Backstage of the WonderBoys | Big Bang, “One of our forfeits during games is to take off our clothes”

Can you guess the Big Bang Song?!!

I didn’t notice the song until like the middle of the video, I was like “whoa~~” that’s cool haha

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Baby was wearing red instead of pink, i knew it, my eyes didn’t deceive me, it look pink under all those stage lights but it’s red, kekeke did you ever notice? Baby’s fingers? whenever he’s doing the peace sing [aka as the V sign] his middle finger is never straight haha, I always see his middle finger bended to the right all the time, I thought that was cute, he have cute finger, thank god Baby doesn’t bite his nails, it’s really a pet peeve for me, I can’t stand seeing ppl bite their nail, I feel the urge to hit them when they do it hahaha BABY backstage with the rest of WonderBoys, getting along pretty well I think, they’re SO HOT HOT it’s awsome. especially Baby in my opinion of course. haha no one can compare.


Big Bang, “One of our forfeits during games is to take off our clothes”

Big Bang participated in MC Mong’s radio show on SBS PowerFM on 15th September in an open studio and they did a special question-and-answer section with the listeners.

One listener posed the question, “What games do you normally play?” and GDragon replied, “We play a variety of games, from ‘GongGongChilBbang (007 Bbang)’ (a type of drinking game) to ‘I am ground’, games that everyone plays.”

TOP then added, “There was this episode when we played games together which was impressionable. Before we debuted, one day after our practice has finished, we returned to our quarters and decided to play a game to show the choreography that we have learnt that day. The person who makes a mistake takes off one piece of his clothings and the one who is left with just his underwear will have to go onto the street outside the quarters to perform the dance choreography together with a song.”

And SeungRi said , “And an old lady passed by during the forfeit.” which saw many present in the studio bursting into laughters.

There was also a question posed at GDragon that SeungRi has moments when he dislikes his hyung as a maknae. And GDragon replied, “We surrender to that. Just 2 days back, SeungRi was being really cute. He was playing a fool and lying on his bed with just his underwear.”

Big Bang did live performances of the hit songs from their new album on the show that day.

OKAY…………… All I can think of is… what a lucky old lady HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Can we buy ticket to this game whenever they’re playing it??  beat soccer FARRR… hahaha

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credit: 날작가님

Taken from: Bang ’em님.BigRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on September 16, 2008.

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  1. Yup mad adorable to say the least. I love BB, but I also have a soft spot for Sungmin. Doesn’t GD bite his nails??

  2. LOVEIT!
    thank you
    they’re such divas
    i love it

  3. Ahhhh omg Seungri is soo CUTE!
    yes they are hot but i like Seungri more =]
    Ooh was he texting with his phone? Lmao
    Yeah i notice that his middle finger isn’t straight
    Ahhhh Wonder Boys!!!!
    Yes aha they look so cute that it makes me scream
    ahaha especially when they do girls moves
    Seungri is the only WB that is wearing

  4. omoo I love it xDD

    the best girl band ever!!

    ‘they’re such divas’ [2]

    thank you so much for sharing!!

  5. circustricks03

    yes he does
    he needs to learn how to stop
    it’s really unhealthy

  6. noonoodabamf

    DIVA is the exact word to describe them

  7. wonderboys!!! lol
    awww that article was soo cutee.
    ommgd! i spent my time reading this article instead of doing my math prject thats due tomorow!
    hahahaaa oh wells. big bang is worth itt.

