09.24.08 SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate | Big Bang Special Story



Big Bang will be performing 2 songs “Haru Haru” and “Heaven”

OH MY GOD!!!!!! I’M STAYING UP LATE THAT NIGHT FOR SURE. Gotta watch it live!!!!

09.24.08 SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate
Special Guest: Big Bang & No Brain
162 MB

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Thanks to 마시멜로님

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Full essay on my page, though I doubt anyone wanna read it, but it’s there if you want to see it. There’s Tabi acting like a penguin, so TOP TEAMERS!!!!!!!!!! BETTER WATCH IT!! This is what happen when a rapper perform a rock song HAHAHAH.

CY World: YG Channel

Big Bang Special Story

51 MB

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Thanks to 마시멜로님

To celebrate YG Channel opening on CYWorld, YG release this video, it’s a video consist of pictures of the boys that we so wish would be release, the Photobook does not contain everything, obviously. In this video there’s like tons of adorable pictures that I just wish I have the HQ of, but sadly no… but oh well, this video make me happy enough, with “Go VIP!” play in the background, totally adorable.

YB is just simply too irresistable.

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~ by Vicky on September 24, 2008.

94 Responses to “09.24.08 SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate | Big Bang Special Story”

  1. omg so adorable!


  3. Weeeee. Can’t wait to watch BB goofiness.

    And yeah, I wish I had the HQ version of all
    those beautiful pictures of our boys too.

  4. Does anyone REALLYY miss the ganster image they had ?
    i really miss it ! It fits them.
    i love their we belong together days.
    Clothes were sooo hot and they acted sooo cool.
    i miss the old times. *sigh*
    but big bang will be hot in whatever image they want.

  5. Thank you Vicky!! I’ll start downloading NOW!!
    And by the way I love reading your essays!! Keep on doing them.

  6. yea, Connie – i’m missing the “old” Big Bang too =( but i still love them regardless of their image.

    ah~ GDYB love *squeeee* ^_^

    Big Bang <33333~

  7. OMG!that was soo adorable!@Connie,i also miss ther hip-hop days and hopefully with the new album(japan) they’ll get it back. but i have a feeling that am gonna miss this rock look too if they change.

  8. Okay. Came back to comment about TOP. ^__^

    TOP jumping around and acting like a penguin
    during Oh My Friend is like the cutest thing.

  9. Connie
    I agree. I miss it too.

  10. omgg so cute!!love the old pics~
    omg i have those headphones!!^^

  11. Connie

    now that you mention i must say this
    whenever i rewatch “We Belong Together”
    I cant help but laugh like an idiot whenever i see SeungRi
    he just….idk… the whole gangster baggy thing didn’t fit him…at all haha

  12. ohthethrill

    then he keep on bounching sideways too
    that dork
    can’t believe he’s the oldest of the group

  13. AHHH OMG
    they are soooo cute!!!
    Yay Thank you! =]
    Argh dammit my disk is full
    grr and i don’t wanna delete
    my BB stuff. awwwww
    fine must delete & upload…..

  14. oh gosh i think im in GDYB heaven…sigh
    and YB ahah ur right..he is simply irresistable!
    i felt like i was walking down memory lane with the boys…i have to admit i miss their goofy teenage days, so much random laughing and hugging…they’ve grown into fine, mature “adults” now..lolz although i still feel like when they go home they’re exactly the same as their predebut days *grins*

  15. sweetsorrow—
    bwahahaha, I agree with you! we all know they’re still such dorks!
    they should just show it more


    yeah guys, i miss they’re “gangsta” look, much more stylish. and I prefer their baggy pants to these tight ones. o_O

  16. OMG!! GD give me a kiss..man..when’s my turn. haha. ^^

  17. vicky
    OMG GURL! that vid! ahh~~~ so cute!
    Baby’s with that Candy’s outfit just too cute!
    all that photo… send me to heaven.
    my man just make me want to rape him more & more. dunno why?
    all that impersonation. kekekeke…

  18. vicky
    all that jumping my man done… swt…
    he’s not the oldest of the group, he’s the YOUNGEST!!
    he looks like a 4/5 years old kids.
    his expression is totally like my students when i say they could go home… OMG…
    looks like we’ll be a perfect couple, since i know how to handle kids age 4/5. hahaha…

  19. hahahah! i went crazy when i saw this before. i don’t know how to download videos from cyworld i wanted to share this to all of you before..sorry. anyway there are more videos there..


    you can choose more vids on the right side.


