GDragon’s Numero Magazine Pictorial

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OH MY GOD… WHO IS THAT?????? THAT’S BONG??? WAHHH????? Can you believe your eyes?? cause I certainly can’t trust mine, HOLY DANG!!! There’s only like 2 preview pictures, but I love the second one, show all his muscle and everything, Bong is no longer a stick now, he is a sexy just enough muscle man…..HOLY CRAP…. I’m still in shock…. WOWW…… this is just totally different, I love his muscle man.


Pictures from their ‘Supermodel Competition” performance they all look good during this performance, especially Tabi for me, like seriously, the suit and the scarf, LOVE IT, Baby in his “HOW GEE” getup ahaha, Bong went with simple but yet so sexy, YB went with the cute vest and bowtie aww…. and Dae scare a leather jacket but still keep his gold belt hahah he needs to rest for real, these boys are smoking hot, they’re a threat to those supermodels who are there

EDIT!!! We are PICTURES OVERLOAD TODAY. A clearer pic for their Japan Album Promotion

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I need to see more!!

credit: Newsen
Taken From: 디지뱅★님.BigRoom@VIPZ

091908 Supermodel Competition Performance

credit: Newsen | SPN | Yonhap News
Taken from: 짱먹자지용님 and Bang ’em님.BigRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on September 19, 2008.

117 Responses to “GDragon’s Numero Magazine Pictorial”

  1. wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot hot hot

  2. holy cow! *fan girlish scream* look at him! wow just wow.

  3. jiyongie~~
    i always knew you were sexy under the clothes~~~~

  4. OMGD!!!!!
    such smoldering eyes in the first pic.
    and he’s not too skinny now…having guns…OMG…
    Can’t speak now vicky…

  5. Hyunjee

    you be thinking of my husband that way???
    SHAME!! haha

  6. Kenley

    my mouth hsan’t open ever since it dropped hard the first time i saw it

  7. O M G O M G ! HE iS ONE SEXY FELLA! i LOVE HiM SO F**KiNG MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Vicky
    I’m still waiting for the other pix to load….
    If they were in the supermodel comp Big Bang would win hands down..coz they are looking mighty fine that time. hehehe. Bong ang Baby are literally smoking hot in one of the pix where there is a fire in front of them.hehehe.
    Men in suits are so good. woohoo.
    I can’t wait for the Numero pictures. Seeing Bong like that makes him a supermodel himself. hehehe.

  9. OMG That picture was TOO HOT, Totally not a stick anymore
    I think I’m going to stare at it for ten more minutes

  10. DANG
    GD is WOW

  11. HO SHIETTTTTTTTTTTTTT thats hotttttttt
    just a lil more muscle bongiee just a lil and you shall be PERECTTTTTTT

    I love their japan album pic…wooohooo….

  13. oh man! that was flaming HOT~! i cnt stand it. i just had to scream and jump up and down for a bit when i saw it. *FG scream* GD…u make me weak…

  14. HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!! he’s not a stick anymore…hes so sexy xD im sounded like a perv…oh well…who couldnt perv over bong’s hot body?? SEXYYYYYYYyy <33

  15. hot hot hot !!! so hot …
    OMG … OMO… he’s really not a stick now =]]

  16. omg!! G-dragon is damnnnn hawrt!! xDD

  17. omg hotness hotness
    i’m dead!!!!!
    he is so so HOT in the 2nd pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMGGGG i died i died =.=

  18. i want to touch jiyong’s muscles. LOL. he is so hot right now!!!

  19. IDKY buy I giggle so hard at the second Jiyong picture.
    But not for the reason you think. XD


    h ouersgbnugneraongeracifnwreopacfe
    fenf rgnhpiwajfrpwiejgrpogjte
    jnigcmjegpoarejgc eimg jeoagj eo’

    I CANT EVEN WRITE AT THIS MOMENT. wahh Vicky…..those pic are ….*bites lip* ….TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. *melts* sooooooo FREAKING HOT! Kwon Leader….you’re the hottest and most spiciest leader YET.

