Big Bang on MBC New Generation of Trot Pictures

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All of them looking so trotalicious, especially Dae of course, Mr. Trot of Big Bang can’t loose to nobody, it’s funny cuz in the pictures, one pic he will have his up ‘gel’ up then the next thing you’ll see it down, I like it ‘gel’ up, more trot-ish haha SO FREAKING EXCITED we’re finally gonna get to see “Look at me, GwiSoon” live yes!!! But dude seriously, all of them are wearing sparkly jacket but why doI only feel this ‘billionaire’ vibe coming from Bong, maybe because he ‘POP HIS COLLA’? haha Tabi be WORKING THAT SPARKLING GREEN, he make it look a suit that’s proper to go to court with haha Baby just look totally freaking cute in his red, his is different from his hyung, you can tell. YB shoud’ve gotten a sparkly hat too haha, THEN it’ll be complete. and CHECK OUT YB’S TOTALLY AWSOME FLIP, this picture is wayy too awsome.

the ‘CRAZY’ dancers we all know and love are back, their costume was so cute.

she’s my fave, and she’s Dae’s ‘yobo’ keke

Extra: Park Hyun Bin doing a trot version of YB’s “Only Look at me”

credit: imbc
Taken from: 건의사항님.BigRoom@VIPZ

~ by Vicky on September 13, 2008.

108 Responses to “Big Bang on MBC New Generation of Trot Pictures”

  1. WOW its YB’s back up dancers!

  2. wooah taeyangsa floatin XD aww is this vid uploaded somewhere?! I so wanna watch!

  3. jennych

    it will be broadcast on the 15

  4. whoaa !
    thats so awesome !
    whoever took the picture has serious skills 😀

    Daesung! soo freaking adorablee.
    Baby is working that red jacket.
    soo cute(x

  5. oh my god!!
    tabi so cute!!
    speechless… wait, i don’t have that kind of time! i always speak a lot. so today also. hahaha…
    Tabi with green color is too freaking good.
    always look good in everything.

    Bong indeed look like a billionare.
    Baby is cute too, love his last pic hehehe…
    totally agree with vicky. YB should put on a sparkling hat.
    Dae looks like the main character. of course! its trot, he’s the main character for real. hahaha…

  6. I LOVE YOU TOP!!!!

    trot Big Bang looks awesome!!

    TOP why do you look short?! lolhaha

  7. TOPs legs a bit too “wide” for those tight pants he´s wearing.

    But the suit is perfect for him.

  8. Vicky

    Oh ok thanks! looki i have a display pic now lol XD

  9. daerin

    it was official pictures from MBC
    so that’s why

  10. nya

    too excited

  11. vicky
    hahaha… i’m too!
    oh my god… that day will be so freaking day.

  12. nya

    i’m most excited about them wearing those sparkly clothes kekeke
    they will be the last perform [aka important person haha]
    it’s a battle i think
    between Big Bang and SS501

  13. vicky
    hahaha.. battle? i don’t want to think it that way.
    but i will if the opponent is DBSK. i really want our boys to win over them! so much!

    i’m more exited to hear my man sing again. Tabi sings tror just too adorable… ahhh~~~

  14. nya

    it’s a “trot” battle haha
    nothing too serious
    but i just KNOW that our boys will win

    a fangirl instinct tell me so

    if Big Bang and DBSK can compete base on JUST talent
    Big Bang will win hands down
    but since the fan thing is a big factor too
    we neer know

  15. nya

    Tabi’s voice is so sexy hehehe
    he needs to sing more

  16. Haha Park Hyun Bin resembles Tae Yang in the pics!

  17. vicky
    yup, its the voice that hypnotis me. hahaha…
    DBSK have such a crazy fan.
    but VIP won’t lose either. kekeke…

  18. WOW!!!Looks AWESOME!!!!
    Can’t wait to the preformence!!! [Especially ‘Look at me, Gwisoon’]

  19. GD seriously looks HOT in his silver jacket~~~
    anything that is silver or gold just makes him look WAH haha
    and yes
    i love the picture of TY in the air…or on the air?…LOL

  20. aaah~
    SR so cute when he kinda smacked his head… l.o.v.e
    i luv park hyun bin~ cant wait to watch them..

  21. omg gd looks so cute xDD
    넘 멋지지용 ~ ㅋ

  22. TOP, u just took my heart away again by being sexy in a suit with my fave color…ahhhhhhh
    and ur dorky expressions -> so CUTE!!

  23. haha, i wanna watch so badly now!
    taeyangg & the rest look so awesome with their sparkily jackets :]

  24. nya

    we won’t loose when it come to fandom
    but just number problem

  25. waaah..i wanna watch it!!^_^ dae’s really into it..hahaha it’s his moment..big bang trot king!^^ and GD looks sexy with the sparkly jacket!..

    where and what time can i watch this?!..

