PKL ask Bong to react one of his scene back in high school when he was in musicals, and he did that adorable grunt haha

OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!! Tell me I’m not the only one squeal like a true fangirl I am when Bong did at thing at 10:22……. did you see his face???? HIS TEETH WAS TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!!! OH MY GOD BONG WHY TEASE ME????? I want it so bad but you won’t let me have it… it’s PAINFUL!!

I’m curious about Baby conversation about YB, so much BaeRi these days, what exactly did they talk about?? Look hilarious, I WANNA KNOW!! also at 18:50 after whatever Baby say they start laughing like crazy, wanna know oh so badly

They performed Haru Haru once again, check out Tabi’s BLING BLING, huge ass rock, that is NICEEE.. Bong bobbing while rapping haha cute. Baby and YB use their expression to sing, so into it haha YES! hearing Bong singing Dae’s part once again… I’m happy. I’ll never get tire of Bong and Baby do a short duet for the bridge and of course Bong’s pout when he finish singing..

thanks to 권지형님

Okay… 28:19…… are you ready for “The Adventure of Bong being Bored?” haha first he messed around with his hoodie, tighten it around his face and only show his left eyes, then he only show his mouth and stick his lips up in the air and being a dork oh Bong~ you amazed me,

thanks to 승리랑쎄쎄쎄님

my other husband can’t sit still either, he start mess around with Bong’s glasses.. AWWWW BABY!!! MARRY ME!!!! Though you can only see Bong’s arm, there’s a GRi moment at 29:05 Bong playfully hit Baby when he realize what Baby was doing, Baby ducked…..that was so freaking cute, then Bong took the glasses back, meanie Bong, Baby look good in it

When Tabi talk, his eyes, HAHAHAHAH his eyes are like fish’s eyes, SO FREAKING ADORABLE!! The whole time, I think his new hair make me look a bit more younger, Mr. Choi being cute is just ahhh~

When they were about to perform “A Good Man” Park Kyung Lim unnie was like “This is the first time you guys perform A Good Man live right??” she got all excited cuz she thought it was, but Tabi answered “This is the second time” KyungLim unnie’s face was so shocked it was hilarious haha i love her. She still didn’t give up, keep pushing it “This is the first time you guys perform it on a radio show right?” and they answered “No, we perform it for that first time on a radio show” haha, she was speechless again, but of course the KyungLim unnie I know can’t give up that easily, stilll pushing “This is the first time for a MBC Radio Show right????” then the boys got excited too, they were like “THAT’S RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!” KyungLim unnie was so happy she won hahaha. Love her.

thanks to Bang’em님

They start performing, the way Bong rapped just leave me sitting here staring with my mouth open like a idiot… he is seriously just too perfect, too perfect that sometimes it scares me and as if that wasn’t enough, he just HAVE to go and STICK HIS TOUNGE OUT…….. Bong…… you’re killing me. Mr. Composer was absolutely amazing at his part… Tabi ah~ Baby standing on the side dancing by himself haha his maknae world.

BABY DID IT!!!! BABY DID IT!!!! He make everyone get goosebumps from his greasiness, at 45:00 what did he do???? say softly and seductively into the mic “Everyone… I love you” OH GOD.. …. even Bong is speechless LORD Baby… and you’re still illegal, everyone was like “why are you doing this?” “oh jeez” but Baby’s only response to defend himself is, he point to the VIPs sitting outside and say “I know you guys love it… admit it” haha YES BABY, you are 100% right, WE ARE LOVIN’ IT!!! we love your buttery dripping greasy self haha

at 49:45, they have a Q&A section with the fans, and one of the fan ask “Who do you like better? Dongsaeng [a person younger than you] or nuna [female who’s older than you]? and Baby was like “that’s like asking who do I like better, my mom or my dad” hahaha Baby haha they have to answer it, Tabi say “My Mom” haha his mom…. I’m not sure what YB choose, but I think he say “Dongsaeng” that’s why the fangirls were screaming like crazy, then it’s my turn to scream when Bong sayHE LIKE DONGSAENG FANS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” YEAAAAAAAA!!!! I’m so happy!!! HAHAHAHHHHHAHAAAAAAAAAAA BABY ALSO CHOOSE DONGSEANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OPPPPAAA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! Tabi is still consist with his answer “Umma” hahahah KyungLim unnie got so excited she say Big BANG {means bread in Korean} instead of Big Baeng [how Big Bang were suppose to be prounounce]

This is my favorite radio show ever since their comback, probably because they were so comfortable with KyungLim unnie and they were messing around, love it, and also I can understand some of it with my poor Korean skills. MUST WATCH NOW!!!