    Someone just kill me now.

    THIS UPDATE SO MAD EMY DAY. A thousand thanks hon.



    NOO i wanna stay but gotta to to school
    be back to spam this!!!!!!!!!
    good day =]

  23. wowwwwwwwwwww
    JiYong a~… you’re so hot hot hot … super hot !!!!!

  24. OMG.Im so gonna be a model just like G-Yong.GAhhh

  25. whoaaa….so GD’s been working out eh? i think he looks great now…so much more healthier and *ahem* manlier…oh gosh i hear TEAM GD running in droves with sticks at me LOL….i think they should have a shirtless photoshoot…now that would be HOT

    ps. anyone from TYC having trouble logging in!?

  26. HOT XDD

  27. wow TOP is on fire!!!

  28. Oh my god!!!!!!! I hardly can breath right now. It’s super super hot hot, seriously, I can’t think properly right now. asdfkjaf this gonna kill me

  29. OMG!!!!

    BB at the preformence SO HOT!!!
    T.O.P’s scarf is so cool! It looks perfect at him!

  30. omo omo~!
    bong damn hot!! ottokke?
    ahh~ going crazy!

  31. oh my oh my. gd just drives me nuts with all his sexy.
    and tabi…rar!! makes u kinda wanna just jump him!!

  32. THAT fire can’t be compared to their HOTNESS!!!

  33. he is making the headlines too in CYWORLD.

  34. damnnn.. that picture for their japanese album… is so bad-ass mannn!! I LOVE IT!! Esp. TOP with his mask, a total gangstaaahh.. Haha.. Cooliess.. The only thing I dislike is Daesung’s hoodie.. I was like “Is that a towel on his head??!! Oh nope..”

    p/s: i guess it’s just me, but i wish they would lose the skinny jeans.. just wear normal or baggy ones like they used to..

  35. while u other girls oogle over Bongie,I shall spazz abt Baby…
    I love it when he does his hair like dat..
    somehow Baby dont look so baby-ish much,he actually looks more mature…
    but we all know wat a baby he truly is deep inside…

  36. There’s something REALLY hot about TOP’s dominatrix mask hahahaha.

  37. big bang are so HOT they are on FIRE!!! LOL…
    dang.. GD’s muscles… i kinda wish they take off the make up though.. :/

  38. OMG my mouth just dropped open when i saw Bong’s pic
    i’m in shock, can’t wait for the rest

    While everyone else is getting excited about G-Dragon (above)… Well I’m going to have my own excitement; DAE SUNG IS SOOO HOTTT! OMFG! HE IS SOOOOOOOOO HOT! I NEARLY SCREAMED WHEN I SAW HIS PICTURE! And I’m not being mean or anything but I don’t see any muscles on G-Dragon… I only see bones…

  40. Hehehehe……………….is it just me, or do the japanese pictures always look better than the rest?

    It seems that GD really has put on some meat. Never a bad thing—–but that picture with him, in that “revealing” west….looks really gay.

    (Still cool pictures…..and they all stole TOPs pose!)

  41. oh my fucXing god!The second photo is too overloaded for me!I actually said something bad while watching jiyoug’s smoking photos!!!!!!!Damn, he’s so fine!!!!!!Love it at heart!

  42. Whoa, I have a vest thing like GD’s. I feel special now! LOL

  43. O-M-GEEEE!!!!This IS FREAKING SEXY JIYONG!!!I can’t believe he would be as SExY n HOT as this right now!Nosebleeding profusely now…some one help me~~~He’s one HOT Supermodel if he is oNE!

  44. I want looser pants on the boys! hahhahaa.
    but the numero pics are hot.
    the second numero pic makes GD look like a character from MORTAL KOMBAT. hahhaha.

    anyways, thanks for sharing.

  45. i always love jiyong >_<
    although i like his imagines before than these ones now, i still definitely support him.