  8. ninalee

    i wonder what phone he had
    i know he have a black anycall phone
    but wonder what model
    asia have some weird and awsome phones
    not like us over here
    the coolest thing you can get is a iPhone and lemme tell ya that thing sucks, I can’t stand using it, trade it in for a blackberry already.

    i love it when baby shake his butt kekeke

  9. BBFTW.

    especially when it consist of baby sleeping in his underwear .. uh yea~ it’s more important hahaha

    but i wonder who lost that game
    i think it’s Tabi, since he’s the weakest dancer…

    oh no… Tabi in his underwear dancing in the street..
    I think nya died somewhere

  10. vicky
    ha! i know i wonder if she read this yet. >.<
    with baby sleeping in his underwear, ill take the E anyday..
    aww it probably was TOP opa.. i bet it hella funny for him tho haha

  11. Oh man. What these boys do just to get naked. Haha.

    And whoa, those last bunches of Wonderboys pictures –
    total “diva” status. LOL. Good choice of word to
    the person who brought it up. x]

  12. BBFTW.

    after she read this
    dirty thoughts will flow her mind
    i bet you she’s reading this right now and was like [VICKY! I’M GONNA GET YOU!! TALK ABOUT ME WHEN I’M NOT HERE]
    hahaha nya unnie i still love you!!
    though ur perverted and u know it

    I’ll kidnap Baby when he’s sleeping ahhahaha

  13. Heather-Oh

    can we join????/
    cuz seriously, i would pay WAYYY more than a concert to get in those hahaha

    diva is an amazingly right word

  14. vicky
    haha never happen!
    when you attempt to kidnap him, he’ll be in my clutched arms sleeping like a baby. haha

  15. SeungRi was being really cute. He was playing a fool and lying on his bed with just his underwear.

    I WISH I WAS HIS BED hahahahaah

  16. ^^ if you are the bed then i wish i were the underwear..kkkk!
    our boiz are really cutie…if i can marry pne of them i would really never look at other men…

  17. i want to be that OLD WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ahahaha omg that old woman was LUCKYY
    damns wish i was there..Lols
    Ahahaha omg

    There was also a question posed at GDragon that SeungRi has moments when he dislikes his hyung as a maknae. And GDragon replied, “We surrender to that. Just 2 days back, SeungRi was being really cute. He was playing a fool and lying on his bed with just his underwear.”

    Ahaha..uhh G-Dragon hunny, you look at Seungri?
    But seungri is cute though, but GD..uh-uh

  19. aaaahw, i love the bigbang&suju love showing! lol xD even though its only seungri with sungmin and shindong teeheee 😦

  20. Doesn’t GD bite his nails?
    As unsanitary as it is, I still find it cute/endearing. lol I guess I just love everything about him. (:


  22. veekwon

    i’ve been looking through recent pics of him
    his nails look pretty good
    maybe he stop?
    aww.. bong

  23. last picture is totally cute.

    I wish I was the old lady….

  24. its so cute to hear all these private details…abt how close the boys are. jus shows them in a diff light…like jus a bunch of ol’ frens.makes us feel closer to

  25. those are the games we all want to be a part of;)

  26. OMG out of all the boys, SEUNG RI is the only HOT one!

  27. lily

    haha so i’m not the only one who think so

  28. vicky
    “The person who makes a mistake takes off one piece of his clothings and the one who is left with just his underwear will have to go onto the street outside the quarters to perform the dance choreography together with a song.”
    “And an old lady passed by during the forfeit.”
    (but isn’t tabi don’t like to show his skin? like the one he said in idol world. never wear V-neck before)

    oohhh…. it must be Tabi who lose. he’s very bad at dance compared to others. (& this makes me so happy about it.)
    i think i died again. vi, remember to visit me in cemetery

    btw, i wonder what undie he’s wearing that time?
    is it the real concert one? that he say it’s his lucky charm?
    ahhhh… faints….
    i need CPR now. opppaaaaa…….

  29. nya

    i know you would die sooner or later after you heard this
    I so have my money on Tabi since he’s the weakest
    and i was like “LUCKY ASS OLD LADY!”
    nya so wanna be her hahahahaha

    his little black lacy underwear

  30. vicky
    u’re takling to a zombie now. a really pervy zombie. hahahaha…
    that old lady!!!
    i want to be her… can’t i change place with her???

    oppaaaa…. u don’t know how smexy u’re when u don’t wear anything but u let that old lady look…
    my heartt… it cracks…

    that undie, i died when i see it.
    first i though is it really Tabi who throw it?
    then it turns out to be him & its his lucky charm!
    that smexy legs already send me to heaven, & that undie…
    send me to 18th floor of heaven.

