YG Channel on CYWorld Congratulate Message

**EDIT: Ready to be amazed by Baby’s little maknae world??? hahaha the other member was just standing there checking out the volleyball and what did Baby do? DANCE TO THE BEAT of Hyori unnie’s “Hey Mr. BIG” hahah so freaking cute!!

thanks to 꽃보다수지님

thanks to 길밖님

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YG just open up a YG Channel on CYWorld and the boy is doing a video to congratutlate the opening of the channel, they look all so hyper, even the way Bong cough was cute, and randomly say “1TYM” and SeungRi acting cute… what more can you ask for??? wait.. what…?? there’s more..??? yup YG release 2 new wallpaper of the boys, 1 was from Haru Haru MV and the other was from Oh My Friend MV, it’s available in 3 sizes. I’m using the Haru Haru one right now for my computer haha so freaking hot!!


1024 x 768|1280 x 1024|1920 x 1200     1024 x 768|1280 x 1024|1920 x 1200

091908 Supermodel Competition: Big Bang: Haru Haru & Last Farewell

thanks to S님

09.19.08 SBS Supermodel Competition
Haru Haru and Last Farewell Performance
260 MB

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Thanks to DCGD님 and MyDae@bigbangpop for resizing the file.
It’s light size but the quality is still the same.

Probably the hottest Haru Haru performance until this day.

ahh~~… even the beginning is hot enough to kill me, Tabi walking out wearing that scarf and staring right at the camera… lord I’m dead… and Bong??? you know what he does to me all the time, just give me chills, cuz he’s too dang hot Something is different about Baby during this performance, can you tell?? he’s so much more mature, I don’t know what change exactly, I can’t put my finger on it, but he changed, like seriously…… OH MY GOD!!! I HAVE TO MARRY HIM!!!!!!!!!! Won’t rest until I become Mrs. Lee. What the heck is with the camera man??? he keep zooming out, I WANNA SEE IT CLOSE UP!!!

During the part where Dae and Baby sing hahah… poor Baby, his voice cracked, he turned around and laugh, awwww… he’s so freaking cute!! it’s okay babe, you’re forgiving! we love you no matter what.

During Last Farewell, oh my YB… he look so freaking hot!!! OH DANG!! For some reason I really really like the part where Bong rap and his expression.. LOVE it’s been so long since we saw this song being performance, this time all of them with new image…. it’s just love man.. no words can describe, Tabi was so crazy with all his pointing and dancing hahaha, drunkingly, LOVE IT!! I seriously really really his new hair style, it’s so.. oh love it!! Was there something wrong with Baby’s voice? there were his solo part at the “Baby Baby Baby” but he didn’t sing it, just let the backtrack take care of it, he must be tire… aww… Baby, Dae look tire, but that didn’t slow him down one bit, hit every note, nothing can stand in his way, seriously…. until this day, one of the hottest performance EVER!!


~ by Vicky on September 19, 2008.

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  1. big bang love!!!

  2. Aww they’re soo cute!!
    Lols i miss 1TYM butta aww
    GD said it cuz he loves his hyungs =]
    Lols Hex yeah Big Bang LOVEE

  3. OMG- love the pics. so making oh my friend as background. GD as a mental patient is a classic. the congrats video was so cute, i wish daesung and TOP would talk more. loved the perf. as always.

  4. asha

    Dae is probably tire
    and Tabi is FAMOUS for blanking out during interviews….. you didn’t know that hahaha
    he is just plain adorable, when someone would be like “TOP” he was like “huh??? what??” hahah

  5. hhahah when Seung Ri’s voice cracked
    hahaha i crack up so bad
    that was the cutest moment everrrrrr

  6. Dee Dee

    haha even though it’s not a good thing
    but he was so cute when he turn around and laugh
    it’s playing in the background on my computer right now
    and whenever the part of him and his voice cracked I just sit here and giggle like an idiot
    Baby, i love you too much

  7. hey mr big. hahahaa aww i like how they kept showing it over and over..i was going to do that anyway bahaha.
    aww jiyongie opa was all like ‘now seungri will do some ehgyo!’ hhaa

  8. Ahahaha omg seungri’s voice cracked and he knew it too
    aww he’s soo cute
    OhMYYgosh! i wish i was there!
    That was a HOT Performance! Gosh
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh big bang.
    you’re making us fangirls go crazyy!!!!!!!!!
    and seungri it’s okay i still love you!
    and i love you too G-Dragon♥
    i can’t get enough, i want some more….

