091808 M Countdown! Big Bang: Haru Haru

ANYBODY REMEMBER THIS MASCOT??? Now he’s dancing and singing to Last Farewell

TOTALLY OWN!! haha and I’M SURE!! OKAY, that this is A DUDE!!! Don’t let the red bowtie and the skirt fool you, there is NO DOUBT, that he is a dude, this dude got skills okay, I mean HE CAN DANCE!! Did you see him do that flip??? HOLY CRAP. pick up the mic and start singing once again hahaha, I would so buy ticket to a baseball game just to see him perform hahah I LOVE THIS BEAR!! HAHAHA, did you hear what song was after Last Farewell? CRANK DAT! hahaha I so wanna see this bear ‘Crank Dat’ man. awww…

**EDIT: Have you ever wonder how perfect the boy’s skin are??? another thing to prove God love them more hahaha, close up pictures from their event in Japan and their skin is like…dannnggg FLAWLESS I mean I know it always look flawless, but that’s for photoshoots, it might be PSed, but this…… make this teenage girl jealous…. a lot hahaha. Under the cut 🙂

thanks to S님

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Tabi’s new hair resemble Baby’s old ‘country hair’, anybody remember that? fromt he beginning of ‘Last Farewell’ promotion? haha but it look good on Tabi danng… Let’s play a game, the game is, “Guess Where Baby was looking at?” did you see his eyes??? what was he looking for? his eyes was looking elsewhere up on the ceiling haha, it’s so cute Baby sound tire, his voice doesn’t sound normal, can you tell too? or is it just me? I died when Baby turn his head to the side while dancing the second chorus, his jawline and side profile…d a n g…. Dae look so tire, hope he’s doing okay, with all that practicing, and he just got out of the hospital the other day too, poor Dae…. hope he keep on smiling, I really can’t imagine our smiling angel Dae being like dead tire. YB did great with his vocal for the bridge, YAY FOR YB.

Pictures from the performance, there’s this picture of Bong…. and I’m pretty sure most Bong luvers will be giggling when they saw this, cuz I know I did… like an idiot hahahahaha.

This is what I was talking about, armpit hair, it’s always a mystery to us wether they shave their armpit or not, we don’t know why but it’s a fascinating topic among fangirls hahaha, so this is your answer for Bong. hahahah still sexy as heck.

credit: Newsen | Newsis | Osen |

Taken from: 완타비님.BigRoom@VIPZ


This was a while back and Dae wasn’t there because of his musical

credit:ygbigbang.jp/ bigbangpop

~ by Vicky on September 18, 2008.

171 Responses to “091808 M Countdown! Big Bang: Haru Haru”

  1. HAHA jiyongie shaves his armpits?
    im kind of glad… when i see guys with super hairy armpits i get a little grossed out lol

  2. are those Supras that they’re wearing? the shoes?

  3. SHINEE won right? i am so happy for them too…
    our boiz are really CUTE and HOT! i really like the teonagara and saragara part!!!

    anyway i saw this video and it has TOP on it!
    dunno where he is going or where he is from but…..


  4. awww daedae opa!! himnaesayyo!!!
    omggd. i love thier shoess!
    they wear like the exact same ones all the time XDD

  5. lol about the armpit hair

  6. saranghaexgd

    i’m not too sure yet if he does or not
    but i think he shave it, but not too much
    just enough haaha

  7. saranghaexgd

    i’m not too sure yet if he does or not
    but i think he shave it, but not too much
    just enough haaha

  8. YelloPhase

    I’m not too sure
    I’m not into shoe that much so idk

  9. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    yea ShiNEE won, I’m happy for them, the boys have win so many time it’s time to step down i guess haha I’m happy for them too, I like their new song

    WOW.. haha Tabi just walk randomly in the street like that?
    at first i was like, is that him or a look alike, but then i noticehis purple jacket, he wore it once during a LIES performance, so that is him, but a while ago since he still have his long hair

    WOWW…. i’m still amazed hahahaha

  10. BBFTW.

    our boys are FRESH like that hahaha

  11. vicky
    haha i know right!
    OMGGG GD!!
    look at their skin!!! its flawless!!! HOLY G-DRAGON!
    love their complexion. bahahahaa

  12. i dont know he shave or not but i dont care when i see that pic i just see a babyface and wonderfull body and awesome skin ohh whatever he shave or not x3 oww plss have some rest T.T they work so hard im proud of them but this is enough for us plss rest…

  13. DAMN flawless!!

  14. BBFTW.

    GOD REALLY REALLY REALLY love these boys more
    don’t you agree????
    GAD. jealous!!

