09.22.08 MBC Come to Play: Big Bang Special

***EDIT: Arirang finally did a ‘Behind the Scene’ for Haru Haru, FINALLY! Something we can understand, they were so hungry while shooting, all they wanted was lunch, it’s so cute!! So the shoot continue nonstop througout 2 days, the reason why Baby show his dark circles was because that day, they stayed up all night recording and the part where Baby was talking to the camera was almost at the end of the shoot at 6 AM. awww… poor boys, no wonder those dark circles were so heavy.

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09.22.08 MBC Come to Play
Big Bang Special
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Tabi was so cute when he did his little introduction, he was using his soft voice, make me go ‘awwww~’ After YB and Dae did their intro, the host compare YB’s eye smile to a puppy.. which I think is just EXACTLY right… YB is even more cuter than the puppy. They were talking about Bong’s hairstyle and MC Yoo was like I could work something like that… and they show us a PSed picture of him with Bong’s head… hahah U-Dragon. The Dumb and Dumber brothers are together once again but as the nation’s best idol and the nation’s best MC, not as the two dumb hyungs haha, but they’re still cute as heck. They also talk about Baby’s Sonagi musical and I don’t know what MC Yoo say about Baby but his smile… take my breath away. THEN!!! They bring up the old story, about how Bong talk about Baby’s modeling skills the last time he was there, I’m looking forward for his ‘demonstration’. They even talk about how Park Tae Hwan, the one who bring Korea the gold medal in swimming, is Tabi’s classmate in college, and how he’s a fan of Big Bang too. Kim Shin Young is Dae’s fan hahaha, she love ‘Look at me, GwiSoon’ so of course he have the dance hahah, eveyone got so hyped up from the song, Bong is always embarassed whenever this song is being sang hahaha, love his reaction.


YB dance to ‘Only Look at me’ ….. dude…. I…. what…. yea I can’t think straight… I never notice this before… but did you notice how skinny his leg is?? Dang… hahah .. No Hong Chul is like famous for trying to dance YB’s song many time haha so he just HAVE to demontrate hahah when Kim Won Hee unnie join him… holy crap.. haha LOOK AT YB’S ADORABLE FACE when he was pointing at them, he look like a kid that want their parents to buy them candy. Dae sing a song from his musical, it sound really good, I wanna watch the musical now. Baby react a part in Sonagi with Na Young, he’s so cute, then he sing a line from my fave song in the musical ‘꽃씨가 되어’ ah~ I love it, the way he pronounce “Gyu” was too adorable for words.

During the member ranking part, Bong give Tabi #4… in what? I really need translation on what the question is, I like the part where Tabi hug Bong… aww… then they talk about YB, when Won Hee unnie found out his real name is YoungBae, she was like “YoungBae ah~” then also about how he was child actor, Baby was ranked #2 then they talk something about his hometown “GwangJoo”… hmm.. wonder what.. he also say something about DBSK’s Yunho too, maybe something about Yunho from the same town as him? I’m not sure. Dae was ranked #1…. on what? I really need to know what was the question. Then Tabi say something about Dae’s expression whenever food is mentioned, that signature smile, haha it was hilarious, Tabi try to imitate Dae, MC Yoo was like ‘that is true” haha the DUMB and DUMBER hyungs know each other too well.

Then it comes, the member talk about Baby’s habit of always fixing his sideburn haha, Bong’s demonstration was just freaking cute and haha, then Baby of course have to explain himself and do it the right away, cute as HECK!! SeungRi seem like the target for all the hyungs to talk about haha, apparently, Baby’s little maknae world is a very interesting topic haha

Tabi’s little PEACE thing with his body was hilarious ahaha , then Dae did the head thing…awww… so cute, then the thing that EVERYONE wants to see, Tabi imitate Yoon Moon Shin, MC Yoo saw that imitation about 100 times already haha but guess it doesn’t get old. Baby show something new today, his little ‘KA JA’ imitation, that voice doesn’t sound like him at all, I’m surprised, he did a really good job haha ‘Ka Ja~’ YB’s ranking part was hilarious, Bong was speechless during the end when YB talk about him, poor Bong just look like he want to crawl under a hole already. It’s freaking hilarious watching his expressions