09.12.08 Jung Sun Hee’s Radio Show
Special Guest: Big Bang
136 MB

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thanks to 와쥐베베님


Bong wearing my current obsessed color haha PURPLE! Looking GOOOOODDD as always, idk why but I’m interested in what they were drinking haha, Tabi drinking iced coffee, Bong drinking.. Pink Lemonade Snapple? haha YB and Baby is drinking water, haha idk where that came from, Vicky is feeling a bit random today. GDYB MOMENT AT 10:40 what is YB doing with his left hand????? SEE THAT?? feeeell~ Bong’s arm hahah Bong got all embarassed doing his greeting… omo omo~ Kwon Leadah being shy is just beyond words can describe.

The show didn’t have any excitement probably due to what happen with the original DJ of the show, if you guys keep up with the Kpop things going on, you probably Jung Sun Hee’s husband just recently commited suicide that’s why she wasn’t there that day, it’s so sad cuz I remember last time Big Bang were on her show they were congratulating her on getting marry and she got married on the same night as the MKMF, that’s why the boys can’t attend her wedding, hope she’s doing alright, I would hate to loose one of the best Korean comedian I know and love.

BONG’s 21st BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!!!!!!

With the ‘G’ kekek HOW CUTE!!

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credit:키읔 / bigbangpop

~ by Vicky on September 12, 2008.

144 Responses to “[MUST WATCH] 09.12.08 Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night & Jung Sun Hee’s Radio Show”

  1. omg so hot!
    top is hotter!
    bb is hot!

  2. vicky
    the longest essay of BB i’ve ever seen.

    WHY??? WHYY??? WHY NUNA???
    (he mean that right? my brain got too much shock that i can’t think straight)
    u know i can’t be older than u?!

    u don’t know how cute a dongsaeng can be sometimes Y.Y

  3. nya

    you should’ve seen me when i look back and see how much i’ve written, i literally yelled out “HOLY SHIT”
    I didn’t even know I wrote that much already, CRAP
    but i can’t help it
    i thought about ediitng it a bit but every bit of information is important

    Tabi say “UMMA”
    so you still have hope
    I’m just EXTREMELY happy that Baby and Bong choose DONGSAENG!!!!!!!!!!111

  4. OMG GD, OMG
    you are really making me go crazy right now!
    DAMMM AHHH HE is so HOT! gawd
    hehe funny too. Ooh i’m wearing purple right now
    and i have been for this week. Yeah GD we match
    keke Lols okay nvm, time difference
    hehe Seungri is such a dork!
    G-Dragon is Love

  5. and btw nya

    this is only 51 MB
    hopefully you can download and watch it
    it is amazing
    delete it after you’re done watching

  6. vicky
    u don’t know what my expression when i look at this.
    “what is this??? just like a short story. damn, so long”

    well, umma means mom, but implicitely think it as older woman.
    & i’m not older than Tabo so i just… hah…

  7. vicky
    downloading it.
    kekeke… this is must watch!
    ahh my man… u make me heartbroken again.
    so much heartbroken thing since yesterday Y.Y

  8. nya

    well you don’t know that
    Baby said at first, he was like “that’s like asking who i like better, my mom or my dad”
    so by answering “my mom” doesn’t necessariy mean an older woman

    beside, Tabi already say that he like woman of any ages haha
    there’s no limit

  9. nya

    awww… what exactly did he do yesterday??
    ahh~ you watch idol world right?
    the eating with the lips thing scene?

