Big Bang on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate | 09.21.08 Family Outing

*****KyungBang: Haru Haru MV Parody | KYUNG BANG ‘SIT DOWN’ hahahah

WHOA! They went to the same place Bong and MinYong did their “flashback” scene, so I guess these boys live in Seoul too… that’s cool. I think these guys are from film school, since they have the props and the camera angle was done really well consider I think they were only using 1 camera. good job.

**EDIT: Big Bang: You Can Fly Preview

thanks to 옌쁘죵님

Big Bang perform at a University… for Women only… so lucky unnies… they get to see them perform… and more than that, there’s a lucky lady that get hugged by Tabi, look like Tabi’s the target for hugs these days. The pointing game with the yellow hands look like fun, this look all so excting!! Can’t Wait!! This episode of ‘You Can Fly’ will air on 09/26/08 at 7:00 PM [Korea Time] on Mnet.

You know what I REALLY REALLY want… that huge banner of the boys in the back, that would fit the wall in my room JUST FINE. I WANT IT!!

09.21.08 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
860 MB

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Credit to Ental and Cashewmania Clubbox

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They went to sleep at the latest that night, at like 1:40 AM and all of them have to wake up at 6:00 AM, only like 4 hours of sleep, everyone look dead tire, Dae was just WHOA! This is the worst Hair-Dae I’ve ever seen hahaha, but it’s so cute though, what’s more cute is Dae last week try to get a high rank, acting cute to a burden level, anybody saw it??? Oh! if you want to watch LAST WEEK episode WITH ENGLISH SUB, you can download it HERE. I already LMAO when I don’t understand it, and now that I did, i just have to ROFL… HARD… MANY TIMES. haha Any F.T Island fan here too? HongKi was also freaking cute, he also say in an interview that he and Dae get a long and are really good friend with each other, awww.. isn’t that cute? For Dae lovers.. now you can see what Dae will do for you when you’re sick, Hyori unnie got sick early that morning, Dae being the adorable dongseng he is, help make her feel better, it’s so sweet to see, as if they were real siblings. And let our Dae teach you how to NOT eat out of a big huge pot of boiling food, haha rule #1 try not to burn your neck. They went to where the ahjumma wearing taking care of their apple, and one of the ahjumma ask how old Dae is haha, so it’s either she’s hitting on him haha or she’s trying to hook him up with her daughter haha.

Big Bang on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate

This episode will air on 09/24 at 12:25 AM on SBS.

The boys record “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” again on 9/20, right after Music Core, and turns out No Brain was there too, so they probably perform Oh My Friend with them, yay!! another performance with the 2 of them. and thanks to gypsy_sonata and zeroseven_ for letting us know this, on KJE’s Chocolate, Bong mention that Haru Haru’s original title was ‘그럭저럭’ (One way or another). It was changed because Mr. YG suggested Haru Haru as a better choice.. hmm.. which one do you like better?? One way or another or Day by Day? I like the meaning of ‘One way or another’, it’s catchy when you say it in Korean too ‘Gu Rok Jo Rok’…but I like Haru Haru better and I think it is a better choice too, it’s also really catchy.

The pictures from the performances during the recording, they were wearing a hotpink theme clothes, I like it, especially Tabi and YB’s jacket…. well all of their clothes look good actually… dreammmyy… look down here, hehehehehe ToDae.. how long has it been since we saw this couple???? A LOOONGGG TIME.

credit: Newsen


~ by Vicky on September 21, 2008.

66 Responses to “Big Bang on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate | 09.21.08 Family Outing”


  2. wow im first TOP is freakin hott

  3. i think that top is looking at her boobs at the last bottom 3 pics

  4. please i wanna watch the video!

  5. sheivon

    hahaha nice observation and imagination haha
    but i don’t think so
    he was looking elsewhere into the audience hahah
    but that was funny though, so totaly make me go “WHAT” and have to go and check right away

  6. andika

    they only record it on saturday
    the show hasn’t been aired yet

  7. the host lady is looking at a camera while bb is singing?! if only i was that close.


    this is really cute..
    thanks for sharing vicky

  9. asha

    haha I’m sure she was taking picture of them
    hahaha she’s such a fangirl too
    taking secret fancams

  10. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    it’s loading but I’m already laughing my butt off at “KYUNG BANG SIT DOWN” hahaha

  11. OMG i cant wait to watch episode 14 haha its soo funny

  12. TOP looks soooo HOT!!!!
    OMG OMG OMG!!!
    I’m still trying to get used to the idea that I can see him again >.<
    anyways the first pic is my favorite TOP huggin DS and DSstaring at TY I wonder what they’re thinking…..