  9. BBFTW.

    i love that
    when the person keep rewinding that part
    even add the country song at the end hahaha

    Baby will do anything Bong say
    … i just want to buy them haha

  10. ninalee

    he must be embarassed
    and since he’s a perfectionist
    probably blaming himself for that thing
    someone need to let him know it’s okay and that we love his mistake
    i still laugh like a dork whenever i rewatch it

  11. hehe, GD’s cough was so cute…and when he randomly said “1TYM!” Haha.

    Whoo…I saw that performance earlier, SO HOT.
    Even though SR’s voice cracked.

  12. vicky
    i thought daedae opa was the perfectionist! hahahaa
    we can buy them?!! i didnt know that… hahah sikee

  13. aha SR looked adorable doing that little dance and ofcourse i spied GDYB moment!!!! lolz GD grabbed YB’s hand to stop him from tapping along..lmao..i remember once YB got mad at GD for playing the moraca’s along on a radio show..they’re so funny lolz….

  14. Aww, poor Seung Ri, must be embarassing~ =P
    I probably would have laughed though if it were me too.
    But it’s so reassuring to know even the best can mess up too. ^^

    Still love ya Seung Ri~!

    And aish, they sound tired, but dispite that it’s so~~perfect dispite that it’s not “perfect”. xD

    (I’m making no sense…heh.)

  15. BBFTW.

    all of them are
    especially Bong
    he’s scary when he’s working sometimes

    hahah… in my dream i can haha

  16. sweetsorrow

    look like a lot have notice that GDYB moment haha
    i didn’t notice until someone point it out
    i was too focused on baby

  17. vicky
    OMGGD is my baby your #1?
    i thought bong was your hubby~~

  18. Oh man.
    Media overload.
    So much to see and download,
    but I have to leave in a little
    bit. At least I have something
    to look forward to when I get home.

  19. BBFTW.

    lot of ppl thought that
    but Baby is my #1
    I just can’t resist Bong haha

  20. baby is so so cute!!!!!!!! OMG and did anyone notice the GBAE moment when they kept rewinding the vid? bong touched yb’s hand..omg..

    and they killed me. i died watching their performance!!!!!!!!! it was so so HOT!!!!! I love my top to death!!! >’3 he looked perfect with that scarf on..and probably its super model competition, everyone’s outfits were perfect. Loving dae’s leather jacket too!!! Oh gosh everyone of them just look as hot as ever. hotness overload!!

    oh nay baby’s voice cracked up. i guess he’s not feeling really well, probably sore throat or something like that.nvm it’s ok.even the best singer will make mistake ok baby we forgive u! =) and baby’s hair was combed up, kinda similar to his hairstyle in With U~~~!!!omg i love it. he looks so HOT!!

    and during haru haru chorus, i don’t know why i could hear dae’s voice so clear? he even sang the high note part.last time they would just let the backtrack take care of it. and i’m loving his voice!!!! OMG dae u’re the best the best!!! and again, YB did his part pretty well too!! I’m happy >’3

  21. newvip

    Baby being that hot is asking me to molest him hahahaha
    if he ask forreal, I would be there in a hearbeat hahaha
    not kidding.

    Tabi would beat any freaking supermodel there are in that competition
    no one can do it like Tabi

  22. Seung Ri’s hair is much waaayyyy better!!

    Im pleased 😀

    I love you SEung Ri

  23. Downloaded Haru Haru and Last Farewell performance, but there seems to be something wrong with the files, I join them but it doesn’t play, only plays 2minutes?

    Is there something wrong with the files? maybe part 2?

  24. vicky

    hahaha u little evil dongsaeng
    but yeah, i love that hairstyle. it makes baby look hot xD
    i seldom feel that baby is hot as you know he’s like the maknae in the group..

    well, then my top is forcing me to molest him too.
    hahaha he’s so hot that i couldn’t stand it
    love it when he pointing and pointing when he rapped
    he looked so mad and i love it
    yeah yeah agree. Awhhh i want my top >’3

  25. vicky &newvip
    omg! you guys are killing me here! hahaa
    you molest tabi and baby, and ill take bongg.
    hes just asking for it.. >.<

  26. Momoshiro

    it works fine for other people
    maybe there was soemthing errupted when you download it
    check the files, make sure 001 and 002 are 100 MB each and 003 is 60 MB

  27. newvip

    thank god Tabi doesn’t do that to me
    Bong and Baby does enough
    I’m already dead when these two are keep doing those things to me
    but if Tabi step in..
    I’ll be a dead fangirls

