BEST 7 of the younguest in kpop groups!

Mah baby Seung Ri came in 3rd place!! TwT so happy
he is definitely one of the cutest ;3
(or THE cutest!!) he should be NUMBER ONE! ≥△≤;




~ by monicakes on September 19, 2008.

42 Responses to “BEST 7 of the younguest in kpop groups!”

  1. I remember voting for this
    until the last day of voting, ChangMin was #1, SeungRi was #2 and KyuHyun was #3… wat the heck?

    something smell like pop in seoul and SM’s connection with each other, I love KyuHyun to death, but what?? Pop in Seoul still hasn’t play Haru Haru MV on their show yet… and they call themselves up to date

    but i love how they describe Baby, YUP, he can do it all.

  2. AHH!! YAY!! seung ri is third!! that’s AMAZING!! OHH SEUNG RI!! TO ME.. U’R NUMBER ONE!! whooot!

  3. one thing that was very right. BIG BANG MEMBERS ARE SO TALENTED IN DIFFERENT WAYS. thats something other dont have.

    something wrong. SEUNG RI SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE. all in favor say “AYE”

  4. When compared with the others I think 3rd was best but I AM SHOCKED taht Changmin wasn’t 1st WHO DOESN’T LUVE CHANGMIN he is cute, and sexyish, and HUGE (popular) I mean he is no T.O.P but really I think he is better that Kyu Hyun it should have been switch. Chang min #1 and Kyu Hyun #2

  5. AYE!

  6. OMG!!!!

    Happy Happy 3rd that’s ok, but if No.1 it will very good right. haha

  7. I knew Super Junior was gonna be one is Seungri; Big bang wasn’t
    && I knew DBSK would be in it but
    he is SOO CUTE THOUGH!!!!
    aww at least he’s 3rd =]
    But still, should’ve gotten 1st
    Grrr but fine i guess…awww
    SoHee’s the only girl on there

  8. I knew Super Junior was gonna be # 1 if Seungri; Big bang wasn’t
    But i just notice, it’s in =]

  9. *gasp* how can seung ri NOT be first?! i know that 3rd is still good, but im kinda known for being pessimistic. so how da heck is seung ri third again?!?!

  10. Suengri totally deserved #1. next time, hopefully he’ll get it.

  11. AYE!

  12. Yeah why is changmin in 2nd? i thought he would be #1 though
    he’s very cute. i like him xD

    AWHHH others are so pale in comparison with baby
    when baby was announced i was like ‘OHHHH so cutie!’
    but i think taemin is kinda cute too, y is he at #6 only?
    i don’t think the one in SS501 is cute though. he’s hot xD

  13. lol I press play and I’m like “oh sh– hold on it’s in english” ^_^

    IDK it feels weird that an english speaker is giving commentary on Big Bang in a video.

  14. awwww why baby get 3rd? =( for me he is the # 1!! >=]

  15. VICKY they did play that before i remember seeing it.
    or maybe i was just hallucinating but anyway i think the cutest would be taemin…hahahaha!

  16. no 3rd?? x_x

    they r crazy he should b number one!!!!

    maybe next time… =/

  17. NOOO!!! he belong on top #1 baby!

  18. ri should have been first..well if he’s not first in the polls he’s always be the cutest/hottest/best maknae to me. =)
    If baby ri wasn’t the first then changmin should be. he’s so cute and hot at the same time too. but still my love goes to baby. ^^

  19. Seung Ri’s number 1
    just not in this dumb chart..

    but 3rd is still kickass!!

  20. VICKY..
    Yup last week they played Haru Haru.
    N about the connection yeah i kinda seeing that 2.

    About the cutest yup baby #1 to us VIP..^^

  21. aww SR should totaly got #1
    no affence to KyuHyun fans
    but i think our SR should got the first place instend of him

  22. damn elfs. >.<;
    i failed BB . T ^ T

    but still good job Baby :DD

  23. Okay. Everyone’s talking about SR being #3.
    I know we would have loved him to be #1.
    But was anyone else creeped out by the
    narrator? Haha. It’s okay if it’s just me. xD
    Glad it was in English though.

  24. yay baby is #3 he’s soo cute!!! thanks for the clip totally cute of all the people they showed but whats with the announcer’s voice??? kinda 50 ish if u know what i mean

    at least he got 3rd place. it’s impossible to beat DBSK and SUJU anyway D:

    gosh, their disappearance from the Kpop industry is an advantage to SJ -_-” but yeah they’re still in the same company so it’s okay i guess.. BUT HOW CAN KYUHYUN BE #1?! that’s so unbelievable. O_O *still not over it*


    the others are multi-talented too

  26. No matter what the survey shows, Seung Ri is and will ALLWAYS be the CUTEST YOUNG MEMBER!!!

  27. Man Damn ELF and Cassiopiea’s!! LOL Oh wait…Im one to!!! LOL hehe but im defintely VIP first lol

    Man that narrators voice was annoying the heck out of me lol sozze and he kept pronouncing the names wrong which pissed me off to lol xD hahahaa

  28. wooo…
    seungri number 3…

    the last time i checked, it was ChangMin on number one. wooo…

  29. nooooooooo!!!!!!
    seungri is so much cuter then kyu hyun 😀

  30. noooooooooooooooooooo riri is number 1 kiawa baby

  31. aww..they’re all cute ^_^
    Ri, Changmin, and Kyuu <33

  32. Yeah, I can’t believe Seungri only got 3rd place!
    I mean, I love Changmin & Kyuhyun, but Seungri should have won.
    He’s just ADORABLE.

  33. How could the younger ones get lower than the older ones? Seungri, Taemin and So Hee should have gotten higher >< The others aren’t minors. Taemin should have at least gotten 4th and Seungri should’ve gotten number 1!!!!

  34. awww…its ok, u’ll get no 1 later BaBY, a little patience a several knocks to the ‘poll-ing’ machine (if there is one XD)
    u know ur still the cutest to us aite? muaxxz~
    p/s: super creepy voice talking bout BaBy gives me the creeps…but at least its in english ^^

  35. Yay Max and SeungRi made it into top 3!
    A little surprized to know kyu hyun was the first though but congrats all of em(:

  36. i fast forward to seungri.don’t want to see other guys but him.hehe
    psshh,he should be no.1 though.

  37. man I hate the commentators voice so much. (its so seedy) x[
    can’t belive there’s only one girl! x[
    but i think seung-ri totally deserves number 1..

    superjunior has too many people =.= dont like them.

  38. ^_^ oooo Seung Ri!♥
    woah it’s in english?
    could someone tell me, what is this from?

  39. OMG!!! wat channel was this on?
    they speak ENGLISH?! lol
    & aaaw…seungri shouldve been # 1
    but i do LOOVE suju DBSK & the rest
    of the other ppl on the vid! ^__^

  40. i agree!
    seung ri should be NUMBER ON!

  41. yaeh ! SR number 3rd^__^

  42. this is from

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