When it’s time for Baby’s rank, I don’t know what the topic is but they have every member do a wink, and… LORD AM I IN HEAVEN…. Bong’s wink was the cutest for me but I also LOOVVEE Tabi’s adorableness when he did that … AH!! But of course.. NO ONE CAN BEAT BABY WHEN IT COMES TO CUTENESS.

Then they went back to the photoshoot poses topic, how Bong say Baby always did that hand gesture thing haha, those flashback make me LOL hard. Bong just enjoy talking about Baby behind his back too much haha, this time, Baby is getting revenge haha, Baby did his demonstration.. with the hand and the side profile… that’s hot~ Now I know why Baby and Bong are sitting opposite from each other… so they can do this, haha words fight!

I always want this day to happen, the day Eun Ji Won and Baby would face each other, because they both have natural dark circle that just won’t go away haha Baby talked about back in the day when he was fighting for his spot on Big Bang, watching that clip make me cry… Baby have improve so much ever since debut, I’m so proud of him, Baby ah~ that’s why I love you and have to kidnap you one day.

Surprisingly, YB is the one that crack eveyone up the most today, I thought he wouldn’t fit for variety show since he’s so shy and quiet, and always careful with what he says, but he was so comfortable and everything he say make eveyone laugh like crazy.

While Baby and Dae were talking about I think experience about becoming a singer, Tabi look like he’s trying hard to hold in his tears…aww… I have no idea what they’re saying but yet I’m sitting here tearing up.

Baby sing my favorite song!!!!!! oh my god, the song by Lee Seung Gi ‘Nuna is my woman’ AHHH!!!!! FANGIRL HEAVEN!!!

During the last scene where I think they’re sending a message to the future themselves, Bong and Tabi look like they’re gonna cry, it’s so sad to see, though I’m sure it’s nothing bad but it just doens’t feel right to see them teary.. Baby’s message leave everyone cracking up like crazy haha, good job SeungRi ah~

Too bad they didn’t show the arm wrestling part. I was so looking forward to it, but good thing they show us some pictures, I’m sure Dae and YB have no problem beating the dudes, Tabi too, but Bong and Baby…. hmmmmmmm…~~~~~ judge on these pictures, what do you think?

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~ by Vicky on September 22, 2008.

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  1. nicee

    Can we expect subs anytime soon?

  2. LaBunda

    If i can find someone who is willing to translate for me
    I’m willing to do all the timing, but so far all my korean friends are busy with their own things so… i don’t know

  3. ahhhh thank youu sooo muchh vickyy!

  4. GD,has kiss me and i’ll break your heart shirt.lol- he seems like a heartbreaker. and top has uhm jung on his shirt! so cute for supporting her.love them!

  5. Vicky,their seems to be something wrong with part 1.

  6. YB’s like ” Ehh no problem ” with the arm wrestling. LOL

    His sessayyy arsee. 😮 😀

    Something’s wrong with part 1. 😦

  7. asha

    as much sad as it is
    that shirt seem to fit his personality
    high self esteem person

  8. asha

    MF is doing it again
    darn them
    I’ll upload it on USAUpload for you guys
    just wait a bit
    download the other parts first

  9. Oh gosh, the pics are so cute!
    And thank god for Airiang for English narrators! =)

  10. CherrylovesYB<3

    no surprise coming fromt he muscle man

    I’ll reupload it for you guys

  11. I was just checking these out at one of the LJ communities.
    These boys are just too gorgeous and hardly ever [if ever]
    take a horrible picture.

