GDragon in Numero October Issue Scans | 092008 Big Bang on MBC Music Core

The amazing new banner made by CherrylovesYB<3. It’s so hot, I love it, fit the fansite overall so well.
Great job gurl!!!!

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This picture is consider NORMAL from Numero.. THE REST OF THE PICTURES..what you about to see… uh… haha

Just holy oh my goodness… my fingers are trembling, part is because i just hit my hand hard against my bed and part is because of these… oh lord Bong.. he is totally channeling Dracula and the Circus for these pics, it’s so weird and yet it’s so hot… or maybe it’s because as long as it’s Bong i’m in love with it then, these pics suppose to be “artsy” right? So I don’t blame him but dude.. it’s so weird.It’s TOTALLY and COMPLETELY different from the preview pics Numero show the other day. cuz those preview were the NORMAL ones…. this is wow…. you have to see for yourself

***EDIT: These are for you to calm down after you’ve seen the pics and just DAZED like I am haha

092008 Haru Haru Performance on MBC Music Core

thanks to 디지뱅★님

09.20.08 MBC Music Core

Haru Haru Performance

232 MB

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thanks to 통키님 and MyDae@bigbangpop

oooh… I love the setting of the stage, it look so cool… but also look like… cheese haha I spot Dae with a scarf, hope he’s not sick, Dae look so expressionless…. must be tire.. poor Dae… I ike their purple clothes theme today, since purple is my current obsession i love i. When Dae’s singing, you can really tell he’s tire….. aww… this just make me feel so guilty, I rather not see him performn but stay at home and rest rather than him using every ounce of energy for this performance, heartbroken…. T.T… though he’s tire, he never fail to give us an awsome performance as always, they almost at the end of their Haru Haru promotion and they still get to close Music Core as the last performance, love it as always guys.

09.20.08 MBC Music Core

SeungRi & DaeSung MC Cuts

49 MB

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thanks to Ental and Mandyquyen ClubboxMC Cuts by me.

The best MCs EVER!!!! So sad they might have to part soon because of Big Bang’s Japan promotion and Solbi unnie just release a new album.

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People always say Baby is tempting nuna fans to do illegal things to him, but do you think he leave dongseng fans alone?? OF COURSE NOT. This boy is ASKING for it, he’s gonna get rape someday if he keep it up, nuna fans already love patting his butt, if he continue to be this adorable, god knows what can happen to him. Dae was tire during the performance, but when he hosting he seem so alive and cheerful, aawww.. Dae ah~ i love you so much for putting on a hyper face for us, but you really really need to get some rest.

This pic, I love his side profile, and the calves in his arm,, I love calves man, so that just hit the spot wit me, oversize coat…. look ESPECIALLY oversized on him

I like this one the best, the vest look 1 size too small for him, but he still manage to fit in it, I love his hair and the star on his eyes, I wanna see his whole face though

It’s every girls’ dream to have a shiny knight in armor…. how about this??? haha I really don’t get what’s on his head..

why does this look like woman clothing to me, what do you think? cuz it really does look like a rich old lady’s clothes

Bong’s leg look short in this picture… but oh so skinny, show his long torso… but short neck?? what?? and.. is that a unibrows??

Uh…. this outfit… look like my refridgerator

Hmm… what come to your mind when you look at this?

….cuz me… I don’t even know…

credit: DCGD

taken from: 하영배님.BigRoom@VIPZ

~ by Vicky on September 20, 2008.

214 Responses to “GDragon in Numero October Issue Scans | 092008 Big Bang on MBC Music Core”

  1. gaaah! so hot! ^_^

  2. hahahah…. WOW
    i love ji yong and all
    but that was NOT my cup of tea
    that was really… interesting
    lol, crazy little boy

  3. the second picture is my favorit XD

  4. Lita

    for magazine like this, their pictorial tend to be weird
    i’m sure this isn’t all Bong’s idea
    but this is kinda creepy

    i really like the pic with him the stars in his eye

  5. oh my gosh! now i know what comes to mind in that last picture! a pirate! ^_^’

  6. ummm…
    but i love it..

  7. very different but then again this magazine likes to be really different. not everyone can be out there like GD:)

  8. haha i laughed so hard when u was like this outfit look like my refrigerator..hahaha…
    all the pics are….very WEIRD..especially all the outfits =\
    but bong’s face is as cool and hot as ever
    yeah i like the 2nd pic too, cause it is the most un-weird one hahahaa…and the pic after that, the bong as a knight…is so so weird..haha..
    i admit, i don’t know ART

  9. maybe those were hair extensions? his hair really doesn’t look that long…
    i wanted to see some more revealing body pics! =(

  10. huongface

    he make it work

  11. newvip

    the EXACT same color as my fridge, my fridge is shiny too hahaha

    I’m worse than you haha
    I attend middle and high school of art, study it for around 4 years now.. and yet………….. I STILL DON’T GET IT.

  12. dubseeXvip

    yea i think those are extensions too
    his hair is short
    i was excited for this cuz i thought some skin will be shown… but he covered up EVERYTHING!!

