091508 Big Bang on MBC New Generation of Trot | 09.14.08 Family Outing | Bear Dancing to Haru Haru

Bear Dancing to Haru Haru

I think this was like before a baseball game, and the people dress as their mascot are out in the field to entertain the audience, and Big Bang’s Haru Haru was playing so the bear start dancing along, i think it was cute haha, though this is a ‘girl’ bear… wearing a skirt and everything, something in my female instinct tell me it’s a dude hahah… which make it more disturbing… but in a hilarious way hahaha

09.15.08 MBC New Generation of Trot
Cha Cha Cha and Look at me GwiSoon Performance
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09.14.08 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
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At the beginning, they show a short video of the boys behind Inkigayo stage, Bong and Baby was sleeping, so cute!! Tabi and Dae sitting and talking, Family Outing rerun on was on TV so Dae was like “let me go in there” and him and Tabi was trying to climb in there, it was hilarious. The guest for this week is F.T Island’s Hong Ki and SNSD’s TaeYeon, this episode was plain hilarious.

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09.15.08 MBC New Generation of Trot
Big Bang Cuts
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The minute Baby walk out he have to fix his sideburn hahaha this dork, I love him. Look at MR.YOUNGBAE move, haha he add his own flavor to trot, I love the way Bong was standing, damn so fine!!!! then he and YB start dancing that old trot dance hahaha I squeal like a true fangril when Baby did that facial expression!!!! AHHH!!!! the “ang” biting part… oh my god I want him to bite me so bad haha and I mean it. I love Tabi’s laugh when YB sings, Now focus on Baby and YB when they sing the first “Cha Cha Cha” kicking his leg to the beat and YB shaking his butt haha, these boys are DRIPPING WITH BUTTER BEING THIS GREASY… I LOVE IT!! Bong’s little kiss send me straight to fangirl heaven. Tabi’s expression is just GOLD. oh ma god, this dork is perfect for this song, and for the final ‘Cha Cha Cha Baby his his face… yeaaaaa~ adorable little maknae

Introducing the best Trot Star, DAESUNG!!! with his greasy outfit hahaha, oh my god his hair look so good for this song hahah the way his eyes moves is already freaking hilarious, then when he move his shoulder, oh my god i love every bit of his expression, the nuna celebrities in the back are getting wayy too excited haha Jang YoungRan can’t help herself but run to the front and grab Dae haha someone have to pull her back. When he make that water sound part, his face is just plain hilarious, oh god haha and when the dancer did that shaking and holding his body thing, you can see all the nuna fans in the background going insane haha just a couple of time saying ‘Look at me, GwiSoon’ everyone already know the dance and dance along haha, Jewelry and Solbi unnies haha, Solbi unnie is enjoying it too much when he say “I wanna bite you” haha I love the part where he goes “GwiSoon, GwiSoon” for the dance break, I love that somehow.. and
NO FAIR!!! he didn’t show his abs, he was wearing a wife-beater inside!
After the dance break everyone just got all hyped and crazy then start dancing like crazy


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YB show his skills that make everyone speechless. DUH!
no one can compare yo~

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~ by Vicky on September 15, 2008.

126 Responses to “091508 Big Bang on MBC New Generation of Trot | 09.14.08 Family Outing | Bear Dancing to Haru Haru”

  1. okGD just kill me RITE there n then wen u blow that kiss
    n at the end wen TY did that flip just sooo hot!!!!!!
    i bet in that battle, TY wins!!!!

  2. ah! i love babys ang!!
    it makes me bite my lip!! omgg.
    so adorableee!

  3. this super cute:D

  4. this is super cute melting cute:D

  5. oo TY fell over.

    No trot version of Look only at me?

  6. Oh man. Watching them performing
    trot style just made my day.
    They all looked so good.
    And then DS and his hair and
    the dance break down. Waaaah.

  7. Ahhh OMG!!!
    Yes i’m melting! even though
    it’s fricken cold at my house/ over here!
    Ahhh it’s Hot!

  8. ty fell ):

  9. Queenie

    OH MY GOD i know!!!!
    send me straight to heaven

    it wasn’t like a official battle or anything
    but YB did out-danced everyone there

  10. BBFTW
    really?? cuz it stop my heart beat
    i’m serious

  11. Momoshiro
    you can watch them by downloading the BBCuts
    it was short, but he use YB’s original backup dancers too
    it was pretty cool
    YB was speechless haha

  12. daesung shi..stop being a tease please. i’m beginning to love you inch by inch!!!

