Downloads Page is UP

we finally obtained proper permission from the correct sources & i’m glad to finally say the DL page is BACK UP & RUNNING. took long enough.
however, new rules are in effect, & i highly suggest we all follow them or i will be forced to shut the page down again until we can get this right.

i ask ALL OUR UPLOADERS, especially our precious VICKY, to obtain permission BEFORE posting links. this means, waiting for a reply from the original uploader before going ahead & posting the link. & YOUR CREDIT is rightly titled as REUPLOAD. the UPLOAD credit goes to the original owner. please fix that on your caps, i’m asking you again.

i will write more on this issue later. for now, enjoy our old clips. YAY!

*if you notice the DL page is pw-protected again, it means we are in the process of UPDATING. we will be adding a new section where NEW/LATEST DL’s are located.


(it’s long, but necessary. don’t say we never warned you. these are courtesy rules)

1) Audio downloads of ENTIRE albums will NOT be further endorsed on this site. We highly encourage VIPz to support BIG BANG & purchase copies of their albums. Only PREVIEW clips are allowed. We will continue to provide you with Digital Singles.

2) Please DO NOT REMOVE any of these links outside of BBFANSITE. DIRECT THEM BACK TO THIS PAGE.

3) Editors must properly credit as such: CREDIT: (original upload provider); REUPLOAD: (the reuploader [YOU], if necessary).

4) Remember that all these files are for YOUR PERSONAL VIEWING USES ONLY. you are NOT ALLOWED to redistribute elsewhere. we only got permission to post the links HERE & not to distribute elsewhere. DO NOT PASS THE LINKS AROUND. REDIRECT them BACK to THIS PAGE.

5) A few NO-NO’s:
NO UPLOADING to other communities, forums, blogs, etc
NO YOUTUBE/VEOH/ETC. It’s annoying to see a bunch of the same videos, the reason why the internet is so slow. That’s what our site is for. That is what VICKY does. You can always go back to our archives or visit VICKY’s youtube page.
NO SOOMPI. Just link them back to our site.
NO taking the videos & turn them into HARD SUBS. I appreciate those on subbing teams emailing me to ask for permission. I can help you obtain permission.

6) DO NOT provide links on your own. you can kindly email TAM any links you think are not up here, & she will check it out. TAM helps with requests & broken links too. you can ask her.

6) VERY SIMPLE, JUST FOLLOW. These are courtesy guidelines that we kindly ask you all to follow, in return for the availability of the downloads provided. If you cannot follow them, we will be forced to suspend the page until corrections are made.




~ by gdluvzmc on September 18, 2008.

12 Responses to “Downloads Page is UP”

  1. awesome! Thanks for working hard!

    wow, you mostly use VICKY’s name
    uhhh Ooh she’s badd..
    Lols jaykays. =]

  3. ^ vicky does most of the DL work for us.
    that’s why i mentioned her name. everyone else does news work.


  5. hope this will do.

  6. yay! happy the downloads page is back =]

  7. I can understand why you have all of these rules but then what is the point in having a downloading page if there are no songs to download? You should just have a video place designated for videos but you shouldn’t refer to it as the “download page.” BTW, this is not because I am pissed off or anything about there being no music it’s just that you should have the appropriate title for the page, not something that says “download page” because it is almost like false advertisement for those n00bie people that just recently discovered this site. Just a thought.

  8. oh… ok
    I guess every1 should follow
    the rules IF THEY LUV BIG BANG.
    And I also don’t want this page to close again
    AND I LOVE BIG BANG WITH 1,000,000%


  9. @sinsujung, a downloads page is a downloads page.. a place where you find links of files to save onto your computer. At least we are providing download links even though they may not be audio links. The name of the page is fine as I see it. If people want audio downloads, there are whole forums of those. ^^

    melmel, thanks for putting this up^^~~~


    whoaaa. hold up. is this kid trying to talk smack? first of all, we are no advertising site. just a petty lil fansite that a bunch of you come by to check out.

    & i hope you are aware that you are talking about yourself when referring to others as being “noob.”

    1: if you’re upset about our title being called “Downloads Page” because you can’t find any audio anymore, well you’re definitely a noob because there are PLENTY of ways to illegally download music.

    2: a DOWNLOADS PAGE is a page where DOWNLOADS are available. nobody specified what sort. you’re saying you’re not bitching, but you are. it’s people like you that piss people like us off.

    don’t think that i’ma change the title of the page, i think it’s just fine. if you think we’re falsely advertising, i invite you to find another site that’s like ours & go rip their stuff.

    because CERTAINLY, we do not appreciate the attitude towards our administrative decisions. it’s to save OUR butts & to make people like YOU happy.

    makes me want to close the DL page & have it open on special days like everywhere else.

  11. I don’t need to download Big Bang’s music since I own most of their albums! The only times I used the download page was when I was looking for Red Roc’s “Hello” and a few of their interviews and radio performances, so NO, I am not “trying to talk smack” as you eloquently put it. If you want to refer to me as a n00b even though I have been visiting this site since last school year, fine. I really don’t care. If you don’t want to change the title of the page then don’t! I never said that life would end if you didn’t change it! It was just a damn suggestion. I have never had to deal with this kind of response at any other site or forum that I belong to. If you want, I will never make a suggestion again. And when I said that I wasn’t “bitching” I meant that. I don’t give a damn. Are there people that download their music, yes. Am I one of them, very rarely. The only albums I don’t own are the new mini album and a few of the singles. Like I said before, it was a suggestion. You uptight fans are the only real problem I have with BB. I don’t want to have a problem with fellow fans. It would be nice to have fellow BB fans as friends but so far I don’t see that happening. But whatever.

  12. lol & you wonder why no bb fan wants to befriend you…

    i actually have a lot of VIP friends, i talk w/ a lot of em every night. they’re from all over the world, which is amazing when you think about it. some of em have become my close friends.

    so i extend my sympathies if you haven’t found any fellow bb fans to befriend & develop nice relationships with.

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