  15. vicky
    YAH! haa most deff!
    like omgg.. TOP opa has gotton really shy tho this year xDD
    his dimples showing and all… his dimples are really cuteee.
    and daedae mc’in and variety shows. hes PERFECTT for that stuff.
    and YB opa is gangstaa with his sunglasses and diamond earing!! ahh!
    omg you cant even tell baby has an adams apple yet!! awww.
    and bong opa with his unmatching plastic green/red earrings…thats so BB stylee. hahaaa

  16. omgomgommggg,
    do they shave their armpits ? lol..
    they all looking so dang finneee<3

  17. LOL. i wasn’t going to giggle,
    but it’s hard not to when someone
    points out something as random as
    armpit hair. xD

    oh and it looks like TOP was sporting
    that monster of a diamond ring again.

  18. Vicky, i think so too our boiz are always on TOP hahaha! it’s time for them to step down and give them to other people.
    i really love shinee and F.t island too.

    1. CHOI seung Hyun BB + taeyang
    2. Choi Minho (shinee) + key
    3. Choi jung hun of F.t. island

    i think i need to change my name to Mrs. CHOI LOL!

  19. awww dae 😦 but i see his smilee!!!!!

  20. ohthethrill

    HAHAHA really?
    i feel lik esuch a kid
    everytime i look at it again i just keep on giggling

  21. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    You have a thing for the Choi mans
    oh lord hahahah

  22. ohh my goodness.
    i freaking died when i saw TOP’s close up.

    AHHHHH. <3333

  23. oh where is Dae Sung… ANYWAY T.O.P IS HOT!

  24. bronxbaby101

    this was a while back in japan and Dae was busy with his CATS reherasal

  25. omg! I love that Bear^^ preety sure He’s a VIP too..lol

  26. Dude. I absolutely ADORE that mascot.
    For sure it’s a guy or one manly woman. j/k.
    But yeah, it’s a VIP BEAR. ^__^

  27. Vicky
    haha. i try not to look at armpits.
    kind of weirds me out, but since it
    was pointed out, i looked. and just
    like you i can’t stop looking without
    giggling now. hehe. yay for giggling iVIPz.

  28. ohthethrill

    OH MY GOD!!
    so glad i’m not the only one
    i feel like a idiot haha

  29. Vicky
    no worries. we’ll be idiots together. haha.

  30. ohthethrill

    Bong is such a hygeine freak so i’m not surprise
    I LOVE IT!!!

  31. i told you, this dude must be TOP underneath. he likes TOP’s part. & he dances like TOP.

    haha i kid. TOP could never flip backwards xD

  32. i love that bear xDDDD

  33. Melly

    someone leave a comment on youtube say that that’s GD in diguise and I was laughing my butt off
    Bong would totally do something freaky like that


  35. ok, that bear is stalking me. i saw that on a high school field.

  36. LOL. I was thinking the person
    in the bear suit had to be a
    Big Bang member too. Man. Glad
    we all think alike. xD

  37. DoT Ri!


    you got stalked by a dude in a bear suit??

  38. ohthethrill

    VIPs mind think alike
    haha that rhymed

  39. hahaha.. that bear must be in team TOP tough he’s a man. kekeke… he only sangg my mans part, not included that chorus.

    Dae look so tired.. poor him.
    Dae who always smile & energetic. hope he’ll get well soon.

    hahaha… my man individual pic looks like he’s floating. idk why but i can’t stop giggleing. kekekeke

    omg! their skin is flawless! especially baby’s skin!
    i wanna mine like that too!

  40. loving it! GD is starting to get those nice arms:D

  41. nya

    you better hope that’s a dude or else it will steal Tabi from you haha
    you know how Tabi is with cute cuddly toys hahahaha
    well this is LIFE SIZED baby hahahh

    Of course Baby’s skin is the best
    I call it Baby’s skin for a reason
    I’m so freaking jealous
    even a girl can’t be like that aish~

  42. huongface

    you noticed it too???/
    OH YEA

  43. vicky
    yup & i happy to hear he’s a guy.
    altough i can predict it from the start.
    but still, HAHAAHA…

    i can use one if my man want cute things like that & i’m do my best to look cute now. hehehe…

    baby’s skin & Bong’s skin is almost same flawless!
    omg… how to maintain skin like that???? i need their recipe. kekeke…

    btw, don’t think too much of our boys armpit hair.
    we don’t know the turth afterall.
    just let it be mystery. kekeke…

    mow i miss my man’s long hair so much after i saw his new hair.
    he’ll look damn fine with his long hair in IRIS. (i think)

  44. Ahh, oh yeah i remember
    I love Big Bang♥ =]

  45. the boys are so respectful i just watched Shinee win their award only to bcuz i wanted to see big bang XD they are so respectful to everyone even thought they didnt get the award cuz they won three time already, they stayed back and bowed to everyone even their juniors

  46. nya

    I gotta vote no for that
    a cold blooded assisinator??
    or maybe I just like short hair on guys more
    well I think he’ll look really really hot and sexy if he have the spiked short hair for the drama
    then… i’ll die hahaha
    but not for long, when Baby kill someone in a movie, then I’ll die, but it look like Baby is the one getting killed in his new movie haha, I saw some preview and I saw him on the ground, on his knee and hand tie in the back hhmm… CURIOUS.