  13. vicky

    hahahahah then yeah u’re more pathetic than me then 😛
    yeah but bong did make it work
    the whole thing is just so cool that i don’t get it T__T hahaha

  14. … im the only one who think he looks like a pirate in the last picture, aren’t i?

  15. newvip

    those pics i think are intend to make us confuse
    we have no choice but to go along and goes “ahh~… that’s cool”
    when we have no idea WTF it is hahaha
    that’s what art does, it’s itimidating
    trust me i know haha

    that’s how i am everytime we have a art critique in class, the teacher would be like “what do you think of this piece?” and i’ll be like “hhhmm…… i love it, it’s really cool” hHAHAHAHAH

    i know i know, how the heck didn’t i get kick out already? i don’t know either haha

  16. lol that pic also looks like my fridge 😛

  17. LMAOOO those pics gave me a good laugh.
    Oh GD.

  18. Wait, WTH. I thought calves were in your legs. =_=;

  19. Wow those are really high fashion photo’s!

  20. Wow, this is SO intense.
    He looks sexy…
    Arg, Jiyonggg.

  21. these pics are very out there but i think he looks cool, they were very surprising and not what i expected
    they kinda remind me of ‘Edward Scissor-hands’ lol, some of them have that creepy look

  22. DoRi

    i didn’t see it at firs
    but now you mention it…..
    the ropes totaly make it look like it

  23. Teda

    we must have the same fridge haha

  24. Ethrapt

    they are
    but those thing on ppl arm are similar to the calves in the legs too
    so that’s what i called them haha
    i love looking at them
    so freaking sexy

  25. zoby

    OMG!!! You are so righ!!!!!!
    THAT IS TOTALLY IT!!!!!!!!!
    that movie scare the life out of me though
    cuz i first saw it when i was like… 5 haha

  26. VICKY~
    haha thank god XD i felt really bad for not supporting GD fully on this one occasion, usually i’m always like YEAH~ KWON LEADAH~
    but yeah, the one with the star on his eye is the coolest for me, and i think his face is adorable in the one where its coverd by a net

  27. the pictures looks rather awkwardish weird o__o but that wont stop me from loving him!

  28. OMONA!
    i’m somehow disturbed by the clothes and the hair. (WTH, BRAIDS?!)
    but then i can’t stop spazzing about how F**KNG HOT HE IS.

    i think this photoshoot is based on different movies or random stories eh?
    1st – black red riding hood
    2nd – joker (love this one)
    3rd – gladiator
    4th – little mermaid? LOL. haha i love the net on him though. HOT.
    5th – my friend says he looks like SNOOP DOGG!? i dunno why.
    6th – tin man from wizard of oz. or he’s doing a refrigerator commercial.
    7th – medusa?! with all the braids.

    GAWD, i love jiyong. he looks completely breathtaking in everything he does.


  30. Lita

    haha the leader can’t always be perfect
    but we love him no matter what
    we learn to love him for his flaws hahaha

    though i’m sure this is not entirely Bong’s idea, which make me feel better ahahha

  31. asdfLove

    LOVE blind us fangirls

  32. gelatin

    I don’t see it but tell ur friend she’s funny hahah

    I feel the joker feel from that second pic too, so is the gladiator yea, red riding hood, i can see that also the tin man… more like fridge man haha.. but … mermaid… uh haha i have to rewatch that movie then haha

  33. Reina

    that make sense

  34. Bong’s 2nd and last pic are hot<3…but the other pics are way beyond o_o If Bong’s a comic character then those pics would be super cool XD (well, just an opinion from a manga lover LOL)

    About Baby, he’s gonna be LEGAL in less than 3 months (am i right?, i know notthing about Korean laws LOL), will that encourages nuna fans to hunt him down ?? =O
    *cough*imanunafantoo*cough* :X :X

  35. if your bbvipz acct is deleted, how did u get permission for the haru haru clip?

    it doesn’t change the fact that you getting it from another source allows you to reup it here. you have to ask bbvipz first, always, because they are the original source. & that’s how bbvipz wants it.

  36. i LOVE the last outfit..minus the hair please XD
    he’s HOT as always ^^
    i dont find the shots weird at fact, it looked kinda fun to me ^^ all the freaky clothes and makeup, imagining how much fun i’ll have.. XD
    p/s: in a way, its so GD, kyaaaa~

  37. Melly

    cuz even though new member can’t access TRAIN ST. room they can still send messages, 통키님, I ask her before to upload to her clip on my page before and she say it was fine.

    thanks for telling me
    I already sign up for level up since it’s saturday
    next time i need to know not to click buttons that look funny, so i don’t get deleted.