  26. vicky
    well, DBSK debut longg before BB.
    of course they have more fans. no surprise
    but still this fangirl want BB to win so much.
    ahhh~~~ when that day come, it’ll be dream comes true…
    hahaha… my poetic side appear again ^^

  27. Lol, TOP has really girly hips! Lol! It is so cute! But he somehow manages to look like a straight man in that outfit! Sexy!!! I am not too sure about the other boys…

  28. LOL Park Hyun Bin

    I LOVE YOU <333

  30. It is me or is it TOP + SR are wearing T-shirts under their vests while GD + YB wear an actual collar shirt? Lol…it’s the Seunghyn brothers in da house!! I can’t wait to see the performance when it airs Sunday!

  31. oopps…monday!

  32. that picture of Tae Yang is amazing! and T.O.P is HOT

  33. omg! they are so cute.
    i think dae’s hair is like that because they probably shot the song a few times.
    but yeah, TOP looks short with that trot blazer on him…but DAMN look at it bling! hahhahhahaha.
    OMG i can see SS501 behind GD. hahhahaha. that’s funny. learn from the best hip-hop/trot group. ahhahaha. jk.

    awww…the boys look super dooper ultra megaton cute with the green plaid. but i don’t see TOP. but they are totally rocking my favorite color!!!

  34. YB on air!! love my Baebae. =) Him doin’ the “cha cha dance” while the rest were singing was stuck in my head, aside from the song. hehe. He’s so damn cute. ^^
    When I see Dae in that costume and finally singing “Look at me Gwisoon” I still laugh, remembering where, why and how that song started. He can pull off trot so damn good.Is he still in the hospital?huhu. Hope not. He’s so cool as Rum Tum Tugger.
    I agree with you Vicky, bong looks like a damn millionaire in his tux. hehe. Baby Ri is so adorable. Tabi looks a bit short…maybe because the jacket was a bit longer? maybe it should be cut off a bit. hehee. Nevertheless he looks so grand singing trot while Baebae does his cha cha move.
    Can’t wait for the episode! I saw a preview at WG’s wonderland. you gotta see it. ^^

  35. Vicky
    It’s bong’s fault that Dae has a trot song. ^^ He composed it.hehe.I guess the trauma of Sweet Meeting in KM Idol World didn’t left him. Poor Bong. hehehehe.

  36. YB looks so fine whatever he wears. I think the hat shouldn’t be too sparkly, just a bit will be much better. hehe.

  37. AAAHHH too cuteeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! *screams head off*

  38. aww they look so dazzling in their suits.
    its totally like **banjak banjak**

  39. Check out the preview for Thanksgiving Day Trot Special. ^^

  40. awwwww they luked soooo chweet…..cutie pies…

  41. WOW..
    Dae2 is soo cute.Espc the one with SR..Freakin cute!
    I can’t wait to see the show! Gotta c them singin’ trot and Look at me gwisoon live!

    thnks alot for the update!!

  42. nya

    not to mention they have a guiness book record for having 800,000 official fans members in their fanclub

    that’ scary
    NOBODY want to mess with a Cass
    that’s like asking for suicide

    but a VIP can believe

  43. miss unknown
    i think the one with them wearing tshirt is just a rehearsal
    the one with them wearing white shirt underneath are the pics from the real performance

  44. Kenley
    that GwiSoon gurl better be damn happy

  45. i actually like the version bong suddently come up with 2 years ago
    i like the 2nd verse hahah


  47. Vicky

    yeah..come to think about she’s the only girl with a song dedicated to her from big bang. with her name and all…lucky girl. It’s been more than a year and Bong hasn’t forgotten about it. hehe.
    Yeah, your hubby and his spur-of-the-moment songs. hehe.

  48. Aww, they all look adorable in their sparkly jackets.
    And TY’s flip was awesome!

  49. TOP + green = TEH BOMB. *dies, revives, dies*

  50. only 2 words that i can say..Awesome and cute *dies with happiness*

  51. ❤ YB in hotpink

  52. Kenley

    kekek though i’m sure he wasn’t heartbroken for real or anything haha

  53. they look at cute ^^
    love yb’s flip 🙂

  54. they all look cute ^^****

  55. wow. they are SPARK-KEL-LAY!!! ^_^

  56. this has nothing to do with trot, but it’s a WITH U perf. with a dance. 🙂

  57. daang~
    the back flip was amazing

  58. hey has GD’s hair grown back, you cant really tell that the other side is shaved now. And is it me or does everything YB does is just cool

  59. vicky
    always believe one day VIP can win.
    umm.. want to believe… hahaha

