Stand Up # 1 on Thai Chart

Big Bang ‘Stand Up’ #1 on Thailand music chart in just 1 week into release

Idol group Big Bang has won the #1 spot on One of Thailand’s best record store chart ‘B2S Top 20′.

Big Bang released their 3rd minialbum on 8th August ‘Stand Up’, even though the album was recorded in Korean, it still proves to be popular in Thailand.

The album was #1 on ‘B2S Top 20′ for the 2nd week of September (8th -14th September), going up to the #1 spot on the international chart just 1 week into its release, rising above some of the famous international artistes like Madonna and Mariah Carey.

Not only this, Big Bang’s ‘GREAT’ concert live album and ‘Always’ minialbum released last year were at 12th and 14th position respectively. Even though ‘Always’ was released in Thailand only last November, it became popular very quickly.

Big Bang’s 3rd minialbum sales have gone over 140,000 copies and 20,000 copies are in the process of preordering.  Also the minialbum’s title track ‘Haru Haru’ stands strong on #1 position for the 5th consecutive week on various music charts.

Translated by: sookyeong.wp


~ by Momo on September 21, 2008.

14 Responses to “Stand Up # 1 on Thai Chart”

  1. gaah! on the thai chart too?! they are so awsum! ^_^

  2. haha

    I bought it at B2S,too 🙂

    I alway waiting for BB in thailand 🙂

  3. Yay. Whew. Stand Up is #1 in Thailand.
    Congrats guys.

  4. my wish is for big bang to be #1 in canadaaa =)
    then they’d play it on the radio for sure!! xD

  5. woot woot go big bang!!

  6. yayy! BB is always #1!!! 😉

  7. Doesn´t seem like such a big deal, considering the Thais taste in music…

  8. aww, i’m ever so proud. this is good news. ^_^ BB fighting!!! 🙂

  9. I knew they will be #1!!!
    Their songs are AMAZING that it’s impossible for them not being on #1 in any chart!!!
    So proud of you boys!!!

  10. heck yes! BB is seriously popular everywhere!!

  11. Yay!!!!
    CONGRATS! damns they are SOO Amazing!

  12. Hey! it’s popular in laos too!!! Been No.1 chart on so many radio’s and so many times!!!!! LAOS LOVES BIGBANG TOO NOT JUST THAILAND!!! =_=

  13. yaay

  14. Stop being a shit everyone!!

    Thai has the right in music.

    and your not even asian :,(
    so stop saying witch of us has the right in music
    Because that just sucks
    thats sad! From: Japan girl

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