Guerilla Date Interview on Entertainment Relay

English subs by Sharing is Caring



~ by monicakes on September 23, 2008.

33 Responses to “Guerilla Date Interview on Entertainment Relay”

  1. thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. OOOOO

  3. haha so cute how they were holding on to each other! so many ppl there! scary! >_< im glad they didnt get ambushed!!!

    lol! “jerk quotient”

    rofl! TOP said hes like a baby and thinks like a baby wahaha >w<

  4. LOOOL! Thanxxx 4 sharing Moniii ^^

  5. Oh My Damn. I friggin want a hug from TOP. Seeing that little lady hug him just totally crushed me. and it was for like 5 seconds! NOOO >.< xDDD i’ll get a hug someday. LOL


  7. lol @ GD “what are you doing?” ^_^

    aw and TY was hungry, hehe.

  8. OH and I liked how each one defined BIG BANG.
    I think they all were very good answers!

  9. Yay for English subs.
    Props to the girl who tried to sing too.
    I don’t think I could do that in front
    of them. Hehe.

  10. i was lucky enuff to cacth this on kbs
    they were cute walking inline to get through a
    sea of screaming fangirls ;p
    one of them even get to hug topp. ughhhh.
    i’d die if icud hug em. die. (^.^)

  11. i screamed watching that fangirl hugged my hubby T.T
    and i lmao when he said ‘i love toys’ hahaa~~~~
    that’s y i love him =))))

  12. the Jerk Quotient thing Baby say send me straight to GRi heaven

  13. I feel bad they didn’t really get to enjoy ‘going out’
    like that at night…
    massive fans! on the bright side…you know your
    VIPs love you 😀
    I loved how they described Big Bang
    I like TOP and Seung Ri’s answer ^___^

  14. i love toys TOP too cute!!<3
    n i screamed wit da girl wen she hugged him XD XD

  15. yay thanks!!

  16. OMGGGGGG! They look soo hot!
    love it love it love it!

  17. YEAHHH! thank you =]
    aww i have to go to school
    grr. BeBack to spazz

  18. aww~~~~ that girl, i’ll definitely have the same reaction like her. “WHY??” kekeke…
    my man saying that he’s like baby just send me to heaven.
    don’t worry oppa, i met kids like everyday, & i can handle them well, u should think to settle down & get married too. u know i’m the perfect one to choose. kekeke…

  19. aw thanks for the link =)
    ~ they’re so cute but its sad how they can’t go out and just have fun like normal 19 or 20 year olds…i guess it comes with being an idol….lol its funny how YB mention food, in the haru haru bts he also talks about how he wants to have lunch…i wouldn’t be surprised if he does “flauate” alot..ahah im making fun of my own husband, i should stop!~

    ~ps. i read u found a translator..awesome!

  20. when top said he’s like a baby i just wanna pinch his cheeks~~~
    he’s too cute~!
    and seungri and his “jerk qoutient”, HAHAHHAHAHAHA LMAO!
    i love them so so so much…..

  21. yay, thanx for the upload ^^
    TOP = baby? LMAO~ so so CUTE!!
    JiYongie…marry me then , im so ready for ya *wink*wink*
    JQ = jerk quotient = BONG, ahahahahaha. good one BaBy ^^
    and i definitely agree with daedae’s and BaBy’s definition of big bang…they’re my heart and my happiness~
    and i LOVE BONG’S HAIR!!!!

  22. Ji Yong Ahh~~ marry me then !!!

  23. OMG, that girl who got to hug Top was so lucky!!
    LOL, “Jerk Quotient.”
    Aww GD, you can get married to me. =)

  24. I WANNA HUGG TOPPP & TAEEE YANNGGG & SEUNGG RII & DAEE SUUUNNGGG & GDDD!! LOL Jerk Quotion 😛 LOL. I’m the baby. I think I like one. I love toys. OMGG I’M LIKE TOPPP! I love toys 😛

  25. Ji YOng!! ahhh~~ marry me!! u want a baby.. then, i’ll give u as many babies u want!! ^^ love u~!!

    lol xD i screamed when that fangirl hugged top!! *-*

    aww!! they r so cute!! love them!

  26. YB- he was like dying to just say “IM HUNGRY, FEED ME”
    GD- marry me! marry me!
    TOP- u can have my all my toys. now can i hugs u?
    SR- JQ got me LOLing. i thought i was jiyong qoutient. >.<
    DS- ur hair looks damn fine that way

  27. I think GD have a girlfriend 😦


  29. thanx for sharing =D

  30. jiyong damn right knows how to work the tv xDD

  31. sarina,

    if he does. he’s still partially ours eheheheh

  32. OMO! this is oo cute! Sr sayin’ JQ! LMAO! That girl soo funny, I’m jealous, I’d DIE!!
    TOPpie looks soo HAPPY!
    AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! BB <3!!

  33. luckyyy, i want a hug from toppp, haha if i sing, i would totally ruin their song, but i love it so muchh

    TOP <333

    lol yea, im going backwards so my latest comments r on the oldest news Xppp

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