is it possible that bb is running out of cute questions? i don’t think so lol.

*taken from


this kid is hilarious. no kiddo. i did not see your musical. MIANHAEYO!
xD a bunch of kvipz said the same thing as i did.
or that presales didn’t favor them & sold out blahblahblah but then again there were only like 30 responses. maybe i will find one who gives a date. oh . someone said MAY 3rd. i hope he remembered xD


credit: cashewmania clubbox | reupload: liliabloom@bb_media

i remembered posting this a while back, but you can watch SONAGI now! lol just don’t tell him u saw it on tv xD


~ by gdluvzmc on September 17, 2008.

33 Responses to “SEUNG RI ASKS #2”

  1. AWWW poor baby if i lived in korea i would of definitely went to see his musical XD baby is my favorite! he’s just too adorable! how could i resist him singing in the rain!

    yay i managed to post first!!!

  2. oh boy, he really ran out of good questions. but anyway seungri i haven’t seen it because i don’t live in korea but don’t worry i’m pretty sure that a lot of us were praying for you…
    anyway try to think of other questions baby.
    Like “what would you do if you saw big bang in front of you?” at least you can anticipate some of the attacks that we will do.
    just kidding!

  3. poor magnae SR ~ I don’t live in Korea so I couldn’t go, but I saw it on SBS when it aired, does that count? so sorryyy…but I still support you no matter what…let’s attack your hyungs for taking all the goodies questions! jk…you’ll never do that and so do i…:D


  5. this sounds kind of conceited..?

    LOL Seung Ri you wierdo! Obviously not all vips could
    possibly watch lol I wish it were possible! I wouldve
    watch the first night of it!!

    😦 sorry my maknae

  6. sorry seungri! i couldnt. but hahaha. that question was so funny. i dnt know if he cnt seem to think of anyother or was it a trick question? XD

  7. i’m so so sorry oppa. i want to see. but im in türkiye. i wanna goto korea. also i wanna so so so much… i love you oppa you are my lil oppa. don’t foget okay?? bbismylife and me loves you.

  8. He is seriously got nothing to ask anymore kakaa..but his question is cute xD Baby is always the cutest one xD

    I haven’t like big bang yet while baby was doing his musical..
    but even if i had, hahaha it’s impossible for me to be in korea though

  9. i wish… oh…

  10. you can ask other questions…like weird questions baby…^^
    but since i don’t live in korea i didn’t get to see it.
    maknae fighting! =)

  11. i didn’t see your musical
    sorry seung ri

  12. i want to go see it but i live in LA haha i watch
    all da fan cams though

  13. I dont know,
    I live in The Netherlands
    but i cant come,
    Sorry love you seungri & Top<333

  14. mmm well I WISH I COULD SEE SEUNG-RI PERFORM!! cause i’m really want to meet him in person!!
    i might visit korea on december 2008 hihih
    so hopefully i can meet him directly! 😀

  15. yeah~ me too!!
    i’m so sorry SR baby,,
    as much as i wanted it to.. it can’t happen.

    i live far from korea~ huhuhu.

  16. omg im soo sorry panda TvT

    u were here in japan and i lost it

    *dies* …but hopefully i ll go 2 the concert here in tokyo *-*

    tehee =D

  17. sorry babyyyy. i wish i did, too bad i dont live in korea.
    ooh 3rd may. my birthday. X)

  18. aww…i’ve never seen him cause i live in the us. =(

  19. 미안해, 네 막네 ㅜ____ㅜ

  20. OMONA. isn’t this the cutest question ever. ROFLMAO.

    he loves to talk about his musical eh? ❤
    i remembered their YDH interview last may when he sang a song from the musical when wasn’t even asked too. aw, maknae. sooo adorable!

    i live in the USA. which is half way around the world
    n yes i would buy a plane ticket to see u singin in the rain but MIANHAEYO i dont work so no money!!!!!!

  22. I have’nt seen him ’cause I don’t live in Korea but I wish I did…
    I REALLY want to see it and i think that someone need to make a DVD of “Sonagi Musical” for people who doesn’t live in Korea and steel love Seung Ri/V.I/Lee Seung Hyun!!! Like ME!!!!!

    I love you very much!
    Hope I’ll get a chance to see the musical and to hear your AMAZING voice!!!!

  23. awww poor BOO, sorry but i dont live in korea, if i did, u’ll be the first i visit. 😀
    but if the musical was in the bay area (california) i would totally see it.

  24. i wish i got to go see it. my friend who was in korea at the time got to see it and she said it was a must see musical ='[

    I saw it wen it was uploaded here XD it was good. bet it would have been better if i was really here thoug.

  25. Awww, i’m sorry sorry baby
    i didn’t come but i wanted too!
    i only saw some clips of it
    sorry, ASK ANOTHER!!!!

  26. -sigh-
    I didn’t. I wanted to.

  27. im soooooooorrrry maknae!!!!!!! T__T
    if only i lived in korea, then for sure…. i wouldve watched EVERY SINGLE SHOW !!! mianhae seung ri-ah .. -_-;;

  28. awwww!
    baby! so flipping cutee.
    that picture of baby…omg i like died staring at that picture!

  29. What day? EVERYDAY, BABAY ;D! I was there in spirit for every one of your amazing adorable performances ^__^ Duh, of course! Everyone was supporting you, in out, up down!

  30. sorry oppa. i could go see it.

    you know flying is very expensive! plus…my mom wouldn’t have let me go anyways. plus, if I did go after she said no, she wouldn’t let me come back. i’d be too scared to go back if she let me.

    i saw it on youtube though. LOL.

  31. ehh…. i’ve never seen it ^_^’

  32. well seung ri sorry i didn’t see the musical T.T i live in Perú ^^;

  33. i didnt go…T_T
    im too far..currently in moscow..
    wait till im back in malaysia then i’ll fly to u and scream ur name away…weeeee~

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