  47. lanny
    Baby finally get to be the sunbae and congrats his hoobae
    he was being so friendly to ShiNEE, it’s so cute to see

  48. OMGGGGGGGGGGG. tops part is so adoooooooraaaable! i wanna hug that chipmunk ! lol soulja boy ? xD

    that bear is SERIOUSLY bomb.

  50. vicky
    most korean guys have really little body hair. so jiyong is probably all natural. which is a GOOD thing because sometimes when he’s running around in eyeliner and headbands it reminds me that he’s a boy. fufufufu.
    i’ve seen daesung’s hair and and taeyang has a little too. seungri and top remain a mystery. ^^

  51. vicky
    i know what you mean i replayed that very last part so many times, where seungri was bowing to all the Shinee members. he was so freaking cute

  52. Vicky
    YB missed some notes on bridge too Vicky, I guess the boys are tired…Dae shouldn’t stress himself out. I can hear Baby’s strains in his voice too.
    I think Bong doesn’t shave but has naturally little body hair…I saw his armpits at one of your previous pix when they are in a radio show..hehehehe…and yeah he has quite a few…but I’m glad he does, my brother has less and for me it ain’t that manly. but having too much isn’t that bad either. hehehe.
    Those skins are so damn flawless, except for YBae, he doesn’t have that very smooth facial skin unlike Baby who has a skin of a baby (except that in the jap pic he’s missing his dark circles…PS work?)…I can see some pores..nyahahaha…but it only makes him more human…he already has a very god-like body…hahahaha..
    I wanna dress him up in a greecian god attire..woohooo. =)

  53. mascots and male underneath female looking mascots creep me out, but i played the vid, and that is a GUY. the chipmunk voice also add to the creepiness…haha…but I think also he’s on team TOP.=P

  54. I just found out there’s more than one dancing
    mascot. One with the blue hat – the Haru Haru bear.
    And one with the red tie – Last Farewell bear.
    So maybe it’s 2 Big Bang members. xD

  55. Oh my…the VIP bear cracks me up big time!!

    ohthethrill – I think you’re right…I remember seeing two too..that’s funny…maybe it is Big Bang members??! LOL!!

    I have a question, how come Big Bang weren’t in the running to win Mnet Countdown again? It is because they’ve already won 3 times like SBS Inkigayo?


  57. lol! i have a fascintaion with armpit hair too maang. im glad gd has hair there. not alot that makes me go EWW D: but just enough that he doesnt seem like a girl.

  58. ohhh i love the last 4 close-up pics of them in japan..
    ohh my top is as good looking as ever >’3
    haha i’m looking forward to watch the mascot dance..
    but i can’t since no watching videos is permitted in my college’s library xD

  59. LOOL! the Bear OWNS!!!! xD!

    wowww perfect skin *o*


  61. oma that bear killing my all plan T.T this is too unfair!!! but hes good anyway i dont like him hıh xD

  62. the mascot is ADORABLE!!!
    he is SO CUTE

  63. omg my TOP is so boyish with his new hairstyle..i like it!!
    hahaa I died i died i died..and his face?? FLAWLESS
    but i think bong’s face is even more flawless! baby skin omg. how i wished i was him =(

    ahahaha and the dude bear was freaking funny!! Why is this baseball game so BIGBANG-oriented? I mean this bear can even dance better than me, i think he had been practicing alot hahaha~and he’s definitely on team TOP HAHAHAA..this bear made my day btw. hope to see more from this dude soon xD

    Sigh, dae looked really really tire. Hope he would rest more please..same for others, they’re starting to overwork themselves again T____T yea YB sorta ran off afew notes during his part too. SIGH T___________T

  64. haha oh yeah i haven’t comment on the armpit hair thingy..
    hahaha actually i thought it looked sexy to me
    i mean, guys who have armpit hairs are more like a GUY.
    but not too much, bong’s armpit hairs are perfectly fine
    HAHA someone please stop me
    i think i’m having some teenager hallucination with armpit hairs wth

  65. They’re SO HOT!!!
    And Baby is SO CUTE!!!!

    Dae really does look tired…hope he’ll get a lot of rest…
    Beside, the boys are looking hot s usuall!