  28. BBFTW.

    DON’T ACT like you never thought about it before hahaha
    cuz i KNOW you did

  29. BBFTW

    hahahaa okay u’ll take bong. who else wanna take dae and YB??
    hahahahaha~~~i couldn’t stop laughing right here
    my imagination is running free now haha
    i’m imagining something..haha


    haha yeah they really should just stop killing fangirls.
    even a pointing fingers thing can make me get crazy and overly excited over him sigh >’3

  30. newvip

    i just love his eyes
    OH MY GOD his eyebrows

    back in the LIES and I AM SAM days
    I just wanna rape his eyebrows hahah

  31. vicky

    after i listened to lies i immediately fell in love with bb
    but i fell for tabi after i watched I’m sorry MV
    gosh his eyes are irresistable
    hahaha i wanna RAPE his eyes too
    from that day onwards i declared myself as Mrs.Choi hahahaa
    how can his features be so pretty?
    gosh i’m so jealous.he inherited good genes from his parents xD

  32. newvip

    I feel in love with the song after i heard “i’m so sorry but i love you”
    just those words… they captured me
    then i start googling big bang around and get to know them more
    i love Baby first hand right away
    he was the only one i care for at first
    then Bong start to get to me

    I’m trying HARD not to let others get to me too
    right now thank god they’re just like big brothers to me hahaha
    cuz if i caught more lovey dovey fever… I’ll be trouble

  33. awwwww poor baby his voice cracked T.T

    TOP was like fire =] ♥

  34. vicky

    hahahaa..then yeah I was once in dilemma cause I felt like I’m falling for everyone!!
    but at the end, I know that i only love t.o.p..hahaha
    but bong is after tabi..sometimes i feel like i love bong more than tabi
    and i love dae too..i love his voice so much..and he’s such a smiling angel…
    ok YB is just a big brother to me..while baby is just my little brother by 6 months..hahaha~
    but sometimes i couldn’t stand baby’s cuteness too
    ARGH it’s so hard to choose. I’m in trouble
    perhaps i shall just spread my love equally to them =]

  35. YB’s part is always flawless =] im jealous! he killed it in Haru Haru and Last Farewell.

  36. newvip

    I would like to say I love them all equally
    but I can’t.. hhaah i’m bias like that

    but when ppl ask me who i like better, Bong or Baby
    I’ve been giving that question some thoughts.. for already over 1 year period of loving them but nope… still no answer
    i can’t decide

  37. omg panda lee marry me!!!


    he looks so tired TvT… i luv when he start dancing out of nowhere xD so cute

    hoho thanx 4 posting =D

    this blog rocks !!

  38. vicky

    same here. well then i think there’s no need to decide hahaa
    let’s just continue loving your baby and bong
    while me continue loving my T.O.P (and maybe bong??)
    and of course love BIG BANG as a whole!
    right right? =)

  39. newvip

    i’m so sleepy right now i can barely think but still have to stay up so i can watch music core live
    i guess that answere the question hahaha
    i really wann know what they’re gonna wear or do for their performnace today
    after music core they have to head right to KJE’s Chocolate and record
    hope they’re not over working… so sad to see them not getting enough rest

  40. I saw the vid…it was so cute…Baby Ri cracked up at his solo. awww. is he still growing up? the funnier part is that he was gonna laugh, but turned his face away from the cam to hide his laughter. hehehehe. cutie. =)

  41. Kenley

    I love that about him
    other would get embarassed and ashamed but he know how to laugh it off
    and we forgive him, can never be mad at Baby, mistakes like this just prouve how cute he is … the only bad thing is cute mistake like this make nuna fans go crazy and want to do….”stuff”… if you know what i mean haha

  42. *slaps slaps slaps*!!!
    hahaha are you feeling much more awake now?~
    sigh i’m also very sleepy. well, my eyes always tend to close when i open my book. but i must not sleep! gotta study hard

    yeah hope they would perform great later. and baby’s voice please don’t crack again =.=
    celebrities are always not getting enough rest
    i hate YG for torturing them so much
    sigh i feel so heartache to watch them performing while they’re feeling exhausted physically and mentally.

    in the haru haru performance, i think baby wasn’t turning and laugh after his voice cracked
    i think he turned away and coughed
    poor baby he must be feeling sick T_____T

  43. newvip

    I dont’ think it’s YG’s fault, I mean promotional thinsg are out of their will, they can’t do anything about it, if the shows want them to be on they have to be, it’s part of their activiies, YG isn’t like those producer out there who push his artist, he treat and respect them as a true artist, which is a good thing, others *coughtLEESOMANofSMENTERTAINEMTNcough* tend to work his singers to death, so I’m really grateful that YG is the boy’s boss.