  13. yaayy~
    This really made my day!
    I’ve been waiting for this performance since ever!

    btw, why can’t I play any of the avi files? does anybody kno?
    The player sed something abt codecs, but I’ve download loads of them yet still,it dsnt work..

    if anybody kno, pls help..thX!

  14. vicky
    you know what stops my heart?
    babys, ‘noona!’
    even tho im not a noona xD

  15. MoRT2512
    try playing it with GOM Player

  16. BBFTW.
    this boy is asking and begging nuna to rape him if he keep doing it
    we dongsaeng can’t protect him longer

  17. vicky
    haha. i know rightt. now he should be saying, ‘dongseng!’ with his thumbs up like he did. >.<
    then itll be our turn!

  18. BBFTW.

    I guess i’m fine wit it since he already declare his love for dongsaeng fan recently ……….. and so did Bong haha
    he’s only giving nuna fans something to be a bit happy about


  19. vicky
    well i guess nuna fans need sth to cling to…
    since both baby and bong love us!

  20. lmao ybooger fell on his booty ❤ hahaha that show off. lol

  21. BBFTW.

    kekeke couldn’t agree more
    Baby and Bong already decalre their love for us
    and i was worried about my age gap with them haha 😛

  22. Yay finally!!! I’ve been waiting all weekend to watch this. Omo YB sounded awesome singing trot. He makes trot smexy. I think his voice color suits very well with the genre. Big Bang going trot is quite hwat. I almost died when I heard TOP sing. He has such a nice voice; shame he doesn’t sing on any BB tracks. GD looked so fine in his silver jacket. He is one fine specimen. Yup Yup I absolutely loved DaeDae. I can’t get enough of his YB dance solo. You’re such a tease Mr. Kang. LOL!!!

  23. this was soo awesomee…i gotta say YB has the most unique voice for trot..its like trot R&B style lol and man he just reminded me how awesome of a freestyle dancer he is…and that flip! gah..okay i can go on and on about YB lolz….i loved Dae’s part, he looked awesome and i love how he does his hair lolz

  24. vicky
    YOUR age gap? your 2 years older than me! bahaa
    but we fangirls have the same thoughts… haa


  26. Like i sed, they are SPARK-KEL-LAY!

  27. bigbangluv!

    yes, i agree. ^_^

  28. vicky
    (i can’t speak human language again after watching it)

    Tabi’s voice… $%$#%^*@
    i don’t know Dae will do some of YB’s dance… ahh~~~
    & he should find that Gwisoon to dance with him. hahaha
    Gwisoon must be beyond happy when she watch this. damn…

  29. btw vi,
    if u want to be biten by baby, told him not to do it rough.

  30. BBFTW.

    I was abit worried about the 2 years age gap between me and Baby
    like seriously forreal hahaha
    I’m only 1 year older than his little sister haha

  31. jan

    i already upload it
    just have to cap it and will post it soon

  32. nya

    I wanna see ur man do the gwisoon dance so badly
    gwisoon bettuh feel special

  33. nyA

    i don’t care if it hurts
    i’ll still enjoy it
    trust me

  34. vicky
    if tabi do that gwisoon dance, i’ll die. seriously. die.
    when he do a bil of that tell me dance, i died already.
    can’t count how much time i’ve died.
    not special again. bet she’s in heaven now.
    remember her memories with Dae in that limbo match. guhahaha…

    gurl, u’re scary. enjoy??? how come??

  35. wtf, that bear dance is just creepy.

  36. hahaha… that bear is so cute…

  37. Is the bear dance here in America cuz the dude behind the bear looks American to me…the bear is cute though! dancing to Haru Haru without hestination on a field!