  46. DAMN BONG.
    why don’t you just TAKE IT ALL OFF.
    hehehe 😉

  47. i always say jiyong have super muscles i love him too much and second pic if it wasnt make out i will faint probably xD but still too breattaking *drools* and other pics oma they are too awesome i love it ♥♥♥ thnx my cute lil sis and ohh i cant wait jiyongs other pics *.*

  48. GD and muscles = nice!!!


  50. Ji Yong Ahh ~~~~~~
    Holy crap !!
    Those muscles………

  51. kekeke still a stickboy to me ❤

  52. wowowowowow G-DRAGON?? HOLY S***
    n ahhh sexy boys<3

  53. i was so surprised when i just saw the news at cyworld and i was gonna post here but i am too late 😛

  54. TOP should consider taking this kind of pictures as well *drool* 🙂

  55. omg he is SOO FREAKIN BURNING, wow u are rite, his muscles makes me feel HOT and bothered LOL

  56. HOLY DAMN.

  57. YB’s bringing sexy back….no pun intended LOL


  59. GD sure does love that hat doesn’t he?

  60. I really like the 2nd 1 of gd!

    He looks more muscular!


  61. Kenley
    DUDE… Baby was so sexy… I… i”m speechless, okay NO WORDS can describe

  62. Hotlizardfox
    why not a hour?? hahaha

  63. ktin7
    don’t we all do.

  64. Sunny
    lmao! what reason then?

  65. 7samira7
    HAHAH glad it did
    and I can either gurl
    after i post this and went to school, I thought about this all day

  66. fatinDAbomb

    something about him is really different durig that performance
    I was just thinking about that too
    i love it, he look so mature
    though he’s still illegal haha

  67. Shannice
    haha i don’t blame you
    you can say it’s not really muscle
    but the way Bong has been for so long, his stick figure… this is muscle for him haha

  68. spinx
    their style for those are somewhat more colorful and retro huh?
    i have the feeling too

  69. carol
    AMEN to that

  70. jeska
    I’m curious about what they say about him on CYWorld
    another “OH EM GEE. GDRAGON IS DOING SOMETHING..” hahaha

  71. damn, so hot XD

    GD is HOTTTTTT, Oh Hot Damn
    Argh, GD is like a stick though
    but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OMG G-DRAGON
    Lmao, they’re [G-Dragon] is wearing Eye Liner again
    sorry can’t stop screming

  73. SOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!I agree TOP’S scarf looks so good on him![I want one!hahha]

    Jiyong is that really you?!?! D=
    Wow. I’m just so amazed right now.

    Way to rock that scarf too, TOP.
    Loving these boys so much.


  76. okayyyy..Ji Yong second NUMERO pic is just damn too hot for me to handle..though he still looks skinny, i mean, muscle? ouw..too sexy for words..nosebleed is on my way.


  78. bronxbaby101

    because there were fire for the stage effect in front of the stage so that’s why

  79. oh oh my freakin god!
    i cant take in all of this in one day!!
    jiyongie!!! you make me want to….just wow

  80. ooooo WAO GD looks really good i don’t know about the second NUMERO picture (kinda wierd)and i see no muscles at all haha he’s just bones and skin he’s too skinny let’s feed him a bit hehe but he still looks quite good!i love the first one it’s awesome!

  81. OMGGGG!!! That’s G-Dragon? :O!!!! wowwwww~~ he’s been working out O.O

  82. O.O omg thats was hot

    i love seung ri …he cracked up and laughed at himself so adorable *-*

  83. WOW jiyong has been working hard on those arms!
    Still.. I don’t want him too buff. I hope his arms don’t grow any bigger. GD being skinny was what kept him innocent looking ^^

  84. I didn’t even noticed that was GD if you guys didn’t say it was him…I only recognized his tatoos…LOL! This reminds me one of intereview clips when Top was saying how since they have a new album everybody has to work out…so that’s how GD got his body built! ^^ He’s SMOKING HOT!

  85. WHAT. I totally couldnt recognize my own hubby TT__TT

  86. vicky
    oh my god!
    is that really ur hubby vi?!
    wow! Bong is gaining his guns! not skinny anymore!
    waw… i think i dropped my jaw…
    but still, i can’t take off my eyes from my man. hehehehe…

  87. doode !
    omg . i couldn’t believe it man ><
    that couldnt be GD i told myself.
    WHOAA . that picture was soo intense.
    gunss xDD
    whoaa .