  60. nya

    that day will come my friend
    that day will come

    us VIP do it GHETTO STYLE hahah

  61. oh how did dae dae do that, the hair and all :]
    LOL at the “it’s cold” dance that dae dae and baby did ❤

  62. vicky
    hahaha… that day must come.
    i’ll be crazy if BB can’t win over DBSK

  63. AHHH OMG
    Big Bang! DAMNS
    I’m sorry, speechless right now..
    WOW…Big Bang is HOT!
    TaeYang’s back flip..damn boy, he is amazing!
    GD is cute and so is seungri
    TOP is soo smiley too =]

  64. HOT DAMN!!! GD looks like a major hottie in his silver sparkling jacket. He can seriously make a plastic bag look stylish. I love what he is wearing underneath the jacket. That YB flip is insane. OMG I really want to watch this NOW!!!

    I think DaeDae looks sooo fine in plaid. Yo not everyone can rock plaid like him. He gets hotter and hotter.

  65. OMG. they’re all twingkling! little my shining stars! ^_^ kyaa~!
    GD is like a a a i cnt describe how hot he looks

  66. They all look so cute ^^ i wanna see Only Look At Me Trot Version :O!

    YB is flying *o*

  67. so this is how HIP HOP TROT looks like. LOL! and why is there “baby one more time” choreography in “look at only me”?
    LOL! anyway our boiz are still HOT!

  68. gosh…i want to see the performace already!!
    this looks pretty awesome and the flip!
    whoa..haha trot is coming back and ALIVE! yea baby! 😀

  69. nya

    what i think is
    no one can compete with BB right now
    Lee SoMan on SM want to stir something up with YG that’s why he’s brining DBSK back, DBSK is SM’s only hope

  70. cnt wait for it to AIR!!!!!!!!!!

  71. vicky
    well, thats what they call by marketing plan.
    we don’t really know it, can only guess / analyzed.
    but still fans give a important role too.
    now i think about it, some of my friends is DBSK lovers & they’re really scary sometimes. scarier than me.

    hey, our topic went too far. didn’t we suppose to talk about trot by Dae as the main character? hehehe…

  72. Vicky

    I know he was…just traumatized to be eliminated first…they were so funny in the van when Tabi was the one chosen by that girl.hahaha. I can’t wait for the show!

  73. sequined suit never looked this good. omona. and jiyong still looking extra hot even with that hideous looking jacket on. gawwdd. ❤

    thank God for that KM idol episode. i totally love ‘look at me, gwisoon’. yeah, we should thank that bitch for eliminating bongie first. LOL. ❤

    PARK HYUN BIN! ROFLMAO! love watching this guy @ variety shows. he never fails to crack me up esp. when singing SHABANG SHABANG. crazy trot singing skill he has.

  74. eeekkk! on the 2nd to the last picture. it seems parkhyun bin is also performing jewelry’s one more time. omona. this trot festival sure looks hella fun..


    TROT + bigbang’s hiphop style. waahh~~~

  75. ahahaha park hyun bin’s impersonation of yb wasn’t so bad!
    but geezzz no one cn work those jckets like my yb does (^_^)
    i’m starting seeing the boys in sparkly outfits! they look.. so. quirky

  76. oh damn thats awesome. and daesung! cheeyeah cools

  77. YB Floating???
    Can’t do that though.. T__T
    Best wishes BB!!
    우리 빅뱅!!!

  78. nya

    i thought you would be use to it by now
    we’re ALWAYS go too far

    remember how we were talking about the boys then the next you know brain’s pigs come out of no where???


  79. Kenley

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the show for that
    when he was just shocked
    u know bong’s a ladies’ man, he always get what he want, so no wonder he’s so shocked hahahaha

    but the part where they were playing that “WANTED” game show hahaha
    with the music and the sadness…

    lord i love them

  80. gelatin

    ooh ooh language now
    hate her so much???

    i actually LOVE her for eliminating Bong
    she’s like in LOOOOVVEEE with Baby
    but…… Baby was lying the whole time just to win her over hhahaha

    i think baby really wanna beat Bong at the dating thing, he was really competitive

  81. vicky
    eh? ahh.. that one.
    well, i was bored that time so i just read all the comment.
    u’re talking about the bunnie CF then go to brocoli, then end up with pig’s brain thing.
    hahahaha… make me remember about my class face when they see it.
    lord.. that day is excellent!!
    i love that day.. kakaka…

    btw, have time to spazz about idol world?
    i have nothing to do now ~.~

  82. nya

    our abliity to shift topic is just plain AMAZING
    no one can compare haha

    i would love to but i can’t
    today is “Trung Thu” it’s a vietnamese holidy [sismilar to Korea’s Cheonseok]
    so my mom is gonna make me stay out here in the living room all day while all our family are coming over
    lucky i have my laptop or else i’ll die
    can’t watch anything though
    i have to look up and smile once in a while or when they’re talking about me hahahaha

    good food though

  83. vicky
    ooowww… thats okay gurl. take ur time. (i doubt u love it. hahaha)

    that make me remember when my mom meet her friend outside while we’re together.
    have to smile & pretend to be close. haahh.. sometimes troublesome.

