TaeYang, “GDragon can be careless with his words”

Big Bang TaeYang revealed another side of fellow member GDragon.

TaeYang was on MBC ‘Come and play – Big Bang edition’ on 22th September where he talked about GDragon as ’surprisingly careless with his words’.

He said on the show, ‘Because we are friends for 9 years, there is almost nothing which I don’t know about him. There are times on broadcast programs where he revealed things for the fun of it but had bad effects on me.”

He continued, “There was once when we were in a conversation on physiology when he said ‘YongBae, sorry’ and he exposed that I flatulate easily. But I am not the type who flatulate easily!”

On the same episode, member SeungRi revealed, “There was once on a broadcast program when I was tired and I didn’t manage my facial expressions well. If someone talks to me with an unkind tone, I tend to show it on my face.”

And then he added, “President Yang Hyun Seok then gave me advice, ‘If you cannot control our own mind, how can control others’ mind?’”

DaeSung also added, “Even though there was no one time when we thought of not continue as part of Big Bang anymore, but when we first debuted because we may sometimes show unhappy expressions, we are sorry about it.”

SeungRi then added, “DaeSung also told me that even if sometimes it gets tough and we did not express our expressions well, if we attempt to change it, we can overcome it soon.”

Note from Sookyeong: there may be some errors to the translation to the article, cos I’ve only got snippets of them and I may get some meaning to them wrong. thanks

Translated by sookyeong.wp


~ by Momo on September 22, 2008.

40 Responses to “TaeYang, “GDragon can be careless with his words””

  1. Well, as I´ve said many times before—GD seems like an attention seeker.

    He´s arrogant.

  2. awww
    i heard about SR and DS talking about when there was hard time for them..
    like there was so many negative comments about them from the fans, they were feeling so down and felt like as if they want to quit big bang.
    but with the support of VIP and the others and mr.YG, they gained back their confidence and just worked harder hehe

    GD is so cute LOL

  3. words can have unintentional side effects. :/ it happens to everyone!
    haha thanks for the translation, although hopefully a more literate one will come up though 🙂 i had trouble understanding some of the quotes!

  4. spinx: GD seems like an attention seeker but he’s not really one….
    who doesn’t want attention?….ok may be there might be alot that doesn’t want attention…but as a star….i do think it’s fine if he gets attention.
    it’s not like as if he’s the only one in the group that gets attention all the time.

  5. I hope for good feelings between Big Bang
    …fame can get to anybody

  6. if you know someone for too long these kind of things happen, but seriously it’ll pass…if you’re that good of a friend
    besides, how’d GD reacted to what YB says? i’m curious…
    ah lets just hope for the best for our boys ^^

  7. awww YB is really a shy person. AW GD don’t do that to my BOI i think he suffered so much after that. He’s a little conservative.
    hahaaha! i only know that YB often go to the restroom before their performance and sometimes he ca leave his fly open..
    anyway i’m so looking forward to it now. i will watch it tonight!!! yehey!!!

  8. ncly

    to be honest, i hated dae so much at the beginning. my frens and i were sort of discriminating him. but as time goes by, i learned to love him more and more and i always get overly excited during his singing part. i realized that i was wrong. how could i discriminate such a talented guy like him? sigh i would be the 1st one to protest if he were to quit bb!

    yeah hopefully yb wouldn’t mind about what gd said before. maybe he just blurted those words out unintentionally. and they’re friends of 9 years. there shouldn’t be any hard feelings between them.

  9. wat does flatulate mean?

  10. @ilgdbaby
    flatulate: nice word for “FART”

  11. wow.. i just know that GD is that kind of person, but i still love him ^^.. nobody is perfect though, hehe.. by the way, may i know is there anybody who will put english subs on come to play?? in case anybody knew about it, thankz ^^

  12. awwwww i love yb!!`
    he is sooo adorable haha…flatulate i wudnt mind =]]

  13. ahhh thanks olivia18888 i get it

  14. everybody has flows. well for GD maybe its being too outspoken. but one thing does not destroy BB bond and all the great thing they had contributed to music history. BIGBANGisLLOOOOVVE

  15. aww i dont like to see this between YB and GD..but i guess the two must be really close for YB to say that and not feel like he’d be doing anything wrong..and i don’t think he is….i guess he just feels GD should tone it down a bit (c’mon we all know he’s super outgoing…which could land you in trouble sometimes)…and poor SR and DS, i feel bad for them but glad they continues…

  16. Wow…the translations made whatever BB said sound really negative. I need to see the show for myself to make sure it wasn’t taken out of context. BB members are like brothers so fights are bound to happen once in awhile. I believe BB when they say that they never really had a fight. I think most arguments/misunderstandings were due to small stupid things like food or clothes.