  10. vicky
    yup. but not that scene.
    it give me like a 50% impact, i know he’s only want to win over Baby.
    the last one when he choose Queenka, when the camera close up when they 2 holds hands.
    i like GANGGG!!!

    i’m weird, i don’t care when he make a sexy dance with girls but when he hold Queenka hands really make my heart broken.

    hoppefully he accept dongsaeng

  11. ish based on your essay i’m so freaking wanna dl the show down!!!!
    a good man again!!!!
    i can’t resist from downloading it since they sang a good man
    and also all the gif!!! hahaa bong is freaking cute!!!!
    and i love top’s new hair omg~
    he looks young xD


  13. hello!
    can you please upload this radio show in youtube because when i was trying to download it, it didn’t work.
    thanx in advance 🙂

  14. nya

    i personally don’t like the girl even though she choose Tabi
    but like she say that she doesn’t want ppl to like her base on her appearance and stuff that’s why she ask her friend to help out, but then the next thing you know she went and judge baby when she saw that he was younger, she already pick Tabi right away when she saw him for the first time, you can tell. So I really didn’t like her that much, I like her friend so much better actually hahahaha , GWISOON AH~~~~~

  15. newvip

    kekek if only i can use essasy writing skills for good haha

  16. bigbangloverr

    i can’t because i can’t make cut of it for some reason and it’s too long for a youtube video
    why can’t u download?
    what’s wrong?
    maybe i can help

  17. vicky
    yup. i know it the secind she lay her eyes to my hubby.
    i know she’ll choose him.

    poor baby, he really mad. i like her friends more, just like u.
    what i’m talking? we share the same brain!
    Baby did so well, if i’m the queenka & not obbessed with Tabi, i’ll choose Baby.
    poor YB too. she eliminate him coz she already like Tabi.
    YB did well, he’s a kind boyfriend type.

    btw, when tabi know he hit the jackpot, his expression like
    “why i choose her??’
    i do feel HAPPY.
    hahaha.. what a bad gurl i am

  18. vicky

    hahaha yeah me too, i can crap an essay about all the craps in my life
    but i always get low marks for english essay
    yay yay i’m a dongsaeng to toppie~~~~
    ish ish~~~

    uhh one question- erm, when you exit out of the video, where did it go? like do you still have to delete it from your computer? because i cant seem to find it…
    (hehe this was the first time i actually watched a video from here)

  20. oh haha never mind i figured it out. it didnt actually save to my computer

  21. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH my gosh, i just LOVE the mini g-ri part with the glasses, so cuteeeeeee!!!!!!!! *sqeals like fangurl*

  22. wait— this is also my first time downloading anything from here, can you actually save the vid/download thingy to your computer or will it not let you?

    I’m a dongsaeng to all of Big Bang, and hearing my husband GD say that had me dying inside. (AND MAKNAE, TOO!) omo~~~ *___*

    Thanks for posting!

  24. bigbangforever94

    well if you don’t wanna keep the video then go to the folder you put it in and delete the file
    or else exiting out the video won’t delete it
    it’ll still be there

  25. dreamandlove

    the comment where i explain what VVC is hahah

  26. nya

    i just done fixing up my livejournal
    new layout and everything
    i’m exhausted

  27. ♥DoT Ri!♥

    yea it let you save it

  28. ♥DoT Ri!♥

    kekek your classmate is funny
    if someone try to do that to me… they’ll probably get hurt
    i don’t like ppl i don’t know randomly hug me haha

  29. I finally finished watching it and I went crazy
    is TOP getting married or something what’s with the rock?
    anyways all of the cute moments were priceless then when they asked them the question and my baby kept on saying my mom
    hahaha soooo cute
    definetly the mind of a 5 year old

  30. Yay i love a good man!!!
    hahaha and what was mentioned in the essay made me laugh like mad
    especially what bong did when he was bored!!!
    seriously CUTE. i love him >’33
    and baby playing with bong’s glasses was adorable too!!
    hahaha!! and bong showing his teeth was super cute
    but i kinda miss his crooked teeth xDD
    and they sang my favourite song!!
    ish >’3333

  31. dreamandlove

    haven’t met anyone mentally younger than him that’s for sure
    kekeke “umma”