  66. LOL that bear is hilariously skilled! XD omg if only we could like hire him hahahah

  67. roro

    ew.. korean guys like that?
    haha ididn’t know that
    that’s kinda gross

    but i really wanna know Baby though… hmmmmm…
    Tabi.. we will never know

  68. lanny
    he’s just that awsome

  69. Kenley

    god is unfair isn’t he??
    but since he love them more, I guess it fair then haha
    kkkeke natural little body hair hahaha
    that’s nice

  70. ohthethrill
    there’s tons of them
    i think they were hire to do the entertainment

  71. newvip
    I think less armpit hair guy is very sexy hahaha

  72. Dude that bear is too awesome. Haha. Wonder why they had to go and add a skirt and bow to the bear.. I love it..

  73. Vicky

    it wasn’t really stalking me…. i just see him/her/it everywhere. its kinda creepy. im seeing…’IT’ every like, day twice. it is like, literally stalking me without stalking me.

  74. srry about all the ‘like’s in there^^ i like the word like ^_^

  75. DoT Ri!

    HAHAH wow…
    being stalked by a dude in a suit..
    still creep me out haha

  76. DoT Ri!

    like is a very useful word haha

  77. vicky
    LOL why is that gross?? i think that’s a good thing. they’re hairy enough to be manly but not hairy enough to be animalistic. lol.

  78. roro

    idk why
    maybe i have a problem with hair being anywhere but on the head hahahah

  79. Vicky

    its kinda starting to scare me. what if i see someone wearing the suit on halloween?! now that would be stalking.

  80. Dot Ri!

    if that really happens
    and if I were you
    I’ll start running haha

  81. Vicky

    I’m with you there. srsly. im not kidding. maybe add a touch of throwing the raisin box i get from the crappy neighbors too, haha ^_^

  82. DoT Ri!

    haha forget the raisin
    pick up some rocks nearby, THROW THEN RUN haha

  83. vicky
    LOLLL dude koreans have it best. anyone other than asians have LOTS of hair EVERYWHERE i swear. chest, thighs, back, butt. it’s really gross. so you should count yourself lucky to have a husband who is korean and will not be so hairy. ^^

  84. roro

    now i really don’ wanna see all that
    white guys are hairy
    yea that i know
    but asian???
    well at least vietnamese guys aren’t hairy hahah

  85. Vicky

    yeah… right, rocks. but i guess ill give the raisins up anyway, i hate raisins DX blechh!

  86. DoRi [tht’s how i’m gonna call u from now on hahaha]

    i was gonna say use the rock, save the raisin and eat it haha
    cuz i love raisin, it’s sweet and yet healthy haha

  87. Vi (im gonna say that since i know ur real name and too lazy to put the, ‘cky’)

    raisins arent exactly my favorite… i like more of fresh fruits… or candy, that works too.

  88. DoRi

    I actually hate candy
    there’s some that i like but I mostly hate them
    my throat is sensitive so I can never eat something too sweet
    so dry fruits like raisins and craneberry works better for me haha

  89. Vi

    really? i was just telling my friend how much i LUV candy.
    i like fudge, its really sweet.
    really, to sum it up, i like sugar ^_^
    but i like fruits too… cantoloupe, lychees, apples…
    and i like dried mangoes and cranberries…

  90. DoRi

    ooh. you sure like lots of stuff
    got a sweet tooth there huh? haha
    my sister and my mom love sweet stuff
    me and my dad love salty stuff
    our family seperates like that, i’m more like my dad and my sis is more like my mom, we even have different gangs within the family hahaha.

    i like eating fruits a lot,
    but always too lazy to go and buy some so there’s never any around so i wind up eating ramen all the time hahahaha

  91. Vi

    yeah, i like sweet stuff ^_^ hehe
    i guess salty stuff is okayish… but im more of a sweet-life person, like u sed.
    i never am the person to get the food… so i dont really care, if theres a banana, im hungry, ill eat it.
    my parents dont trust me to use the stove (im only 12) so i have to microwave water to put in the cup to have ramen, and i hate that, so i just have rice when i need a meal.