  13. they all look freakin sexyyyy!!!! aww todae and gdae and a lil bit of sundae :DD

  14. Wow! sing with No Brain again.

    Cute! ^^

  15. looks like the photog loves TOP the most! hehehe. it’s almost all him in these pix. =)
    Tabi seems to be the theme here…he hugs a girl, he hugs Dae, and he looks at the host’s chest *kiddiding*, and he’s in the center of most photos. hehehe.
    I love the pic where tabi hugged dae, dae was looking at YBae and YB was just laughin….I wonder why..Dae’s demonstrating “look at me gwisoon” cute. =)
    The boys look so hot here…thanks for the post vicky. =)

    Bong was caught off guard in the 3rd to the last pic. isn’t he cute?=)

  16. Kenley

    kekkee or maybe the dude who’s taking the picture for Newsen is on team TOP, it’s a logical explanation haha
    Tabi deserve the attention when he’s wearing his oh so hot clothes haha

    kekekek he remind me of the monkey king
    you know the “journey to the west” story??
    the one with the monkey with lots of power that help this monk on the way to the west? haha
    that’s what he mind me of

  17. gahh….both Seunghyuns are so effing hot dude. ♥
    i love them.
    at first, I thought that SeungRi was missing because I didn’t see him in any of the top pictures, then
    when I scrolled down; there he is!
    Him and Youngbae are matching. how hot is that?

  18. lala

    HAHA you just have to go and ask me that question huh? haha
    that’s for sure

  19. Vicky

    LOL. you know it!
    Man, big seunghyun looks so hot in his
    little see through glasses

  20. lala

    haha big seunghyun
    that’s the first time i ever heard someone call tabi that
    that’s cute big seunghyun and small seunghyun kekek

    he be working that shade
    make it look good

  21. if i go to korea…im gonna visit that spot where the flashback was..ohh that would be soo awesome ^^

  22. I like everything that Youngbae wears!!!!! =D

  23. TOP’s smile is to die for

  24. Oh nice. That parody was really good.
    Everything was on point. Props to them.
    Cool that they went to the same place
    for the flashback too.

    Ahhh and the lucky chicky who got a hug
    from TOP. That was cute though even if
    I’m like super jealous. xD

  25. wow the parody was so good =D they did everything like the MV!

    omg!omg!omg! so much TOP loveee <__<

  26. *claps hand* for the parody
    they’re really good~~
    at the same time i feel so heartbroken as my hubby hugged dae and then hugged another unknown lady T________T
    hahaha but he looked so dreamy and hot. killed me again. dang
    i like the pic of dae doing the look at me,gwisoon thing and bong laughing there covering his mouth AAHAHAHA. i just love 2 see bong laugh without reason wakakakaa~~
    omg i wanna download the family outing with subs so badly but but…i think my pc got no space anymore =(

  27. speaking of HONGKI from FT Island..
    did anybody actually realise that HONGKI and KIM JUNG EUN actually look VERY alike..?

  28. ahhh, I’m so glad they gave TOP back that haircut. ❤ he looks absolutely breath-taking with it. xD LOVE it.

    *sigh* he just looks too goo. x)

  29. newvip

    go check out the site, they have it on streaming video, you can wtatch it online too

    and Bong laughing at ANYTHING and NOTHING is always adorable haha

  30. MINisVIP

    uh…. no
    but then again i’m never good at these stuff haha

  31. TOPnotch.

    oh my god I KNOW!!
    i was jumping for joy when I first saw it

  32. OMG so hot xDDDD
    all of them look so hot ^^
    esp. gd and top xDD
    kyaaah saranghye ^^

  33. omg omg omg!
    my heart beat so fast now
    i want to be hug too
    ahh Tabi n his smileee
    lucky noonaa~


  35. love the first pix where Seung Hyun hugs damn sweet..=)

    LOVE YOU,,
    i have the glasses too <333

  37. TOP’s hair looks so cool!!!!!!! [steel prefer the last farewell days though]
    TOP HUGING Dae Sung…I’m so DAMN happy right now!
    Seung Ri smiles!!!his smile is KILLING ME!!!
    Tae Yang’s jucket suits him SO MUCH!!!
    Black and white are definetely his colors!!!
    GD and the fur…like a true superstar!!! [which is exceclly what he is!!!]
    Dae Sung doesn’t look so tired [he looks REALLY HOT!!!] but I know that he give all he got to make it look this way but I steel know that he also preforme with “Cat’s”…hope he won’t over do it…
    Big Bang are hot-looking as always!!! [and our lucky is that it will NEVER change!!!]
    It looks like Big Bang gave one AMAZING preformnece with No Brain!
    Can’t wait to see it!!!