  32. newvip

    “aWWW…. I miss Bong’ teeth”

  33. omo~I just finished watching our boys and they r so freaking CUTE!!!!!!!!!!Especially our leaduh with the jacket and the jumbo size glasses…just….cute!Can’t get the tounge thing out of my head ,too.I found that Top is getting linner,and it makes him so hot with the black suit?Maybe he’s trying hard to lose weight due to the new film he has to take hum? All I wonna say is these boyz r too cute 4 words!AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  34. oh I know too cute for words
    and they his expressions when he talked his eyes popping out hahah
    GD and SR were amazingly dorky too I couldn’t stop squealing

  35. aww!
    i’m so speechless. they are so cute! love all their action esp the jacket and baby with bong’s glasses~
    ohh, our kwon leadah got nice and delicious cake!
    <333 GRI forever

  36. vicky,

    uhmm, when i was trying to open it, it says it can’t be openn i think i don’t have the right program for it.
    but do you know any site i could watch it?

  37. bigbangloverr

    watch it with the GOM player

  38. omg omg!! Seungri!!..baby why did you have to do that?!..i kept screaming..0_0 haha..he’s soo cute..beyond words!^_^

    and TOp!!..oppa! im your dongsaeng..haha you can have me if you want..^_^ and GD got a really nice cake!..

  39. Which Big Bang boyfriend would you want in these situations? PART 2!!!



  40. did they make another exact copy of that cake?
    cuz there was one for this radio show and another for the concert o.O
    and yeahs ^^ the cake is very VERY pretty…looks too good to eat xD

  41. been out of town for a while and seeing and when i came back
    i found a lot of posts. they are all interesting but i wound say this is the most interesting. m gonna watch this soon.

  42. awwwwhh~~
    The B’dae cake is soo cutee!
    It makes me NOT wanting to eat it..hahhaha

  43. vicky

    yay tabi loves nuna! =) I’m a nuna by 340 days to tabi.hehehe.
    Too bad Baby Ri and GD loves dongsaeng fans…being a bit ahead of them does wonders…hahaha! =)
    What I really wanna know is what YB really said…huhu…
    I’m having trouble downloading your vids Vicky, can’t seem to connect to mediafire at the moment. huhu.
    Nevertheless your essay is so detailed I think it’s sufficient. hehe. But I wanna know YB’s preference!

    Or else I’m going to steal nya’s husband…hehehe…I can’t remove the image of him sticking out his tongue inside my head.

  44. I love Bong’s Bday cake!! the figure is soo Kwon Ji Yong! hehe. =)

  45. is anyone gonna upload it on youtube cause i can watch it on my pc

  46. cute cake! aww no love for the nuna fans?!?!? ha!

  47. vicky

    yeah right!
    his teeth was very unique before this
    hahaha..cause it was crooked.
    Well, now his teeth is like so flat and nice that I’m not used to it
    hahaha..but i must admit that his teeth is nicer than previously =D

  48. btw, have you guys seen this ?

    bb on a japanese show – BOMBER-E, and THEY GET CAMERA TIME TO DO THESE FREAKING HOT/CUTE poses/movements (?)

    (and then they talk about member’s favorite japanese phrase. and then ideal girl)

    have to have to watch. have to!

  49. i love reading your radio essays vicky. so much details i wouldn’t even noticed if it wasn’t for you. you have sharp eyes for super aegyo moments. :))

    is it just me or is there anyone else that goes crazy everytime bong sticks his tongue out? LOL.

  50. dubseeXvip
    hahah thanks gurl!
    at least something i could understand ^^v
    really have to watch
    btw, they also say about their future plan

  51. ahh the download doesnt work on my computer…it says the file is removed..any help? >< im dying to watch it ahh!

  52. Is there a version with subs out there…..somewhere?

    But even if there isn´t, I´m gonna watch this anyway!

    And damn it—-TOPs new hair looks miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighty fiiiine.

