Haru Haru MV Pictures | DaeSung’s first ‘CATS’ Performance

Watch this and be amazed, this is done by a elementary school kid.

The first word that come out of my mouth when he first start playing right away was “HOLY CRAP!!” not only did I notice the first note right away but the way he play it… HOLY CRAP.. and he’s only in elementary school, talk about skillz.. DANNNNNNNNNGGG.

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It’s oh so hot and badass it sends chills down my spine…. and i’m not kidding. This is pictures from the famous ‘chair in the middle of a hallway’ scene haha, also with the Burger King crowd haha The boys with scar on their faces, though until this day we don’t get why YB, Baby and Dae have them when Tabi and Bong was the only one fighting haha, MV mysteries, they would never be solved, these pics however, is pretty clear… THEY ARE HOT. enough said.


guess which cat did their first performance yesterday??? RUM RUM TIGER! aka our Dae!!!! Dang… he look so…. cat like and.. so… perverted like haha perfect for this Rum Rum Tiger role, these musical director sure know how to pick their starring role. He was wearing tights so ladies… try not to under down under hahaha


credit: mydaily | SPN News | Newsen | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on September 17, 2008.

119 Responses to “Haru Haru MV Pictures | DaeSung’s first ‘CATS’ Performance”

  1. i don´t think anything about it….S.H.is very cold….

  2. Any Phan

    who’s very cold?

    they’re so cute when they’re looking all bruised and battered. i just want to eat them all up.
    and daesung’s looking fionnneeeeeee

  4. roro

    save some for me when you’re eating haha
    leave Baby out of it now

  5. all i can say i WOW.
    i wish they would look scarred and bruised everyday.
    jiyoongahh, we could fight all they long. you can physically abuse me anytime just look that HOT while doing so.
    LOL. 🙂

    and that stare by seungri. gahh!! i’m in heaven!

    DAE! still looking damn sexy under all that hair!
    those pants are scary though! ahahaha can’t help but look.


  6. O M G ! WOW. @_______@

  7. vicky
    i’ll leave seungri for you. you can eat him yourself. 😀

  8. damn dae sung
    that’s sexy

  9. I have no love for da Dae Cat -__-

  10. Awesome !!! my babe Dae Dae, he look so sexy … LOVE HIM

  11. those bruise look sooo real
    n yes DS is a very friece cat

  12. those pics are hot..especially tabi omg omg!!!
    i’m dead =.=

    dae looked so so so so cat like omg
    FIGHTING dae dae~~
    support you forever! =)

  13. i gotta say dae dae is one sexy cat. LOL

  14. that white telephone in the middle of TOP’s crotch is kinda disturbing.lol

  15. wah
    Haru Haru pictures are HOT
    DS is SO CUTE in those last few pictures hehe
    thx for sharing~

  16. one hot kitty.
    omg. bb always gives me pervy thoughts! >.<
    whats with the ultra tight pants :DD

  17. I wanna jump straight into YBae’s lap…he looks like he’s asking for it…and also for a kiss ^^
    …the guys are so hot looking so battered…why is there a phone receiver on tabi’s crotch???
    *nya has gotta see this…hehehe*
    Dae dae looks so gallant and proud as a cat…it suits him…plus a sexy body…I wanna see his perf…he can carry a proud and flirty cat very well..go dae ^^

  18. vicky
    I can’t help but look down (pervy me) and wish I can see all the guys wearing tights..hehehe…btw i can see bong’s undies in the group pic where there is a phone receiver on tabi’s crotch…
    Baebae’s pic made my day…so damn HOT. =)

  19. hahhaah TOP and his phone in his pocket and G=dragon and his headband i like!! hotties<3

  20. incrediHAWWWT! oncredible! ow, dae sung ooked so comfortable in his costume though it must have been hella uncomfortable. & omo, why am i so turned on by cuts and brusises—they make our boys seem so much more HOT! *MELTS*

  21. sorry for the typos!

    DaeSung..OMG, he looks he cute
    during the last pictures. awww
    i never get tired of his smile =]
    Thanks for the pictures

  23. Dae sung look cute^_^

  24. Wahahaha, it’s until now the i realised the TELEPHONE hanging at TOP’s pants!!! HAHA. and dae looked damn cute 🙂

  25. lolz.. ~omo, a phone,, i didn’t saw that, not until now!! haha.. cute!!

    i agree,, dang!!!!!!!!! the HOTNESS!!! gosh~

  26. it’s funny how first it’s the emo like picture for haru haru, then outa no where there’s pictures of dae as a cat.
    i love it.

  27. lol DS looks so funny !