  39. Vicky

    Yeah! I know that story. hehehe. Bong looks like him in that pic. or in that expression. nyahahaha. but still he’s too cute.

    TOP HUG a lady and he has fun noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kill me now i don’t want to live anymore

  41. aw!! that TODAE picture looks like ‘mm, YB hyung looks good..i wanna go to him!’ and TOPS all like ‘NO! i wont let you go daedae!!!’

  42. OMG i’m very very jealous of that girl who TOP hug. Grrr. Taeyang so SEXY!!!

  43. OMG!! TOP is SEXYYYYY also. hehe

  44. loozernout
    hehehe that just make me giggle like an idiot
    he make it work honey haha

  45. miroo4ka
    really? you like the pony tail?
    kkee it makes him look cute

    and yes we are very lucky

  46. Kenley
    that monkey use to be my biggest crush
    when i was little i told my parents i’m gonna marry that monkey and have a whole bunch of monkey kids
    haha seriously
    so having Bong looking like him is an awsome bonus haha

  47. top’s princess
    awww… calm down breath~
    it’s okay

    the parody was Oh MY GOSH AMAZING!!!!!!!
    i fricken scearmed! when i saw the You Can Fly preiew
    They are sooo lucky! grr. Big Bang it HOT!
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg

  49. omggg.. that was soo alike =)
    they did a great job :DD
    and the guy who plays GD sorta looks like seungri.
    i mean
    tiny bit
    of course seungri is so much cuter and stuff.
    but yea =)

  50. T.O.P IS SOOOOOO H.O.T especially in the picture with his arms around Dae Sung… so cute!

  51. awww.. my man looks so cute in the 6th pic fron first!
    aaawwwnn… i think i could die coz of that… drooling~~~
    & why in the 6th last pic, my man looks like he’s staring at that MC boobs??
    OMG… someone tell me that i’m wrong!!

  52. nya

    he was like “look!! a flying yangeng!!” hahahah
    i was laughing my butt off when is aw that pic too

    nah~ he wasn’t looking at her boobs
    i’m sure, it was at the wrong angle.
    he probably look to see if the flying yangeng is still there hahah

  53. vicky
    flying yanggaeng? HAHAHA…
    OMG! flying yanggaeng… kekeke…
    hohoho.. inope he’s not looking at that.
    he better look at flying yanggaeng & go to cacth it! HAHAHA…

  54. nya

    remember, Tabi have a mental age of 3
    so haha he probably think those ‘ehm’ are gross heheheh

  55. vicky
    u forgot that he’s a pervy inside??
    kekeke… he won’t think that as gross.

    that pervy face he have when he being groped. i still can’t forget it till today.

  56. nya

    but that’s Bong though
    Bong can make anyone feel weak in the knee
    so you can’t blame Tabi hahah

  57. vicky
    hahahaha.. yeah, Bong could make everything work on him.
    but still, i believe Tabi is pervy inside.
    he watch porn on his 5th grade of elementry!
    no male in this world are not pervy. i believe all male is pervy.
    except priest. they can’t go pervy. kekeke…

  58. VICKY

    Yes…yes he does. those goggle/glasses are so hot. man…i want some. badly now. i can just go take some from my lab! ^.^

    LOL. you haven’t heard anyone really say that before?
    aww…big seunghyun=tabi oppa=love.

  59. nya

    well every human being have this amazing thing call hormone hahaha
    so i can’t blame them kekeke
    but i don’t think he think about it too much

  60. lala

    if Einstein look that hot in goggles then maybe we will start pay attention in science hahaha

    i haven’t actually
    only Tabi…. TOP.. never big seunghyun hahah

  61. vicky
    hahaha… but at least he do think about it & thats make him no innocent at all.
    he just as guilty as us. kekeke…


  63. NO BASHING ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    head to toe bby. ;]

    the others look haaawt too.
    as usual. as always.

    fricken bigbang!
    aww dae&top ❤

  65. OMG X]
    my favorite :]
    hahaha .
    daesung looks evil xD
    hes like to Taeyang,
    ‘hes all mine’ xDD

  66. Vicky

    LOL. idk about that. you can start on that. now if TOP were to teach it, i’d bring a secret camera and take stalker pictures of him. LOL. yeah, i WOULD go that far for him.

    well, I guess you might hear, or read, me say it a lot now. i haven’t said it before until now. i started calling TOP seunghyun and seungri seunghyun…so i have to label them. LOL.

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