  53. vicky
    what? so u fixed ur LJ? i tought u go to bed already. hahaha…
    new layout? wooo.. wanna check it ^^

    just finished all the school stuff that delayed, watcing it, deleting all the files that are not really important anymore. hehehe, now at least my comp can d/l again. yay~~

    don’t understand a word from that.
    the only thing i understand is our boys cuteness, dorkyness especially Bong hahaha, & my man insiting on saying his mom.
    (it just like he don’t want to let others know. why mom?? hahaha.. he avoid saying the truth. makes me want to know more)
    fell like i still have a hope ^^ kekeke…

    Bong birthday cake is so cute…
    i don’t dare to eat it ^^

  54. Kenley
    oh my god! gurl, just think about YB & his abs.
    don’t think about Tabi’s tounge.
    its not healthy! hahaha…

    always love ur husband. don’t leave him. OK?

  55. vicky
    now i have a request for u
    don’t go promoting my man again.
    u can promote other members but not Tabi
    u might let other fans have a heart changing & go to my man & that scare me. hahaha…

  56. OMG!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks vicky! this totally made my day, ive been dying to know which they liked better for a while now!! :]

  57. nya2

    don’t be too scared, I still have YB here in my heart..and head..haha. Yeah, those abs..darn it…abs are my weakness. Just looking at YB’s makes my day. =)
    But it doesn’t change that Tabi is also hot. ^^

  58. YOEHOEE!
    is that cake for TOPIIE >

  59. dubseeXvip

    thanks for the youtube link. ^^ Baby Ri is so cool doin that rap n kiss. Bong and his shoulder pose. Dae, the banner, and his adorable smile. Tabi should have come nearer to the cam, shy guy. And of course, YB…beatboxing plus popping…so HAWT. =)

  60. Vicky

    I wanna download your vids!!! but the link doesn’t work for me. huhu. =S

  61. Kenley
    well, it sure make me scare if any of VVC members want to attack my man. after all with roro. hahaha…
    so girl, just tinking about ‘ur abs’ & no thought about ‘my tounge’ kekeke…
    i know my hubby is hot, but u must control urself.
    don’t let him tease u. fighting! hahaha…

  62. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    it is gurl, watch it
    and just for the record, i ask my korean friend, and she say YB likes nuna fans haha

  63. Kenley
    Baby and Bong is MINE!
    Leave it to the dongsaeng
    YB say he like nuna fans
    my korean friend told me that
    so…are you gonna be happy? hahaha

  64. newvip
    i just thought Bong was the kind of person who like being different
    that’s why he didn’t fix it before debut
    but i do think the teeth decision wasn’t his, it’s just what’s best for his image right now or something

  65. dubseeXvip
    i do’nt have the patient to watchi something in japanese
    i don’t know realy haha

  66. gelatin
    kekekek really??
    i thought they were really obvious.
    and you’re not the only one gurl
    MANY MANY got killed because of his tounge

  67. babyfedex
    try again later, MF does that a lot

  68. nya

    i fixed it before i went to bed haha
    i was too exhausted and pass out at like 1 hahah
    i’m weak these day, i blame school…..

  69. nya

    then people will think i hate him hahaha
    cuz that happens before
    i can’t be bias
    because of my mouth spazzing on and on, Baby gain more nuna fans than ever…. I’m in trouble too hahah
    but since he say he like dongsaeng fan, everything’s OKAY~ hahah

  70. BBFTW.
    what year were you born?
    i was born in 92, currently 15 but in korea i’m 17
    2 years younger than Baby and 4 years younger than Bong

  71. Kenley
    try again later, MF does that a lot

  72. omg gds sooo cute xDD
    넘 귀여웡 ! 꺄ㅑㅑㅇㅇㅇ아ㅏㅏ악 !

  73. vicky
    hahah… it’s okay as long as he don’t get more crazy fans again.
    don’t watch it?
    u’ll die after watch what Baby done.
    his answer also so cuteee..
    i want a little brother like him ^^

  74. nya

    don’t watch what?
    what baby do??
    i’m confuse haha

  75. vicky
    the link that dubseeXvip give u.
    oh my god… they talk about their favourite japanese phrase & their girl type, also their plans for future.
    & have all members pose.
    Baby & Bong pose will make u die for sure. i guarantee it coz Tabi make me die just when i watched it.
    that camera should take a close up! it’ll be better.

