renovations of teams

^^ lol, that title was totally ambiguous ๐Ÿ™‚

no but i’m thinking about making little mini banners for every team, if thats ok with melly??? ๐Ÿ™‚

im not that creative but ill show you what i did so far and if its really crap tell me and ill just stop

and if its not that bad you can tell me that too

and tell me how to improve cos then your team’s thing will be prettier


ill show ya:

hold on once i figure out how to put a picture in… OH I SEE hehehe


See theres Fire for “dragon” and the music note on the “o”

OK tops one is slightly better

he got that up arrow and the lv shades ๐Ÿ™‚

ill fix the cut&past of the shades, sorry bout that

and the only other one is seungri’s

He got the cute font, bear ears and medal for victory ๐Ÿ™‚

yeah the fonts reflect the way i think of zem:) and ze coloursss

well i still gotta do ds and yb but i wont bother if they suck ๐Ÿ˜ฆ so Please COMMENT!! and if they’re crap, tell me. and tell me wish one you thinks best.


xxx. olivia18888

(^^ my usernames gds bday :])

~ by ์ˆ˜ํ˜„ on September 22, 2008.

28 Responses to “renovations of teams”

  1. the design is good but the pictures are not esp. TOP’s pictures…okay? but it’s really cute designs.

  2. so you want constructive criticism ye? meaning i will give you whether nice or mean feedback that’ll help you improve and you can’t complain, right?

    ok so let me start with the good comments first haha.
    um, your ideas for the pictures are great. like the medal which resembles victory for seungri.
    & i also love how you put a little fire flame on the end of the ‘g’ for gdragon.
    seungri’s font is cute. haha. kinda looks like the ‘S’ from ‘SHREK’.
    ok now for the comments that might be alittle harsh. rofl.
    – you need more variety of fonts. i go to for my fonts, its a great site with a HUGE variety of fonts. mm.. the font for gdragon and top is quite boring, it looks like the typical fonts like ‘arial’, haha.
    – use photoshop or something to create effects and blend the pictures of big bang instead of cutting it out into shapes.
    – use different background colours; don’t stick with one and black isn’t much of an eyecatching colour; unless you add some other colours with black.

    um i think thats all? LOL sorry if i was harsh.

  3. you shouldnt use paint w. the banners. they would just look.. unprofessional.
    and idk why it look a little too much like esp for Baby’s banner.
    make everything more..
    idk just looks a bit unprofessional

  4. i agree with MyAddiction. ur ideas are all wonderful, but u need to learn more editing skills to be able to make a very inpressive banner.

  5. mmm..
    your idea was awesome, but like everyone told you, try to make it in photoshop or something ^_^
    if you don’t know how to do it ask someone for some tips ^_^
    I’m sure that in the end banners will look great!
    take care!


  7. I’ve seen some better banners on this site but this is good!
    Maybe if you can add more pictures and a bit font cahngin’ thani’m sure it’ll be even better!!!

    Please do a BB Team as well because I can’t choose a team!!!
    I love them ALL THE SAME!!!

  8. great effort but u need to use a new program (ie. photoshop)…paint only goes so far, but i like the concept for each of the members, its cute…with some more practice and editing i think u’ll come to make some awesome banners but as for these, i’ll have to agree with miroo4ka – there’s some really talented people here who’ve made some great stuff

  9. its naff

  10. hm..ur idea is good! but how if u make a new one with adobe photoshop??
    i’m in TEAM TOP n i think (crop/cut) with photoshop will make it better. n ur design too simple.. definitely agree with MyAddiction*
    ^^ hwaiting
    or should we make a banner contest for each team??
    hehehe…just my opinion :]

  11. nice idea! =) i jzt know that i want to be in GD’s team!! ^^

  12. the idea is really cool ,i love the ways you added things
    to there name like ‘fire’ ,and the picture look okay making it
    from paint ,but there not that really amazing to the eye xD ,
    you should make a college and some awesome fonts;like this xD ,

  13. the idea is really cool ,i love the ways you added things
    to there name like ‘fire’ ,and the picture look okay making it
    from paint ,but there not that really amazing to the eye xD ,
    you should make a college and some awesome fonts;like this xD ,

  14. I think your banners are good! =]
    hehe it’s okay i’m not that good at Photoshop either

  15. u should get members to do the banners

  16. omg;
    i need to show you what my friend did on my photoshop LOL




  17. i love tops haha dnt take out the shades hah its hot!

  18. daesungvip

    Hahaha Funnyyyyy. I love thoseeee xD

  19. Maybe I can help with banners? ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. awww~ theres no TY and DS??T_T

  21. I think your ideas are good but you need better quality pictures and some photoshop skills. I’ve been spending all weekend making Big Bang banners and icons, so I’m willing to donate banners.

  22. daesungvip
    those adorable. i really like TAESAUR. ^__^

    great idea and A+ for effort.
    but yeah, like some people already said –
    add more pictures for a more collage feel.
    Photoshop is a great program to use.

  23. Omg! You’re work as coool! Yes you should make a banner for YB! (; I love this site ๐Ÿ˜€ I go on it everday afterschool, buahah ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I like you. You want constructive criticism. Okay here it goes…

    The concept of each team is cute (like TOP’s shades, Seungri’s victory medal, GD’s music note, and etc.)
    The fonts are cute and I get what you mean when you say it matches them.
    The pictures of them aren’t good/attractive (they’re cute but there are other better pictures).
    I’m guessing you don’t have photoshop? If you don’t, wow, how the heck did you do that. I can see the edges and cuts of the pictures.
    I think you should do more blending.
    It needs to be more modern looking.
    The background should be white, so the pictures blend in.

    Overall, it’s okay. Thanks a lot for sharing though.

  25. heheh cute but cimple! very nice!! olala seung ri!!! LOL awesome!

  26. very cute ^^

  27. lol i did them in like 3 seconds in french ๐Ÿ™‚ so yeah this weekend ill fix em up a bit cos thery wre a rush… sorry

  28. I could get you photoshop if you need it.
    I think it would be much easier for you if you used it, or another program like GIMP.
    You could also try other fonts like on

    If you need some help with anything email me!

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