    i just realized myself is so random. kekeke…

  84. nya

    this is just torture
    they need to realize it’s no point for me to be here really… at all

  85. ah… happy Trung thu everyone XD
    i’m vnese too :3

  86. vicky
    it’s the same as me when we’re having our chinese new year.
    relatives, friends, family, ahhh…

    but still, take ur time.
    since elders consider it as a family time. kekeke…

  87. gelatin

    i agree with vicky. baby was lying all along just to please gwisoon. hahaha. such a competitive boy. how cute. =)
    I love that song too. =)

  88. the trot version of YB’s song looks interesting..haha..i want to see it..
    and that pic of YB looks like GD is holding his breath for YB cute..

  89. vicky

    yeah i remember his shocked face…he really couldn’t believe that he was eliminated first.hehehe
    Dae’s message and face was so cute when he was calling out to gwisoon while GRi was backuping his monologue..hehehe…no wonder he was the one to sing it. hehe.
    I love the idol world episodes. just wondering though if the girl top “chosen” is living quietly now…hehehe…poor Baby Ri…=p
    Bong never saw the queen card. hehehe.

  90. nya

    as a part of team tabi what do you think of the queen card in idol world? is she good enough?

  91. hayy. is anyone online?
    like there hasnt been any new updates today.. :[[
    ive been waitingg lol! xD

  92. Kenley
    never think that she’s good enough.
    i like Gwiison better.
    the Queenka said that she don’t want boys to love him based on appearance. so she ask Gwiison to help.
    but as soon as she lay her eyes to MY MAN, she already stuck to Tabi.
    i know it since the beginning, since Tabi enter the van, she already put all her attantion to Tabi. while she’s the one who said don’t wanna judge ppl by appearante.

    poor Baby, he was so mad. i know he want to win.
    YB too, since its his first time, he all nervous.
    but i think YB did a good job when he sing to that girl, but she eliminated him.

    but personally i love Taby reaction when he know he hit the jackpot at the end.
    it just like “WHY?? WHY I CHOOSE HER??? OOHH…1000 WON..”
    hahahahaha… love it!

  93. ahhhhh YB in the air~ thats some awesome photography skils he’s looks so cute flying in the air *sigh* and the whole sparkly suit..all the guys looked great =)

  94. nya

    we have chinese new year too
    i love that time of year
    kids get money~~~

  95. Kenley

    you cam tell too right?
    he was trying so hard to beat Bong haah

  96. Kenley

    glad bong didn’t see her
    or else he will turn on his game… DANGEROUS ZONE!

  97. BBFTW.

    it’s Cheonseok in korea so updates is slow
    everyone’s celebrating wit their family

    me too, vietnamese have “Trung Thu” instead of Cheonseok
    i’ve been imprison the whole day to spend time with family

  98. vicky
    hahaha… yup, i love the rules that kids got money from parents & altough u’re already adult, but since u’re not married yet, u don’t have to give money to ur relatives/family.

    damn! this time get too much far away from trot!
    our ability in changing topic, no one can win against us.
    hahaha.. man, from trot until chinese new year. WTF…

  99. nya

    what did i tell ya
    if there was a guiness book of record for this
    we’ll win for sure gurl

  100. I want to watch the video!!!!!!!

  101. vicky
    buhahaha… yup, i’ll be nice if there’s some. kekeke…
    then we should polish our strength.
    must be the winner.

    but what’ll happend if it see our individual skill?
    who have the abilithy to change topic better? me or u?
    (ppl reading this comment will think i’m nuts for sure)

  102. Trot Bang? Gahh, must watch!

  103. vicky, kenley

    gahh. i don’t actually hate her. my language just got outta hand. hahaha remembering bong’s face when he got eliminated. LOL.

    btw, do you guys know where to download their KM idol videos? love to watch those again. ❤

  104. HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL. this trot show is about to start.
    gaaahhh. daesung!!!

    thank God for tv ants.

  105. in these pictures i don´t like BB´s fashion……

  106. i want S.H be happy forever….1677..

  107. nya

    i feel bad for anyone who’s reading haha
    we’re probably confuse the crap out of them hahah

  108. gelatin

    join therealiVIPsubbers
    they have a pre-release subbed version

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