You’ll Shine






~ by Momo on September 16, 2008.

74 Responses to “You’ll Shine”

  1. i found the ending hillarious, i thought it was a trailer for a movie lol

  2. yeah…you me and me sis together find the ending hilarious…to much fan…
    but yet again…good tvc…less product branding…and more creative license to the agency and production house…..

    I thought it was a real movie!

  4. Typo, *pantene (:

  5. lol pantene aigoooo

  6. Yeaahhh!!
    Me tooo..
    I tot it was a trailer of a movie..
    I laughed when I found out it was Pantene..
    that explains all the over used of wind to the hair..kkeke

    but it was a piece of art.
    2 thumbs up!

  7. i really love this!! the message of the ad is so inspiring. thanks for sharing

  8. aaww.. how come the video is no longer available???

  9. The ending got me O.o and when I found out it was a Pantene ad I went…LOL!!! I like it! Juz tat was LOL-ing when I found tat it was a Pantene ad..

    meriezu: try refreshing the page…

  10. It’s Thai??
    It’s really touched me so much. it’s tvc?? i thought it was a movie trailer.
    and Cannon is my Fav.

  11. I agree with ktin7. Truely inspiring. Yet at the same time stunned me at it’s last 3 seconds. A 4 minutes ad, wow.

  12. hahaha jokessssss!
    first of all..this is not BB related so i really dont knw y u want us to see it.
    then, are u promoting this ad??
    lastly, its a hilarious advert for a godaamn shampooo??
    how is it even related? was it the supposedly “pantene washed hair” or the music that impressed people?
    thanks for effort though..but we’d much rather spent 4 minutes of our time watching BB. will appreciate if u put up sme pics from ur Korea trip or smething BB related.cos i guess thats wat this forums meant for..isn’t it? no hard feelings.

  13. oh.. okie..
    now i’ve seen it!!

    lolz, its a comercial???
    i thought it was from a movie…

  14. whoa . that was awesome.
    haha me too i also thought it was a trailer for a movie.
    i would so watch it ! X]
    haha turns out is a commerical for pantene. wow . seriously.
    they have gone off the deep end. xD
    but that was very touching.
    i almost cried man. that was so sad. they beat up the homeless man.
    ha ! that girl that bullied her got OWNED ! XD

  15. Eden loves Top & GD ;

    omg, chill aight? momo’s nice to share the video with us.
    if you don’t like it, you can always skip watching it, since she has already stated that it’s not related to BB. no offence to you too.

    thank you momo! LOL THAT’S SO CREATIVE. HAHAHA XD

  16. Haha when I saw her playing violin in the contest, I couldn’t help but noticing her hair’s so beautiful, it shined. And I thought she would be in a shampoo commercial and I was so surprised at the end that I was right lol.

  17. LMAO!!!!

    i did notice the girls hair really shiney when she performed..

  18. WOAAW !

  19. aww. thank you momo for posting this. it was just what i needed. what is that song that she is playing? cannon? greensleaves? or soemthing? but thank you momo!!!!

    ahh! so inpsiring!

  20. what a lovely way to start off the day. Thanks momo

  21. That was really cool, but pretty shocking at the end! I didn’t know it was for Pantene! Thanks for sharing!!

  22. guess this will be my first time crying to an add lol…. wth…

  23. I never never never never never thought that it is PANTENE ads!!!!!

    in the end im like… (O_o) whattt? related mehhhh?

  24. hahah! omgg i thought it was a movie trailer..
    and seriously, i was so pulled into it tht i was abt
    to ask yue the movie’s name~ :ppp 😀

  25. wtc. shampoo?

    lol.. dang. but still very creative!

  26. lmao. after this im so picking up my violin and play. hahaha.
    the way she hold the bow was weird. lol. and no matter how u want to fix a violin that has been broken that way, it wont produce any sound. well, it might but a really weird sound. lmao.

    this is a good ad! thx momo for posting this.!

  27. WOW! amazing! ^^

    haha xD pantene lol xD

  28. i must admit Thai commercials are pretty cool 🙂 Pantene… who would have thought huh?? 😛

  29. hahahahahahahaha…oh my buddha..i thought it was a preview of a thai lakorn coming out..i was into it and got a lil teary and then @ last i was like huh?..damn, shes playing so hard that even her hair is blowing everywhere and then BAM!!! lol..ita a comercial..

    thanks..i really enjoyed it…

  30. omg i thought that it was about music and at the end its about hair?

    i knew the hair fanning thing at the end was kinda suspicious. that was a hella long ad for pantene. musta cost millions to air.
    but so great. lol

  32. LOL I kept thinking in my head..”those girls have REALLY nice, shiny hair” o_o hahaaa.
    so i guess it did indorse it’s product ❤
    but omg it was so inspirational and wow, very nice ^_^

  33. That was a beautiful thing but like a shampoo commercial?
    I thought it be like stand up for the rights and stuff
    Really beautiful though

  34. OH MY GOODNESS!! HAHA WOW!! i totally thought that was a movie trailer and i’m like.. how is it big bang related but it wasn’t! but wow!! the end took me by suprise!! this was a very good commercial!!! gave me goosebumps!

  35. first, i wonder that’s realy thai people or dub !!
    and i think it was good idea
    and maybe about ads direct to be alive
    when you r not perfect people :]

    but….after i saw pantene
    i cant say anything hahaha
    freakin sprachlos lol

    Ahh, im thai Why i never see it on my TV -*-

  36. I was about to say what is this movie called…LOL

  37. lollll
    i thought it was a movie too
    but it was pantene
    anyway that meany girl is such a b*tch… “in ur face b*tch”

  38. no wonder her hair was going all crazy in the end…
    i was getting all emotional and i see ‘pentene’ in the end lol
    i thought this was like a short version of documentary or something.
    this ad got me good dude.