  21. nya

    OH MY GOD!!! I KNOW!!

    Throughout the whole video, the thing that caugh my eye the most was YB’s toungue
    looks like he like to stick his tounge out when he’s taking pictures.

    hhmm.. there are MANY reaon why u wanna do that gurl. TRUST ME.
    there’s not enough time in the world to list it

  22. nya

    kekeke just hope he’s potty trained or you’ll be in A LOT OF TROUBLE… FOR SURE…. hahah

  23. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    thanks for the link!
    i’m watching the video on the side
    the one with bong wearing red, i’ve never seen that before wow…

  24. nya!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    go here and watch it!!


    Watch how adorable ur man eat an apple while my husband talk hahaha

  25. i’m amazed

  26. thanks vicky for sharing the video
    man, you could hear TOP munching on the apple. he really loves eating it. LOL

  27. vicky
    gurl, idk why but the vid doesn’t work.
    or maybe its coz of my internet connection that’s too slow??
    IWANNA SEE!!!!
    after i wait till the vid buffer, it go all black & there’s even no sound.
    what happen?

  28. hahah silly TOP
    the way he jump like that im so scare he might fall
    lolz he is so adorable the whole time he just sit there and laugh how cute

  29. vicky
    fiiuuhhh…. it works after i disconect my internet.

    i want him to eat me up just like that! gahhh!!
    that apple…. ahhh~~~
    there’s too much of ur hubby close up, kekekeke…
    my man just eat his apple like there’s nothing there. he don’t care anything. hahaha…
    my big boy Tabi… love him!

  30. nya

    that was unexpected
    i was expecting “aww.. that’s so cute”
    but not “I WANNA BE THAT APPLE… ” hahahaha
    you surrpise me everytime gurl

    i love his face, Bong can talk to the camera and do all the talking he want but Tabi will just sit there and attack hi apple like there’s no tomorrow
    LOVE IT!!

    did u see at the end?
    where Bong just stand there and the wind keep blowing his hair out of place?
    it’s hilarious

  31. vicky
    i’ll do everything just to switch place with that apple. believe me. that lucky apple, being so close with my hubby lips & being eaten by that sexy lips. AHH~~~~
    my man just care less about ur hubby that talking to the camera. he keep attacking that apple.

    Bong hair still so long there, hehehe…
    i love Bong when he shake his butt at the end & that wind, that remind me of shampoo CF but male version. kekeke…
    Dae & Baby just looks like siblings there.

  32. your page?

  33. nya2
    you’re a perv *giggle*

  34. nya

    kekeke ur unpredictable.
    that’s all i can say

    you win in life, and you know it too
    when there’s food around, Tabi doesn’t give a damn about anything else hahaha, that’s how cool he is.

    his hair look so adorable there
    i think it was around that time and bong has that hair, that was the period where I start share some love for him, cuz when i first started to like Big Bang a year ago, Baby was all i care for haha.

  35. tinaxxe

    if you click “Download”
    it’ll take you to my LiveJournal where I post the download link and there’s the essay if you wanna read it

  36. tinaxxe


    see nya!! even tinaxxe knows

  37. tinaxxe
    i admit i am. hahaha…
    kekekeke… there’s no VVC club members that not pervy.

  38. nya

    yup tinaxxe, you have to be pervy to join haha
    that’s the #1 requiremnet

  39. vicky
    haha. yeah. it’s cool though because
    i know how TOP feels.
    i’m the same way with my friends.
    i’m the oldest, but i can definitely
    act like the youngest. xD

  40. vicky
    kekekeke… he keep eat but he didn’t get fat.
    doing manwon must be really tough for him.
    just by looking at him eating that apple & the salad HAHAHA…
    i know he love to eat.

    kekekeke… now u’re starting to remebering all that old memories? hahha..
    so that’s the time u have ur heart part into 2 huh?