  31. nya

    Tabi doesn’t even let his mom see his skin and yet the old lady got dibs
    ooh there.. YOU GOT COMPETITION!!!!!

    I think he threw that underwear out on purpose
    cuz i know Tabi wear boxer hahaha
    how do I know?
    Hip Hop boys shows it ALL hahahahah

    so i doubt if that’s even his in the first place… or maybe a present from a fan??? hahahahah

  32. That little twsity thing is so cool! it plays babo right? I got it right off its pretty, just like the boys.

  33. now I want to know what phone SR has…><

  34. vicky
    i know he throw it on pursose.
    but i don’t know if its his or not.
    maybe he likes to wear that?

    if its fan who send it, that fan…
    she choose a really good one. i think it looks really good on my man.

    hey! what i’m saying? that fan is my rival!
    don’t send undie to my man!
    we’ll go out together to choose & u don’t have to bother. kekekeke…

  35. wow! that thing so cool!
    it plays fool.
    now i want it. fool is like 1 of my favourite BB song

  36. aww thats cutee!& soo is baby!!! adorable–!! omg, i knew it right away, my favorite bb song, FOOL!!

    aww i want 1 too


  39. ITS FOOOOOOL :] i want ooneee!

  40. it’s babo..AND it took me like very long time to recognize the song 😛

    AWHHHHHHHHHHHH baby was so cute..but seriously, other wonderboys were way cuter than him..but but baby is still my love..he’s obviously more mature and less feminine than others..i love his outfit and white is a good match =) ?’3333333333

    WAHAHAHA what a lucky lady xD I wanna buy ticket and watch them play the game too. Well, YB and Dae better be the loser hahaha. then i can take a close look at their abs..dirty thoughts coming out again HAHAHAA~and i wanna see top taking off his clothes too hahaa. ish ignore me ignore me xD

  41. Song: Fool xD

    Seung Ri is the best in my opinion ^//^

  42. OMG it’s BABO?
    that music thing played “Babo/ fool”?
    man, i got it all wrong! i thought it was heaven.
    ngu qua!!!!!!ahhh!

    and tsk tsk tsk… all you BB fangirls
    taking their clothes off…
    is that all you girls (guys if any) think about?

  43. rop.

    yea it’s Babo
    that was pretty cool
    i want one

  44. nya

    maybe you should send him like a box full of them different color hahaha

  45. that was babo?? wooooooow, i was way off then T__T lol!

  46. tinaxxe

    don’t call urself stupid hahaha
    at least you recognize it haha
    i love it ppl thrown in random vietnamese word
    it’s cute

    no it’s not all we think about…. right nya?
    we think about other things too… hahaha
    just not as often

  47. lovemixin

    what did you think it was?

  48. Babo! I recognized it after the first…three notes. It’s my favorite.

  49. vicky
    if i send him something like that he’ll too afraid to perform again. wondering which one is the pervy fangirl who send me that. hahaha…

    calm down girl, there’ll be a day when he ask me to go out & choose undie with him since i’m his future wife ^^ fufufu…

    well, yeah, we do think about other stuff. but not as often as ‘this’. hehehe… since 2 of us like to messing around so much.
    (i don’t sound like a unnie hahaha…)

    btw vi, i read u talking about me… hehehe…
    that’s right gurl, thats the reaction i get at first. hahaha..

  50. oh right gurl,
    do u know where i can d/l babo from the real concert?
    i haven’t found the HQ one

  51. nya

    yeahhh… right~~~
    he’ll be like “WHO KNOW ME TOO WELL?”
    you like he like it like that hahahah

    i know you too well eh? haha
    i can read mine when u haven’t thought about it yet

  52. nya

    you can download the whole concert performance here

    idk where you can download individual ones

  53. vicky
    thanks for the link ^^

    hahahaha… “WHO KNOW ME TOO WELL?”
    buhahaha… i do hope. kekeke..

    hey, i just realize this time we’re not too far from our original topic! hahaha…
    aahh… Tabi…

    btw vi, what’ll u react if baby / bong want u to choose undie for him? kekekeke…
    waiting for ur answer.