  38. Ili

    it doesn’t look fun to me…
    it look HOT.. haha like in temperature hot haha
    or maybe it’s just because i live in florida most of my life so i can’t stand seeing ppl wear stuff like that

  39. oh gosh…
    okay so kudos to GD for being almost the only one i know to be able to pull off these kinds of look….Numero knows how to pick their celeb models….its very very artistic and dark….reminds me of BB’s other fashion shoot with the butterflies (what happened to all the fun and happy photoshoots!?!?)..anywayz…something more to add to GD’s ‘of late’ serious nature….i miss the happy and fun pics they used to take where they actually smiled…anywayz im going to quit my i said before…only GD could do this and hands off to him for doing a great job

  40. ahhh omfg why is jiyongie soo skinny! LOL i want his legs…LDSJFLDSF

    thats some intense shoot…but hes still hot as helll!! 😀

  41. sweetsorrow

    I think like the image for this new album, they really wanna go for like a mature look so that’s why they’ve been doing all these photoshoots like this.
    i mean all the eye liners, fighting haha
    but i’m sure it’s not a pernament thing
    we will get to see some colorful pictures with smiley faces and butterflies soon enough kekekek

  42. xisharoroix

    most fangirls just want part of Bong’s body
    literally, for themselves haha

  43. TO all the BIg Bang fan
    Gosh when my friend told me that Big bang is gay i got mad and yell at him
    i ask him y did he say that
    then he told me Big Bang kiss in the haru haru MV
    so i slow…
    well to me it looks like G-dragon got too close to TOP and then TOP suddenly turn his face so his lipz kinda touch TOP’s but idk

  44. Dee Dee

    I rewatch the MV just to see if it’s true hahaha
    i rewind that part around 20 times
    and come up with an answer, they indeed didn’t
    cheek maybe~ but their lips never touched hahaha

  45. yeah i know i rewatch like 100 times tooo
    gosh i hate when people saying stuff not true about big bang
    but i know for sure the guys saying it just because they r jealous of big bang

  46. Dee Dee

    I’m sure they didn’t mean any harm by saying they’re gay or anything
    haah maybe that person just wanna make sure if it did or didn’t happen haha

  47. no im sure he is jealous cuz when i say his girlfriend likes G-dragon he got all mad -__-” come on G-DRAGOn! in Korea….omg

  48. Dee Dee

    They DO get so close.
    And in the video you post, it kinda looks like they brushed against eachother, but I watched it in HQ slowly in GOM and I changed my mind, they didn’t. xD

  49. lolz yeah they didn’t
    im happy =]
    at least i got the proof to go up to my friend’s face to yell at him AGAIN =]

  50. Dee Dee

    but he’s right for being jealous
    Bong is itimidating
    no guy can compare hahah

  51. Dee Dee

    haha yell at him again
    U GO GIRL!

  52. -some of the outfit looks pretty COOL like the second and the first picture…LOL i love the makeup! XD

    Why is it the only G-Dragon gets to wear those clothes and sexy makeup! I wanna see Baby and Tae yang in makeup! OHHH! TOP! haha
    and also DAE SUNG! obviously! XD


  53. Vi

    yes, he does look like a pirate. i wazs reading it, and i was like, ‘what does that remind me of?’ cuz it looked kinda familar or something… then it hit me! a pirate. like, the ropes and the shirt… theyre all so strange…

  54. vicky
    LOL. little mermaid.. NET = FISH = MERMAID?
    poink! wow, i feel like i’m saying some nonsense stuff here maybe bcause of the pics.

    i love how totally random the clothes and the hair are. ❤

    just noticed. the hand placements on the first pic is kinda awkward? the left is making a modified omona gesture. LOL. and the other is inserted somewhere.
    omona, here i go again.

  55. oumn wow stylish
    GD is soooo skinny!
    n HOTT lol

  56. I like the 2nd picture the best~ GOD, he’s hot. ^O^

  57. Love. Love. Loveee!
    It’s very different that’s why I like it so much.
    He always takes risks and that’s why he is so wanted/offered by many stylists, magazines, etc.
    You’re so hot GD!

    i think it look weird-ish
    but HOT at the same time!!!
    ahhh OMG G-DRAGON
    you are REALLY AMAZING
    and everything =]

  59. ~SuN-BlooM~

    YB, Tabi, and Bong already did solo magazine pictorial
    Dae and Baby are the only one that haven’t do a solo one yet
    hopefully in the future

  60. newvip

    well then i want this pirate to capture me hahaha

  61. gelatin

    no it’s more like those old woman in the olden days, when their husband die or something, they would attend the funeral wearing the net over their face like that
    that’s what i was thinking of

    the first pic, his hand haha, that’s his signature thing, doing that with his hand, so far from OMONA haha

  62. lol even though the outfits they made him wear are .. extremely odd and unlikely to be seen, gdragon still makes it looks hot :] if you look at the outfits first, then it’s weird. but if you switch your attention to gdragon’s face, then all the weirdness disappears and you’re left with this amazingly handsome guy who makes you go crazy :] i like the 2nd one with the red star around his eye though, it reminds me of the pictures when big bang first debuted and they wore face paint. and seungri had this white star around his eye too. GDRAGON IS LOVE<3
    the haru haru performance just gets better and better each time. i can’t take my eyes off of how irresistable gdragon looks. i can’t get enough of him and his voice, omgdragon his voice is so different from anyone else’s. it like stays in your mind and never leaves your thoughts. okay well maby just for me and some other people, but geeeez i love this guy so baddd!
    and i still miss their lie and last farewell performances. their songs are the type of songs that stay worth listening to forever, like you’ll never get tired of listening to it no matter how many times you’ve heard it. wow gdragon’s such a protege, he never fails to amaze me :]