    Subs would be nice, but I understand that everyone is busy.
    So until that time, I’ll just enjoy staring at their
    beautiful faces as they talk. ^__^

  12. omfg haha taeyang and daesung smile kills me

  13. they all look madd hot especially TOP.<3
    file .OO1 cant be dl. can u reupload it. thanks (=

  14. LMAO GD and ri was so funny. GD asked ri where he got that hoodie from and he said i took it from u. then gd likes u took my hoodie. and ri was like we can share. something like that idk hahaha

    one of the question was who farts the most?

    and GD said I’m sorry YB. its YB lmao

    omg YBaby u gas turtle. :p

    and yb u r so mean. he said that he thought yg picked dae cuz he smiled a lot something like that

    i got all this from grace

    i cnat wait for subs

  15. we`ll wait patiently for subs!!! They all look great.

  16. oh,okay.thanks vicky.

  17. iREANiE and those of you who can’t download 001


    one picture it’ll be like HUGE
    and one… a stick haha

  19. Daisy

    farts a lot???
    so Bong is saying he fart the least
    wow… ahahah

  20. aweee babyy.. ur pics look so goodd..
    i wish i could watch it tho.. UGH
    i wish i knew korean T______________T”

  21. lmao >_< i actually read everything you wrote xD
    hahah ,seungri so adorable!
    tae yang’s laugh makes me melt inside xD
    i just love looking at him xD

  22. Ana

    The thing is I’m not sure it’s gonna get subbed at all
    hopeuflly someone does
    or if anyone know any Big Bang luver who can speak and understand korean, please let them contact me at


    so we can work together on subbing this video

  23. kohjidmal

    that’s a lot of reading

    do you agree on most part?
    I’m really curious about that when somone read my spazzessay.

  24. hmm. SR & his sideburns x]
    cant wait for the subs =]
    thanks a bunch vicky xD

  25. LMAO she said “Japaneseey”

  26. OMG! they all so soooooo cute!
    i wanna watch it with eng subs…hopefully someone will sub it soon, i would really appreciate that.

  27. gen.

    I think you guys misunderstood me
    I say I’m willing to sub it
    if there is a translator
    but so far no one has willing to translate the show yet
    I don’t speak korean so I won’t be able to do it
    I would willing to timed the video for the sub though

    so as of right now
    I don’t think a subbed version of this video will be available unless i can find someone who willing to work with me

  28. zoie

    kekeke i know!!
    i can’t believe she say that
    what is “japaneseey”
    that is funny

  29. i havent watched the BigBang special variety yet..but the way u described it already made me cry TT_TT

  30. i hope someone will sub it soon! i want to watch it and understand what they’re saying =(

  31. this has nothing to do w/ this topic but….

    OMGSHHHHHHH! im sry but idk if u saw this yet but its kinda scaring me!!!!!!!

  32. and this

  33. theres also more if u look at the youtubers profile

  34. nice they look fine!!
    can’t wait to finish downloading!!!

  35. omg YB…u seriously kill me with ur cuteness and they compared him to a puppy..awww he’s even cuter than a puppy, but yes i definately see the little squinty eyes when he does his killer smile…glad to see he was so open on this show..

    ~im sure therealiVIPsubs will look into subbing this =)

  36. i wanna watch the video with subs

  37. iVIP_me

    no it was cute and hilarious most of the part
    but just at the end where they all gather around and talk
    and share their thoughts about how hard it is to get where they are today
    that part was touching

  38. flowtracey

    yea i saw that
    it was part of Big Bang special on MADAM B a while back

    freaking awsome huh?
    i remember the first time saw it was like ~… dazed… haah

  39. sweetsorrow

    oh my god i know!!
    sorry puppy, ur amazingly cute, but YB beat u

    I think they will too
    but I do know that they have a lot of projects going on so they will be busy most of the time,
    just hopefully they’ll sub it

  40. @Vicky
    yea it kinda freaked me out ._.

  41. Vicky
    ~yeah there are alot of projects right now, but the main issue is we dont have alot of translators on board…which makes it hard to get these projects even started
    ~mayb u can post a note for anyone interested in translating this (or even getting in touch with therealiViPsubs?)

