time for mangnae’s turn! he either got a really thick sharpie or he pressed really hard haha.
awkward question too. all the good ones were taken xD poor sr went last 😦


when you overwork & we see you tired & drained.
when you’re hospitalized cuz you lack sleep & rest.
when you’re being touchy touchy with other females.
when you flirt with noonas who are older than me.
<- that’s a no-no lol



~ by gdluvzmc on September 15, 2008.

51 Responses to “SEUNG RI ASKS #1”

  1. i don’t like to see jiyong wearing clothing he picked up in the women’s department.

  2. roro
    what kind of clothing exactly? hehehe.

    I don’t want them to be too overworked that they end up in the hospital…or get injured and still perform… is more important. =)

  3. i don’t like you acting cute to other girls. hahaha!
    i really don’t want to see any of you overworking yourselves and getting hospitalized. it’s really frustrating.

    and most of all i don’t want to see you having concerts in other country but not in our country.

  4. i don´t want see them to cry or be sad…..

  5. when you overwork =(

  6. i agree with all of the above.
    overwork. cry. not being in our country. sick. hospital. flirting with girls, even if its hyori!.

    i kind of expected a really weird quirky question from seungri…. hmmm

  7. like any other caring v.i.p i hate seeing them with tired eyes and looking exhausted. i know they’re doing it for our sake, but take it easy. we’ll still love you guys no matter what 😉

    and hopefully. big bang won’t make another farrrr too westernize music videos like how gee. i mean, the mv was great. but to me, it was lacking the “big bang” factor. it’s more like an adaptation of west’s mv. stick to your roots and the k-pop vibes. we love u as you are ;)))

  8. when you guys get hurt or sick
    and when i see you guys overwork yourself
    and i agree with GDluvsMC
    i don’t like when you guys are being touchy2 with other female

  9. when you wear wierd clothes that are not costumes,
    when you are not your usual selves because your tired,
    when members are missing in appearences,
    when you flirt with other girls

  10. basically same answer with others
    i hate it when i see them being exhausted T____T
    so please take care of yourself T___T

    haha yeah i don’t like it when u flirt with other females
    but it’s ok if you flirt with ME xD hahaha
    and i don’t like it when u guys blush when u see female that u how TOP blushed in baby’s manwon happiness when he saw the girl..was the girl lee hyori? I’m not sure..
    i hate it xD

    well, just kidding. i would be happy for them if they really found their loved ones..well, better be me xD

  11. I don’t like seeing you not there or anywhere…

    -And all the above. I don’t mind if you’re cute or flirty with others girls, it’s your nature, you’re boys of course… (Sorry, I mean you are men)

  12. the How Gee music video when it had random clips of girls and cars for no reason, everything else I love =D

  13. i just don’t wanna see you guys looking SO tired, i don’t wanna see you guys with dark circles around your eyes
    i don’t wanna see you guys getting submitted into the Hospital
    i don’t wanna see you guys getting sick
    i don’t wanna see you crying Seung RI, like last time during the GREAT concert after your ankle accident. that really broke my heart.
    i don’t wanna see you guys getting involve into scandals and stuff~~
    and i’m really really happy that you guys actually don’t get involve in that much this and last and last last year too~
    don’t flirt with other femailes HAHAHHA

  14. AMmmmm..m

    I don’t know ^^

    I Like BB Everything

  15. I don’t like when a member is missing. And I don’t want BB to fall ill.

  16. wen u wear tooo tight pants
    i no it a style but
    it a no-no

  17. the backup dancers…. XD
    dey get a little too touchy to the guys =P
    jus saying. haha.
    but really. I didn’t like that ‘She Can’t Get Enough’ performance for The Real Concert.

    Be more modest. gosh. der role models =D

  18. i hate the sexy dancers. and the sexy ladys on their MVs. or any girls near them. lol

  19. I agree with all the others,overwork,got exhausted and all that..but I’m really disappointed about the how gee mv and the ‘she can’t get enough performance’,hw can our oppaS do that??I got so embarassed seeing it let alone remembering it(no one told me to but still..)
    I hope they stop dancing with sexy sexy dancers again~makes me sO jelous>.<

  20. That your guys have a other girl as girlfriend or married with her.
    I want to waiting for me and a other girls.

    i love you LEE SEUNG HYUN, always have and always will

  22. i just love you too much BIG BANG! SEUNG-RI OPPA!

  23. I don’t like how Big bang always like work a lot. I mean you guys need to
    rest too. I also don’t like it when they always talk about their noonas and
    how great they are. I mean what about the dong saengs haha lol and I also
    don’t like it when they scream out they love a noona haha i get really

  24. i dont like seeing Bong being all lovey dovey with my Dae .
    i get too jealous ! xD
    i dont like it when you guys look super tired, its too sad
    for me to see you guys in pain. it kills me.
    i especially dont like seeing you guys sad! i feel like crying too!

    oh and those girls in your mvs. >.<;
    but the haru haru one it was alrite.
    i LOVEE her ! x]

  25. i love love love L.O.V.E SEUNG-RI TOO MUCH!