  63. AHHH!!!SO HOT!!!
    The clothing is a little weird but Bong makes everything looks great!
    His hair at the last two pictures is SO COOL!!!
    He looks SO HOT!!!
    On the fifth picture [with the metal-looking shirt] his hair is AMAZING!!!
    I died when I watched the pictures!
    Everytime I think i can’t love him more, he shows me that i’m wrong [BIG TIME!!!]

  64. hahaha~ that gave me the laugh XD I like the 2nd one XD BONG WEE LOVE YOUUU!

  65. Whoaaaaa. I’m like speechless right now.
    I don’t even know what to make of these
    pictures. But um, yeah, I like his profile
    on the first pic and the one of him with
    the star is my choice as well.

  66. these pics are effin hot!
    but kinda weird but…sexy totally covers it 😀

  67. wow…he braided the little hair he has…….lol
    these pictures are…..interesting………
    that..silver shirt was kinda.something though….lol

  68. WHOAA. That’s.. different XD
    very high class

  69. the star one is pretty hot, and i liked the first two from that other post.
    but these other ones…
    oh… god. no.

  70. roro

    i feel the same
    though i like the first and second
    i think those pics are hot..
    the other ones are just too bizarre for me


  72. vicky
    uh yeah. i agree with you completely. hahahahah poor jiyong. he looks so silly i wish he would just take everything off. ^^

  73. wow. totally wasnt expecting this, but hey, its bong!
    you cant resist him, or his dark pictorials. XD

  74. roro

    haha u probably do’nt have to feel sorry for him
    someone this in this world will be artsy enough to understand these pics haha

  75. vicky
    probably. i bet he likes it a lot himself. but still, i’m sure he looks better nakee. 😀

  76. this scares me

  77. hmmm that “fridge” jacket looks like you can deflate it or something haha XD yeah i agree, pretty weird clothes :S whered the muscle go >.<

  78. Woa————looks…………well………really——-gay.

    GD seriously needs to find his own style-fast. Or else we´ll be seeing him wearing THIS stuff on the street!!

    I would much rather like to see TOP do this photoshoot.

  79. Wowwww!!! O.O hahaha for some reason the 3rd pic reminds me of this guy outfit


  80. our Jiyoung looks really girly in most of the photos due to the make up and fasion clothing.It’s pretty common to see boys showing their feminine side in high fashion magazines or photos.all in all, I love some of those photos.

  81. roro

    fangirls will die
    he should keep something to himself nao hhaha

    lololol XD back 2 the future, naiisu

  83. 4 words.
    oh my god, hot.

  84. vicky
    lol. that’s so true. but i’d much rather die from sexiness than see this.
    ugh i’ve seen edgy, and this isn’t it.
    this is just really ugly.
    sorry jiyong.

  85. the braids are cool but he leopard print tights got to go.

  86. roro

    high fashion is a bizzare world
    but some ppl love them to death, so i respect that, but with me i jsut don’t get it hahaha

    him with his signature TIGHTTTTTT pants and tshirt is good enough for me

  87. wait a sec– is that blood running down his face in that second picture? that looks…weird.

    I LOVE TAEYANG!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. i’m speechless. Bong really know how to make ppl speechless.
    WYF is that???!! that’s sure looks like refrigrator.
    i only raise my hand for 2nd pic.
    o don’t really understand this art. TOO DEEP, TOO COMPLEX

    WELL, WHAT A BIG CHEESE! hehehe… wanna eat one.
    poor Dae, hope he’ll get well soon.

  89. i told yall G Dragon is a mini Miyavi!!
    i think i like the pic with the red star over his eye the best

  90. the last one kinda reminds me of Cleopatra for somereason..maybe its the braids. lol..
    sorry if this is offensive ><
    but he looks hot either wayy!

  91. LOl on the thing abouut sengi getting raped. X]
    i hope they will be gentle with him. X]
    LOl .:]

  92. woah. these pictures are ULTRA MEGA WEIRD. if it was on somebody else i would probably say yuck *coz im not that artisticaly inteligent* but since its on jiyong…man. that makes it SO DARN HOT.

  93. roro
    omg, i don’t realize u’re already back with ur comment again^^
    hahaha.. how r u doing? already healthy?
    yup, i agree with u. Bong look better nakee.

  94. on the 3rd picture,(the thing on his head)looks like a c cup bra to
    2nd picture’s the best.looove the star on his eye.



  96. i laughed at some of these offense to him or his fans…but the clothing he wore made him look weired and funny..but the pictures are still hott!