  42. Come To Play was just sweeeeet!!!! As expected they were lmao funny. TOP didn’t say much or they cut out a lot of his parts. They cut his ranking part. Boo I wanted to see what the question was. Two words “SR Special.” Not that I’m complaining.

    YB always said he wasn’t cut out for variety, but boy you was killing me. Your smiling eyes are irresistible, plus you are actually funny. What can I say…you are perfect in my eyes.

  43. flowtracey


    in a good way or a bad way?

  44. sweetsorrow

    yea, and therealiVIPSUbs are always amazing, so I can tell they put a lot of work and thoughts into it.
    I should.

    let’s go and edit

  45. circustricks03

    it DOES feel like a SeungRi special
    and I was really surprised.
    out of the 5 members, YB and Baby are the two member that appear on variety the least, this is only YB’s like second time and Baby’s 4th, so seeing these 2 cracking ppl up every 2 minutes
    I think they need to appear on variety show more… maybe join Family Outing with Dae??…. IT’S POSSIBLE!!

  46. I saw this pics this morning in YG world blig and i notice really TOP’s shirt..it’s UHM JUNG HWA right? i saw her picture like this before..i think…
    damn i love them so much now!!!!!

  47. vicky
    i can’t believe i missed so much news in just one day!

    they all look so cuteee… what a cutey boy.
    my man, whats with that red pants? & UJH shirt?
    hahaha.. he suppurt nuna to the end.

    & OMG! i notice it gurl, baby’s gun!
    he looks so macho but in the next pic, his guns just dissapear. hahaha…
    i’ll watc it now on youtube^^

  48. is that girl from KARA? or another girl band? i think i saw her somewhere if she is from KARA then DAESUNG is in danger..huhuhu!

  49. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    when i first saw the preview i thought he was wearing the shirt bong wear during the “BASKIN ROBBIN” CF

  50. nya

    haha shhhh.. this is a secret
    i was bias
    if it wasn’t for you
    i wouldn’t upload it on youtube
    i know you can’t download and i was like, CRAP! Tabi is too cute in here, [his wink is just.. DANG!!] how can i not let nya unnie see this
    so that’s why I cut and upload it
    you should feel special gurrl heheheh

    Tabi was surprisingly quiet througout the whole thing
    but at the end, where he just sit there and listen to what Dae and Baby have to say, he was trying so hard to hold back his tears it’s almost painful to watch, actually make me cry watching him holding back his tears

    I was laughing MY BUTT OFF
    when I saw what MBC did to Baby’s picture haha
    they photoshopped those guns in there
    it’s freaking hilarious

  51. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    i’m not too sure
    since i only know Kara’s 2 new member
    but she look really unfamiliar
    so i don’t think so

    why would dae be in danger? haha

  52. vicky
    hahaha… wanna hug u now gurl ^^ *hugs*
    i watch it, but still, in a process. kekeke…

  53. ahhh y babyGD??? babyGD’s shirt says “KISS ME AND I’LL BREAK YOUR HEART” .. 😦 ..hehe…i dont mind!!!

    MAKNAE Ur CUTENESS reaLLy geTTin’ in My NERVES!!! U bEttER b prepared when i kidnap U..its gonna B NINJA style^_^!!! haha…

  54. thats so cute, top is wearing an uhm jung hwa shirt.

  55. nya

    it’s still loading???
    well it’s like 11:42 right now
    I was suppose to be deep asleep 1 hour ago hahaha
    i have school tomorrow so

    so sad i can’t spazz about it with you tonight
    while i’m gone
    list every freakinc cute detail you think worth mentioning [there will be TONS gurls]
    then we’ll have 2 freaking essays for this hahahah

  56. J-G-RILEEN

    I don’t blame you
    Baby is asking for it

  57. vicky
    hohoho… u better go to sleep.
    good thing i have no part time work for today.

    we’ll have special essay tomorrow. kekeke…

  58. nya

    we’ll look like two idiots who write essay for nothing ahahah
    if only we can use it for good like… school haha
    ain’t gonna happen!