  54. HAHHA
    Seung RI playing fool and laying on the bed with his underwear?..
    and GD saw him?..
    that is SO CUTE LOL
    just 2 days ago?..
    Seung Ri is never gonna grown up with his mind~~ I love you~~ hehe~~

  55. nya

    OH WOW……………ah~
    that question need some serious time and thoughts put into it

    well… since I know Bong and Baby wear boxers, i think I’ll chose boxers instead of undies hahaha
    and um………. dude i really don’t care wtf their boxer look like
    it won’t stay on for long [if u know what i mean]

    i am so r-rated hahahahahaha

  56. vicky
    oh my god! gotta go to work!
    hehehe.. i’ll be back tomorrow to chack ur answer. ^^

  57. ncly

    so maybe that’s when GRi was born
    2 days after meeting Baby and Bong already got to see-half-naked base already ahahaha

  58. LMAO! seungri is so manly compared to the rest of them. ^^
    and i love that he wore red instead of pink. so cute!!!

  59. Sounds like Babo. <_<

  60. the song is BABO right?

  61. its fool? ._.

    that was pretty(:

  62. vesna

    it is fool

  63. CLeVIP

    becaus it is 🙂

  64. daerin

    i know right
    it sound like a lullaby

  65. vicky

    whoo-hoo~ i got it right! xDD
    love that song soo much(:
    i still wish they would make it into a
    music video[:

  66. nya

    you bettuh head to work hahaha
    i’m about to go to sleep over here haha

  67. I recognize the song right away ! I love fool =)
    when they cranked it gahh i was spazzing
    about how cool it was and made my sis watch it lol

  68. daerin

    so many amazingly great song didn’t get made into a MV
    so freaking sad
    I love every song on Hot Issue and STAND UP
    and yet….. fangirl wish that can’t be fulfilled
    it’s truely is sad
    but there’s always the end of the year concert with the boys perform all the songs….hopeuflly they will have one this year despite the whole moving onto to japan thing

    please god or else i’ll die forreal

  69. wahahahargh i cn imagine all of them stripped off their clothes dn’t get me wrong eheheheh

  70. Why do all of those guys look like girls? Shouldn’t they be manlier? Or are they girly looking on purpose?

  71. LOL I thought they originally were going for an “older” image, too… but I guess.. not anymore…? ^^;;;;

  72. I love the wonderboys pics…they were like “R u ready for us?” in a feminine way. hehehe. Shin Dong really lost a lot of weight…good for him =)

    I love Babo. I wish there was an mv for it…i want that music box too…well it wasn’t really in a box but I dunno what to call it. hehe.

    I want the rest of the Big Bang to do So Hot, with Baby Ri giving it a little more shake and Tabi not being shy about it…ahhh I can imagine Bong already…he can do it so good…hehehe…dae dae can shake it too..hehehe…YB should make the dance more feminine…but I love him for making the tell me dance a masculine dance..he’s one of the few who did it. hehe. =)

    Lucky old lady. Wherever those games are held, I wish I have the front row seats. especially when they to strip if they make a mistake in their choreo…I’ll distract them to make many…wooohoo…=)

    Vicky you always post up after I sleep. I always saw your posts 8 hours later. hehehe.