  38. Awh, YB on his bum. ❤ It was prolly the hand in his pocket or something. ._. I love his voice for trot, certainly stood out. xD

  39. nya

    imagine him dancing to “SO HOT”
    then i’ll die with you
    we’ll have our grave next to each other hahaha

    idk why… but i KNOW i’ll be enjoying it heheh

  40. miss unknown

    no it’s in korean
    cuz there’s a longer clip of this and the player were koreans
    but i only cut the part where the bear dance to Haru Haru

  41. hehe i couldnt stop laughing it was so cute!!
    btw- i know i’m a super slow fan but whos Gwisoon?

  42. vicky
    if we have our grave next to each other
    i can’t imagine how scary it will when the night comes.
    our ghost voice & laugh will make the cemetery full of noise.
    yeah, ‘so hot’
    i can’t wait to see it. the part when the camera do close up on their butt. hahaha…
    my man butt… somehow remember me about the real concert.
    when tabi being a taxi driver & ‘female’ Bong.
    oohh… i want to touch my man butt like Bong did.

  43. bigbangforever94

    well when big bang first debut, they went on this show call “IDOL WORLD” and they were set up on a blind date with the same girl, and the girl that dump GD for SeungRi, her name was “GwiSoon” so GD was pretend to be mad [just for the entertaining part of the show] and he say he’ll write a song for her call “look at me, gwisoon” he was just messing around for fun, but after a year GD write a trot single for DaeSung and he use the same title and name of the girl he did a year ago. that’s all

    and just so if you were wondering, the dating thing is all fake
    only for enteritanment purposes

  44. nya

    okay i’m about to go to sleep
    this is no time to talk about ghost okay haha
    i may be 15 but i’m still as chicken as when i was 6 haha

    that touching butt part…. just too much
    especially when Tabi’s face was enjoying it.. LORD.

  45. vicky
    hahaha.. i’m also chicken just like u.
    when i go to watch ghost movies, my friend will end up watching me, not the movie.
    coz, all thing i do when watching horror is cover my eyes. kekeke…

    Tabi… oh my god… i know hw want me to rape him someday.
    he keep teasing me with butt thing. kekeke…

  46. I LOVED it! lol!
    YB TEARS IT UP with those move! & omg god Dae is amazing too!

    side note: I DL’ed that HJ split thing but I can figure it out yet (to watch the HQ).

  47. nya

    kekek.. poor little tabi
    one day his innocent will be taken by u

    have you ever thought of if he’s still a virgin or not? haha

  48. vicky
    i’m not sure wheter he’s virgin or not & i don’t care about it.

    he likes to be groped that much. how come he’s still innocent??

  49. btw vi,
    there’s so many time i realize tabi’s face is so perverted.
    so don’t make him fool u coz he tought like a kid.
    he’s a man afterall, he enjoy it.
    & my instinc tell me that i’m right.

  50. whoa you serious? haha how ironic i watched the Idol World re-runs last saturday night too.
    shes one lucky girl.

  51. haah the mascot bear xDD
    GD looks soo smooth in the performace makes me wanna…..ohh god~~
    lol was that really a celebrity star after dae? LOL! man that made ma laugh xD at least she got to touch him hahah

  52. ahahhaha the mascot bear was soo funni hehehe

  53. *chiLLzzzz* …

    sOme1 save me … O.O

  54. the bear thing was cute and funny…

    i really enjoyed watching them perform trot. that was really refreshing. and daesung totally made my sad day happy ^^
    he never fails to make me smile or laugh

  55. CUTE!!!the mascot

  56. oh noo why did TY felt! if he needs a massage I cant do it for him =]

  57. LOL!!! that dancing bear was friggin hilarious!!!!!!
    made my day totally happyyy

  58. Aww. That mascot was adorable.
    It knew the choreography. ^__^

  59. Vicky

    I saw the vids last night..and omygod, I died when Baby and YB danced a bit when Bong sang “cha cha cha”….sooo cute…hehehe…. Tabi’s laugh was soooo priceless, he even laughed at the end of “look at me gwisoon”. ^^
    I wanna see the whole episode. ^^
    YB’s flip was so cool, but i think his landing wasn’t perfect..poor baebae..come home to me now. hahaha.
    Ahhh I can’t erase the thought of YB shaking his butt…cha cha cha is my fave song right now…wooohoo
    They all look so gallant singing “cha cha cha”. Bong and his flying kiss..omgd…^^

  60. nya

    I don’t think tabi is a virgin, nor Bong. hehehehehe. ^^ those two really are pervs…
    …I know you don’t mind but will vicky mind if Bong isn’t?