  28. dayyyum daesung. O.O
    tights. omygod. D:
    okay im all giggly now.
    someone slap me

  29. Can someone tell me the password 4 the download section oo?

  30. holy grab daesung is is soo freaking hot haha

  31. DAE2 don’t be such a tease and don’t kiss her okay?
    hehehehehe! NO OFFENSE MEANT i think he looks more like a tiger not a cat. but they are still in the same family.

  32. TOP used to have a cassette hanging by his pocket n now a phone? I juz noticed it this afternoon when I was watching the Haru Haru MV part 2 again…LOL!!! Tats so cute! I luv em all in their NII tees…frikin hot!

    Who’s the hottest C-A-T? XP
    Dae Dae!! Altho I didn’t expect him to be Rum Tum Tugger at first but I think it sorta suits him…coz I’ve had prefer him to be the alley cat fella with the girlfren who wanted to runaway…LOL!!! His smile def gave him away tat he’s BB’s Dae dae for those who oni noe him by his looks…

  33. It’s just amazing, the way Dae changes ! He’s just amazing ! And I find him freakin’ hot in this role ! ^^

  34. I wanna see daesung in CATS!! I think he suits the role very well.
    And TOP in the pictures was just HOT!! I melted in my chair now…it’ll be hard to detach me bum now. haha…but its worth it, definitely!

  35. Dae is such a sexy cat.

    Btw, it’s Rum Tum Tugger, not Tiger. ^^

  36. Hot dang…DaeDae looks forosh!!! I wanna watch him live on stage. 😦

  37. they all look so cute even with scars on their faces!!^_^

    omg!! dae dae..it was just..amazing..hot..fantastic!! haha..everything boy!! he’s so perfect for the role!!^^

  38. Ji yong ahh ~~
    pull your pants Up !! ;DDD

    Daedae sure makes a sexy cat !!

  39. OEHH>> TOP HOTT<

  40. those pics of BB in the room..it looks like one of those abandon hospital room..those scary ones in horror movie..how the light is so dim and it starts twitching and then goes out..when someone turns on a flash light and BAM!!! theres a ugly looking ghost..hahaha..i watch too many horroe movies..

    but love those pics…

  41. Haha, oh gosh, Daesung is so cute.
    And a little…wow with the makeup.
    Hot pictures.

  42. oh my lord.
    the cutest cat everr~~

  43. Holy kitty crotches batman, it’s daesung! H.O.T.

    XP lmao

  44. Oh my my my…they all look so good..
    YB my king, may I sit on your lap?? hahaha LOL
    Dang TOP is just sitting there lookin at his phone
    waiting for my call..hahhaha

  45. LOl
    i just spot something
    DS is a cat with a dog necklace (those pointy necklace he have on)

  46. gelatin

    well only if it’s just make up of course
    don’t want their perfect skin to be bruised now haha

  47. gelatin

    i’m not surprise a VVC member would… take a look haha

  48. roro

    and that’s a promise

  49. sexYBeast
    when u say it like that
    i can see it now haha

  50. Kenley
    his … uh yea haha needs some phone service too hahahaha

  51. Kenley

    like i say before
    NO SURPRISE a VVC member would take a peak haha
    and thanks for pointing that out gurl haha
    make my day

  52. 7samira7
    it’s in our fangirl blood gurl haha

  53. TOP&YB’sGiRL
    he almost doesn’t look like him haha
    i can only tell by his eyes

  54. gdlov3r
    why??? he shoudn’t haha

  55. lyn
    i can never watch those movies
    but if these boys are in there in HEY~ i’ll watch it for sure

  56. OMFG.
    I was very sleepy but my eyes jst POPPED and refreshed.

    The boys are soooooooo dammmmnnnn HOT HOT mann~
    and Dae2. Ahh..Oppa.ahh..Oppa..Your rum tum poses,, DAMN! made me want to watch it really bad!

  57. ahhhhh, big bang so hot… ^_^

  58. Wow. It’s just so crazy seeing DS dressed up
    like that. The costume is so….tight and you
    can see A LOT of things. xD

    Love those Haru Haru pics too. Something
    about cuts and bruises on a guy is pretty
    hot, whether they’re real or not. Good thing
    it’s fake though. Wouldn’t want real cuts
    and bruises on those pretty faces.

    why does TOP have a white phone near his crotch ?
    just asking ? 😀

  60. OMGG…
    That kid is really good!!
    jeez! look at gwisoon? no! look at him!! hhahahaha

  61. haha! he was playig Look at me Gwisoon~! I couldn’t help but do that eye thing while he was playing XD

    n OMFGoDS. I wanna see Cats with DaeSung so bad now ='[
    I be it was perfect, seeing all da news on how hard he works to practice for the musical. =]

  62. whoa that kid is super talented !
    i was like :O xDD
    he was playing Look at Me Gwisoon right? xDD
    skills man !
    whoo-hoo~ im glad hes in team Dae(:

  63. OMG! that kid is really really good! :O

    and Big BAng.. wow! they r hot as always! ^^

  64. you can see gd’s boxerss hahah the kid. oh my god. holy shizzlee. that was awesome! :]

  65. gosh they look HOT!!! and Dae Sung powarrrr doesn’t he look pretty cool for the role!