  73. vicky
    u got it right. whatever it is, it won’t stand long.

    u make me remember about my funny axperience. kekekeke…
    that day i went to shopping alone, & i saw man boxer & undies is 50% off. the shopkeeper ask me wanna buy or not for my husband.
    (damn! am i look that old??)
    so i just told him this “well, ur boxer & undies looks so good & cute, but since i prefer my husband wearing nothing, i won’t buy any.” half-jokingly. hahaha…
    the shopkeeper look at me with this expression O.O!! speechless. hahaha…

  74. nya

    heheheh! yeah whatever they are wearing it wont stand long anyway…but I think tabi is a brief guy…he’s too shy i think? or he wears briefs when performing and nothing at home? hahaha. =)

    classic experience! hahaha! i can imagine the shopkeeper. hehe. why would he ask that in the first place? hehe.

  75. Kenley
    he want me to buy. since i’m standing there, looking a really cute boxer, white background with love all over it. also a small bunny at the middle. hahaha….
    i was wondering “who’ll buy & use it anyway?”
    the he mistaken me for an ahjumma searching boxer for her husband. altough i’m only 18! damn!

    well, to answer ur question i think u should wait till the day Tabi strip for me. i’ll contact u soon after i know the answer.

    the shopkeeper is specchless. can’t say anything while i went away giggleing. hahaha…

  76. nya

    LOL I think the shopkeeper intendly played some poor joke with u and he finally got ur revenge excellenly unpredictable

  77. omg.. Seungri stands out pretty well in this gang!
    Whoa~ Go seungri!~

  78. I WANNA GET THAT “MUSIC THING”! sorry i’m not sure with the exact name.
    Ah, i wish i’m that person that walked passed their studio when they were playing!

  79. MAKNAE SEUNGRiiiiiii!!! :D<3
    ❤ & Taemin! XD heehee ^__^ I LOVE EM BOTH! made me so happy to see them actually be in the same performance!
    all the “WonderBoys” are maknaes right? i’m pretty sure Taemin is THE youngest Maknae of alllll ^__^ hehe.

    SERIOUSLY. i never really expected BB to do such things (but i’m not complaining ;]P). wow BB, thanks for making thousands of girls go crazy now that you finally confess about taking it offfff! X]P i think a new fanfic just sprouted somewhere, lolz.
    the pictures are so cute<3 ^_^
    i REAllY wonder who SR is texting to whenever he’s using his phone o.O i’m so curious, hehe =]

  80. athirah
    oh no it’s nothing wrong ahah
    norma fangirl mind haha

  81. sinsujung
    well it’s for a wonderboys performance where they sing girl group’s song
    so year kinda on purpose

  82. Kenley
    DUDE! I just saw ShinDong’s new picture
    he lost A LOT of weight
    holy crap

    to think abou it.. Bong DID do the so hot dance
    the “I’M SO HOT” that SunMi does, watch the NG part of Haru Haru MV Part 2 hahaha

    YG will make x3443495603406386 more money than ticket to a concert if he open one of those game to public haha

    time difference gurl
    i always read stuff from you after i woke up haha

  83. nya

    OH MY GOD!!
    DAMN GURL!!!!!
    you got GUTS!!!

    shittt… I wouldn’t be able to say something like that
    holy crap

  84. BBBklyn
    no there’s this other guy who’s younger than TaeMin in ShiNEE, he’s like… 2 years younger than me.. T.TT…. can’t believe i’m already a nuna to a singer haha
    and SungMin and ShinDong isn’t the maknae of Suju, KyunHyun is.
    i’m not sure about 2AM, but since Jo Kwon is the leader, I doubt if he’s the maknae.

  85. nya

    the shopkeeper was prolly thinking “what an ‘active’ couple”. hehehe.
    well i can’t blame you if your other half is tabi.
    you’re gonna play a lot of “games” that involves clothing getting off. hahaha.

  86. Vicky

    I saw Shindong’s picture with his mushroom hair too…he did lost a lot of weight. good for him. ^^
    i bet not only the fans will watch but many female celebs too…hehehe…that stadium will be jammed pack for sure. and YG will sold a lot of tickets…even online streaming…^^
    even if the games will last for only a few minutes…many people will watch for sure. =)

  87. OMG The song is Babo huh?
    Fool- Big Bang,,Right?

  88. Right? it’s Babo/Fool?
    how’d they get it to play on that little
    music box thingy? i want one, cool =]

  89. Seungri & Taemi so cutee!

  90. FOOL! BABO!
    Oh i want one i want one!! ^^

  91. its “mad about you” from last farewell album!