  26. well..
    ~ i don’t want to see you guys get sick and in pain!!!
    ~coz it hurts me too,,and that makes me sad..
    ~well,, practically LOVE everything that you guys do..
    so, keep it up *HWAITING*

  27. i don’t like it when you guys overwork and pass out
    i dun like it at all

  28. I don’t like Big Bang sing to other female fans!
    It’s so UNFAIR!
    i also don’t like it when they are exhausted ’cause it makes me sad knowing their trying thier hrdest for us and ending up hospitalized!

    Beside this, I love everything you guys do!

  29. awww cute baby!!
    uhmm when baby keeps asking about song hyegyo and that shes his ideal type.
    fyi baby, IM YOU IDEAL TYPEE! bahaha

  30. i dont like seung ri haircuts, they make him look like a little kid!
    and i dont like gd clothes from the women dept

  31. I just don’t like when you get hurt
    I really don’t mind when you get touchy feely with girls
    I think it’s cute

  32. I don’t like when Big Bang is seperated. Yeah, Tae Yang’s solo album was awesome. And Dae was awesome looking Cat. Its BIG BANG for a reason. Not just 5 guys standing around dancing and singing. They are a group and that’s what they should be. Big Bang for Lyfe!

  33. when you’re being touchy touchy with other females.
    when you flirt with noonas who are older than me.
    yeap :[

  34. [Ahems][Ahems] when you guys flirt around,
    when you guys get hurt…it’s very sad seeing it
    when you guys are too tired and is not very excited as much..
    But other then that i LOVE Big Bang! =]
    aww Seungri

  35. YAAAAAAAY! ive been waiting since forever for *cough*MY*cough* maknae to ask !! 🙂 teeheee soo here goes:

    -well; when YOU(maknae) gets close to tiffany ;p i like snsd … just not her . lol !
    -when you over work 😦 aaaand looks so tired.
    -when you get injured and STILL work [like pooor maknae with his ankle, but that really made me proud (:]
    -when you guys are so serious, i feel like its not you -_-;;
    -when gd picks on daedae instead of maknae… daedae is top’s propery got it jiyong? xD lol !!
    -aaaaaaaand i think that’s pretty much it? xD

  36. My answer!

    I don’t like you guys being all flirty flirty with other girls when not necessary and hate the fact that girls that are dancers are dancing like they grinding all over you guys.. no no. v.v

    When you guys get injured, or overworked! We vips want you to like us more than other celeberties/any female to that matter! LOL! x] When you guys are WAY too serious and not yourselves! Don’t like Ji Yong being so quiet and keeping to himself when he sees fans! v.v T.O.P needs to be more OUT THERE around fans! And OO I don’t like noonas older than me flirting with you guys or vice versa! Dx

    Other than that LOVE YOU GUYS TO PIECES!! xDD

  37. i dont like when you guys let those women dancer all on you…sorry but that is the truth!!! T-T

  38. you should also come here to the US: (Minnesota!!) >_<

  39. When G-Dragon wears that fuzzy afro hat thing. That is all.

  40. hmm… what do i like the least about big bang?
    i dont like when big bang is not here with us. i mean, a whole album is called With U and, no. they are not with us. ;_;

  41. btw i changed my name to no hearts, they looked kinda kiddish…

  42. When it’s obvious that you guys are sick & in need of desperate rest. When I see your cute, but disturbing, dark circles maknae dear. When I see Taeyang wearing the mouth mask thing ’cause he’s sick, and he can’t reach his normal singing range. When you guys are just sitting there, staring into space, with a gloomy and worried face on. * When you guys kiss Lee Hyori >________>

  43. I don’t like it when Big Bang is hurt, or fighting and especially I don’t like it when they are near girls!

  44. I don’t like it when people keep telling me that you get your eyebags from watching your yadongs. I don’t wanna believe it!

    I don’t like it when big bang doesn’t perform their best because…i wanna see big bang…do the BESTESTTTT!

    But over all, I love you and I don’t care what you do…because that’s just the way big bang rolls. Got it? Thanks. ♥

  45. awww.. i love practically everything you do SR 😉
    but i hafta say, i dont like it when you guys exhaust
    urselves or flirt with other pplz.. or the fact that
    you guys are SOO awesome. but you havn’t been awesome
    in canada yet. particularily the van/vic area xD

    but no really.. i acutlaly love everything you guys do

    BIG BANG <33

  46. I hate it when you guys are hurt or sad, esp. when you all over work yourself. But I’m proud of what you all do! ❤

  47. I hate it when you work tooo overly hard. when I see your tired
    faces, when I see you hurt, when I see you cry. aniyoo! Don’t ever
    do those things. lol. but I LOVE ALMOST EVERYTHING YOU DO.. EXCEPT!
    for being flirty or having ‘skinships’ with other girls.

  48. ncly
    when that happen seungri ?? plss which song which perf. ??

  49. and of course i think like you all ^.^ plss be healty for us and be careful and dont with anyothergirl plss T.T

  50. I don’t like to see when you guys are
    over worked and exhausted O_O
    then you’ll end up in the hospital
    and.. i don’t like to see when you guys
    are flirting (XD)

  51. i dont lie to see big bang kissing some girls that they just saw on the street or saw the first time or something like that…

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