  61. YB was laughing the whole time when hyun bin did “only look at me” trot…hehehe…he was so cute…ahhhh I wanna jump at him right then and there! :p

  62. vicky+nya
    yeah that gwisoon better feel good/special. everyone knows her name and she has Dae singing to her every time. Wherever she is she should go see BB and thank them and dance it with them. hehehe.
    Poor Dae, i remembered the limbo match too, but my concern is more on Baby, he fell.
    I wanna see Tabi do the gwisoon dance too. the other artists are dancing to it. so nice.
    the “gwisoon dance break” will always be a classic. “gwisoon, gwisoon” hehehehehe

  63. Kenley
    virgin or not is not important again now.
    that also includes Bong & Dae. but Baby & YB is out i guess. kekeke
    the most important thing is he love me or not. that’s enough. hahaha… (i want to be called Mrs.Choi so bad)

    gurl, there’s time when i say i wanna jump into tabi’s lap in no no no CF. but there’s someone telling me that if i jump into his lap, tabi won’t be so innocent anymore & now i’ll give it to u.
    “YB won’t be so innocent anymore” hahaha…

    that’s right! Dae should go & ask her to dance together in this stage & it’ll be so freaking hilarious! BUHAHAHAA…
    they’re being rude when they say Gwisoon is like bird feather & cotton candy. hahaha…
    that’s absolutely ‘Lie’ forreal. kekeke…

    Tabi do the gwisoon dace or Tabi do ‘so hot’ dance?
    which one u prefer? i’ll choose ‘so hot’ for sure.

  64. i was browsing DAUM. and this person said the scarf that GD is using is from TOP. he wore in ‘Brain Battle’ she almo mentioned that it’s a scarf from Louis Buitton. idk if anyone knew or not. but i was surprised when i read that post….and got jealous.. LOL

  65. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ that bear is the bomb.

  66. oh noes taeyang fell when he did the flip. D: i hope he didn’t hurt his butt.


  68. Nya

    I wanna see ALL of them do “So Hot”. It’s not enough that Baby did it. I wanna see them all do it. Yeah, that would be HOT. 😀
    I saw baby, bong and YB do a bit of gwisoon dance. Your hubby should do it too. hahaha.
    Yeah…YB won’t be…though he looks so innocent when he laughs and smiles..that would change when I jump in…hehehe.

  69. OMGGG! they were so cuteee singing trot :DDD

  70. Kenley
    that’ll absolutely change if u jump over him.
    my hubby is too shy to dance. i know him, so i won’t force him
    kekeke.. but if he want to dance, i’ll let him dance.
    coz if he do ‘so hot’ dance, he know thats the day i’ll rape him. hahahaha…

  71. omg how possibly could this bear dance better than me
    hahaha i still cannot master haru haru dance
    so failing xD

    omg the trot performance was hilarious hahaha!!
    i would laugh everytime i listened to look at me, gwisoon
    now plus the hilarious expression of dae, hahaha he’s plain funny xD and i’m happy to hear top sang =) Please sing more >’3

    omg i never knew that look at me, gwisoon was inspired by the girl of the blind date thingy. I watched that show!! Haha the girl dumped baby instead of bong? How come?~~~

  72. HEY ALL!

    is there anyplace i can download the entire trot performances of everyone besides just big bang. i wanna c how the others did also. but thanks for the BB uploads vicky!

  73. OMG,sorry 4 not commenting our boys,ofcourse they did a wonderful job but it was the bear that tracked my attesion….So cute!The bear did a great job with the haru haru dance!!!It’s merely 100 percent the same as the originals!hahaha!

  74. That bear … dances better then me 😯

    He got the moves DOWWWN LOL

  75. YelloPhase

    dunno where to download it but check it out on youtube. I saw the whole episode there…search for “thanksgiving trot”. the links will come out.