  17. i like it when they get honest like this.
    i think it’s because they’re rlly close with each other,
    they could say things without any hard feelings. that’s great.

    btw, for yb to say that there’s nthg he doesn’t know about gd, that’s so incredibly sweettttttttttttttt

  18. MAN how can my sundae sound so logic and cute omg haha

  19. oh ! YB we luv u and BB so much.we hope BB feel good together^__^

  20. hi people ^^ hehe.. yes the word flatulate means fart… i thought if i wrote fart directly i would sound abit crude.. hehe ^^

  21. No matter wht things they say about each other, WE ALL know that they steel love each other VERY MUCH!!!!

  22. oma, i dont understand in this page. my english sososososo bad. i’m sosososo soryy… my love young bae and my oppas, pleesa forgive me. i try understand but not be.. i will learn english just for you. just for you… i love you all so much..♥ty♥cy♥♥gd♥♥gr♥

  23. they are only human. I hope they pass hard times when there is.

  24. i can imagine youngbae farting and then gettin all embarrassed about it lmao . aww my baby<3

  25. it’s understandable why jiyong would seem arrogant. it’s b/c he CAN be. he knows what he’s got, & he’s gonna flaunt it; that’s his nature. & i’m happy that there’s ppl who would dislike his flaws, but i find his imperfections make him more human than godlike, so i’m glad, cuz that makes more room for me.

    it just shows that BB is indeed human & they have similar flaws that we all have.

    i do recall jiyong telling YB he had a farting problem. i read that at 3 am & was laughing my ass off. but i do remember it, & it was cute. just imagine YB farting . that’s cute haha. just like when his fly was open; the guy makes mistakes! xD

  26. Aww, GDYB.
    I’ve never personally seen any shows where GD said anything that could possibly have a negative imapct on him or his band members. But, I guess if TY even thinks that…maybe it’s true. Oh well, I love GD just the same.

  27. they wont quit big bang rigth?? they dont angry with each other anymore rigth?? plss answer me 😥

  28. flatulate? is it rally a word xD

  29. awww. poor TY opa. everyone flipping loves you! no matter what bodily issues you have!
    TY opa love!

  30. Ahhh DaeSung, you are soo cute and always happy
    and i love you for that
    yeah what does flatulate mean? i looked it up
    and couldn’t find it
    Aww TaeYang…tsk tsk tsk G-Dragon, G-Dragon
    it’s okay i still love Big Bang; G-Dragon
    Aww they don’t mean to make us worry VIPs..
    aren’t they so cute? awww

    uhh what’s this suppose to mean?
    well i hope Big Bang doesn’t break up, b/c it would be very very sad…
    DaeSung also added, “Even though there was no one time when we thought of not continue as part of Big Bang anymore, but when we first debuted because we may sometimes show unhappy expressions, we are sorry about it.”

  31. omggg hahaa you guys dont know what it means??
    sorry, i cant tell you..for the sake of YB opa~

  32. Not tryng to say GD is perfect but
    doesn’t everyone have a slip of the tongue?
    Honestly, I recently called my friend average looking on accident, I don’t truly believe this but…^^;;;;;

    Maybe uncomparable moments~ but still, I’m sure you guys have all accidently said something you shouldn’t have. ^^

  33. wow I can see why YB would want to clarify LOL

    anyways I don’t think bad of GD I mean if it is the truth then I don’t see what the problem is
    this are the kinds of things that remind us that they are human

  34. ^^’

  35. TOP looked so gorgeous in this episode^^
    ..dun have anything to say ^^;

  36. i dont understand exactly. but i hope ther are good things in this page ^’-‘^

  37. c-young
    bebeğim pek önemli bişi yok ben sana ayrıntısıylan anlatıcam ama bu yazı yüzünden çok şey çektim yaff sinirlerim altüst oldu bugünde anladımki anladığım herşey yanlışmış xD

  38. aww..even thou they have hard times we are always here to pull them back up..^_^ youngbae-yah!! fighting!^_^

    GD will always be GD..he slips sometimes but that’s who he is..i still love him!^^ at least he says sorry..he’s only human..plus the boys are really close to each other..they can just forgive and forget..^_^

  39. leave them boys alone*_*!!!!!! they are human afterall! they make mistakes and i’m pretty sure they do get on each others nerves! i lived all 23 years of my life w/ 5 siblings! we fight, quarrel, and exchange hurting words but, that doesn’t mean we don’t care and love each other! LEAVE THEM BE OR DEAL WITH ME!!! the media always exhagerates anyway. I LOVE ALL THESE BOYS!!!! TOP saranghe!

  40. it just happens that g-dragon is waaaaaaaaay too honest.~
    and just revealed things carelessly.
    `~~~we still love him , though.. 😉

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