  59. vicky one KARA member likes daesung remember?
    or maybe she is from seeya or brown eyed ….
    anyway the shirt ah in baskin robbins. ah maybe…
    now i remember. but i still think it’s uhm jung hwa…i saw
    some of her photos like that..but m not sure..hehehehe!!

  60. vicky
    if u want me to do essay for school stuff, that wont happen.
    u know how boring my school is.

    we have to write essay on aou marketing subject last semester as our final report.
    and i have to spend like a month to type it.
    but still, i don’t think my report is longer that our daily essay

  61. Vicky

    These pictures are hot. Like, freakin hot.
    I caught myself staring at Big Seunghyun. And I
    don’t like him like that. Is it just me
    or has his wardrobe make him look more attractive
    or noticeable? Cuz damn he looks sooo fine! ♥

  62. ahaha it seemed like seungri talked the mostt =)
    omfg I cracked up laughing at the end when seungri’s talking to himself in the future =DDD
    seungri was soo adorable in this, <33333 that kid cannot keep his mouth shut, can he? 😉

  63. sushii

    LOL. knowing that Baby is the one talking…
    Lord knows.

  64. I hope to see this subbed! Thanks for those who’s subbing ❤ Looking forward!!! ❤ :))

  65. wow vicky…you wrote a hell of a lot O.O
    lol but yea hoping for subs though ^^

  66. i’m so glad for arirang tv:O)

  67. I love MBC COme to Play!
    I love how they are just relax and talks about Big Bang members…it makes me jump out of seat every single time I see the hyungs laughed at Dae + SR’s comment…I really really wanted to know what they are saying…It’s totally SEUNGRI talked throughout the whole show! GD’s cracking up is so adorable!

    I was soooo surprised at TY though, he seemed rather so relax! And it’s only his second time on a variety show! Maybe b/c SR was by his side…LOL! Daesung seems sick cuz he kept on coughing while TOp remains silent throughout the whole time for some reason…Anyways, hopefully someone will sub this sooN! or translate it, that would be soooo COOL!

  68. OMG thanx so much for sharing d vids&pix! Totally made my day. definitely wat i needed 2 recharge myself from skool stuffs. OMG i totally died on d winking part. Dey’re so adorable omg. Wel like everyone sed, im also hoping for sub. So curious wat dey’re saying =>

  69. vicky
    omg…. thanks u upload it on youtube.
    if u dind’t do that, i can’t see Tabi’s wink.
    u should see when when tabi’s wink, i was like…
    “ahh~~~ oppa~~~ don’t do this to me~~~ i’ll faint”

    Tabi’s introduction just too… aaaww… cute!!!
    hah… i need to control myself everytime i talk about my man. calm down, calm down…

    YB’s eyes and a puppy, its exactly the same! so cute, there’s cuteness oveload it this vid.
    & bong’s hairstyle for the MC, i was went “BUHAHA” when i saw it. freaking funny. kekekeke…
    “look at me Gwiison” kekeke… Bong expression is priceless! too cute! he got so embarassed, hahaha… they all go hyper up when Dae sang the song.
    the way NHC do YB’s dance was so freaking hilarious. i laugh all the time & can’t help myself to repeat & repeat it again.
    baby with his ‘gyu’, aww, make me want to say ‘gyu’ too. GYU!!
    yeah, i also curious in the ranking Bong give to Tabi. no4, of what?? (my man these days just too into hugging, all he done is hug anyone. he should hug me tough, make me jealous)
    the peace that Tabi do! gahhh!!! i don’t think i can control myself anymore! i think i could just fly to korea to make him as my hubby.

    all the words battle they done. kekeke… baby & Dae is the target. the other members just don’t want to lose the change. hahaha… they messing around too much. (thats make them more adorable & let us fangirls sitting there all day just to see their face expressions altough we don’t understand every little bit)

    i don’t understand the whole vid, but still, i laugh like crazy. damn, these boys are all dorky.