  76. nya

    i think you have to wait for a bit…hahaha..tabi prefers to sing rather than to dance..he was too shy doing tell me on star king, like “why am I doin this?” Seeing him do so hot will be the day…the day that pervy look on his face will be caused by you. hahaha.
    I haven’t seen YB looks so pervy before…even in the idol drama he didn’t so pervy…he looked so manly..hehehe..lucky girl. If I see YB the second I open my eyes I’ll scream..then pull him towards me…hehehe.

  77. Kenley
    that same as me. I’ll pull tabi too.
    & do some ‘morning exercise’ together. kekeke…

    hohoho… i’ll wait for that day. really.
    since he looks so happy when Bong touch him,
    i’ll give the same for my man.
    i’ll make him completely elated. fufufufu…

  78. The mascot dance was cute and fantastic. The boys’ Haru Haru performances rlly got everyone waving arms and sticking legs out to the beat. lol.
    Their trot performance was a stunner too! SR’s ‘bite’ and GD’s blowing kiss! ‘send me straight to fangirl heaven’I totally agree! hahaa Dae’s perf too!

  79. OEEEH HOOTT <3333

  80. vicky
    FORREAL? HIS LIL SISTER IS 15? wow i wonder what she looks likee.
    prolly gorgeouss just like baby lol

  81. hahaha ohh mannn that bear mascot is soo funny!!! and cute!

  82. ahahahah OMG The bear mascot thing was HILAROUS
    ahah but it was really good. =]

  83. nya

    kekeke he just LOOOVVEE it
    and idk… i do have a feeling he still is.
    since he only have like 2 GFs before

  84. bigbangforever94
    i love watching reruns of that show
    crack up everytime

  85. nya

    hahaha i can’t imagine him being perverted since he’s like a big brother to me
    i have no attraction to him whatsoever haha [that’s a good thing for you] haha
    but… Baby and Bong.. I CAN SO IMAGINE GURL

  86. kiim
    they’re guest for the show too

  87. Miss St3ph0u
    massage? haha where? hahaha

  88. Kenley
    tell me about it
    the whole day at school i have CHA CHA CHA stuck in my head
    i would be sitting in biology and singing cha cha cha hahaha

  89. Kenley
    actually i already predict that
    I won’t be surprise if he’s not a virgin
    he have his ways around the ladies
    can’t blame him

    Baby however.. i would be disappointed if he ins’t.. just a little haha

  90. Kenley!!

    i love that gwisoon gwisoon part too
    i wonder if she ever listen to this song before

  91. nya

    i wanna see him shake his butt and do the V dance haha

  92. jeska

    yea the Louis Vuitton scarf Dae wear when he was in Japan for promotion and the same one Tabi wear in his WITH U Photoshoot and while he wan on Brain Battle, Bong was using it as a blanket keke

  93. newvip
    the girl dump Bong instead of Baby
    because Baby want to win so he was lying his butt off to get her to like him hahaha

  94. CherrylovesYB<3
    that bear got game

  95. BBFTW.
    yea he mention last year that he have a lil sis that’s in 8th grade
    so she’s 1 year younger than me

  96. vicky
    yeah, up until yesterday. idk why but last night this thing suddenly pop out from my head.
    i want them to dance ‘baby one more time’ from jewelry.

  97. nya

    doing that hand thing???

    Baby and Dae already did it
    haven’t seen others yet

  98. vicky
    Baby & Dae done it???
    i wanna see!!

  99. nya

    it was during one of their MC section on MBC
    they were introducing jewwelry and they did it
    and also they did it while they were on star golden bell because park jung ah was also there
    it was cute

  100. vicky
    oh my god….
    now i really want to see all of them doing that hand thing.
    Tabi will look so damn sexy. HOT!!
    it’ll be so much hillarious that wonderboys ‘so hot’ hahaha…
    if they perform the whole song… that hand…

  101. nya

    i still really wanna see them do SO HOT more
    since i love the song and i know the whole routine to it haha

  102. vicky
    Baby already perform so hot.
    i want some changing. wanna see them perform one more time.
    but still, the butt in so hot wins. kekeke…

  103. nya

    I want Tabi do SoHee’s part
    but if they’re actually doing it, he’ll probably do YooBin’s part
    do the rap part haha

  104. vicky
    yup. he’ll do the rap part. but i want to see him acting cute….
    he should consider acting cute sometimes.
    he don’t know that he’s so cute. well, though there’s time he really pervert.