    I saw Baby’s mouth, he was creeping up a smile so I think it was a smile, if it was a cough, his body or shouler would at least move, but it didn’t, so i don’t think he was coughing

    and i’m really realy sleepy..a h~

  44. hahaha okay i get you then i shall not blame YG on this. then hope they would hang on there. fighting fighting!what’s with this LEESOMANofSMENTERTAINMENT hahaha. i will try googling to see what happened.

    wakakaka did u zoom in that part haha how could u see his mouth xD hahaha okok based on your explaination, i think it’s a smile hahaha. btw yeah the wth is wrong with the camera. So little close-ups =\ tabi’s pointing fingers part was so small and it was only showing the side of tabi. i want close-up!!

  45. vicky

    you know you can’t stop the nuna fans do something “crazy” to him. Baby loves to be cute and the nurse outfit in their cf is one of the best triggers to a nuna fan to go crazy. hehehe.

  46. newvip

    even heard of SM Entertainment??
    he’s the boss
    so bad…
    i feel bad for SM artis

    make VIPs more grateful for YG, he’s freaking awsome

  47. Kenley

    he need to tone it down or even i can’t help him

  48. I love the wallpapers. in the haru haru wp tabi looks pissed and baby and dae looks bored, while Bong is waiting for something and YBae is in deep thought..or was wondering why is he wearing such pants that time…hehehehe.the oh my friend wp looks so hot, except for baby smiling cutely, hehehe. have you ever seen a hot madman?hehe…and dae was so hot and sexy in that wp…if i were to be arrested i wish cop top would do it…and I wanna clean up Ybae so badly, looks like he’s asking for it…was he a skater boy in the vid? i know he’s a dirty repairman..that’s more sexy. =)

    those vids only proves one thing – baby should be the no.1 maknae. hehe…so cute with the hey mr. big dance and “ygchannel!”. hehehe.

  49. vicky
    yeah, SM made their artists work on Chuseok holidays at China. poor artists. DBSK is under SM right?

  50. kenley

    agree!! I love Dae the most in the wallpaper. His expression is kinda pissed too don’t you think so? i love the way he sit too *open wide legs* OMG omg what am i thinking again. even the way they sit can caught me sigh. as usual my top is hot. i love the wallpaper. it suits my desktop so well!!! >’3

    and oh my friend, omg baby is too cute to be described. dae, YB and TOP are so so HOT. OMG *drools. I love my top’s officer look!!he’s so hot. i died again. and bong? hahaha cute as a paycho freak =)


    has the show finished? time for you to go to bed girl =)

  51. *oops i mean psycho not PAYCHO hahahaa

  52. OMG! cutee ! Baby is just an explosion of cuteness!
    i lovee how adorablee he is .
    im falling for him xDD

    OMO. the wallpaper. -dies-
    Daesung is too hott ! X]]

    GD such a cute psycho :]]

  53. newvip

    “open wide legs” hehehehe…such a pervy thought. hehehe.we can’t help it now don’t we. Did you see where bong’s hand is placed in the haru haru wp??? hehehe. waaaa me and my imagination again. hehehe. guys you shouldn’t open those legs that much.

    Tabi as a cop is so hot. the outfit just loves him.
    Ooh i’m having imaginations on my hubby Ybae in that wp. so hot.
    They are so like a pringles ad. we can’t just get enough. hehehehe. =)

  54. vicky
    u die coz of my man???
    hahahaha… thats right no one can resist him.

    my man & that scraft.. beyond cute… so smexy!!
    makes me want to bite him. *grauk*
    hehehe.. he make me all hyper with that drunken dance. kekeke…

  55. btw vi,
    i wonder if there’s time tabi back home drunk.
    hahaha… i’ll take care of u! it’s okay if u go back home drunk!

  56. nya

    i didn’t see the drunken dance til i opened up the download page. hehehe.
    has tabi been drinking up lately?kidding. he’s crazy dorky like that. ^^

  57. LOL crack up but i couldn’t concentrate so much on baby when There a GD-YB momment replaying over and over and over right before my eyes xDDDDDD

  58. Didn’t realize it but I saw it also while they are replaying Baby’s dance. hehe. baby watta smile btw. =)
    I think Bong was stopping Ybae to play the mini-xylo because they are on air again. hehehe. but he held Ybae’s hand a lit bit longer than necessary…thus the lil-awkward-letting-go moment. hihi.
    thanks to baby’s dance we saw a good GDYB moment. heheheh.