  70. I´ve always liked those hosts!

    And I very much like TOPs hair DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.

  71. VICKY

    Brilliant post.—&— Awesome summary hon. u dont understand how appreciative we all are.

    Once again hon, a thousand thanks!


  72. ahhhh come to play was awesome!! funniest thing ever~
    thanks for youtube version vicky!

  73. I love GD’s shirt omg..
    Kill me and I’ll break your heart!!
    it’s so cool T__T
    but YB wins haha..he is extremely cute. i love his smile!

  74. Lol…
    The guy challenging Seung Ri is like laughing and smiling
    and it looks like Seung Ri’s about to die

  75. Lol…
    The guy challenging Seung Ri is like laughing and smiling
    and it looks like Seung Ri’s about to injur something

  76. everytime yb smiles his eyes drops. so cute xp

    ahahahahah yea yb oppa rlly losen up and that’s wundafullll
    still, i wudn’t mind if he stays shy and cute as he always was eheheheheheheheeeeeeeeeee

    THANK YOU!! =]
    Lols uhh the pictures doesn’t work…. =(
    but oh my goshhh I LOVE BIG BANG
    awww it’s sad that they didn’t get enough sleep

  78. thank you so much vicky!!
    you’re the best and i’m grateful that you are able to share the videos with the other VIPs..thank you so much!
    oh yea,if you finally have the videos subbed,can you please inform me(thru my email)?
    is it possible of you to upload it at youtube?
    once again thank you so much..

  79. omg *-*

    im going 2 help u kidnap baby =D yay!!!

    BB rocks!!

  80. hi everyone, first time commenting here. Can’t help to point this out: in part 1 – 3, TOP’s second button keep getting loose, and tada… you have a sneak peek of his chest hahaha maybe that’s why Lala found his wardrobe noticeable this time? omg, i sound like a perv hehehe. Vicky, thanks for sharing the show!

  81. Hi Vicky, I have read your new entries of Big Bang for a long time. I must say I really really appricate your efforts, because Big Bang is also my love, my air, my…And you know what I’m really really happy because you are Vietnamese too, but unfortunately you are living in US, quite far from me, I’m living in Vietnam. I have tried to download all posted videos at your blog, however some of them can’t be opened :((( I don’t know why, will you come to Vietnam some days ???

  82. I swear Baby is like the cutest human being in the universe…LOL…
    The part where he imitated the teacher from The Legend sounds exactly just like him. I was surprise 0_0. It sounded identical

  83. awesome post vicky, your the best ^_^

    i just wonder if there are any fanboys posting as well. i hope i’m not the only one haha.

  84. hey vicky,

    can we try asking yonnie to do the subs? i know she subbed a lot of bb vids before. hehe

  85. TOP&YB’sGiRL : No it’s not the girl from Kara. I think you’re confusing Kang Ji Young (Kara) with that girl (Jung Si-ah). I think that girl is one of the girls from Infinity Girls.

    Yes, it is Uhm Jung Hwa on TOP’s shirt. LOL…I didn’t even notice that until someone mentioned it.

    taeyang is so adorable with his smile (=
    i must admit, daesung looks hott in that pimp hat 8)
    i want subs !