  105. nya

    what r u talking about?
    he always act cute… well only when he’s with the dorks he call bestfriends and members hahah
    but the ppl who don’t know him well enough have this scary tough image of him in their head
    I think he plan to keep it that way, since it would be best for his ‘rapper’ image.


    DO YOU KNOW THE “3 BEARS” dance?
    the one Song Hye Gyo make famous???? in full house?
    woudn’t it be awsome to have TABI DANCE AND SING TO THAT?

  107. BTW there’s a “look only at me” dance also by the same bear

  108. Vicky

    if tabi does the 3 bears song then omg…I may have just died, again. He’s such a dork that I think he really does it in their apartment. I think he also does the so hot dance in their apartment…tabi is a frustrated singer…hehehe….
    …wouldn’t it be great if they show what they do when they are alone? hehehehe…
    Tabi is such a pervy dork. hehehe.

  109. nya

    your hubby is a pervy dork. he acts cute off stage but I agree with vicky that he has to keep the rapper image. then again…i remember him and bong dancing to that big screen girl at the shake it rehearsals….made me laugh all day…such dork dancing.^^

  110. vicky
    that’s what i mean gurl,
    he’ll only let go his dork side when he’s with members or ppl he knows. u can see if he’s with other ppl he don’t know, he’ll act cool.
    so, it just don’t enough for me. i wanna in Tabi cuteness heaven >,<
    so he must consider acting cute more often.

    i don’t know so i went to search for it in youtube.
    haahaaha… tabi will definitely look cuteeee.
    i want all members singing & dancing 3 bears!! hhahaha…
    every fangirl will die the moment BB do that dance.

  111. Kenley
    have no words to describe their dorkiness. hahahaha…
    i can imagine it too!
    i want him to act cute more often. really.
    i can’t stand anything cute.
    i’ll end up pinching my hubby cheek if he dance.

  112. nya

    hehe..but he’s so shy on stage..he even won’t let anyone see him topless…or even his abs…what’s wrong with him? hahaha.
    But I saw his legs at the real concert..i think he’s the brief kind of a guy. nyahahaha.
    I should ask my hubby YB to teach tabi not to be shy on stage and strut his stuff. hehehe.

  113. Kenley
    ur hubby better teach my man strictly. hahahaha…
    i should consider he’s faithfull to me, he won’t let any women see him topless unless me. hahaha…
    i can’t think of another idea ^^

  114. Vicky,
    avi 3,5 and 7 of family outing doesn’t seem to work for me..!!
    erm can u fix it ?

  115. Kenley

    I only wish their house have a hidden camera and we have access to it hahaha

  116. nya

    the first time I lay my eyes on him I can tell he’s a shy type already ahaha
    idk how i know that haha

  117. gdlov3r
    wait a while and try again
    MF does that a lot

  118. vicky
    so wait.. sorry im totally slow today ha
    seungris sister was in eigth grade last year, so that means she was born in ’93?

  119. BBFTW.

    yea she’s born in 93
    1 year older than you haha

  120. vicky
    haha oh ok. i got it >.<
    i bet shes like megapretty tho.
    i wonder if baby is objective to marrying dongsengs younger than his sister!

  121. BBFTW.

    haha i cant answer that haha

  122. vicky
    haa a girl can hope cant she?
    lol he’ll change his mind soon enough… ha sykee.

    have you ever met any BB opa?

  123. BBFTW.

    he like dongsaeng fans so there’s many hope
    no i haven’t
    i really want to though
    my friend is planning on going back to korea for a vacation soon
    so i’m planning on going with her this summer, idk how it’s gonna work out yet since she’s going back with her family, so having a friend tag along might be weird but it’s possible since her parents love me, but it’s still only a plan, not too sure

  124. vicky
    maybe your could help chores around the house while your there :]] lol
    i really want to move to korea like..now! but my parents would never let me, so i want to live there when i turn 18.

  125. BBFTW.

    haha if i want them to hate me for life
    my skills of doing chores is… uhhhmm… yea haha

  126. vicky
    shy type but still dork inside

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