  41. ohthethrill

    me too, whenever i’m around ppl who are older than me, i act like their mom
    “stop drinking and driving”
    “stop speeding” haha

    but when i’m with the youngster, I’ll be like
    “we’re gonna go BUCKWILD!” hahahahah
    it’s funny, but a lot of ppl does it

  42. nya

    yes… the day Baby lost part of me to Bong….
    it’s bittersweet… but HEY~ i’m not complaining hahah
    there’s enough of Vi to go around hahah

  43. vicky
    how could u do all the complaining? hahaha…
    having 2 hubby is not that bad, that means u’ll have 2 ppl share his love for u. kekeke…

  44. vicky
    “we’re gonna go BUCKWILD!” <— LOL

  45. btw vi,
    i just go downstairs to the kitchen & found out there’s so many apples here.
    i think my mom buy it coz 3 days ago i told her i wanna drink apple juice.
    but now, i don’t think i want to drink any apple juice again, i wanna be that apple!
    arrgghh~~~~ the way my man eat it~~~

  46. awee that pic is adorable
    haha gdragon
    the vid is pretty cool ^.^

  47. okay i love the vid!!
    i was like wow bong is so damn adorable, then when it came to baby i was like omg why is he so adorable!!! i wanna kiss him!!
    BUT BUT my top totally killed me on the spot.
    i love him i love him!! >’3
    and i’m downloading kim jung eun’s chocolate now..can’t wait to see my penguin top!!haha~~

  48. i think MA BAD BOI TOP has colds…huhuhuhu! it was winter right Vicky?..DAMN i want to be the apple…he keeps on wiping the juice that comes out from his mouth!!! LOVE HIM! at the ending part BABY looks like he is going to sing in a CHOIR..kkk

  49. Awwwww cute pics *o* i wish i could have the HQ U_U Uthanx 4 the uploads ^^ i’m waiting to see penguin TOP xDDD!

  50. aweee// that vid was soo cutee..
    i miss seungris hair when it was like
    int he beginning when he was walking out..
    but of course.. he is still the #1 cutie ^^

    big bang <33

  51. did anyone see when YB sings the bridge part of Haru Haru, when everyone elses are on their need, the camera was captures from the side where GD was like talking to SR??? Lol! I kept laughing at the part, how SR is cheating on YB when YB is busy…LOL!…I have such an imagination for REAL!

    I missed the old days now…wants more GRI!!

  52. i miss it when they first debuted.
    i was like ” who the heck are these hot guys????????”


  53. soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Weeell———–I do miss their Gangsta image. I really do. Somehow they seemed more like their true selfes back then.

    And the music they did back then was the best.(for me at least)

  55. oma xD top oppa must love eating apple too much..xD but thats too unfair after watch that i wanna eat some apple and search in home and not find T.T poor me..and that wind oww i wanna that wind too lucky ohh 😥 and i wanna read your essay too much lil sis im too excited now ^.^

  56. omg! in that vid, whats that song? i know its like dirty cash, but they redid the lyrics really cute! idk what half of it means tho lol. why did they make another version? xD
    haha~ TOP opa eating an apple, while looking at his fone, ignoring the camera. lol hes so cutee.
    and bong opa looks INCREDILY SEXY in red. hahaaa

  57. nya

    i’m not complaining haha
    but Baby should be
    he’s loosing me haha

  58. ohthethrill
    that’s the way to do it now haha

  59. nya

    any image of your competition just send pain through ur heart huh?
    damn that apple hahah

  60. TOP&YB’sGiRL
    i really like the part where he flip out his phone so quickly
    he was like “who the hell text me when i’m eating, NOBODY interupt me when I’m eating”

  61. BBismyLife

    kekkee now I have 2 loyal reader.

  62. BBFTW.
    it’s a fan version of ‘Dirty Cash’ called ‘GO VIP!’
    they record it for the first concert, THE REAL, the lyrics is talking about each member’s personality and stuff, i love the song, even more than Dirty Cash

  63. OMONA! old school bigbang! oh how i love those clothes. ❤
    and TOP eating that apple away! oh wow.
    for unknown reasons, i was screamed when he reached for his phone. LOL.

    BONG’s star headphones! i badly want one! ❤

    HURRAY! music core! HEAVEN!
    OMG! OMG!
    i think i’m going to be crazy this saturday. XD
    are they going to be on inkigayo this sunday? no, right?
    tsk, how i wish they would perform on inki just because its also DBSK’s comeback stage.
    i would love to see the 2 groups have a special stage. aaahh, that would be a fangirl heaven. :))

  64. OMG!!!

    Haru Haru AND Heaven?????

    I love “heaven”!!!
    I can’t wait! *yelps with joy*

  65. omg HEAVEN????????????????
    OMG OMG!!
    WHAT TIME???????