  87. TOP&YB’sGiRL
    ahh~~~ I almost forgot
    Dae’s fangirl hahaha
    I don’t think she’s in any group though
    it is uhm jung hwa’s picture on his shirt
    but i’m saying when i first saw the preview I thought he was wearing Bong’s Baskin Robbin CF shirt since the top look so familiar

  88. nya

    heck no!
    of course shool is not as importanat hahaha
    THIS is world changing stuff here haha

  89. omg!! thank you so much!! ^_^

    i wanted to watch this with subs thou..dang!! baby is totally the cutest member!!..haha i just seriously love him when he smiles!!^^

  90. lala

    hmm… I would say it’s PARTLY his clothes
    but mostly it’s his natural sexiness

  91. sushii
    you can’t even if you taped his mouth shut haha
    that’s why we all love him

  92. nya

    HAHAH i just imagined you going “ahh~~~ oppa~~~ don’t do this to me~~~ i’ll faint”
    and i laughed so hard hahaha
    Baby was the target of the show,everybody pick on him
    but i’m not complaining
    I hope ppl see how witty he is and will invite him back for more variety show in the future

    OH MY GOD!!
    I just found a translator, she was so nice, she send me a message over youtube and say she’s willing to help, I’m gonna jump out of my seat out of happiness now. LORD~

  93. 7samira7
    kekek i’m surprised anyone read it hahah
    cuz it is too long

  94. saewol

    I’ll try to get it hardsubbed and uploaded
    but I can’t be too sure since my hardsubbed program hates me

  95. TOP&YB’sGiRL
    kekek thanks for that
    i thought there was really a question about farts hahaha

  96. Ning

    whoa there~ gurl what kind of eyes do u have
    GREAT JOB!! haha

  97. PAG
    aww… I’m happy that I can help spread the Big Bang love around, if my fellow fangirls are happy then so am I.
    I actually visit Vietnam every 2 years, I’m planning on visiting it again in 2010, so I can celebrate the world cup over there too, it’ll be awsome.

    the videos on my blog all can play on GOM Player
    just google it and download it
    it’s free, safe and work with every video.

  98. NING, ah you can’t take a look at his chest that is a taboo…
    for if you do that you will be in great danger.
    1. you will have a lot of fantasies about him that you can’t do anything else but to just fantasize him….
    2. you will have hallucinations anywhere you go you can only see TOP.
    3. you couldn’t have a boyfriend because you will always compare them to TOP.
    4. when you see men’s chest you will have nosebleeds because you will remember TOP’s chest.
    5. you will get jealous of every women who would talk about TOP because you are already crazy about him.

    LOL! i’m just bored here…nevermind me….hahahahaha!

  99. VICKY,
    heheheheeh! i will watch it again and help you with the soft subs..hehehehe! if i am not busy.
    i can understand korean a little.
    and maybe i can find somebody to help you with the translations.

  100. 1st Question ..Who is very conscious with his fashion? (TOP) i think?
    2nd Question ..Who is the best joker in Bigbang ?(D-lite)
    And they act like other actors

    3rd Question…who easily tell secrets to
    other people(yb) ?
    i think this is the time when YB said that GD can be so tactless sometimes…kkkkk…

    4th Question …whose wink is the best?(VI)
    3. d-lite

    please erase my other post. i asked my korean friend to post it yesterday using my account so i’m sorry for the grammar!!! kkkk!


  102. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    I did
    and what do you mean by ‘help with the softsub’
    like timing and stuff??
    cuz if you can that would be GREAT.
    Iyasu, who always help loonzie subbing stuff just send me a message and volunteer to help, I was literally crying out of happiness haha

    if you can help with the timing, that would be beyond great, the more help, the more faster we’ll get it done

    email me at


    and we can talk about it.
    also give me ur email in case i need to contact you 😀

  103. vicky
    hahahaha… no school stuff as important as this.
    i even wake up early just to check BB news. kekeke…

    TRANSLATOR?! wow! good job Vi!
    that gurls is so nice…
    aww~~~ i’m waiting to the sub version now.

    btw, yesterday i got my new whole set of computer, so no trouble again for now.

  104. nya

    when i found out she’s willing to translate it
    I almost cry
    there’s tears hahaha
    I’ll work on it days on night if i have to
    gonna finish it as fast as I can
    no fooling around hahha

    YAY~ no more trouble for us to have our daily convo!!