  92. it’s babo isnt it?..
    omg!..i love the poses that they made..hahaha divas!^_^

    i wanna be there when they start playing the games too!!!..^^

  93. Babo!! (I think I guessed right?)
    It sounds so pretty. ^^

  94. Kenley

    keke of course!!!
    and we don’t care who loses
    we’ll all be happy ahhaah
    we’ll vote for our favorite to lose haha

  95. henry
    it’s actually Babo from Hot Issue and it is Mad About You too, but from their WITH U album

  96. Liz
    u make me sound like a cruel customer ~.~ hahaha..

  97. Vicky
    i just say it half jokingly.
    i’m not serious at all while saying that.
    but the shopkeeper expression is beyond prediction. kekeke…

  98. Kenley
    thats story is from before i know Tabi, so that’s really not BB related. hehehe…
    but still.. if my other half is Tabi. fufufufu….
    i made a good decision not to buy any undies for him.
    i won’t stand long.
    we’ll become a really ‘active’ couple. kekekeke…

  99. nya

    dude i wanna freaking see that so bad
    someone need to put a scene like that in a movie haha

  100. vicky
    hehehe… if u wanna see it so bad, u can try saying it to shopkeeper where u buy ur undies. kekeke…
    well, if the situation is possible. hahahaha…

  101. dude, i have the blackberry pearl. now i’m willing to break my phone to get the frickin phone seung ri’s holding. XD

  102. nya

    that would be awsome
    except i have NO GUTS to say that
    and they’ll never ask me to buy one for my husband hahahah

  103. cause that games not awkward at all … [sarcasm] loll

  104. Vicky
    eventough Tabi want one, i won’t buy it for him
    kekeke… u know what i mean.
    Tabi should use undie, thats sexier than boxer.

    they’ll ask u to buy one for ur hubby or 2 maybe, sine u have 2 hubby. when ur older. kekeke…

  105. DoT Ri!

    i have the same phone
    sad to say it’s the best one i use to far
    i was able to use it for more than 6 months
    that’s a world record for me hahaha

    i would so order that phone in korea and have it unlock so i can use it over here

  106. nya

    wait til i’m older?
    that’s no time soon

    i like boxer guys.
    idk why.
    i just do :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  107. vicky
    hahaha… i don’t like boxer again since i see that one.
    the weirdest boxer i’ve seen in my life.
    can u imagine it???
    if Tabi use that, i’ll rip that boxer for sure. hahaha…

  108. vicky

    that would be the first time that we’re gonna root for our favorites to lose. and not only once. maybe in all games. hahaha.

    I remembered one of the games they played in Idol world where they have to cut a piece of the loser’s clothing…hahahaa…Baby must have been so cold back then…hehehehe

    But I prefer them stripping a piece of clothing. one by one. that would be such a tease. ^^

  109. nya

    that is for sure. hahaha. put on some horrible clothing on him. then you’ll be compelled to rip it all off. nyahahahaha.

  110. Kenley
    oh my god gurl!
    thats my dream too. i wanna tabi to strip for me.
    & strip / being ripped either one is okay

  111. AHHH!!!
    Seung Ri Is SO DAMN CUTE!!!
    The shirt makes him look even sexier!!!
    I LOVE HIM!!!

    P.S: didn’t notice the middle-finger before…steel cute!!!