  76. & btw vi, last time is green & now its blue, ur LJ background.
    heheh… i love blue!
    ur LJ sure makes me want to d/l all the vids

  77. nya

    i have no patience with japanese
    it make me go insane
    tell me all the juicy details
    what did baby say about his future wife? aka me???

  78. nya

    i was bored last night so i decide to change it
    i love the pic on the header [that’s also my wallappaer]
    so i use it
    you like blue?
    i like it too

  79. vicky
    sorry my internet got disconected, take a long time to connect again

    well, Bong show off his shoulder. their clocth is the one they use on their SBS comeback they.
    Baby do umm… (don’t know how to say it in english) fly kiss??
    thing that YB do, also don’t know how to put it in english, he just like doing a little bit of beat box?
    Dae waving a really cute towel, not Doraemon surprisingly. kekeke
    Tabi have his hand point on the camera & one of his legs lift up.

    Q: what Japanase phrase that u like?
    SR: i’m hungry (so cute isn’t it??)
    YB: i’m agree.
    DS: thanks for today *it’s what japanese say when they do all the works done

    Q: what are ur girls type?
    GD: kind girl who’ll say that she loves me. (she say it with an embarassed face. kekeke)
    DS: girls with a beautifull smile

    Q: what is ur plan for aiming the world
    YB: just like now, we’ll appear on TV, step by step moving forward. for now, to make a music & stage that’ll enchant the world as our goals.

    only 2:35 minutes. not so long.
    better watch it. their expression is so cute.

    blue is my color. i love blue so much that i have so many blue shirt 7 blouse. hehehe…
    i love the others on that pic but not Tabi.
    he doesn’t look like having so much spirit there

  80. nya

    I’M DEAD!!

    I will tell Bong i love him every second of every day
    oh my gad bong!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!

    i’m too excited now

  81. vicky
    that’s why i told u to watch!
    go watch it now. his expression is priceless!
    kakaka… hah… calm down myself…

    i know u’ll dead.
    i’m dead also. Tabi’s pose sent me to heaven~~~

  82. btw, just realize how many words that i type wronng.
    he say it with an embarssed face. not she, sorry. hahaha…
    & he say ‘kind’ girl not ‘perverted’ girl. hahahha…

  83. omg…my hubby’s bday cake is sooo cute<333

  84. vicky
    i was born in ’94.
    4 years younger than baby and 6 than bong. xD
    4-6 years isnt that bad, and they both like the younger fans :]]

  85. Vicky

    *gasp* u can save it?!?!?! how?!?!?!
    (hehe, i dont like random hugs either…anyone does that regrets it.)

  86. Vicky

    Thanks for the info. You just made a nuna fan so damn ecstatic. hehehe. ^^

  87. Vicky – thank you for the advice! it did work in the end : D

    OMG. they are so cute! very hillarious!! i’ve always been a huge fan of BB, especially for TOP and now im just starting to get all addicted to all of them AHH!!! ^^

  88. nya

    thanks for the translation on the vid dubseeXvip posted. they are so hot with their poses. hehe. Your hubby should have come a bit closer, he needs to expose himself like Baby Ri, Bong and Baebae. hehe. Baby Ri did a rap then a flying kiss in the end just like what Bong does at the end of a Haru Haru perf. YB did a beatbox then popped out as his dance move.^^
    Yeah I can stay loyal with my hubby…I can…I can…hahaha.

  89. nya

    Bong……. i’m gonna rape you one day

  90. ♥DoT Ri!♥
    when you click the DOWNLOAD link on mediafire
    you can choose to save it in your computer

  91. Kenley
    glad ur happy haha
    YB… his nuna fans willl teach him many things

  92. nya

    just this once again…..
    BONG I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YO’URE MINE!!!

  93. so…. vicky
    does this mean you finally watched the video ‘you had no patience for”?

    lol you can’t watch 2 minutes of cuteness!?

    admit it. (if you watched it), their camera time made you a zombie. LOL!!!