  105. OMGG! LOL.
    I need someone to sub the youtube oneee.
    I haven’t watch those in A WHOLEE LOT MONTHESS!
    sooooo cuteee aww

  106. vicky
    u don’t know how happy i am when the shop clerk sent it here,
    i was like, HEAVEN!!
    wow, gurl, u don’t need to work that hard.
    u gotta get some rest too.
    iVIP will always wait for the subbed version, since we all understand nothing at all.
    a non subbed version already numb us & make us sitting there like an idiot watching something that we can’t understand just to see how dorky BB are.
    i think no need to rush ^^

  107. oh seungri was talking about one of his past girlfriends. 0_0
    that is a big no no.
    i’m korean-american so i know some korean. dont know enough to sub though. sorry!

  108. ah VICKY i watcched it again i think the first question was who looks more masculine and number 5 was jiyong 4th my TOP…and the rest you know.

    and about my friend she did not log in yet i will tell you later

  109. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    It’s alright
    i found a translator
    she will help me translate the whole show
    so far it’s going really well so i think we’ll have the subbed versoin release before this week end

  110. I LOVE THEM Q°Q

  111. omg thanx 4 uploading =D

  112. hey vicky,
    i had just found some bigbang’s video during their GREAT concert at youtube..
    well,i was found that the videos were english-subbed and i want to share it with you..finally i understand what they’re have been talking..
    maybe you could ask help from them,to subbed the MBC’s videos…
    if you are interested,you should look for the name of ‘b4bygoess'(under channels)..
    if you got anything,feel free to inform me..

  113. sizi seviyoruz bigbang lütfen biraz dinlenin uykusuzluktan yorgunluktan halsizliğiniz her resimde belli oluyor lütfen kendiniz için olmasa da bizim için dinlenin. lütfen size yalvarıyorum. siz benim ailemsiniz sizi böyle görmeye dayanamıyorum . mutlusunuz halinizden bunu da biliyorum ama ne yapayım sizi böyle yorgun görmek kalbimi acıtıyor.

    my babies im so sorry. i did not write english. because, my english isnt suffice tell them. 😥 im so sorry again… i love you all so much but TY is special for me @^.^@ you are the love of my love Young Bae…♥c-young♥young bae♥

    and you, gd, sr, ds, and Top you are my oppas. i longing big brother. but i have now. you are…

  114. this is true. im nothing without you young bae ♥

  115. saewol

    yea i just download the subbed video from GOE;SS
    they’re awsome for subbing it
    i love itt!!!

    I already found a translator and we’re expeting to have the subbed version of COME TO PLAY out soon

  116. yes vicky! they(bigbang) are so so awesome..they are so funny..
    oh really?you did found a translator..well,i am so excited to watch the videos in english soon..finally i can understand what they’re talking about..one more thing,are you able to english-subbed the previous videos when Jiyong&TOP come to play? i think it was in May..once again thank you so much,vicky!
    i’ll be checking your channel in youtube..

  117. Hey Vicky, I was just curious how the subbing is going for the Come to Play video. I’m just curious to finally be able to understand all the jokes and why everyone laughs so much in the video.

  118. Thanks for the upload and the hard work. If it’s not too much trouble, could you upload part 3?

  119. booo it used to be on youtube…but they took it off DX the one viideo i loved so much T.T

  120. baby ur so cute!!!
    lol at your message to self:
    “seungri ah~ I like you very much!, people may be laughing, but I still like you very much!…I like you very much!”

    don’t worry^^ I like you too

  121. Can you reupload softsubs? 🙂 Thanks. 🙂

  122. Is there any soft subs for this, since I already download the video? Thanks 🙂

  123. Hello!
    I just downloaded this video, and went looking for the subtitles. Found a link, but when I clicked it, it said I had no access to the page or something. I think those subs were posted by you also, so now I wonder… did you delete them? Or is there any way to get access to them?

    Thank you so much for your hard work! 😀

  124. hope you can help us have subs for this..

    by the way can you help me know what application you use to sub a video?? and is there a tutorial or something

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