  59. kenley
    even if he’s being drinking up lately its okay
    coz when he’s home, he know i’ll be there waiting to take care of him.
    warm towel & warm water to wash his face & all stuff ready. kekeke… wow.. i make myself sound like his real wife,
    hahahaha… maybe it’s me who are drunk, not my man.

  60. and yeah, that vid, maybe it’s not focussing on baby’s dance
    but GDYB moment. hahaha…

  61. nya2

    hahaha nya2 yeah it’s u who is drunk
    cause i’m the one waiting for top to go back home drunk and i’m the one who will take care of him!!
    hahaha we are all living in denial aren’t we wth..lol


    hahahah yeah they made what we are today
    if they don’t want us to imagine then don’t sit like that!hahaha
    and my top’s legs are kinda opened widely too xD
    AHAHAHAHA help me help me i’m in trouble xD

  62. AHHAH Baby looks so cute when hes dancing to mr.big!!! and in the haru haru performance when his voice cracked….i just start laughing like an idiot everytime i hear it xD and u can kinda see YB trying not to laugh when Baby’s voice cracks…so cute<333

  63. This was the BEST performance i have ever seen of them!! Toppie looked HOT as hell. They all have improved in so many ways.!!!!

    Ahh I love them

  64. Kenley
    we will never understand what’s going on their mind during photoshoots like that
    it just too hard haha

    Baby is ALWAYS number 1
    so freaking random
    he just dance out of no where
    and his expression.. T.T hahaha
    love it

  65. Kenley
    exactly, he only care about money, he doesn’t deserve to be call “producer”
    yea they are
    but LSM is scare of them though, since their fans are so crazy

  66. newvip

    I gave up and went to sleep
    just woke up and it’s 6:58 AM
    it’s saturday but i still wake up early
    this is amazing hahaha

  67. daerin
    hhahahah dont’ fall for him
    stick to dae haha
    DAE IS GOOD haha

  68. nya

    hahaha ur man was asking for it when he’s wearing that scarf and that suit and being all sexy
    there’s limit to a fangirl’s faithfulness u know hahaha
    that drunken dance was just priceless haha

  69. nya

    since he’s way legal
    he probably did
    you know how korean is with their Soju haha

  70. kareezsa
    I DID NOT notice that AT ALL
    i was too focus on Baby
    when there’s Baby in the picture, nothing else matter to me haha

  71. GRi
    I have to back and watch for that

  72. vicky

    AMAZING! i wanted to wake up at 7am but i woke up at 8 something i think..so failing to be productive
    hahaha yeah i think i saw it too. YB was kinda trying not to laugh hahaha~

  73. newvip

    i can wake up easily
    but there just have to be a reason there for me to wake up
    and checking up on the boys is the PERFECT reason hahah


  75. awww,baby’s voice cracked.it’s ok.

  76. OMG.LOL.baby dancing to hyori’s song is so cute.i sooo wanted to pinch his cheeks.

  77. newvip
    no gurl, i’m not drunk ^^
    it’ll someday becomes true. kekeke…
    if u want my hubby, fight over it.
    or maybe we could share. hahaha…

  78. vicky
    wew, i hope u’re not. since u consider him as a big brother. kekeke…
    i’ll have my man right beside me & protect him from any pervy fangirls. hahaha..
    so, just satisfied urself with ur 2 man. kekeke…

    btw, i think tabi is not drunk.
    he’s practicing the legendary famous drunken fist.

  79. nya2

    hahahaha ok let’s fight if u can accept defeat HAHAHHAA
    if we were to share then mon,wed,fri and sun would be mine..others would be yours hahaha~~

  80. newvip
    hohoho.. i’m not so weak to be defeat easily gurl.
    no… then u’ll have tabi for 4 days.
    let sunday be his day off ok??
    don’t force him

  81. nya

    druken tiger hidden dragon ahahaha
    that’s possible

  82. nya2

    hahaha SO AM I. don’t challenge me gurl xD
    hahaha. i thought of letting him off on sunday
    but it means that we both have 3 days, not fair.
    i should get more xD
    haha, but for my man’s good, yeah i would sacrifice myself and let him rest on sunday xD

  83. seungri looks hotter with his hair up, like during the ‘last farewell’ days.

  84. seungri voice cracked?

  85. newvip
    lets make him rest on Sun.
    then i’ll take tue, thrus, & sat.
    wow! Tabi will spend his Saturday night with me!

  86. vicky
    hehehe… my man practising that.
    HAHAHAA… can’t stop laughting when i see the drunken dance.
    man, he really is like a 5 years old kid!