  92. vicky

    roro’s right, asian guys had less body hair than the others.
    we should be thankful about it.hehehe
    and since they have their flawless skin…we can enjoy looking more at it than thinking about those chest hairs…ewww…
    I know you wanna play with bong’s tattoo’s. =) I wanna trace out all Ybae’s muscles…yum. ^^

  93. DoRi

    hhahha just like me
    when i’mhungry i’ll pretty much each everything haha
    or go to sleep
    that way i won’t bee hungery anymore

  94. Kenley

    i woudln’t just stop at his muscle… if you know what i mean ahahahh

  95. Vi

    really, i can never go to sleep on purpose…
    its weird. but i like, eat a banana, then stop tioll im hungry again.

    wait– u live in florida, so.. its…. omg, its almsot 2 there! wow, its almost 11 here… and ur still awake… i dont feel like sleeping, yet im sleepy.

  96. vicky
    just coz of armpit hair & now the comment is filled with hairy talks. kekeke…

    vi, i love tabi’s long hair coz he looks cooler that way & more mature. but i also love his short hair coz that way i can see his face more clearly.
    either one is okay.
    but i’ll say no if my hubby change his hairstyle to be AFRO or the one at ‘with u’ MV.
    that’s terrible.

  97. vicky
    no i said everyone except for asians are hairy. we’re just hawt. :]

  98. kenley
    puahahhaha. chest hairs. oh my goodness that would be horrifying.

  99. DoRi

    yea me too
    I can only sleep when I’m sleepy
    but I’m sleepy most of the time haha
    since school and everything

    I was able to stay up until 2 because I was sleeping through mywhole 5th hour today
    we were taking notes in photography and i was on the floor sitting with my head against my friend’s leg and just went to sleep for a good 2 hours hahahah
    it was AWSOME
    I woke up and everyone staring at me and i was like “what?”
    and they were like “u just woke up right?”
    and i was laughing ans nodding and everyone start cracking up haha
    i love photography man hahhaha

  100. nya

    i love ur man with short hair
    maybe it’s because i never get long hair dudes
    haha all we talk about is hair

    it’s an amazingly interesting topic among fangirls, yet we don’t know why hahahaha
    it just come to us naturally

  101. roro

    haha that’s more like it
    living in humid weather can be a good thing
    since body hair grow depends on the temperature ur livin’ in

  102. vicky
    hahahaha.. i love long hair man.
    & i love my man when he with his long hair, but not too long.
    ohh~~~ i love his hair when he’s in Gummy’s MV.

    btw, u don’t like hairy guy? i’m too.
    but if he’s not too hairy, i’m OK.
    since guy with too little hair… umm..
    i don’t think he looks like man, too feminine.
    have u ever seen man without legs hair??
    so u should thank God for making Bong as a not too hairy man.

  103. nya

    i don’t even look at a guy’s leg
    so i dont’ really care much about that part hahahah

    million thanks hahahaha

    uh… i just like this hair on Tabi
    i don’t like long hair guys. PERIOD haha

  104. Vi

    gaah! dude, i can NOT fall asleep in school, unless i want to stay after school on a friday doing extra homework for another three hours… which i think i’ll taka a pass on.

    im never really sleepy… tho i have those dark circles under my eyes like Baby.and on those like, 18 hour trips around the world? i only sleep when it is literally the middle of the night, and i only sleep on them for about two hours. i hate that.

  105. DoRi

    of course I don’t sleep in every class
    I have to go through the first week of school researching to see which class i can fall asleep in and which class I can’t
    so far only biology, photography and history hahah

  106. Vi

    Ur so lucky… u actually have some classes where u can all asleep without too many people noticing.a guy fell asleep in social studies, and he got ‘friday afternoon school’ and they sed if u fall asleep twice, short term suspension, the the next is long term… its really weird.

  107. hahaa.. that is one amazing mascott.. =)
    lovin the close up pics 😀

    big bang<33

  108. DoRi

    it’s not that people can’t see me
    it’s just that the teacher doesn’t care
    he see me sleeping but decide to say nothing

  109. Vi

    gaah! so lucky! i wish i could do that. my school is so frickin strict. they dont even let you wear scarves. im just surprised its not a private school. man, if i coud wear scarves, i would wear my big bang scarf like everyday, totally.

  110. DoRi

    my school dresscode isn’t that strict because since it’s a art school, they have to let “express ourselves” so the dress is lke no strapless, spaghetti strap, short short and no hats, that’s it haha

  111. Vi

    aaaaahhh! even luckiER!!!
    i hate my school.
    you cant wear a shirt that has a hand doing a rock ‘n’ roll sign on it without getting detention.

  112. DoRi

    now that is RETARDED
    ur school really is ridiculous haha

  113. Vi

    yes, yes it is.

    its kinda funny how we started talking about a stalking bear and now we’re talking about our school dress codes…

  114. DoRi

    did i tell u i’m an amazing topic shifter??
    you should ask nya
    we’re liek OH MY GOD.
    we’re experts at doing this

    once we were starting to talk about the boy’s performance, and we end the conversation talking about pigs’ brains

  115. vicky
    that’s freaking feminine.
    i have chills when i look at that.