  97. nya

    kekeke i know right???
    artsy people hahaa
    but i love love love the second picture with him and that star… pervy thoughts… hahaha

  98. melanie:]

    HAHAHA gentle????
    best thing to do is NOT to touch him hahaha
    he’s ILLEGAL!! haha

  99. nya

    u pervy fangirl
    thkning dirty thoughts about my husband haha

  100. sexYBeast

    C CUP BRA!!

  101. vicky
    please fix your grammer
    once or twice i guess it doesn’t really matter, but every single time?

    its kind of getting annoying

  102. ah! that picture of baby mc’ing is KILLING ME SOFTLY..
    omgg when i get to korea, hes totally getting molested..sorry bong opa, baby just stepped up to the plate!!

  103. i love gd’s picture with a star on his eye that is the best pic for me. i also like the one with the european style clothing. he looks like a hot vampire in that picture.

  104. it doesn’t look a refrigerator to me. i thought he looked like one of the characters in wizard of oz. 😉

  105. asdASasdasf

    this is how i am, I’m really really bad at grammar
    i can’t help it
    I’m sorry if it annoys you but I can’t do anything about it
    even my English teacher gave up on me

  106. vicky
    i TOTALLY AGREE. although i’ve seen a lot of high fashion stuff that i actually like. i don’t like though. o_o

  107. BBFTW.

    OH MY GAD!!!!!
    What are you gonna do now~

  108. vicky
    it’s better that thinking about refrigerator on ur hubby / other. hahaha…
    ppl in design major / art major sometimes weord. hahaha…

  109. nya

  110. nya
    btw yesss i’m good thanks. :]

  111. ktin7

    a lot of ppl been saying that too
    but it’s just that… that thing look JUST like MY refriagerator it’s hilarious
    I can’t even look at my fridge without cracking up now

  112. roro

    i’ve seen none
    probably maybe because i like simple stuff
    short and tanks are the best invention ever since fried chese haha

  113. nya

    you lost me hahaha

    what design ppl?

  114. vicky
    woops, i mean i don’t like THIS though. :]

  115. roro

    I’m tolerating because it is covering up Bong’s body… wait… hold up.. that doens’t make sense.. I was suppose to hate it right?

  116. roro
    hahahaha… i tought u r busy all this time.
    but still, vicky virus is alive deep inside u. hohoho…
    that ‘fufufu’ i bet ur thinking about dirty things. kekeke…

  117. vicky
    OMG… my typing skills are raalle bad. hahaha…
    well, sometimes i watch those designers artwork of their clocthes are weird. ~.~ can’t understand a bit.
    i think maybe only a few ppl who can uderstand that ‘art’

  118. vicky
    imma molest him..just you watch,
    i think im catching VVC.
    no!!! hahaa

  119. vicky

  120. nya
    how did you know. HAHA just kidding. ^^;;

  121. vicky
    the good thing is when you’re looking at your refrigerator, you still think of bong. LOL

  122. nya

    I’m sure ain’t one of them
    I’m surprised that I haven’t get kicked out of my art school yet
    how I manage to stay in for 4 years still amaze me
    this sophomore year will be my 5th already
    i realy don’t know how

  123. ish they look like the best MCs trio ever!
    i like the pic of three of them
    Dae and baby are awesomely cute and adorable!
    dae is so so cute >’3 but yeah why was he expressionless in haru haru performance but so alive while mc-ing? well…
    hahaa vicky..perhaps it’s just u who wanna rape baby hahaha
    even nuna like me have never thought of rapping him
    errr well, maybe a little bit of hugging will do
    HAHAHAHA i’m contradicting with my own arguments here

  124. BBFTW.

    you catch it A LONG time ago
    surprise you didnt notice hahah

    oh god Baby… even I can’t protect you anymore…

  125. roro

    that evil laugh doesn’t sound pleasant haha

  126. ktin7

    HAHAH good point
    I’m gonna hug my fridge everytime i see it now hahaha

  127. newvip

    haha well ur a saint nuna fans
    there’s some other nuna fans… uhh… yea hahahaha
    but ur right now.
    i want to do it more than anyone hahaha

  128. these types of shoots tend to be intriguing. shows what clothes can do to a person. idrk what to say. it’s just a very dark look.

    i like the red star one where his hair is really cool, makin me wanna touch/poke it, hehe ^__^ GD is Very Awesome. he takes cool pictures, no matter how “interesting” they seem 😀

  129. Omg, bong looked darn hot

  130. roro
    based at ur our leader, i know u’re thinking about it.
    hahahaha… kidding.
    i don’t think Bong’ll go from ur sight now he’s gaining his muscles.

  131. vicky
    eh??? ur majoring in art???
    swt wtf… i don’t even think ur a art student, kekeke…
    what major r u?

  132. Juz couldnt stay quiet, he’s very charming. Will NOT be shocked if he gets naked someday in da future…
    Lovin this irresistible guy so so much.