    OMG… this ‘big boy’, he never think about his future i think.
    then when will he ask me to marry him????

  87. nya

    he actually did it a couple of time before
    i noticed him
    watch him during YDH love letter, the recent one where they all wearing yellow
    he was REALLY DRUNK haha
    I thought he was gonna fall forward and down the stage

  88. vicky
    oh yeah, that one.
    i don’t realize it coz of youtube poor quality.
    so that means he already start practicing his drunken fist since YDH??? omg!
    it’ll be scary if he fall down from stage
    i think they can rip my man clocth.

    god. adorable,, that random dance thingy.. =D

  90. nya

    i think we need to do some research on that
    when did he start going drunk hahaha

  91. vicky
    hahaha… got thing!
    btw i wanna know if his drinking ability is good?

    i can’t drink even a little bit of alcohol.
    make me drunk immidiately.

  92. nya

    hhmm.. since they’re “idol” and there’s a illegal member
    they haven’t talk about drinking at all
    so idk
    but base on Tabi’s kid like personality
    I think he can drink, but doens’t like to often so he probably can’t take alcohol that much

    i learn how to take alcohol cuz i always hang out with like 20+ year old ppl and they’re always drinking and during parties and stuff, drink a bit here and there, haha a

  93. vicky
    gurl, r u remember ur still legal to drink??
    hahaha… as long as u don’t get caught it okay i think.

    yeah, tabi probably love juice / milk more that alcohol. hahaha…
    wth, he love ice cream more than anything in this world! kekeke…

  94. nya

    i dont’ think there’s anyone my age who hasn’t try drinking yet
    as long as we don’t go crazy
    but i don’t think a lot when i’m over here, I have to be the one that’s consious enough to find a way to get my friends home haha
    but when i’m over to my country, where’s there’s no age thing for drinking, I’m normally the one wake up the next day in my room wonder how the hell i get home hahah

  95. vicky
    wow, ur drinking ability must be pretty good.
    swt wtf… now to think about it, even a drip of alcohol will make me drunk. so i never touch alcohol / anything releted to alcohol in my live. hahaha…

    btw, we know about tabi’s favourite food, but still, we don’t know food he dislike. i wonder….

  96. nya

    haha i grew up in a family that love to party and drink… so… i really have no choice haha
    i start drinking when i was about like 5 or 6 years old, i remember getting drunk for the first time and it was at my aunt’s wedding, it was awsome hahaha

    i have my money on brocoli
    that crap it just too digusting for a ice cream lover to eat

  97. vicky
    hahahaha… i would never let my child drink when he’s only 5/6 years old. never.
    but u can’t help it if ur family like to party.

    brocoli? not that bad.
    i think tabi is a meat lover. his exprexxion when he eat bulgogi in his manwon, priceless.
    i don’t have a clue what food he dislike.

  98. nya

    my parents arent exactly responsible to start with in the first place hahah i’m the serious one in the family sadly…. and i mess around all the time hahah

    well it’s in every korean blood to have a love for bulgogi
    so we can’t be too sure
    someone need to ask him that ona radio show or something

  99. vicky
    hhmmm.. thats maybe like how Asian love rice.
    if i went to Korea, i’ll try bulgogi for sure & went to buy yanggaeng that my man love.
    i wonder what is it taste like?
    i we don’t eat it in the mother country, the real taste won’t go out i think.

    yup, they ask them what food they like but never ask what food thay dislike. & our boys don’t say it aloud too.
    but 1 thing i’m sure. tabi don’t really like to eat veggies.
    all his favourite food doesn’t really related to freash veggies. hahaha…

  100. nya

    people were asking me all the time
    “how the hell can you eat rice everyday?”
    I just went… I DON’T KNOW.. i just do haha

    I try bulgogi before, I have korean friends over here and sometimes I went with them to Korea Town in Georgia, and god bulgogi taste REALLY REALLY good, i’m not even kidding, no wonder Korean ppl love them so much.
    and yanggeng, it’s like black bean paste, I have something similar like that in my country, but instead of being a stick, it’s stuffed inside like a baked croisant-like thing, taste pretty good, but i can’t eat too much of those, it’s too sweet. my throat hurts if i eat too much sweet.

    hahaha but did you see him eat salad??
    I just recently saw them on their first radio show
    and it was during TOP’s manwon haengbok, and the only food the radio show provide was salad, so he was begginng the PD if he could eat, the PD was evil and let Tabi only eat salad, but he was too hungry, he attacked that thing like there’s no tomorrow, and when he get to drink abit of bananas milk, you should see his face, it’s like he found heaven hahah a