  116. Vi

    i do that a lot too…
    oh, i remember when u were talking about that with nya…
    it was when we (when i was SeungRiLovee) were talking abouthow u were allergic to brocolli then we started saying stuff about weird foods we dont want to eat… then it went to the pigs brains where nya caught on…

  117. nya

    chills looking at what?
    hair? haha

  118. DoRi

    we are PRETTY amazing..
    arent we??
    there should be some freaking award for being able to do this

  119. vicky
    chills looking at man without any hair except hair on his head.
    that’ll be too feminine…
    even girls sometimes in trouble for ‘hair stuff’, but this man, (well, my neighbour) don’t have any!
    OMG…. thats what i tought first.
    i don’t know if he shave it or not, but still, why man would like to shave his legs hair??

  120. nya

    to think about it
    if a dude shave his leg hair
    that WILL be pretty creepy haha

    we were talking about it with my friend the other day too, he’s gay so we always talk about girly subject i love it hahah
    and i was telling him how every time after i shave my leg there’s this awsome feeling to it when you’re wearing clothes, then i told him he should try it and we started laughing haha

  121. vicky
    omg… then does ur friend try it??
    hahaha… is it considered to be awsome feeling?
    i think its weird feeling. hahaha…

    dudes without leg hair, is like chicken without its fur.
    hahaha… living chicken without fur… creepy~~~

  122. nya

    he was like “thanks Vi… keep that to yourself, and I’ll keep my leg hair” hahaha

    I think the correct term is feather hahaa
    a chicken can go online and read this and it will be very offended hahahah

  123. vicky
    OMH! feather! why i type fur instead???
    so silly of me. hahaha…

    kekeke.. chicken go online. how will it type / even click the mouse?? with its wing??

    btw, speaking of chicken remember me about 1 funny CF.
    the CF is about one chicken, flapping its wing and in the background playing “i believe i can fly…” (don’t know what is the song title)
    hella funny.
    it end with the chicken perched on a branch with a bird beside the chicken.

  124. nya

    hahaha it’s possible
    u never know
    we don’t know what chicken do when humans aren’t around hahaha

    that is one funny CF then hahaa
    it’ll be really BIZZARE if that’s a CF for chicken restaurant hahaha

  125. vicky
    of course its not! HAHAHA…
    it’ll be totally bizzare if its CF for chicken restaurant!
    i forgot what kind of CF it is.
    omg.. what’ll the chicken do when there’s no human around?
    kekeke… its flapping its wing & perched on a branch with bird beside. kekeke…

  126. nya

    ORR….. it laid there on the haystack all day listening to “Haru Haru” and think dirty thoughts about our husbands hahahah

    it’s POSSIBLE.
    they might have the same effect for animals too, we can’t be too sure hhahah

  127. vicky
    buhahaha… if that really happen,
    i must assume all my rival is not only human reces anymore.
    maybe there’s hen want to be together with my man also.

    OMG! we always look VIP went insane when they see BB.
    then maybe there’s day when we see ‘chicken VIP’ went insane coz they see BB. HAHAHA…
    they’ll scream “oppa!!!! kukuruyukkkk!!!”

  128. nya

    “oppa!!!! kukuruyukkkk!!!”

    that is amazing HAHAHAHAHA
    that can be posssible, you never know
    but I’m sure you have nothing to worry about,
    if the hen lure Tabi anywhere, I’m sure it won’t come out alive, it’ll either be deep fried or boiled into a broth hahahah

  129. ahah , they look so hawt in the performance 😉
    ahah , & i lovee the mascot .
    hmm , may you please upload the performance for download please ?
    thaankiees ! .

  130. Vi

    when u say ‘we’ are u talking about u and nya?
    or what?
    im confused ^_^’

  131. DoRi

    haha I’m talking you me and nya
    WE’RE good haha

  132. Vi

    haha, me and my friend do it alllllllllll the time. once we were talking about our favorite fruits, and it ended up about which brand pencils are best…

  133. DoRi

    that’s how friendship should be hahha
    me and my friend can have some pretty bizzare conversation
    we always talk on the phone late at night until early in the morning the next day
    and seriously we have no idea what we’ve been talking about after we’re done haha


  134. Vi

    haha, no idea at all?
    i dont talk on the phone as much as instant message,
    im like, addicted. its weird.
    and its hard for me to do things out of my normal life, like, if i dont do something i normally do, i develop these weird habits until i go back to normal again.
    once i spent three days without drawing, i started shaking my leg when i sat down, biting my nail, and wearing sweats and tshirts to school for everyday i didnt draw. then jut recently, i didn’t listen to big bang for 6 days, i was eating ritz in my spare time, clipping my nails everyday, and typed 4x slower than usual.