  133. nya

    hahaha you didn’t know?
    well cuz i haven’t say it a lot until this artsy photoshoot make me think haha

    yeah I’ve been attending art school ever since 6th grade, and I major in Visual Arts, which is drawing, patinting, sculpting… anything in that area, even do some architect and photography, I’m a sophomore right now so this is already my 5th year

  134. Someone

    that is very true
    I wouldn’t be surrprise when he goes all Harry Potter on us

  135. vicky
    wow… i wanna try to study art too, but here we don’t have art school. so that remain to be dream. kekeke…
    that must be really interesting, majoring in art.

  136. nya

    well everything just sorta happen so fast for me
    like i remember back in 5th grade, i didn’t even speak english at all, and i took art just for like a extra activiy class, and i remember drawing this rudolph for the christmas theme thing and after the teacher saw it she got me a paper to sign up for an audition, i went in and audition, and i got it a middle school of the art, I didn’t even know it’s a really serious art school until like… 2nd semester of my first year ahahaha
    everything just sorta flow by, I don’t really LOVE LOVE art, it double the stress and work from school, but I still attend so my parents would be happy since the school i’m going to right now is like the best out of florida. so it’s not really interesting for me since i don’t love it that much

  137. vicky
    in my case my mom is so freaking out with business.
    she make me enter business school.
    that’s so damn boring.
    marketing, accounting, budgeting, ethics, finance…
    all of it, i hate it the most!
    hah… wanna try art school.
    i love art, since i don’t think its related to match.
    if u’re in my position, i bet u’ll love art ^^

    i think i’m weird. lol.
    cos i love goth (and emo) stuff so..
    yeah i’ve seen worse than that o_o”
    the pictures are okay-looking to me XD!
    but yesss i love the star picture the most!
    ..these outfits actually kinda suit him yknow. LOL.

    vicky! do post HQ pics if you happen to find them!
    thank you! ^^

    i hope no one gets freaked out by my comment ㅡㅡ;

  139. holy…
    my computer has been messed up for like a week can’t believe all the stuff i missed
    GD looks different but still hot!
    and i don’t even know what to say i have missed so much stuff my comment would just get too long XD

  140. OMG so fkin artsy, but of course i just really really really do not understand modern art, modern architecture yeah but this…tsk tsk only 2 things popped in my head ‘Is G-D trying to make me fall in love with him again…AFTER i stopped’ and ‘FUCK HES SOOOO HOT’ xD ahahahha thts all that was in my mind i could say.

  141. vicky
    hmm don’t make it sound like you’re not the one who suggested it. :]

  142. nya
    puahaha. i’ve always liked him but he will never replace my lover. :3
    and yes he is gaining muscles which is HOT. but he is also wearing refrigerator outfits and eye makeup, which is NOT. T^T

  143. haha jiyongie is so so weird and tht makes him so so attractive =)

  144. OMG.
    it is sooooooooooo editorial! so vogue!
    it maybe be weird initially but STILL AWESOME.
    very jap inspired!

  145. vicky
    your prolly right, haa i was too busy having pervishh thoughts about my BABY!!
    this thoughts are killer. likes babys killer cuteness~~

  146. omagawd!!! de pics n de clothings are so weird..

  147. nya

    I like art too, but after a while of people making you do stuff it’s just tiring
    I mean I can do it if like I feel like it, but not when teacher make me do it for a grade, the feeling’s just not there, however, business school still sound worse than my school haha

  148. Pris Hyewon
    haha don’t worry
    I’ll make sure that I’ll post it

  149. roro

    me??? what?? where?? when??
    nooo…. hahaha

  150. BBFTW.

    Baby is in danger every day
    but no one seem to notice

  151. vicky
    haha dont worry, we wont kill him, just have our way with him!!
    he’s had it coming for 2 years now!

  152. BBFTW.

    killing him probably is better than what I imagine people can do… and THOSE are worse haha

    Baby please stop doing this!!
    I’m trying my best to protect but there’s limit to what I can do!! ~~~

  153. vicky
    oh lord, what are people imagining these days with out baby!?
    im watching baby on ‘coffee bangs five’ right now and hes sooo cute! he’d make a great waiter~

  154. I like the second photo.

  155. BBFTW.

    he just look LOVE LOVE LOVE in that uniform
    and that affair he had with husband $2 haha
    I’m willing to get it go

    “my yong tong”
    it’s every GRi fangirl dream come true

  156. vicky
    i know!!
    if only bonggie returned the favor instead of having a secret love affair with tabi.. hahahaa
    hmm what DOES jiyongie taste like….?