  66. xo_pfft_xo
    ha! omgg i never noticed that!! hahaa

  67. Someone is packin. LOL

  68. vicky
    Bong should learn not to let his boxer out again.
    his fans someday will rape him.
    no word for Dae. but still, i look down
    my man is hot enough without those scars, & i don’t want him to have a real scars.

  69. got a question
    y is top sportin a phone???
    other than that…these bois b MAD fineee

  70. that kid…i guess, learn play piano since he in his mom stomach already…hah…really awsome! of cos all the our baby look awsome too…daesung..i wanna keep 4 myself a cat like him as my pet…haha..he look so professional on stage…yeah.

  71. OMG that kid is a beast, super talented
    I loved those Big bang pictures, very hot, and somewhat emo
    LOL crotch phone
    I’m so proud of DaeDae, looks like he did well
    I still love that he get to play Rum Tum Tugger
    Ooops I ‘accidently’ looked below, its interesting down there XD
    (that sounds mega pervy)

  72. that kid is amazing! I totally heard it right away. the boys are hot as always.

  73. OMG!!! who ever the makeup artist is for DS for his musical did a great job! my oh my…DS’s lips looks so so so..appealling to me..hahhaa.
    and this boys are always looking good..it good to see jiyong with all his hair again..but i think i’ve grown use to his new do that i’m loving it! hahaha..

  74. OMG. that kid IS amazing. wow. GOOD JOB :DD
    and holy crap. daesung doesnt look himself in that
    costume and make-up.. thats one hella good makeup
    artist he got there =)
    and those pics of the chair and OMG. its so hot.
    love it.

    BIG BANG <333

  75. OMG!!! the pics are WOWW… DaeSung looks so good ^^ hehehe perfect for the role 😀 and the last pics so sweet ^^’

    i just notice TOP’s ring have a smiley face 🙂

  76. Dae Sung is amazing.

    And that kid is a total beast at piano. I’m having trouble getting the beginning of Haru Haru. -_-

  77. mrs. dong youngbae
    keke fashion statement.. we will never know haha

  78. johene
    the eye dance is contagious

  79. CherrylovesYB<3
    XD… DEAD. hahah

  80. nya

    doesn’t matter what Bong do
    he’ll still be in danger when fangirl are alone with him haha
    as long as Baby doesn’t get rape then I’m content enough

  81. 1think1pink1
    with 2 hours of putting on all that makeup of course
    must’ve been tire for him to sit through that every performance

  82. amazing.
    and what IS with the random white phone Tabi’s holding?

  83. vicky
    poor Bong.
    he’ll cry hear u saying that.
    my man just too sexy!

  84. i just noticed…what their shirts say
    Jiyongie–Heart Break
    Tabi–Broken Promises
    Baby–Alone [and something else i can’t make out]

    does anyone know what Taeyang’s shirt says?
    i’m not sure why i’m so interested…but i am 🙂

  85. OMFG
    that kid is so frickin good!
    i cant even do that…and i been playing for 6 years!
    damn, that kid is talented.

  86. first of all, is top wearing a telephone on his pants? LOL
    && second, i’m such a perv …. i was definitely staring at an inappropriate area, in one of dae’s picture. HAHA

  87. nya

    blame himself for being such a strong girl magnet
    i should be the one complaining here
    but i’m not
    cuz i’m a understanding person haha

    in the second haruharu picture
    GD’s boxers were sticking out 😛
    and the telephone is just… random XD

  89. DAMN!! those pants are like skin tight!
    :O daesung looks really sexy

  90. vicky
    sure u’re understanding person?
    not because u put more care to ur little hubby aka Baby? hehehe…
    in my case i put 100% care for my only one hubby. hahaha..