  112. nya

    we would be so happy to see them without clothes, so any way is fine…hehehe.
    YBae already flaunted his torso during his solo concert…now I want a private show that also involves removing the lower garments..whether stripping or ripping it off, I would be damn happy. =)

  113. Seungri’s bended V sign XD~~ one of the first things i noticed about him LOL
    actually i don’t like it cause i always feel a bit annoyed every time i saw his V sign and i don’t know why LOL But i still love baby to death, the more he annoys me,the more i love him, yeah i’m crazy XD

  114. nya

    haha i dont wanna know what that one you saw look like haha
    rip.. dang

  115. Kenley

    oh gad…. well aren’t you an imagitive one haha

  116. i knew the song just when it started. it BABO!!!

  117. Vicky

    wait— are you talking about that phone in seung ri’s hand, or the one i have (blackyberry pearl)? i didnt really get what u were saying ^_^’

  118. DoT Ri!

    i’m saying i have the same phone as you, the blackberry pearl
    and i was saying how i really want babay’s phone but it probably only sold in korea

  119. Vicky

    yes, it probably is only sold in korea ;_;
    what color do you have? i have the white pearl ^_^

  120. DoT Ri!

    the first blackberry pearl i got was back in 8th grade which is 2 years ago, and it was white
    but after a while i got tire of the white and have to call it the white blackberry haha
    so i went and got a black blackberry, been using it for around 6 months now

  121. Vicky

    cool…i guess… im still in 7th grade and got my first phone for christmas…. last year… now im kinda bored with it already, i want a new phone. my sister once had her phone for three straight years…

  122. DoT Ri!

    I kinda took a break from blackberry a while back and try some other phone, i try the iPhone too, but I didn’t like it much since i have long nails that and that screen always annoy the crap out of me when i have to bend it down and use my finger to touch it, so i just give up on the iPhone and went back to blackberry, i’m bored with it long ago but i can’t use other phones since i’m so use to text on the blackberry and i’m addicted to the little rolling ball so haha

  123. Vicky

    omg, i luv the rolly ball thingy… its so fun to play with…
    i think the blackjack has the same keyboard and rolling ball…
    *gasp* u had the iPhone?!?!?! so lucky. i dont think i’ll ever get the iphone, not from my parents at least…i think if i8 break this phone, my parents are going to get mad…and either not get me another phone… or get me a crappy one. ^_^’

  124. OOOO lol
    I was soooo confused! @_@ i was lyk is dat Taemin??? is dat Sungmin and Shindong???, Is that key??(That one i actually didint know xD) i was sooooooo confused i was lyk FTW whos whos?? LOL they were barely recognizable except Seungri Lmao

  125. DoT Ri!

    my friend has the blackjack
    i don’t like it that much
    maybe i’m more of a small phone of a person haha

    iPhone isn’t that great at all
    idk why ppl love it so much

  126. Vicky

    omg, wtf. i just met another person named Vicky today who had the our phone. the blackjack either… its just weird.
    idk… i like touch screen things… maybe its becuz of my habit of poking people? ^_^
    today was free hug friday too… so… happy free hug friday! *hugs Vicky*

  127. hehe, sry, i meant, ‘i dont like’ before ‘the blackjack’ my keyboard is kinda messed up…

  128. DoT Ri!

    hahah really??
    well when you find someone name Vi then i’ll be real amazed haha
    Vi is my real name so haha yea

    i didn’t even know today was friday until the bell ring and my friend was like “IT’S FRIDAY”
    I SERIOUSLY thought forreal today is wednesday

  129. Vicky

    the other vicky i knew with the phone is really named victoria tho… so the search is still on. she has ur color too. i thot i liked the white one, so i got it, now i want the red one.

    i kinda thot it was monday, since i almost fell asleep in readin period… but then my friend amber went up to me and sed, ‘its free hug friday all over again!’ and i was just staring at her ^_^’

  130. DoT Ri!

    Vicky is a longer version for Vi ahhaha

    so it’s free hug friday every friday?

  131. Vi

    i guess it is…
    i dont know. i think amber made it up though, cuz she’s trying to get everyone to like michael jackson before he dies… and he wants the world to ‘spread the love’ and that the world needs more hugs. amber, she’s just a total freak, and i say that from the heart.

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