  94. Aww, GD’s cake is so cute.
    And the gif of him sticking his tounge out is way cute too.

  95. Vicky

    oh…. i didnt know that, and i was on this site a long time… since i used to be called ♥SeungRiLovee♥…

  96. Kenley
    i only do the rought translation.
    i can’t guarantee if there’s wrong. but at least the meaning won’t go so far.
    i just want vicky to watch it.
    she said that she have no patience over 2 minutes vid.
    the only thing that i refret from that pic are Tabi didn’t speak & he’s too far from the camera. sob…sob…

  97. vicky
    now u’re crazy over Bong & where the heckl u put ur Baby Ri??
    hahahaa.. don’t forget to tell him that u love him also.
    must protect him from nuna fans. kekeke…

  98. nya

    after many ppl telling to
    i did
    I saw Bong’s reaction
    his expression wasn’t anything special
    but the crowd’s reaction was priceless

    also to see that Baby’s japanese was really good
    and he like to eat just like me hehehe

  99. nya

    Baby is mostly for emotional needs
    Bong is mostly there for physical needs hahahahah

  100. LOLLLL! love themmmm! so silly and dorky.
    baby is always in his own little world xD awww, gd being mean to him…. keekee its a love-hate relationship right there :p

  101. vicky
    ehh?? u don’t love expression like that?
    i love seeing boys when they’re embarassed.
    i think they’re so cute that time^^

    hahaha… he love to eat but still so skinny. kekeke..
    everyone love to eat gurl.

    oh my god! are u vicky??
    the one who don’t wanna admit it? now u say it?? kekeke…

  102. Vicky

    what if ur baby also has some physical needs? He might look for some nuna fans to get it…nuna fans wouldn’t be too shy to give it too..hehehe.

  103. Must watch!!!! Thanx Vicky ^^

  104. aww i wanna know what baby said cause every time baby speaks everyone laughs: GD died from laughing, yb’s big smile, top just speechless keeps laughing.I REALLY WANNA KNOW TOO VICKY! haha i see ty walking back from the break just wanted to point that out. HAHAHA baby so random saying ‘everyone i love you’ 😀 they talked about kissing with yb??? and gd was about to kiss him LOL <3333

  105. Awwwwwww cake is so cute LOL

  106. nya

    i’m a female teenager
    it’s part of my life
    but i never say anything about doing something dirty haha

  107. Kenley

    i say MOSTLY emotional needs
    of course there’s lil something something too haha

  108. vicky
    hahahaha.. then explain it.
    what do u mean by physical need? huh? what kind? kekeke…

    now i re-read it, somehow Baby line feel so poor.
    emotional need, hah… little is not enough
    Kenley is right. he may go to nuna fans to get some physical need. or maybe he’ll run to YB. hahaha…

  109. vicky+nya

    nya you’re right, little is not enough…just because he’s not yet legal…he is still a guy. ^^ And since Bong ang Dae are getting a lot closer Baby Ri is looking for some of it…no wonder there’s a lot of BaeRi going on?
    Hey Baby, YB’s mine. go look for your fangirls. heheh.
    we must protect our husbands from each other! 😉

  110. what a cuuute cake !!! and lol, hey hey hey…. im a freakin dongsaeng !! WOOOHOOO! xD lol… toppie obviously likes noonas xD

  111. reading your essays makes me jump off my chair out of pure excitement xp

    yb i’d know he’d choose dongsaeng. cos i am one. ehehe

  112. Kenley
    of course we should protect our husband.
    if not, they’ll go free.
    & maybe there’ll be more pairing. other than ToDae, GRi, BaeRi…
    maybe we can see 2 seunghyun pairing

  113. nya2

    the two seunghyuns. hehe. yeah i think that wouldn’t be a far shot too. though they say those two are awkward to each other since tabi is the oldest and baby is the maknae, nevertheless there are ToRi moments. hehehe..naughty boys. =)

  114. nya

    physical need here is what every simple human being needs in their life
    NOTHING dirty kekeke

    …. well that involve cooking naked and on the counter anyway *coughROROcough*

  115. Kenley

    our husband are our own enemy….