  39. yo i really that that was for a movie or something!!! but pantene???anyways it was inspirational how the girl overcame all of the problems she was facing ^___^

  40. Whoa, that was really cool
    Ahaha omg it was a Pantene Ad.
    damn i thought it was a movie..ahaha
    it was REALLY REALlY good though =]
    it’s sad too…that chick was.mean
    i wouldn’ve nvm aha but it’s really good
    Music is LOVE
    [Ahems] && So is Big Bang (:

  41. i cant believe i cried watching a shampoo commercial -_-” i had no idea it was a commercial because they usually only take a couple of seconds
    and i was wondering whats with the crazy hair lol

  42. that was….so awesome, i was soo touched, and…then the ending came and i was like “wtheck~ lol!!!”
    pretty funny at the end… a shampoo commercial~ XP
    No wonder her hair was sooo shineyy, lol, i was like ” wow she has such nice shiney long hair…i want it like that…i wonder how i could get my hair like that. Now i know….with Pantene =D!!!”

  43. ITS A PANTENE COMMERCIAL?! that was some seriously good commercial!!! xD lol ! i thought it was a movie trailer or something… but i love the ending !! that was soooooo niice(:

  44. LMAO! I even read a couple of the comments before I watched it, so I KNEW that it was a Pantene commercial. When i was watching it tho, I got so caught up in how cute and touching it was that I was totally like “Wh-WHAT?’ when the Pantene part popped up. Lol I forgot. It was an awesome video.

  45. LOL! Omg love it. It touched me and that performance was amazing!! But Panteen?? x] I was like ? For real?? x] lmao

  46. Wow. That is one emotional Pantene commercial.
    I almost cried TT.TT

  47. ^nynna: you almost cried but i was crying LOL

  48. ROFL. i almost cried but then the ending oh my god. haha that was an awesome add!

  49. OMG!!!! i cant believe it was just a hair commercial!!
    lol!! i was wondering y her hair was flying everywhere!! lol
    it was on eof the BEST commercials that i’ve ever seen

  50. hahaha.. i really luv this commercials…yeah, at first i though it’s about human relationship they wanna shows in this commercials but then i kept thinking to myself…why ah her hair so beautiful…and i found the answer at the ending…really do a great job..well done! cos i’m into media and graphic also…this is different from what we always saw in pantene advertising…

  51. wowww! awesome advertising *O* i almost cry =[

  52. I thought this was a korean advertisement.. But once I played it, it was Thai.. I understood the whole concept.. but the first thing that popped in my mind was pantene pro v.. and it was just that.. because most Thai advertisement that deals with shampoo have actress with long black hair.. anyways.. this was an awesome commercial..

  53. wth? Pantene comercial? i thought it was a movie..and I even cried in that violin part..

  54. LOL a shampoo commercial???LOL!!

  55. welcome back momo! hahahahlove the ad!! so inspiring

  56. woah ,i got tear eyed watching this and its a pantene commercial?!

  57. ^ LOL same here!
    Cried for a shampoo commercial [:

  58. omgd!!
    this is so inspiring
    …i thought it was a movie trailer 2 xD plus i cried TvT
    nice commercial LOL =D

  59. OMG. i thought it was so touching and stuff.
    (and i DID notice that she DID have nice hair)
    but thne it was liek PANTENE. pffft..
    i thought it was a movie xP

  60. this is… a trailer or..
    advertising of pantene??
    lol i got it
    yea i thought the ending was like commercial of shampoo
    so it was
    that pianist should have used pantene
    lol, then she should have won!!!

  61. lols… in the end,
    it was all the pianist fault
    that she didnt use pantene.. right?

    omg.. i tot this was sad
    in the 1st place…
    but the ending…
    like sorta no link???
    hahahs.. sometimes non BB stuffs can be interesting. ^^

  62. At first i thought it was a movie preview!!! xD It’s damn great. I love the storyline. Maybe only like kinda advertised for Pantene when she plays the violin at the end cos she keeps swaying her hair around. no wonder i was wondering why her hair looks so silky! x)

  63. just try more!!!
    the best luck for everyone….luv U more and more.

  64. pantene?! i’m speechless… i actualy got goosebumps for a hair shampoo?!

  65. that was so touching! thanks for sharing it! =)

  66. MAN!!! this could of been a great movie!!! but unfortunatly…..(cough) (cough) its for pantene

  67. It’s “Canon In D”. I like this version, i think it’s because of the violin.

  68. what the hell.. pantene!? lol i thought it was a movie trailer. that was nicely done though ^^

  69. I was so surprised it’s in Thai, didn’t expect to hear Thai in BBFansite LOL
    When i saw her hair i think of a shampoo commercial, but it still put me off guard at the end, i was…it IS a shampoo ad XD
    Thailand has this kind of ad quite a lot, you might try watching some thai life insurance ads, you WILL cry, i promise XD

  70. One Word: CLASSIC.

  71. omg, it was just a pantene commercial?! WTH, MAN! LMAO! but honestly, this should be made into a movie!

  72. OMG YES. I thought it was for a movie! Then i was like, the performing part is a little fake though, where did the other instruments come out from? Then when pantene came up, MAJOR CRACK! XHAHAHHAA

    That’s such a long commercial.

  74. OMG!!!! this commercial makes me miss my violin. i haven’t played my violin in months now . i have been playing it for at least 5 years and i’m proud. hehe

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