  135. *shudders* it was a bad bad thing.

  136. DoRi

    we really don’t
    we both have bad memory

    hahhaha really??? you are one special person, that’s a good thing though
    it’s cool to be unique haha

    this is so freaking random but i just have to say it
    have you listen to WonderGirl’s new song? it’s called ‘NOBODY’
    it’s so good
    you should totally give it a try

  137. Vi

    Happy Monster Hug Monday, Vicky!!! *hugs vicky!*
    amber really wants more hug days…

    i havent heard the new song yet… and even if i really want to, i can’t unless i get new speakers… cuz my computer is lik, soundless, speakerless…sad.
    i guess i can wait till i get speakers to fulfill my happiness again.

    i guess being unique is a good thing… but im still kinda scared to change my habit… its kinda funny, without big bang, im a mess.

  138. DoRi

    aww~ that happens to me once
    except it wasn’t my speaker, it was my computer, it won’t play the sound
    so i got so pissed off and kick the wall… and actually make hole in it hahahaa
    i have anger management issue

    so i’m covering up the hole on the wall with a big bang poster ahahhaa
    my parents didn’t know yet

    it is a good thing
    i would hate it if everyone’s the same as me
    so being unique is more awsome

  139. AWEEE.. i wish they would have a fan meeting here in
    CANADA. in VICTORIA. or sometime in vancouver when
    i’m there =)
    and yess.. they DO have great skin hehe..
    LOVE YOU SEUNGRI. love the closeups =)

    big bang <33

  140. Vi

    lmao,really? a HOLE?!i can tell, u have issues… (not that its a bad thing, really. dont kill me! *runs for frickin life*)

    i feel like hugging someone right now, im all alone. *hugs Vicky again!* Happy monster hug monday again!

    gaah! ur so lucky, u have big bang posters! the closest to me getting one is either printing a pic off the internet or stealing one of my sister’s posters. she has an always one and just a regular small one. the small one was going to be for her friend, but she liked it so much she kept it.

    unique is good. unique is different. unique is happy! ^_^ sry, that was random.

  141. DoRi

    if you meet me in person
    you’ll see
    I am WAYY more weirder than that
    but it’s okay
    I like being weird hahaha

    aww… ur all alone
    I have this pole in my house
    whenever I’m alone I always come out and hug it, I named it “BOB”
    idk why it just came to me one day last year so I just decide to call it BOB hahahah

    so BOB is my friend when I’m alone hehehe

    I’m running out of space to put on my posters
    I can’t help it, if there’s anything with the boy’s face on it, I just HAVE TO HAVE IT

  142. Vi

    I am like, the biggest dork everr ^_^
    wow…u have poles in ur house… and hug them. maybe i should try… but i dont have any poles in my house… ill hug a door… but that would be very awkward.

    I’ll name my door Tim, and he is a happy door. and he is my happy door. and he likes being my happy door, because he gets hugged. *hugs Tim*

    i never realized it, but on every comment u post on me, it seems that u always put, ‘haha’ on it somewhere… ^_^’

    where do u get ur big bang things? my sister only gets them whenever we go to canada, which is like, 3 hours away ;_; and i never get anything.

    i like the word like.
    yeah, im a total weirdo. and i like being a total weirdo. it makes me happy ^_^

  143. Dori

    it’s funny
    cuz like with me whenever I typed or write, I always do it the exact way I would say something
    and since i’m an overall happy person, I always make that “haha” sound whenever i say something
    and i’m serious haha
    i cant help it

    it’s sorta like my signature thing haha
    it’s really is natural
    I can’t help it

    i really can’t.
    it just… flows hahaha
    but what i wanna know is
    when you read it, do you get an image of me being happy and giggling while writing it?
    i always wanna know that.

    how can you hug a door?
    isn’t that a lil wide [no offense to Tim, tell him i say hi!]

    I order my things onine at YesAsia.cin

  144. vicky & DoT Ri!
    hahaha.. u 2 r hilarious.
    this conversation is way too far from the post

  145. vicky
    i’ll be the one who fried that chicken.
    believe me.
    boil, fried, roasted, even raw!
    then we’ll have a chicken party for VVC members. kekeke..