  116. athirah

    guess I need to write one every time now haha

  117. Kenley
    well, yeah. when baby said that its his first time hugging Tabi in idol world.
    oh ma god… so cute… really.
    i want a little brother like him. kekeke…

    btw, i prefer call them 2 seunghyuns.
    since ToRi means bird in jpnese, it feels weird. kakaka..
    i laugh so hard when i read ToRi. hahaha

  118. vicky
    now u mention it, i almost forget about roro’s true goals.
    YB & my man with naked cooking.
    oh my god…
    what should i do to save my man from her??? kekeke…

  119. nya

    the only way you can save him is lock him in a cage hahah

  120. vicky
    hahahaa… good idea!
    i’ll lock him together with me.
    then i’ll throw the key outside.
    anything happend after that, u know. kakaka…

  121. nya

    if you’re gonna do that then might as well find a decent hotel room haha

  122. vicky
    buhahaha… OMG!
    yup, right a decent hotel room.
    coz u told me to lock him in a cage i forgot about hotel room.

  123. gah~ i LOVE your “essays” Vicky! ^_^

  124. vicky

    roro wants that?? oh no…must find a room…i prefer a deserted island with a house..hahah. no one can reach us..weee. especially the other bb guys. hehe.

  125. nya2

    ToRi moments…hahahaha! i get it. hehehe
    the 2 seunghyuns has a better ring to it.
    Baby is too cute. i also want a lil brother like him..someone to mess up and scold around when he’s too hyper. heheh. But Baby Ri also has his sexy moments…^^

  126. i saw bong and boa wearing the very same black hoodies as in boa’s upcoming digital single “eat you up” teaser ver B.

    oh, now i want that hoodies VERY MUCH.

  127. omg, luv.

  128. Kenley
    u just know our leader goal huh?
    yup. he want Tabi & YB cooked for her naked.
    protect our hubby!! fighting!! hahahaha…

    ahh, if only my little brother like Baby.
    i’ll be in cuteness heaven. kekeke…
    then i’ll call vicky as my sister in law. buhahaha..

  129. hey vicky, it’d be nice if ur caps w/ ur tagline: cap & upload by vicky
    if u changed the format from now on to
    cap & REupload by vicky.

    that’s the more correct term anywayz.

    just a heads up.


  131. nya

    it’s up to your dirty mind to think of a hotel room haha

  132. nya

    LORD…… deserted island…

    … XD i’m speechless
    you win

  133. vicky
    its not my idea. that deserted island.
    its Keley’s idea. don’t mistaken/

    but acctually i find that deserted island is not a really bad idea tough. kekeke… but i prefer hotel room

  134. nya

    oh lord
    then I loose to both you and KENLEY!
    what will this 15 yr old do surround by these nunas…

  135. vicky
    hahaha.. u’ll imitate us.
    since these nunas are way too dangerous to ur 15 years old soul.

    WTF. shince when u’re innocent?
    u already have these tought long before u know me. hahaha…

  136. vicky it’s me again,
    i just want to ask if the second part of Jung Sun Hee’s Radio Show is only audio? coz when i download it and open it with gom player, it was only audio that came up.

  137. omg is that cake eatable? o.o

    too cute to be eaten >.<

  138. Is it possible to get the last song they were singing on the Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night
    radio?? how I want that song so bad….>.<

  139. nya

    kekeke that may be it but ever since i was introduced to all ur … thoughts…
    poor me hahah

  140. bigbangloverr

    it’s a video
    it should show you a video not just audio

  141. vicky

    oh, it doesn’t work for me
    and i re-download it and it still an audio without images.

  142. bigbangloverr

    that’s really weird
    try play it using other media player

  143. the cake so cute^_^

  144. at 18:50 when they LOL really hard..if I’m correct it’s because PKL was saying like
    “Seungri we’re getting so many texts messages asking you to ehg-gyo (act cute)”

    And all the other guys were saying how people always request Sengri’s ehg-gyo.

    And seungri replied.
    “Perhaps I become korea’s best ehg-gyoer (person that acts cute)”

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