    OMG. Daesung, always stunning to me.
    i love you baby Dae! X]]


    That’s the only thing i can say

  89. May
    he PROBABLY wouldn’t be like YB
    it’s just not possible
    he have a natural small body frame

  90. miss unknown
    or he start eating real ppl food hahaha
    love him!

  91. nya

    believe it
    that is my hubby
    oh god he is oh so sexy…..

    haha good for you
    damn gurl, we got a long JUST FINE
    keep ur eyes on Tabi and no one else haha

  92. vicky
    yup. my man with his scraft. kekeke…
    it defeat Bongg guns. hahaha..
    don’t worry.

  93. nya

    uhh no it hasn’t haha
    for me at least
    cuz shiittt.. husband been packing up
    no one can compare

  94. mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn i keep falling in luv with yb
    my man

  95. vicky
    my man can compare.
    at least that’s what i think. kekekee…
    be happy, since i’m really faithfull to my hubby & not went to GD.

  96. nya

    of course,
    this is why we get along so well
    we have eyes for different men
    cuz if we like the same one… we probably won’t be start talking in the first place hahahahahaha

    that is the key to friendship between fangirls hahah

  97. vicky
    yeah, u probable right.
    hahaha… if i’m baby’s fan too i don’t think we’ll get along so well like that.
    kekekeke… but still, the pervy brain took most of the part.

  98. nya

    we’ll leave benig pervy for that person to that person’ wifey hahaha
    so i don’t have to worry about falling in love with Tabi haha
    i know he’s off limit haha

  99. vicky
    hahaha…its natural.
    what knid of wife would want his hubby have third person???
    kekeke.. wife is such a good position for me.
    so i can do ANYTHING to mu hubby. hehehe

  100. nya

    I would ask what kind of things

    but i’m scared haha

  101. vicky
    don’t ask something u already know its answer. kekeke…
    hah…. maybe i need someone to slap me to make me awake from my ‘being wife’ dream.

  102. nya

    i would slap you
    but why would i do that
    every fangirl love a good fangirl dream haha

  103. vicky
    eventough u slap me, i don’t think i would awake.
    this dream is too good for me to wake up & idon’t think i’d like to wake up. hahaha…
    i still wanna claim myself as Mrs.Choi. fufufu….

  104. nya

    I only have 1 fangirl dream before
    like forreal, in my dream Baby and Bong was there…. i was in the middle of them
    it was the BEST dream EVER

  105. vicky
    of course that’ll be best dream ever.
    being Mrs.Choi is the best dream for me & for u is being Mrs.Lee Kwon. hahaha…
    Mrs.Lee Kwon, sounds weird. kekeke…
    u have 2 family name on ur name.

    that dream, i wonder what wake u up from that? & what kind of dream?
    no pervy? fufufu…

  106. nya

    hahaa it’s perfectly normal to me hahaha
    though i’m always content to be only mrs. lee haha

    it wasn’t anything dirty at all like i swear to god
    but it was freaing awsome hahaha

  107. vicky
    just having 2 handsome guys beside u already make that dream freaking awsome.
    no need to swear to god. kekeke…
    coz ewhen we dreaming, we do it unconciously. hahaha…

    Mrs.Lee, but u don’t let go off Mr.Kwon too.
    i’ll assume u wanna 2 hubby imstead.