  146. nya

    this is a newborn of topic switcher experts hehehehe

  147. nya

    how about Big Bang clean and naked??
    eh~ what a good menu special HAHAHA

  148. Vi

    i hug Tim from the side. ^_^
    omg, i was telling my friend the other day, every single frickin day, i do ^_^ like, at least 50 times and say ‘like’, like 100. hehehe ^_^’

  149. vicky
    no, i won’t put it on menu. kekeke…
    i want it for myself.
    & i’ll let u have 2 special menu. “baby & Bong in a box”

  150. Dori

    it’s totally freaking natural
    it’s the same logic as why asian eat rice everyday but never get tire of it hahaha

  151. nya

    I’ll have it in a bowl with whipped cream, chocolate and cherry on top.. YUM!!!

  152. vicky
    kekeke… as u wish gurl.
    we’ll busy with our hubby.
    for me i’ll have yanggaengTOP as today lunch ^^

    chocolate 7 cherry? i love it too.
    everytime i eat cake, i just have to eat cherry & my friends know how much i love it.
    so when we go to eat cakes at cafe they’ll automatically give their cherry for me^^

  153. Vi

    hehehe, so tru.
    but what i dont get is why stereotypes think that we all do the same thing. eat rice, have that accent, luv egg rolls…

  154. nya

    kekekek cherries are the best…
    on top of Baby and Bong… HEAVEN~

  155. DoRi

    it’s in everyone’s blood to be stereotype
    I don’t take those thing seriously, if i heard someone say it I’ll take it as a joke, and beside i know they’re kidding anyway
    stereotypes never really offend me

  156. Vi

    theyre kinda annoying to me…
    most times when theyre not asian and they know u are, they atueomatically think ur chinese or something…
    and have puny little daesung eyes…
    and eat egg rolls. honestly, i do NOT like egg rolls. XP
    and our favorite food is in chinese restaurants! DX

    they drive me crazy. i dont ike stereotypes. T_T

  157. DoRi

    ppl around u does that??
    well the ppl i’ve been around they never do stuff like that, the most stereotype thing they say is that because I’m asian i’m suppose to be smart, but why do i always copy their homework haha
    and how like i always fell asleep in math class but somehow always manage to get all A’s in tests and quizzes
    so that’s all, nothing serious
    I live in florida, where there are barely any asians at all, so maybe that’s why

  158. vicky
    BB should take a photoshot with them all biting a cherry & put a sexy looks.
    that’ll be so great…

  159. Vi

    yes, they do that, and it is very sad. ;_;
    yes, they do think that i am smart at math, but not all asians around here are. kekeke ^_^’
    im in a math class with ppl two years older than me and i have the highest score in the class…
    its kinda weird.

    hmm… u live on the other side of the country. u live in florida and i live in washington, so we’re exact opposites… southeast and northwest. sry, that was kinda random…

  160. nya

    you know what’s better???/


  161. DoRi

    it’s because ur smart
    nothing weird

    it has nothing to do with the fact that ur asian

    washington is cold and florida is hot as heck heh

  162. vicky
    u naughty naughty gurl…
    never tought of licking a cherry.
    awwwwwwnnn…. omona~~~

  163. Vi

    yeah… but a lot of asian people i know are smart…

    really, washington isnt always cold, but the non asian people are.
    its like, a sunny rainy coldish hottish weather…its a mix. i like it.

    thi is kinda random, but i was bored and sent u an email, i found it on the contact staff page. yeah. so….check ur email… i sent u one. ^_^

  164. DoRi

    hahaha i saw the email
    that was cute, i laugh so hard “I HUGGED AN EMO”
    ur last name is Truong
    so i’m guessing ur vietnamese too?

  165. Vi

    yes, yes i am viet. ^_^
    i luv the ‘hug an emo’ pics… so coot.

    i luv my name.. Dot Truong.
    it is a happy name ^_^

  166. Dori

    Dot? doesn’t sound like a viet name
    were you born here or in vietnam?

  167. OMG!!! i cant believe they wear MAKEUP! wtf.. i LOVE them but they are changing their style.. :[ not so good.. but still LOVIN TAEYANG! hes still the same_ish lol well i wish i could meet them.. mabey hekka SOON! YAY!

  168. Vi

    oh, no, i was born here, but my parents are viet.
    haha, it would sound strange as a viet name…

  169. DorI

    that explains it hahah
    Dot is a weird name, cuz if you put certain symbol in there, it’ll mean “idiot” in vietnamese hahah that’s why i was like, that’s not a vietnamese name is it?

  170. Vi

    yeah, that would be a strange name. ^_^’

  171. Thank god he lets it grow…i always see him withouy armpit hair n i want him to have some…he!he!not too much but a little..lookin more manly!!!

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