  66. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!
    You are not kidding right?!! They’ll perform Heaven!!!!
    *dancing with joys* I’m in heaven already just reading your post vicky, thank you so much~~
    I will finish my exam on friday and on saturday i will catch up with everything!!

    The special vid is pure love<3 SR is the one who changed the most, he’s grown so much. back then he’s a cute boy, now he’s cute and also getting hot and hotter every day 😀 When i first realized how much baby has changed I was surprised, I was like..”wow~ so THAT’s how a boy becomes a man” LOL

  67. vicky
    yeah, that damn apple.
    now i realized my rival is not chicken, but apple!

    OMG!! they’ll perform heaven????
    kyaaaa~~~~~ one of my favourire song~~~~

  68. hey can i know which channel did you watch music core?:O

  69. hey could you tell me which channel yyou watch big bang music core? can reply me by mailing me?

  70. xxxx
    music core is on MBC

  71. I live in California, is it possible to watch Music Core on basic tv? If so, what time and what channel please?

  72. basic tv? i don’t think so.
    use TV ANTS.
    download and try. it’s very easy to use. 🙂

    then search for MBC.
    (i think Music core is 3:30 pm korea time, convert to your timezone..)

  73. Omg. I wish I had those pictures…huhu…

    Bong kissing Ybae is an overkill. I wanna be Bong in there. I really do…look at his lips. and Ybae’s tongue! omg. There’s a lot of GDYB love in the YG channel vid.

    Vicky thanks for the post!!!

  74. Awesome, thank you gelatin ^_^

  75. Sorry one more question about tvants. I downloaded it, installed it and i searched for MBC like stated, but There came up to be like.. 3 different results, how do i know which one is the right one? When i try viewing each one it seems to show me a blank screen.

  76. OMG! im so happy that they’re gonna be performing ‘heaven’
    beside ‘haru haru’ ‘heaven’ is my next favorite
    song from their mini album…can’t wait and the banner thingy
    with the pic of YB and GD together thats so cute

  77. gelatin
    hehe i was giggling when he did that too

    I just order the exact headphone Bong has on YesAsia
    it’s like freaking 50 bucks
    my fangirl self is wasting too much money haha but i love it

    no they won’t be on inkigayo, since they already win multizen 3 times
    and i doubt if the 2 groups will do a special stage, since SM and YG are NOT close at all, and DBSK is consider Big Bang’s competition.

  78. newvip

    Music Core will be on this Saturday at 3:30 [KOREAN TIME] on MBC

  79. nya

    if you count every single thing that touch Tabi as ur enemy… then you have TONs of worries girl

  80. xxx

    you can watch it on MBC

  81. Kenley
    yup. YG sure looovvvee GDYB
    too bad GRi is SO MUCH stronger

  82. widchii

    you should’ve seen me when i first know about it
    i was like ” OH MY GOD!!”

    Finally the perform Heaven!!!!!!!!

  84. sooooooo… innocent. my maknae looks soo innocent in those pics xD AAAAHHHW, i miss that maknae xD lol ! and wooah, the gdyb love is like…. overflowing. i see gd moved on again xD aah yong yong -_-;;

  85. vicky
    hahahaha.. if i really do that, thats really become tons of enemy. but still, i’m so jealous of that apple.
    we can also hear Tabi munching that apple in the vid.

  86. nya

    makes me wanna drive to the store and get a apple just so i could eat it and watch that video at the same time HAHAHAH

  87. vicky
    i did eat & watch the vid at the same time. kekeke…
    the rest of the apple, still make it into juice. hahahaha…

  88. on the search program of TvAnts, how do I know which one is the right MBC to watch for music core? I see 3 different channels o.o;

  89. azndragon714

    i think you shoud click the firt one that pop up
    that’s most likely to be the right one

  90. So if Music core is on Saturday at 3:30 PM in korea … that means for people in pacific time.. thats Friday 11:30 PM right?

    and Vicky, you have to stay up till 2:30 am?

  91. heaven??!! iochkdszbvicsznbcxnvcjz
    its a wish come true!!
    i really wanted to see them perform heaven and lady but i guess one is good enough 😀

  92. azndragon714

    ever since Baby and Dae start hosting Music Core, I always stay up until 2:30 AM

  93. Dang that is awesome haha ^_^

    So can’t wait to watch it tonight!

  94. The is so FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!
    We get to see our sexy boys on different times and ages in Big Bang!!!!
    SO COOL!!!!

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