  101. awee baby.. why are you so cutee =)

    big bang <33

  102. lol the background wallpaper for haru haru
    looks like a cartoon drawing xD

  103. very cute^__^

  104. vicky
    hahahaha… i could die if i don’t eat rice for a long time.
    i suddenly feel hungry now, when all we talk about is food. but, here where i lived have no Korean food. poor me…

    hahaha… my man eat salad like there’s no tomorrow???
    KAKAAKA… swt…
    i wanna watch it!! my man expression is priceless!
    banana milk? kekeke.. i think i could imagine my man expression.

    i know it! he don’t like veggies. i think my man is a ‘junk food’ person. kekeke… he should eat salad & fresh veggies more.

  105. nya

    oh god you HAVE to watch it
    i know you can’t download but try to download this and delete it afterward


    this is what i wrote on my essay haha, too lazy to rewrite it

    “OKAY. Ready to watch some Tabi cuteness??? at 25:41 what is he doing? he’s looking out the window to I think the Manwon Haengbok PD and ask if he can eat, then at 26:10 he ask again, look at how he use to body to signal the question “CAN I EAT?” hahahah he’s too adorable for words, I think the PD say no, then he went insane, LOOK AT THAT FACE!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAA Can you believe he is the tough rapper and oldest of the group??? cuz I can’t haha such a dork try to reason with the PD but he lost… so no food for hungry Tabi.

    The part where KyungLim unnie was looking at their album, look at the watch Baby’s wearing, does it look familiar to you? cuz it sure does to me, I think Bong wear it for a period of time later on. LOOK AT BABY CHEWING!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWW…. and WHAT? Tabi’s eating!! I think the PD only let him eat salad, ahahah evil PD, he knows how Tabi is with junk food…. and make him eat salad… that’s painful, but he still attack that thing like there’s no tomorrow haha”

  106. vicky
    OMG! i’ll download it now!
    don’t care if my computer have to go ‘hospitalized’ again.
    tabi first! kekeke…

  107. nya

    YOU GO GURL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m sure when you see him attack that thing YOU’LL LOVE IT!!

  108. vicky
    omg, thats such a long essay u’ve made.
    the longest one!
    i’ll give u an award for that!
    “best writer of the year”

  109. nya

    I do admit it
    these boys get my writer blood FLOWING~

  110. vicky
    what kind of speech u want to deliver to all of us?
    maybe u want to thank ur parents instead? hahaha…

  111. nya

    i guess i have to since they’re the one paying for my internet bill kekek

  112. vicky
    HAHAHAA… parents paly an important role.
    if they don’t pay our internet bill, i think i’ll die
    BB is like an oasis for me.

    ahhh~~~ u remind me of my internet billing now.
    omg… must save more extra money to pay it.

  113. nya

    my dad whenever he want me to do something, and i don’t want to, he’ll threaten to cut my internet, so i just have to do it, but because I’m scare of him, I’m doing it for the boys.
    that’s my pride

  114. vicky
    kekeke… ur dad sure is smart. he hit the right spot.

    ur good gurl, u do all of this just to help BB spread their love all over the world.
    thats ur honour & pride of doing all of these.
    u don’t have a clue how iVIP thank u. ^^

  115. nya

    haha i’m not that great and amazing haha
    i’m selfish too, i do it MOSTLY because of Baby
    that’s it. I ADMIT IT!!
    Baby is most of the reason why

  116. vicky
    but still, eventhough u love baby, if u don’t want to share it with all, there won’t be any.
    so still, accept my thanks^^

  117. aww…BaBy’s so cute in the cyworld..umm..’watchamacallit’ XD
    and the perf was great!!!
    BaBy’s voice did have some problem tho, just like u said vicky..but we still love him, weee~
    BaBy kept looking at his hyungs juz to make sure he didnt mess up his dance ques and positions..awww, are u that TIRED BaBY? poor BaBY~

  118. nya

    happily will
    there’s sometimes ppl keep saying stuff to me that make me wanna give up doing all this
    but… idk…. the boys.. and u pull me back hahaha
    promise i won’t go anywhere

  119. vicky
    eh?? is there anyone who’ll say something like that to u?