  108. nya

    i didn’t know that
    i still remember that dream until this day.. love it

    haha.. no one knows me better than you do gurl
    guilty as it is
    that is true hahah

  109. vicky
    hahahaha… u forgot we share the same brain?? kekeke…
    but still, Bong is so unresistable.
    if there’s no Tabi, i think i’ll have my heart on Bong.
    if we compare him with the other member, i don’t think my man win.
    he can’t dance, he rarely sing too, he don’t have a good body, the only thing he’s good at is rapping.
    but idk why i still have my heart on him.
    HAHAHA… maybe that’s what they call love. kekeke…

  110. nya

    exactly! I get really sad when someone say something about Baby, they always say he’s the worst out of Big Bang, without him Big Bang will be the most perect group out there, they always say stuff like, he can’t sing like DaeSung, he can’t dance like YB, he can’t rap like Bong and Tabi, and he doesn’t have anything special about himself, it really hurts, okay maybe he’s not good like any of his hyung, but you can’t lie and say that he can’t dance, cuz that boy CAN DANCE, okay, and though his vocal was weak to start out with, just look how much he improved ever since debut, he always want to become better so he practiced everyday, is it that something worth being loved? but no, ppl always say stuff about him, really breaks my heart.

    I even have someone ask me “why do you like him? the other member are wayyy better”
    and I was like just speechlesss, dude wtf! you don’t ask somebody that.
    maybe i love him because he isn’t perfect
    maybe i love him because of his determination
    maybe i love him because I know what he went through to get where he is today.

    I hate it when ppl compare one member to another, each person have an area they are good at, that’s what make Big Bang so perfect. Tabi can’t dance, but he try, he knows the chroreography to every song during the GREAT concert, that’s especially hard for him, why don’t anyone see that but instead pick on him for being a weaker dancer than others?

    Bong seem like the perfect guy, but he’s too perfect, it’s intimidating.
    I don’t care what people say I love the boys for their imperfection too, not just what they show on TV.

  111. vicky
    thats exactly what i tought.
    baby is soooo cuuteee… & HE CAN DANCE!
    his dance in the real concert surprise me, he’s so cool that time. i can’t believe he’s the cutey baby SeungRi.
    he look way more mature & cool.
    my man can’t dance, but still, he understand all of the choreo. its just his body won’t move like the way he want to.

    all BB members do all they could to improve.
    so gurl, just believe them.
    i don’t care what the others say about them. as long as i know all the hardwork they’ve done, & i love them for being what they are.

    i don’t need them to be perfect, coz when they’re all too perfect, i’ll feel weird.
    the only thing perfect in this world is robot & there’s no human could be perfect all the time.
    so i’ll accept them as what they are now.

  112. Nya

    of coure I believe in them
    I wouldn’t be talking and thinking about everyday if I didn’t
    that is right, we love them for their awsomeness and also their flaws, I think it’s one of the main reason why fangirls love them so much, those flaw make them seem like they’re not so hard to reach.. you know what I mean? and also it’s what make them so cute and irresistable.

    those anti fans… they’re the ppl I can’t stand, even make the boys cry and sad, I remember they day I heard about Tabi cry when he read the anti letter, even make him broke down crying in front of everyone at the concert, it must’ve hurt him so much when he work so hard to be where he is.
    they just expect the boys to be freaking perfect, well those ppl can eat their heart out when they’re living with their lowlife selves whille missing out on amazing music and ppl.

  113. vicky
    i call those ppl as “person who don’t have antidote to cure”
    kekeke… weird…
    i don’t want them to be perfect. they’ll looks like robot if they’re that PERFECT.
    i love human, not robot!

    i can’t do anything to stop anifans but still, i can give all my love to Tabi, to make him forget the anti & let him know there’s me who accept him all he is.

  114. nya

    heheha what a perfect name
    though i prefer.. dick heads… is that too harsh???
    cuz i don’t think so haha
    anyone who make my boys cry and sad aren’t even worth to be call human
    that’s how i look at it
    it may be harsh but it’s true

    he needs to know there’s TONS.
    and he have nothing to be ashame or cry about
    because it’s obviously those things are not true, every VIPs on this earth see it and he needs to know it too

  115. vicky
    aren’t that too hard??
    hahaha… but, i don’t think i’ll give mercy to whoever that make my man cry.

    our love will reach them. IT WILL.
    we just need to believe. hahaha….

  116. gd so hansome!!! kinda weird top’s wearing…hmmm
    luv them so much!

  117. lol GD looks SEXY TO ME

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