  91. omg seung ri dont look at me like this

    *dies *

    *-* perfect

  92. nya

    it’s fair for me to be bais
    baby needs the special attention
    have you seen him?
    the way he act. how cute and adorable he is?
    might as well as write accross his naked chest “NUNA! TAKE ME”
    gotta take care of him
    Bong can take care of himself, i know damn well he knows how hahaha.
    and he’s smart enough not to do anything stupid, or else I will dump him haha

  93. dong young bae…you seriously make my day lolz
    gahh he looks so smouldering in that crown..i dont think anyone could pull it off besides him….i’d love to be on that loveseat with him LOL..

    dae looks AWESOME – seriously, they picked the perfect person for the role….~woot im so proud of him!

  94. gotta give the kid some props for being mad good! LOL how cute haru haru pictures and cats =)

  95. Damns, he is GOOD =]

  96. vicky
    hahaha… “nuna take me” kekeke…
    yup, that sure need extra protection. hahaha…
    poor Bong.. if i don’t have my hubby i’ll choose u for sure,
    but i have one, then i can’t choose u.
    so Bong, just take ur time with team GD. hahaha…

  97. hahahah so that phone was suppose to be on him??
    hahahah goshhh stupid me
    but it doesnt match thoooo

  98. Vicky

    why would tabi’s..errr…needs a phone service?is that a new way to do SOP? hahaha. oops you’re still not legal.hehehehe
    Poor Bong, you want him to be raped by fangirls. tsk3. he might just let them you know.
    But in these pics YB is asking for it. he looks like he wants someone to jump onto his lap O.O *the come here look*
    *Ybae wait for me ok?* hahaha.

  99. that kid is so dang talented…wooooh he has fast fingers…hehehe…he’s looking at a piece too.

    that girl gwisoon must be feeling a lot special right now for sure…lucky girl…

    It would be funny if she shows herself again to Big Bang with a lot of weight loss…Bong, Baby and Dae’s expressions were so priceless when they first saw her @ Sweet Meeting…it was the first time I saw those on their faces..hahahaha.

  100. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. what the heck is that phone doing in top’s.. XDDDDDDD his ahem needs a call? :O okay what the heck 🙂


    -faints- *__* mm yummy<3
    but i still love ya gd baby!

  101. oh mah gah that kid wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  102. Fast fingers that kid’s got, impressively amazing. haha. Looks like Dae’s doing pretty well with his role, hwaiting!

  103. HOLY CRAP!
    what’s wrong with the kid?
    I’m so amazed >’3
    He is good!!
    and haha yeah i noticed it at the 1st note too
    and i’m actually curious why did he choose to play this song haha
    cause this song is like so hilarious..

  104. -Jaw dropped-

  105. NICE KIDD,

  106. His Fingers are like machine !!!
    Holy Awsome

  107. DAE looks sOooooo CAT!!! lol =)
    and btw d kid is amazinggg…
    2 thumbzzss up foee him…

  108. SO HOT!
    With the scars on their faces…it’s like SO FREAKIN’ HOT!!!

    Dae Sung looks great [and abit funny…] in the cat costume!
    The “fur” looks so real [hope it’s not..against animal killng] which make Dae to look even HOTTER!!!
    I wish I could see the preformence!
    Why do tickets from Israel is SO EXPENCIVE no matter where you flight!

  109. vicky
    yeah. make-up bruises and scars only. but if they’ll give me real scars i won’t complain. ❤

    i love how the VVC comes alive whenever pictures like those come out.

    LOL @ tabi’s phone service!
    just noticed that when i stared at the photos for the 8649128642th time. kept on looking at jiyong’s falling pants that i didn’t notice that huge phone on tabi’s whatever. LOL
    WTH. that’s a large accessory. he wore that during YDH and on inkigayo too, i wonder if it weighs a lot. :))

    I’m JEALOUS 😐

  111. Hehe I changed my name :]
    Old name was bananax

  112. nya

    nah Bong don’t need to to take his time with nobody but me ‘kay hahaha
    though he’s not #1, he’s still have to be there haha

  113. Kenley
    oh wow…. i got chills from reading that
    and idk why
    i can’t think YB with dirty thoughts… just can’t

  114. gelatin
    i think anything and everything…. keep every member alive
    it just doesn’t matter what it is
    we will find a way to think what we wanna think hahaa

  115. OH MY GOOOSH! daaaaaamn, like…. daaaaaaaamn! that little boy got some skills !!!!!!!! seriously, im hella jealous T__T

  116. WOW~ that boy has got skills! he was just jamming on those keys like it was nothing! XD lol.
    Wish I could play the piano!!! I want to play now! XD

    and WHOO~ Daesung makes a fione cat! Even though I’m allergic to cats… daesung can be my pet ;D


    i really want one of those headwraps that G-Dragon has in that picture! i wonder where you can get them

  118. cute!!!!

  119. i hope you know it’s Rum Tum Tugger…

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