  120. can anyone tell what’s the url for their cyworld channel>??? i’m gonna add them.. XD..
    and the ygaudition webpage isn’t working.. been waiting for it…

  121. nya

    yea. it hurts sometime but it’ll fade
    i try not to care and be happy 😀

  122. vicky
    kekeke.. that’s the key.
    u can just pretend u didn’t hear & care less of any of them.
    i think there’s many of fangirls like to read ur essay tough

  123. nya

    when i write them, I don’t really expect anyone to read it
    writing it out is just my way to kinda slow down the excitement inside me hahaha
    so it’s pretty much for my own good, cuz if i don’t type it out, and keep it inside my mind, my mind will explode haha,
    sometimes I’ll go back and read it, and I’ll just keep laughing at myself hahaha

  124. vicky
    HAHAHA… u read it again?? kekeke…
    u’re so cute…
    well yeah, some way to calm down urself.
    everythime i look at my hubby cuteness & dorkyness i always have to say it to myself “calm down… calm down…” hahaha…
    i love to read ur essay, u explain it so detail & there’s stuff i missed & when i read ur essay, i get the feel like ‘i have to found it! no way i’m missing it’ kekeke…

  125. nya

    yup i do
    when i rewatch the video, the normally read the essays i wrote for it hahah

    i can’t even tell myself to calm down, i’m too busy try to remember how to breath hahaha

    now at least i know i have one loyal reader, i’ll be sure to write more in the future
    if the essays really help you do that then i’m happy, it’s all worth while haha

  126. vicky
    oww.. so ur intended to maintain ur award of ‘best writer of the year’? kekeke…
    i don’t think to tell myself to calm down is a good way, since when i saw my man jumping around this morning.
    i just scream “AHHHHHH!!!!” & ended up have to cover my mouth since its still 7 am here.
    my parent will find out & they’ll socl me for shouting like a crazy. kekeke…

  127. nya

    that happens to me one too many time
    i would just scream out
    and my dad is the kind that freaks out whwnever he heard screaming, he’ll think that i got killed or soemthing, so he get really pissed when i scream for nothing hahah
    but that’s his fault for having a fangirl as a daughter haha

  128. vicky
    i always managed to hold my scream.
    well, there’s sometimes i can’t hold it though, coz all of my family members don’t like ppl when she scream for nothing.
    eventough i scream when i see stuff that i dislike, still, they scold me. kekeke…
    so, this hand will automatically cover this mouth of mine.

  129. nya

    i do that a lot in class too
    cuz ppl always enjoy scaring and hurting me so i need to hold in my scream
    but that only works when there’s teachers around
    when there isn’t, I just let it out~

  130. vicky
    u’re the one that being teased?
    i tought u’re the one who teased. kekekeke…
    but if its me, i’m the one who teased my classmate.
    but there’s time when they unite & teased me back.
    eventough we’re already university student, the way we act just like kids. hahaha…

  131. nya

    cuz i tease them alot
    so any chance they get they’ll use it haha
    especially like the guys, they really like to scare me from behind and make me yell like a idiot
    they do it tons of time already but it still gets to me
    i’m not good wit the whole ppl coming up behind me and scare me.
    i don’t do that

  132. vicky
    hahaha… i’ll get surprise but i won’t scream.
    but still i love to do words battle with my friends.
    the atmosphere will like Bong & Baby in MBC come to play. kekeke..
    but i also enjoy teasing them, i’ll be like grope them in their sensitive part. hahaha..
    but i won’t grope guys, limited to girls only. kekeke…

  133. nya

    i don’t grope girls.. haha at all
    guys however… *wink*wink*
    a girl gotta have fun

  134. vicky
    hahaha… that naughty wink! kekeke…
    u love grope guys huh?
    in my case, grope guys from my class is no fun at all.
    that’s what i tought.
    but grope Tabi will be so fun, kekeke..

  135. nya

    groping guys at my school are fun
    cuz trust me gurl dammmnnnn the art school have some hot guys.
    though i already know who i’m gonna marry, i gotta have some fun first hahaha

    i’m SURE
    you will be HAVING FUN… all night long~ hahahahahahahah

    i’m cracking myself up so hard
    i’m dying of laughing HAHAHAHA

  136. vicky
    ahh~~~~ now i’m imagining it…
    uuuww… i’ll love it & my man would love it too^^

    business school guys are not hot at all.
    having fun huh? kekekeke… lucky gurl. hahaha…

    don’t laugh so hard, u could lose ur voice. hahaha…

  137. nya

    u and ur dirty mind imagine it
    LORD~ poor Tabi hahaha

    a girl gotta have fun now~

  138. vicky
    what era do u think now?
    gurl can have fun.
    u have fun with groping ur friends & i have fun by image groping my man. HAHAHA…

  139. nya

    sound… wet… hahahah

  140. ilove yoy rukmakmay

  141. I love you mình yêu bạn big bang yêu dấu

  142. su video es fantastico hehe

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