  157. WAJOOO =]

  158. i like the 2nd one ^^
    but gds style changed
    in these photos but still hot x)
    jst the hair is.. i ono >.> lools
    saranghye gd :]

  159. roro
    i can’t take refrigrator outfit too but i think that eye makeup is not that bad.
    still work on Bong. it make him look all gothica style.

    yup, thats right! eventough bong gaining his muscles, still i can’t let my eyes go from Tabi. fufufu…

  160. GD is SEXY~~~
    i don’t care if the concept of the photoshoot makes him look …unusual
    he’s HOT!!
    DAMN sexy LOL
    Big Bang fansite is so popular now hehe~~
    well this site is always popular
    but WOW
    each new topic all has over 100 comments~~ happy~~

  161. vicky
    business school is terrible!
    i prefer someone force me to draw or anything that force me to do all the numerical count.
    that chicken CF, i saw it in my ethic class.
    the lecturer want us to analyed why this company use this kind of CF, why is it related to their product, why they don’t use human instead of chicken.
    why, why & why. all we do is solve problem like that.
    totally boring.
    i wanna ask my lecturer “why u want us to do all this ‘why’ stuff?”

  162. G-Dragon looks hot

  163. i’m fainting..Ji Yong ar..sigh…i’m glad this is just a freaking photoshoot…if he does wear like this…it’s breaking my heart..i like him looking as normal as he could, bit frenzy and wacky is ok, but if he is doing it over the top..i’m gonna cry blood…and i mean it…still..sigh…i adore him..^^’

  164. woah! he looks so different! good different…I think it would look geeter if he still had that ’80’s hair….but thats just me

  165. BBFTW.

    I wonder about that question everyday…..
    hoping one day I would have an answer haha

  166. ncly
    hahah because of VVC member spamming nonstop hahah
    what can we do, we love to spazz

  167. nya

    wow…. you already scared me with all that stuff
    i probably would never go to a business school
    my parents was gonna make me go to one, cuz they say i’m good in math and i need to put it in good use
    but after i got into the art school they haven’t say anything about it anymore.
    so… whew.. thank god.

    so you’re still attending school? do you work also?

  168. arij

    Bong can never be normal
    he was born to be different than other, he’s the trend setter in korea right now
    but yea i would like him to be as close to normal as possible, nothing this crazy

  169. some of these pics are really strange-looking xD
    but i like the one with the star on his face =P

  170. If he didn’t have that weird hairdo in the last picture, then I’d love it =P
    But they are awesome. Very Different and almost like couture

  171. first pic looks like a vampire lols i like the one with the star on his face xDD

  172. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW… gd’s pics are a little weird but its soo him(; fashion in another defenition 😀 love love loves you jiyong!

  173. maknae ah~~~ ..ur sOOO in trouble!!!

    if u let ur guard down 4 just 1 bit ur dOne 4 baby maknae..hehe 🙂

    we’re d same age u C..sO its legal!!!haha…

    n’ of cOurse my 2nd husband Great-Dragon s OH sOOO sexy himself!!! *aHHHHHHHH~scream~* …

    this two r in danger!!!…hihihi…

    daesungi~~~ I miss Ur smile!!! im sOOO happy 2 C U smile again..i cant wait 2 C ur CATS musical!!!

    TOP n’ YB ~~~~~ 🙂 *ARRGGHHHH*

  174. vicky
    i bet he tastes really sweet and really hot!! hahahaha

  175. BBFTW.

    eeekke i’m more intested in the process of HOW i can know that hahaha

  176. OOoO weee
    i love the new banner
    u r awesome whoever made it =]

  177. My banner is being used. 😯


  178. that banner is soo cute!!! love the colors!

  179. the banner looks sooo freakin awesome!
    love your banner CherrylovesYB<3 :]

  180. Thank youuuuu


  181. CherrylovesYB<3

    that banner is so hot
    fit the whole theme too
    love it!! great job!!

  182. OH MY BIG BANG!
    i just learned that my aunt is going to korea this week to visit, and i think shes gonna get me some BIG BANG cd’s!!!!

    hopefully bahahaha. imma pray my ass off that she does~~~

  183. Thanks 😀

    You don’t even know how happy I am. lol

  184. BBFTW..

    uuuhh….. you bettuh call her and make sure she does
    don’t take a chance like that ahahah

  185. vicky

    ahh i know! i just thought of it just as my mom was leaving to go give my aunt some money, but my mom didnt take her fone with her ㅠ.ㅠ
    but the good thing is, is that she aint leaving till wednesday. muahhahahaa

  186. BBFTW.

    kekekeke evil laugh
    you better make sure she can get it for you
    don’t pass on an oportunity like this

  187. vicky
    really depends on what mood shes in..
    shes like that evil kind of aunt that hates everyone lol.
    but ill make her get it.. ill beg if i have to lol

  188. Vicky
    Yup, part time work in the morning n school in the evening. We have to study tax calculation too. That just give me DANG!!
    U should thank ur parents not sending u to business school.
    The only good thing is i have a good classmate, at least reduce my stress.
    Omg, my comp crash again! Make today worse

  189. BBFTW.

    aww.. i hate those kind of aunts
    I have like… 2 of those hahaha
    beg if you have to
    forget your dignity for the boys hahaha

  190. nya

    awwww.. no wonder i haven’t seen you at all today
    i was like “she left me?? oh no” hahaha

    i wanna work too, since i’m almost 16 and can start working now, but my parents won’t let me, they say it’ll interfere with my school work.
    …. what they don’t know is even wihtout a job I’ll still fail in school hahaha.
    straight Cs student hahahah

    friends are the best thing EVER
    and you still have this dongseng to make ur stress go away
    and replace it with pervy thoughts haha
    which is x1000000000000000000000 times better

  191. I am speechless on bong’s pix…I really love the preview pix…i think they wanted Bong to go “edgy”, as what the fashion world and such photoshoots say…hehehehe…it’s like pushing Bong to his limits on where he can pull off such looks.
    Well I can’t blame Bong for being a fashionista. and an edgy one at that. =)

  192. OH.EMM.GEE.
    SeungRi, you’re freaking cute.
    You’re face in the picture has me laughing so much, I almost peed on myself.
    And you’re ALL UP IN THE CAMERA’S face like whoa. Do that all the time, I think it’s cute. and sexy. Yes, very sexy. Keep it up.
    And Daesung…you make me laugh 24-7. You don’t need this fan to tell you something you already know.
    Ji Yong oppa, you’re hot. Straight up hot. And that star picture…I died. Just died.

  193. Jiyong really got good taste. He is so stylish. I love this picture collection and the style, it suits someone trendy like him…

    it’s exciting to see him coming up with suprises… always pleasant ones…

  194. OH MA G-D U R SOOO HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!


  196. vicky
    this dongseng is way much better that friend.kekeke…
    u’re like my source of BB, how could i left u??
    well, i’ll do that if i have no interest at BB again, but u know, i that day won’t come.
    i have Tabi fill all parts of my brain & body. and no one could replace him.

  197. nya

    aww… dongseng felt touched
    dirty dirty dirty unnie..
    fill…… body… those words… hmmmm….

  198. vicky
    ssstt… if u know what that mean, don’t speak it all loud!
    Roro would come to cacth me if i do that.
    & i can’t have my personal time with tabi again.
    so, stt… ^^

  199. nya

    hahaah i’m sure no one have enough time to stalk our conversation…

    your dirty dirty thoughts. is for my eyes only…. my poor little illegal eyes

  200. vicky
    hahaha… no antidote for me to cure this pervy.
    believe me.
    and i don’t think u can flee from this too. kekeke..

  201. Vicky

    I think I commented on this already but still…
    that picture of baby, dae, and solbi unnie…

    baby’s face. oh.emm.effing.gee.
    that’s a sexy face.

  202. nya

    why are you stating the freaking obvious???
    HAHAH i know that LOOONGGA AGO GURL~ ahahah

  203. lala

    they’re the best MCs I’ve seen
    if they stop MCing… I’ll cry

  204. wow. gdragon, sweetheart, why?
    i like the first one though. hah.

  205. vicky
    but still, i think u wanna flee from me.

  206. nya

    as in left?
    i would never leave u gurl

  207. vicky
    we need each other to spazz & spam all BB stuff.
    maybe we’ll made a perfect combi. hahaha…

  208. nya

    hahah we’re like.. partner in crime.. literally… always plot something up haha

  209. vicky
    kekeke… its natural for a fangirl who love their idol till the end of world.

  210. it’s STAED in our fangirl contract in black and white

    idk why we bother write ‘nya’ and ‘vicky’
    when it’s OBVIOUS
    we’re the only one here

  211. eh??
    i don’t even pay attantion to it. hahaha…
    kekekee… sometimes we do silly things.
    so there’s just us who make a lot of noise here??
    we should think of making a chat box. i just realize we’ve made the comment into 210. kekekeke…

  212. oh i hate chat box, or IMs… all those stuff
    idk why i just can’t get use to that
    you be typing one thing and before you know it the other person would type another thing off topic [and u know how we are with that]
    then the conversation would be just messed up

  213. HAHAHA… wow. really.
    i forgot that part. our way to change topis is too amazing, maybe chat box won’t fit us.
    i believe i’ll be the one who change most of the topic if we use chat box for our converstation.

  214. OMG i love every part of this…it’s so artistic! my favorite picture is the 4th one, it reflects the style of the medieval century in france and england. his top is like a princes’ outfit, only a little bit futuristic and less heavy.

    well actually the 1st photo; i believe; is inspired by count dracula, it’s as if the whole trench coat is the cape itself. i think it’s really nice. i wouldn’t mind having a garment like that.

    the 2nd photo…i think it’s just your typical punk rocker you see on the streets, only he shouts more because of his make up.

    3rd photo is a classic equestrian outfit!!!!! c’mon people can’t you see that?…equestrians are those people who goes into competitions riding horses. the only difference w/ this outfit is that the pants are baggy and the boots are different, even the hat he is using looks like a helmet of an equestrianist.

    the 5th one is a robot inspired with a twist of early 15th century outfit. nice.

    the 6th one is your typical thick woolen coat! that’s friggin’ GORGEOUS!!!!!

    and ofcorse the last one is your ordinary emo get up…the hair works once in a while,

    I LOVE THIS PHOTO SHOOT!!!!!!! GD looks excentric and gorgeous!

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